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Best Nearby Cities
Best Outdoor Adventures
BONUS: Top 3 Day Trips From Zagreb
Best Day Trips From Ljubljana: FAQs
More Tips For Slovenia Travel

Slovenia is a beautiful hidden gem in Europe that few people still know about. Yet, it’s one of the most stunning countries, mainly thanks to its picturesque nature and the awesome activities it offers.

If you plan a trip to Ljubljana, expand your itinerary beyond just spending a few days in the capital. Instead, I encourage you to go further and explore a few more places.

To help you with it, I’ve put together a list of 21 best day trips from Ljubljana that you can make. So choose one or two based on your interests, and enjoy Slovenia fully.

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Day Trips From Ljubljana: Best Nearby Cities

To help you navigate this article, I’ve divided the best day trips from Ljubljana into 2 categories. This way, you can choose your perfect fit.

The first day trips are for you if you want to explore some beautiful Slovenian cities.

After, I have some nature day trips and outdoor activities you can experience from Ljubljana.


Piran is one of the most charming cities I’ve visited in Slovenia. It’s located on a tiny peninsula stretching into the Adriatic Sea and has typical Venetian architecture. The city is mainly known for its salt production from the past.

While it’s great for a romantic getaway and to eat delicous seafood, you can also do many activities with kids.

? Fun Things To Do In Piran ?

?Discover Legends Of Piran – download the Piran City app Nexto free of charge, walk around the city, and explore the city’s legends. It’s a perfect interactive activity in Piran, even with kids.

?Do A Walking Tour – learn about the history and salt production. Locals say that Piran is made of salt, thanks to the long history of salt-making in the city.

?Eat Gelato – Piran has amazing gelato, and kids will love it for sure – go to Piran Pirano Pasticceria.

best day trips from Ljubljana Piran


Koper is another stunning city near Piran in the southern part of Slovenia. It’s the central port city, where many cruise ships land in Slovenia. You can walk alongside the harbor, stop for a coffee and enjoy the sea views.

The city has beautiful Venetian architecture and is perfect for experiencing the Slovenian vibe. Head to Tito Square to see the life of locals and shop for souvenirs in the city center.

? Fun Things To Do In Koper ?

?Play The Tale Of The Mysterious Ship – Slovenia’s company called Mini Adventures made a great game that every visitor can play during the sightseeing in Koper. It’s a scavenger style game that you and your kids will love.

? Go On A Panoramic Bike Tour – one of the best activities you can do is to go on a bike tour on the old railway that used to run between Trieste (Italy) and Porec (Croatia). It takes about 4 hours, but you can easily ride a bike from Koper to Piran if you’re short on time.

?Enjoy The Beach – Koper has a pebble beach between the marina and the pier, so you can relax and swim in the sea to cool off.

best day trips from ljubljana Koper


Bled city is the one that receives the most travelers per year in Slovenia. No wonder it has one of the most beautiful attractions in the country, Lake Bled. You can’t miss eating the traditional Slovenian cake – Kremšnita, which was born here in Bled.

Check out the Bled castle and learn about the history. After, do awesome activities such as kayaking, floating on the Lake, and visiting a church on the island.

? Fun Things To Do In Bled ?

? Eat Kremšnita Cake – Kremšnita cake originally comes from Bled. Chef Lukaševič brought it to the Hotel Park in 1953 from his hotel’s confectionery. Since it became famous, many visitors have come to this town only to try this traditional Slovenian cake. No wonder it’s so delicious that it makes me think of visiting Bled again.

? Ride The Straza Bled Toboggan – enjoy the ride on the chair lift near Bled. It’s the best activity you can do with kids.

? Explore Bled Castle – learn about the history of Bled in the castle located on the rock falling into the lake.

Bled Castle & City
Bled Castle & City


Kamnik is a medieval Slovenian city in the northern part of the country. It’s also a gateway to the beautiful Velika Planina with traditional Slovenian wooden cottages.

When you come to Kamnik, you can enjoy walking around, and going up to the Mali Grad Hill that has a Romanesque Chapel from the 11th century. You’ll get the best views of the Alps and city. After, visit a bakery to try Borek (traditional Balkan pastry).

? Fun Things To Do In Kamnik ?

?Visit Zaprice Manor – located on the hill above; you can visit the manor that is nowadays a museum of Kamnik. Learn about the city’s long history connected to Bavaria (Germany).

?Walk Up The Mali Grad Hill – It’s a small hill hosting a Romanesque Chapel from the 11th century. Admire the views of Kamnik and the nearby Alps. The scenery is stunning.

?Try Borek In A Bakery – go to the local bakery (Pekarna Center) and try traditional pastries and cakes. Borek is a pastry filled with meat, cheese, or spinach, typical for the Balkan countries.

best day trips from Ljubljana Kamnik
Kamnik Slovenia
Kamnik Slovenia


Trieste is a beautiful seaport city in the northeast of Italy, that remains its hidden gem. It’s close to Piran and Koper, and hosts more than 30 museums. So especially all art and history lovers can enjoy their time here.

This city has a unique atmosphere, and even if you didn’t do much sightseeing, you’d love walking around the port and city center. Besides, who can say ‘No’ to the delicious Italian cuisine?

? Fun Things To Do In Trieste ?

?Visit Museum Of Natural History – see real skeletal fossil remains of a dinosaur together with crocodiles and pterosaurs.

? Explore Grotta Gigante – this giant show cave made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Go on a tour and admire its unique structures.

? Enjoy Trieste Adventure Park – enjoy suspended rope bridges and zip lines on the tree tops just 30 minutes by car from Trieste

? Awake Your Art Spirit – Trieste has many art museums. One of the best to explore is Museo Revoltella, with collections of modern art.

Trieste Italy
Trieste – Italy


Maribor is home to the 400-year-old Old Wine House, the world’s oldest-producing wine. So if you’re a wine lover, this might be the perfect day trip from Ljubljana.

Besides, you can enjoy walking on the pyramid hills with stunning views, visiting the castle, and enjoying cafes and restaurants on its charming pedestrian streets.Maribor is not only for wine lovers. It also offers many other activities suitable for kids and youth. See my best tips below.

? Fun Things To Do In Maribor ?

? Swimm In Thermal Waters – Habakuk Hotel is great for families with kids. It has excellent facilities for kids, and you can also enjoy swimming in the local thermal baths.

?Ride Up To Pohorje Mountain Range – take a cable car to Pohorje to enjoy the best views of Maribor and Slovenia.

?Visit Local Wineries – Maribor has the oldest grapevine in the world, so go for a wine tasting and try some of the best wine samples in Europe.

Maribor Slovenia
Maribor Slovenia


Kranjska Gora is in the northwestern part of Slovenia, close to Austria. It’s the perfect base to explore the Triglav National Park. If you’re looking for a day trip in nature but still want to use city facilities, visit Kranjska Gora.

Spend time in nature, see local lakes, walk around, and taste traditional food. It has many hiking and walking trails, beautiful walks, and kids’ playgrounds

Check out the best things to do on my list.

? Fun Things To Do In Kranjska Gora ?

? Admire Lake Jasna – one of the main attractions in Kranjska Gora is this beautiful lake. ‘Jasna’ means clear; you’ll see how everything reflects in the lake. Walk around, and take a selfie with the famous ‘Kozorog‘. There is also a playground for kids.

? Explore Zelenki Reserve – Watch the nesting birds and interesting fauna and flora around the reserve. Walk on the wooden bridges around and enjoy its beautiful blue-green color.

? Hike To Peričnik Waterfall – Hike to the beautiful waterfall Peričnik. It’s a 10-minute easy walk from Mojstrana town through stunning nature.

? Visit Mojstrana & Ice Kingdom – experience the forest fairy-tale and admire footbridges, lakes, streams, and water towers.

? Have Fun In Escape Museum At Kajžnkova Hiša – learn about the history of the place through puzzles while exploring the Kajženk’s house.

Kranjska Gora Slovenia
Kranjska Gora – Slovenia


You can also visit Croatia and check off another country from your European bucket list. Yes, it’s doable even as a day trip from Ljubljana. When I visited Zagreb, I specifically enjoyed visiting bakeries and eating delicious local pastries.

The city has Austro-Hungarian architecture and many shopping streets with cafes and restaurants. So experience Croatian culture just a few kilometers from Slovenia.

Zagreb offers many fun things to do, even with kids. Check out the best activities below.

? Fun Things To Do In Zagreb ?

? Ride World’s Shortest Funicular – Zagreb is home to the shortest funicular ride worldwide. So don’t miss riding on it when you visit the city.

? Shopping At Dolac Market – it’s always been a major trading center of Zagreb. Go and shop for some souvenirs and traditional Croatian products. It’s also one of the best ways to experience Croatian culture and people.

? Visit War Photography Museum – learn about the Yugoslav War that affected the Balkan countries between 1991 and 1995.

? Enjoy Coffee At Cogito Coffee – Zagreb has a great coffee culture and many awesome cafes. Stop by and relax in one for a while.

Zagreb Croatia
Zagreb – Croatia

Day Trips From Ljubljana: Best Outdoor Adventures

Slovenia’s beauty is in its stunning nature. Hiking, walking in a gorge, exploring lakes, and seeing natural wonders are what the country is about. So if you need a rest from a big city, check out some of these natural places and make it a day trip from Ljubljana.


Velika Planina is one of my favorite spots in Slovenia. It’s a big pasture plateau that only a few people visit. First, you’ll take a cable car to the top of the mountain. And after, a chair lift will get you to the remote traditional village full of wooden cottages.

Some people stay here overnight. But it’s worth walking around and enjoying nature. After the walk, stop in the local hut for some delicious food.

It’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in Slovenian traditions and culture. Let’s see what things you can do there and how to get the most out of your visit.

? Fun Things To Do In Velika Planina ?

? Enjoy Cable Car Ride – the first thing you’ll have to do to get to Velika Planina is to hop on a cable car and, after, on a chair lift. They’ll take you to the stunning pasture plateau. So admire the panorama of the Kamnik Alps around you before you reach your destination.

? Admire Herders’ Dwellings – the main reason you come to Velika Planina is its stunning shepherd’s huts spread around the plateau. So walk around, look at how locals live here, and try traditional products in some.

? Experience Slovenian Culture – come into the main hut on Velika Planina and experience typical Slovenian culture in the mountains. Eat local food, and you might even experience men playing traditional music. It’s so much fun.

Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days Velika Planina
Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days: Velika Planina
best day trips from Ljubljana Velika Planina
Velika Planina


Being in Slovenia and visiting Lake Bled is a must. Even though it’s the most popular place on this list, it’s still worth seeing.

Lake Bled is in the northeast of Slovenia and is famous for its little island with a church in the middle. You can ride the traditional wooden boat, walk around, and enjoy the stunning views.

Lake Bled offers many amazing things to do, from hiking and enjoying nature to relaxing on its shore. So choose the ones that interest you the most from my list below.

? Fun Things To Do At Lake Bled ?

? Ride A Rowboat To The Bled Island – take a traditional rowboat and float on the lake to the Bled Island. Stop by, visit the local church, and taste delicious Kremšnita Cake. Don’t forget to ring the wishing bell inside the church (your dreams will come true).

? Hop On Pletna – another way to reach the island, if you don’t want to put much effort into it, is to take the traditional Pletna boat. It’s a larger boat carrying up to 12 people, and locals will ride you to the island.

? Walk Around Lake Bled – walking around the lake is the best way to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy stunning views of the city, its castle, and the Alps in the background.

? Hike To Mala Osojnica – walk to this viewing point for the best views and pictures of Lake Bled and its island.

Slovenia Lake Bled Voices of Travel
Lake Bled Pletna
Lake Bled – Pletna Boat


Bohinj Lake is located a 20-minute drive from Lake Bled. It’s the largest natural lake in Slovenia that was formed by a glacier.

If you want to avoid tourist crowds, choose Bohinj Lake. This hidden gem has less visitors than Lake Bled. It’s also more quiet and peaceful, perfect for your relaxation. 

In the summer, you can swim inside and enjoy hiking around this beautiful area.

? Fun Things To Do At Bohinj Lake ?

? Go Paddle Boarding – if you’re up for an adventure, rent a paddle board and float on the lake for a while. It’s the best way to enjoy this place, move a little, and with fewer people around.

? Walk Around Lake Bohinj – walking around the entire lake takes about 4 hours. The entire walk is 12 kilometers and is a great time to explore the corners of the lake and relax in nature.

? Ride Vogel Cable Car – one of the hidden gems of Lake Bohinj is its amazing viewing point called Vogel. So take the nearby cable car up the mountain and enjoy stunning lake views. You can also make several hiking trails, so come prepared with food and drinks to explore the area.

? Visit St. John The Baptist Church – this church is the icon of Lake Bohinj, so stop by and take a photo as a memory of your visit.

best day trips from Ljubljana Bohinj Lake
Best day trips from Ljubljana: Bohinj Lake
best day trips from Ljubljana Lake Bohinj St. John Baptist Church
Lake Bohinj – St. John The Baptist Church


Vintgar Gorge is another perfect day trip from Ljubljana. Come here if you want to get lost in stunning Slovenian nature and prefer easy walks.

It’s 1.6 kilometers long, situated in the Triglav National Park. You’ll walk alongside the gorge through the wooden paths and stairs. It’s also suitable for families with kids.

The hike ends with a stunning 13-meter-high waterfall, Sum.

If you have a car, you can easily see Lake Bled or Bohinj Lake with Vintgar Gorge in one day.

? Fun Things To Do In Vintgar Gorge ?

? Hike Vintgar Gorge – plan to spend around 2 hours until you come back where you started. Walk through, admire the River Radovna, enjoy the bridges, and have a wonderful time in the gorge.

? Explore Sum Waterfall – At your hike’s end, you’ll see the highest waterfall in Slovenia. It has 13 meters and is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.

? Admire Bohinj Railway Bridge – hiking through the gorge, you’ll see an impressive 33-meter high bridge of the Bohinj Railways. So take some photos as you’ll be standing underneath it.

Vintar Gorge
Vintar Gorge – Slovenia


Soča Gorge is a natural reserve in the Triglav National Park of Slovenia. This gorge is 750 meters long, carved by the Soča River, and is located near the Soča town. It consists of two parts: Great Soča Gorge and Small Soča Gorge.

You can enjoy many adventure activities on a day trip from Ljubljana, such as canyoning and rafting. However, even if you’re not in for an adventure, it’s worth visiting for the sights and beautiful nature.

? Fun Things To Do In Soča Gorge ?

? Admire Great Soča Gorge From A Bridge – you can go for a short walk around the gorge, admire its crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the fresh air.

? Go Canyoning – one of the most popular activities in the Soča Gorge is canyoning. If you don’t want to watch the gorge, join a tour, slide down the steep rock cliffs to the waters, and feel the excitement.


Soča Valley is another great spot to explore in Slovenia. During WWI, it was part of one of the bloodiest battlefields. Nowadays, it’s the perfect spot for adventurous souls, sports activities, and enjoying Slovenia’s nature.

? Fun Things To Do In Soča Valley ?

? Explore Tolmin Gorge – you can walk through the Tolmin Gorge and see the impressive Devil’s Bridge. On the way, you’ll also see the Dante Cave and watch out for a unique species in the water – Soča trout.

? Drive To Krn Lake – experience a stunning ride through the Soča Valley and its forests from Soča town until you reach Krn Lake. It’s the largest alpine lake in the country in a beautiful and quiet environment. Take some food and enjoy a picnic.

? Visit Soča Town & Kobarid Museum – Soča Valley witnessed one of the most brutal battles in WWI. If you want to learn about the history, visit the town and its Kobarid Museum.

best day trips from Ljubljana Soca Valley Slovenia
Soca Valley – Slovenia


If you’re in Slovenia, you can’t miss two things – rafting and canoeing. Soča River is the place to be if you want to enjoy these outdoor activities.

There are many organized day trips from Ljubljana for rafting and canoeing. So check the links below and book your experience.

? Fun Things To Do On The Soča River ?

? Go Rafting – Rafting is one of Slovenia’s most popular adventure activities. If you’re hesitant, you shouldn’t worry too much. The water is not so rough, and you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So go rafting as part of your day trip from Ljubljana.

? Go Kayaking – Kayaking is another great activity on the Soča River. Go for an organized excursion from Ljubljana, or come to the place and start your adventure.

? Walk On The Napoleon’s Bridge – the best viewing point to watch the river is the Napoleon Bridge. The Emperor marched through the bridge with his troop before it got damaged during WWI. So go and admire the river and people on their rafts from above.


Bovec town is situated in the Soča Valley, Triglav National Park of Slovenia. As I mentioned above, Soča Valley is the adventure hub in the country, and Bovec offers even more exciting activities.

If you want, you can combine your visit to Bovec and do one of the activities in the Soča Valley.

? Fun Things To Do In Bovec ?

? Walk To The Virje Waterfall – This 12-meter-high waterfall is located just 4 kilometers from Bovec. You can swim in its clear waters in the summer or walk around and enjoy some time in nature.

? Enjoy The Zipline – experience even more thrill in Slovenia and hop on the biggest Zipline in Europe. Fly above the forests and crystal-clear rivers of the Triglav National Park on this 4.5-kilometer-long zipline near the Soča River in Bovec.

? Explore Ravelnik Open-Air Museum – explore the on-site bunkers from WWI.

best day trips from Ljubljana Bovec kayaking
Kayaking near Bovec


If you want to get the most out of Triglav National Park as a day trip from Ljubljana, rent a car and make a road trip. This park has everything I described above, including Soča Valley and River, lakes and gorges, and the best adventure activities in Slovenia.

So I recommend driving through in a car and seeing as many places as possible on a small road trip from Ljubljana. Or join this guided tour and see the highlights of Triglav National Park.

? Fun Things To Do In Triglav National Park ?

? Drive To Some Attractions In Slovenia’s Best Park – rent a car in Ljubljana, and choose drive to a place you like the most from this list, whether it’s Soca River or Valley, Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj, or do one of the best outdoor activities in the park that I described above.

? Make A Road Trip – make a day trip from Ljubljana just driving through the park. First, drive towards Lake Bled, visit Lake Bohinjsko, then stop by to walk through the Vintgar Gorge, continue driving towards the Soča River, stop in Bovec town for some adventure activities, and then drive back to Ljubljana.

Triglav National Park Slovenia
Triglav National Park – Slovenia


Slovenia has its secrets underground, too. Postojna Cave is one of the prettiest places to visit in the country. It’s a 24-kilometer long limestone cave and one of the largest accessible caves worldwide.

The entire system has about 1.7 million cubic meters in volume. You’ll walk through, learn about the formations, and admire beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.You have two options to explore Postojna Cave, check them out below.

? Fun Things To Do In Postojna Cave ?

? Join Organized Excursion From Ljubljana – one option to explore the Postojna Cave is to book a tour from Ljubljana and enjoy a stress-free trip.

? Explore The Cave By Yourself – you can also get to the Postojna Cave by yourself, either by bus or car. Book an admission on the spot and explore the cave.

? Spy On Baby Dragon – one thing you can’t miss inside the cave is to see a Baby Dragon. Also known as Olms, these are aquatic salamanders that you can see in the Cave’s Vivarium.

Postojna Cave Slovenia


Come and explore the most extensive cave castle in the world. Predjama Castle has mysterious tunnels that were used as an escape in the case of the castle siege.

This castle from the 13th century was built on the limestone rock cliff at the entrance of the Predjama Caves. Explore its secret caves and tunnels, and learn about the past of this mysterious place. 

You have two options to explore the caste, see them below.

? Fun Things To Do In Predjma Castle ?

? Join Organized Excursion From Ljubljana – one way you can visit Predjama Castle is by booking this organized excursion from the capital, including a visit to Postojna Cave. So you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

? Explore The History With Audio Guide – if you make it by yourself to the castle, you’ll get an audio guide at the entrance. This gives you more time to walk through its tunnel and explore the castle at your own pace.

Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days Predjama Castle
Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days: Predjama Castle


If you like driving through mountain passes, Slovenia offers unique ride experiences, too. So rent a car in Ljubljana for a day or two, and set off the small road trip. Drive to the Vršič Pass.

You’ll get to enjoy stunning mountain views and experience beautiful Slovenian nature from the comfort of your car.

Vršič Pass is not only about driving. You can also do some hiking once you’re on the pass. So check out the best things to do on this road trip below.

? Fun Things To Do On Vršič Pass ?

? Admire Stunning Nature – while driving through the mountain pass, admire beautiful waterfalls, valleys, forests, and rivers. Stop whenever you want, take photos, and soak up the atmosphere. This is one of the most scenic drives in Slovenia.

? Hike To Slemenova Spica – from the top of the pass, you can hike to the Slemenova Spica and get the best views of the famous north face of Prisank mountain in Slovenia. It’s about a 3-mile hike (round trip).

? See Heathen Maiden – Prisank North Face is famous for its Heathen Maiden that you can see formed in the rock. If you walk Tičarjev dom from Vršič pass and reach a few military bunkers, then turn right and follow the signs that say Ajdovska deklica. They’ll lead you to the viewing point, from which you can admire the Heathen Maiden.

Slovenia mountains
Slovenia mountains


Mt. Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia, and many people come here to climb it. However, you’ll need two days to complete the hike.

It’s a national symbol of Slovenia in the heart of the Julian Alps. But not for everyone.

If you’re an experienced fit climber, you can enjoy hiking the mountain, and staying in a local mountain hut overnight before climbing the Via Ferrata for the last hour and a half to reach the top.

Below are the best things you can expect from your 2-day adventure climbing the highest mountain in Slovenia.

? Fun Things To Do On Mt. Triglav ?

? Hike The Highest Mountain In Slovenia – as I mentioned, you can hike Mt. Triglav in 2 days. So if you’re up for a bigger adventure, leave your stuff in Ljubljana and hop on this adventure.

? Stay overnight in a mountain hut – on the first day, you’ll sleep in the mountains in a local Slovenian hut. It’s the perfect way to experience the culture and meet other hiking enthusiasts.

? Climb To The Via Ferrata – to reach the top; you’ll need to climb the Via Ferrata for the last hour and a half. So take the proper equipment or join a guided tour to make it to the top of this peak.

best day trips from Ljubljana Mt. Triglav
Mt. Triglav

BONUS: Top 3 Day Trips From Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is another great base to explore Slovenia and other neighboring countries, such as Hungary and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

These two capital cities are so close to each other. So you can easily travel between them and explore even more places in their vicinity.

In addition, I have the top 3 suggestions for day trips from Zagreb.

? Lake Bled & Lake Bohinj

All adventure souls and travelers looking for the best outdoor activities should visit Lake Bled & Lake Bohinj. These two lakes are situated in Slovenia, 200 kilometers away from the Croatian capital (approx. 2 hours & 20 minutes drive).

Lake Bled

On Lake Bled, hop on the traditional Pletna boat or ride your rowboat to the island and visit the local church. After, explore the Bled Castle and learn about the history of this place. Finally, end your visit by trying the traditional Kremšnita Cake born in the Hotel Park.

Lake Bohinj

If you want to avoid tourist crowds, visit Lake Bohinj. It’s a hidden gem of Slovenia, where you can relax and swim in the Lake. Then, hop on the Vogel Cable Car and go hiking while enjoying stunning views of the region.

You can combine your visit to one of these lakes with adventure activities in the Soča Valley (rafting, kayaking, canoeing). Or walk through the stunning Vintgar Gorge, and spend some time in Slovenian nature.

best day trips from Zagreb Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Best day trips from Zagreb: Lake Bohinj – Slovenia

? Balaton Lake

A day trip to Balaton Lake is the perfect match for everyone who wants to relax. The lake is located in Hungary, 213 kilometers from Zagreb (around 2 hours & 20 minutes drive).

Lake Balaton is a popular vacation destination for many Europeans, especially from Central Europe. It has beautiful beaches, traditional straw houses, and interesting sights. You can visit one of the beaches and relax, or do some sightseeing and drive around the lake.

Lake Balaton offers a great experience for your day trip from Zagreb. I enjoyed driving around the lake and visiting various spots. So you can do the same or choose one place and spend a nice day there.

Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton – Hungary

? Bosnian Pyramids

Bosnian Pyramids is another perfect destination for a day trip from Zagreb. These 30,000-year-old pyramids are situated in Bosnia & Herzegovina, 374 kilometers from Zagreb. It’s a unique place that only a few people know exists and a special travel secret for my readers.

The most popular is the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, which is 200 meters high, 80 meters higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The main reason why you should visit these pyramids is their healing character. Researchers found that they have healing effects on their visitors, thanks to the ionization levels.

There are many underground tunnels and chambers that you can explore. In addition, its tunnels have zero radiation

Bosnia Pyramids
Bosnia Pyramids

Best Day Trips From Ljubljana: FAQS

I’ve also answered the most frequently asked questions to help you plan a visit to Slovenia and do some of the amazing day trips from the Slovenian capital. So check them out below.

How Many Days In Ljubljana Is Enough?

Only to see Ljubljana one day is enough. If you also want to make some day trips, plan to spend between 3 to 5 days in the city, depending on how many day trips you want to make and what else you want to experience in Slovenia.

Is Lake Bled A Day Trip From Ljubljana?

Yes, Lake Bled is a perfect day trip from Ljubljana. It’s located only 55 kilometers away from the capital. You can rent a car or reach it by train and bus.

Come to the Bled city, try the delicious Kremšnita cake born here, and go for a boat ride on the lake to visit its famous island. You can manage everything within one day from Ljubljana.

What Is There To Do Outside Ljubljana?

Slovenia has some of the most beautiful nature in Europe. You can visit other cities and enjoy the best outdoor activities such as rafting, canoying, or kayaking.

Besides, you can ride a boat on beautiful Slovenian lakes, visit one of the largest underground cave systems, and admire the natural beauties of Slovenia in the Triglav National Park.

How Many Days In Slovenia Is Enough?

I suggest spending between 5 to 7 days in Slovenia. It’s the perfect time to explore the cities and natural wonders and relax in their stunning nature.

Slovenia offers so much natural beauty, adventure and outdoor activities, and unique culture you must immerse into. So plan a week in the country to get the full experience.

Is Ljubljana Family-Friendly?

Yes, Ljubljana is a family-friendly city. It offers many activities that you can do with kids. For example, ride the funicular to the castle in Ljubljana and enjoy the views. Afterward, hop on the small city train that your children will love.

Ljubljana’s symbol is a dragon. So I recommend playing a dragon game where you tell your kids to look for the dragon statues when walking around Ljubljana.

Wrap-Up: 21 Best Day Trips From Ljubljana

These are the best day trips from Ljubljana. So whether you have 2 or 3 days in the capital, make at least one and experience authentic Slovenia. I am sure you’ll love this country. Not only for its cities and culture but mainly for its natural beauty.

It’s a small area, so you can also travel to the neighboring countries and enjoy delicious Italian food in Trieste, or get the feeling of Croatia, just a few kilometers away from Ljubljana.

All in all, enjoy this diverse country and its beautiful surroundings. And most importantly, have fun.

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About the author: Nicoletta is a travel enthusiast and passionate language learner. While traveling, she loves to connect with locals using her language skills to learn about new cultures. Look for her skiing, hiking in the mountains, or exploring new destinations as she designs travel itineraries for her clients.

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