My name is Nicoletta, and I’m standing behind Voices of Travel.

I create travel itineraries for you to explore countries independently. Thanks to my experience as a tour manager guiding groups through many countries, I’ll give you the best insights and travel tips.

I also believe knowing a foreign language improves travel experiences and helps you connect with locals.

As a passionate language learner, I speak 4 languages and lived in different countries like Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

So get my language tips + travel itineraries and explore the world with me in a more exciting way.

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I design customized travel itineraries for:

👉 FIRST-TIMERS to explore a new country (as if you were with a guide)
👉 HONEYMOONERS to enjoy their romantic travels
👉 ADVENTUROUS SOULS to get more out of travel and each country

Get my travel tips, skip the boring & stressful planning process, pack, and set off for an adventure of a lifetime.

Learn a language for travel to have even better experiences and connect with locals.

Get in touch if you need help planning your travel by filling this form. 👉

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