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Come and discover the world with me. Read about my stories, destinations and places I have visited and countries I have lived in.

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Get inspired by my travel itineraries. From getting to a destination to transportation, accommodation, most beautiful places to see in a country and travel tips, all in this section.

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Do you have a language barrier that's holding you off visiting a country? Or just want to get in touch more with locals? Get some language learning tips and small language guides to interact with the world.

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta

The quote explains my story on its own. I have been so amazed by my experience from the road over the past few years. Having explored these places, I have decided to share my travels with you and create itineraries to help you have memorable travel experiences.
Voices of Travel story


Many people think that traveling in Switzerland is incredibly expensive. That is the reason why they eventually decide to spend a day in Zurich and then walk away. However, such a…

Landwasser Viaduct Swiss Scenic Trains
Slovakia road trip itinerary

Welcome to Slovakia, a land-locked central European country full of surprises and treasures. Maybe you have never heard of this country, or perhaps you have, but you don’t know…

Thanks to Switzerland’s excellent railway system, it is quite easy to explore as many Swiss places on your bucket list as you wish and, at the same time, stick to your budget. With the flexibility…

Ultimate 8 day Switzerland Itinerary
Specific goals language for travel

Are you one of those travellers thinking about finally learning a new language for travel purposes, but you keep putting it aside? I am with you. But let’s talk. Honestly, even when…

Spanish festivals are one of the most insane traditions you can ever experience in your life. Whether it is about tomatoes, bulls, patios, or Easter, they all share the same…

Spanish Festivals

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