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Best Language App for Travel: You’ll Finally Learn A Language

This article about the best language app for travel may contain affiliate/compensated links. For full information, please see my disclaimer here. 

Innovative Languages

Not all of the apps are structured in a good way. Many of them are just giving you a pathway to go through and assume that you’ll speak the language once you are done with the learning plan. However, this isn’t the case. That’s the reason why I don’t recommend sticking to language learning apps. I’m in favor of independent language learning.

Nevertheless, language apps like LanguagePod101 are great in some ways. They’ll fill in the gap in your language learning process and give you additional resources.

learn languages with the best language app for travel


What Is The Best Language App For Travel?

The best language app for travel is LanguagePod101, because it teaches you languages in dialogues and real-life conversations. You can learn new vocabulary in a conversation, listen to it, and then pronounce it. You can also use their voice recognition to practice the pronunciation of the words. Once you travel, you’ll be prepared to communicate correctly in various situations such as ordering food in a restaurant, communicating in a hotel, sightseeing tour, etc.



The 4 Main Reasons to Use Language Apps

Let me explain why it’s beneficial to use the best language app for travel on our language learning journey.

  1. It has many different resources so you can choose what you feel like doing on that day
  2. Enables you to practice pronunciation and record yourself saying new words
  3. Teaches you basic grammar
  4. Has lessons based on conversation and use vocabulary in context



Why Should You Use LanguagePod101 As The Best Language App For Travel?

I’ve tried several language apps, including Babbel, Duolingo, Memrise. Unfortunately, none of them really showed me they are beneficial for me as a language learner. I felt they were just giving me some path and some vocabulary to learn.

After I was done, I should have had the feeling I kind of learned the language. But I was still blind. I wanted to have the language under my control. But I didn’t because I just knew some words, but I didn’t know how to use them in context. How to create sentences with these words Duolingo or Babbel gave me to learn.

I just knew some words, but I didn’t know how to use them in context.

That is the reason I love LanguagePod101. Because it teaches me the vocabulary in dialogues, in real conversations. It helps me understand the structure of sentences to soon create them on my own as a beginner. As I always started learning vocabulary independently, I needed something to understand it in real life. And LanguagePod101, for me the best language app for travel, does a great job here.

best language app for travel languagepod101 best language learning apps
Best language app for travel: Me learning Spanish with LanguagePod101


6 Reasons to Learn a Language with Languagepod101:

  1. It has 21+ European languages to choose from and all together 40+ languages you can learn with Languagepod101
  2. Their Premium plan costs less than 2 cups of coffee per month
  3. Their lessons are based on dialogues & conversations
  4. It enables you to learn and understand vocabulary in a context
  5. It also gives simple grammar explanations so you can understand connections in the language
  6. You can record yourself saying words out loud and practice pronunciation



European Languages You Can Learn with LanguagePod101

LanguagePod101 offers 21 European languages for you to learn. This is incredible. Imagine that you can even learn Greek, Ukrainian, Serbian, or Romanian with them. I have many travel itineraries coming your way to explore less know destinations like Ukraine, Georgia, and Romania. With LanguagePod101, you can even learn their language before you set off so you can communicate with locals a little bit. This perfectly fits our plan.


Which languages can you learn with LanguagePod101 App?

Innovative Language offers currently the following European languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian


Learn the Most Common European Languages:

Below, you can choose one of the most common European languages to learn with LanguagePod101:


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Learn German



When To Use LanguagePod101 On Your Language Learning Journey?

You can use it as an absolute beginner. Or use it during your language learning process as an extra resource.


As A Complete Beginner

Start with the language app if you’re a complete beginner. It’ll give you the perfect base for your language learning. You’ll learn basic words in various real-life situations. It’ll also teach you basic grammar and help you with word pronunciation.


As An Extra Resource For Your Learning

Let’s say you’ve now learned the basics. You’ve read a book or a language magazine, listened to the podcast, have done your favorite activity in the language you are learning, and now, you kind of ran out of ideas. Then it is time to get some resources from language apps like Languagepod101. Or maybe you just want to understand more from the grammar. Languagepod101 is also great with grammar explanations.


I’ve already described this app in my other articles (like a podcast) as well. But I needed to dedicate a separate article only to this app because it is truly the best out of all. Why is that?

Because they aren’t just giving you a blind pathway to follow and making you feel like you have mastered the language at the end. It has a lot of structure. And most importantly, their lessons are based on conversation and dialogues. Exactly what we are looking for when we learn a language for travel.

languagepod101 best language app for travel
Best language app for travel: Using LanguagePod101 to learn your European Language



How Does LanguagePod101 Work?

Let’s take a sample of 1 lesson with LanguagePod101.

In one lesson, you’ll learn a mixture of listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills. For instance, you’ll learn to make plans. ‘What are you going to do in South America, and the lesson is focused on the future form ‘going to.’


1.Dialogue – Conversation

The lesson starts with a dialogue, where you can listen to a conversation. In this case, two people are planning their trip to South America. They are also using the form ‘going to.’
After this dialogue, you will have a vocabulary practice. You can listen to each word (used in the dialogue), pronounce it, and even record yourself.


2.Vocabulary Section

After, there is a section for vocabulary learning, which you can use at the beginning of your language learning journey. As I suggested, it’s great when you start with learning vocabulary for one specific topic. After, you’ll create sentences and start practicing and speaking. Go to the section Vocabulary and learn various vocabulary sheets. You’ll get flashcards, vocabulary in sentences, where you can also listen to them. Use their voice recognition and record yourself repeating these sentences. This is a great tool to practice your pronunciation.


3.Lesson Notes – Simple Grammar Explanations

LanguagePod101 has a separate section with Lesson Notes. Inside, you have an explanation of the grammar, in this case, future ‘going to.’ There is a conjugation of verbs for each person. Once you see how the verbs are conjugated, you’ll have specific examples from the text where the grammar is used.

Then you’ll have a language tip and a little text with cultural insight.
In the end, they provide you with the dialogue transcript, and you can also download the entire lesson as Pdf.

You have 90 of these lessons. They really go into detail to be sure you won’t miss any important concepts or vocabulary from that language.


Other Great Features

There is a section with 100 and 200 most common words in the language you want to learn. You’ll also have access to key phrase lists and a dictionary to look up the words you are looking for.

LanguagePod101 will help you stay on track with your language learning, too. They send you a word of the day to your E-mail box to make sure you are keeping up with learning the language.



3 Plans to Choose From: Monthly Subscription

You can choose between 3 plans, basic plan, premium, or premium plus.

With all plans, you will get all the features mentioned above such as dialogues, vocabulary, lesson notes, and transcript.


Premium Plan

If you decide to go for the Premium Plan, you’ll get access to all language levels from a beginner to an advanced. All audio and video lessons also contain flashcards, word lists, dialogues, audio slideshows, and more things to boost your language learning process. The best part of Premium Plan is their special courses and themed lessons like travelling, culture, and conversation.

In addition to all these features, they also provide you with eBooks to read. You can also download every single lesson and learn offline. After all, there are teachers to support you and give you feedback on your language learning progress.


Premium Plan Plus

Premium plan plus equips you with a personal teacher who will guide you through your learning process. He’ll design a custom program that fits your needs. You can send an audio recording to your teacher, practicing speaking from a particular lesson. After, he’ll help you with pronunciation and analyze your voice.



How Much Does LanguagePod101 Cost?

LanguagePod101 App offers monthly subscription plans. You can get the free version with the basics, where you have lifetime access.

Premium Plan is around 10$ per month and Premium Plus around 20$. They often give you a 31% discount when you want to sign up. Then it’s worth getting the Premium Plan, where you have all features just for 6.90$ per month.

The best plan is the premium one as it gives you all the features, including videos, more grammar, and vocabulary.


I don’t recommend the Premium Plan Plus, since you don’t really need a teacher. You can learn this all by yourself with great resources. After, rather find somebody to practice speaking on iTalki.


LanguagePod101 is very comprehensive and has detailed explanations for each topic. They cover many aspects of a language and go into detail a lot. That is why should you start learning your language with them.


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More Tips For Language Learning

I hope I’ve given you enough insights into the LanguagePod101, the best language app for travel. As I mention, it’s important to use this app as a complementary tool on your language learning journey. Don’t stick to it. Rather use it to fill in the gap in your language learning. Use it as an extra source to understand vocabulary in context.

If you want to learn a language for travel, get my simple 7-step guide that’ll walk you through the entire process. Also, read what the 7 types of language skills are and how to build them. Vocabulary is only one of them. You need to constantly work on other language skills to make it to fluency. So read my article and find more language resources to achieve fluency in your language.

Go to my language blog for more inspiration on language learning. You’ll find out how to practice speaking, how to get rid of your fear, learn vocabulary effectively, or how to set up achievable language learning goals




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