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Austria is a special country to me. I chose it as my home and couldn’t be more grateful for this decision. I lived in Salzburg for 3 years and studied at the University: Tourism Management & Innovation program.

I remember when I had to decide where to go after High School, where and what to study. I closed my eyes, and something whispered that Salzburg and the university program I had found was the right choice. And yet it was; at that time, I also learned never to underestimate the power of your inner voice.

I learned so much about life and many foreign languages throughout that time, which perfectly set me off to my life after my studies. So, if you have the chance to study abroad, don’t even hesitate – it’s one of the best choices you might make in your life! ūü§ó

The time I spent in Austria brings me so many memories; I got to explore the entire country and made many day trips from Salzburg alone and with my friends. I also experienced unique Austrian traditions and enjoyed many cultural events there.

This was also the time for me when I perfected my German language skills and got my German to fluency, which I’m so grateful for.

So, in this section, I have all the travel tips for you to plan the perfect gateway and itinerary for Austria. Let’s plan your trip together!

Austria road trip itinerary 10 days

Epic Austria Road Trip Itinerary: 1 – 2 Weeks In Austria

First, take my Austria road trip itinerary to get an idea of what highlights you must see in the country. Follow it and enjoy!

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Salzburg & Surroundings

When I say Salzburg is the most beautiful Austrian city and its surroundings offer the most exciting places to see and activities to do, I’m not joking. And I don’t even think I’m biased.

When guiding my travel groups through Europe, we stop in Salzburg to see a salt mine nearby, and everyone is always impressed. We also stay for 2 nights in the Austrian Alps, go rafting, and enjoy hiking.

What is the feedback at the end of the trip? Salzburg and its region are always highlights (and we travel through Europe, from London down to Greece).

So, you can make up your mind. This region offers stunning lakes, breathtaking mountains, salt mines, ice caves, and adventure activities.

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Austrian Culture

Learn about the Austrian culture and traditions. Find out what Krampus is and see how Austrians celebrate Christmas.

The country also has some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. So it’s a great idea to plan your trip at this time of the year – it’s truly magical.

Austria & Other Countries

Are you thinking about making a cross-border road trip? Or you can’t decide whether to put Austria into your itinerary?

Or maybe you’re confused about these European Alpine countries and don’t know which one is worth visiting more‚Ķ

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