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best things to do in Jungfrau region

Welcome to the Jungfrau region, the most beautiful part of Switzerland. If you want to visit authentic Switzerland, look no further. This region offers everything you’ve ever expected from Switzerland: green hills with cows, crystal-clear lakes, scenic hiking trails, snowy mountains, glaciers, cute Swiss wooden huts, and waterfalls falling off giant rock cliffs.

I spent a year living in the Jungfrau region (in Grindelwald) and exploring its hidden gems. Thanks to my experience, I’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in the Jungfrau region so that you can get the most out of it.

Are you ready for the ultimate Swiss adventure? Let’s get started.

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23 Incredible Things To Do In The Jungfrau Region + Map

Jungfrau region is the most beautiful region in Switzerland, and I had the honor of living 1 year in this beautiful place. During this year, I got to enjoy hundreds of activities and did all of the things I mentioned below. So, it’s become my second home, and I’m super happy to get you excited about visiting this stunning place.

Below, I present the 23 incredible things to do in the Jungfrau region. Choose some according to your interests:

  1. Jungfraujoch
  2. Grindelwald First -Adventure Activities
  3. Schilthorn & Birg Thrill Walk
  4. Mürren Town
  5. Via Ferrata
  6. Lauterbrunnen Valley & Trummelbach Waterfalls
  7. Schynnige Platte
  8. Hike To Faulhorn & Stay Overnight
  9. Hike From Grindelwald First Via Faulhorn To Schynnige Platte
  10. Walk To Bachalp Lake
  11. Hike The Eiger Trail
  12. Visit Glacier Canyon & Canyon Swing
  13. Panorama Trail From Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg
  14. Via Alpina
  15. Explore Männlichen
  16. Visit Wengen
  17. Go To Harder Kulm
  18. Go Paragliding
  19. Scenic Helicopter Flight Above The Jungfrau Region
  20. Interlaken Jet Boat
  21. Boat Ride On Lake Brienz & Lake Thun
  22. Brienzer Rothorn Excursion
  23. St. Beatus Caves

1. Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch is one of the most visited attractions in Switzerland. No wonder it’s one of the most impressive things to do in the region.

It’s a meteorological station, 3463 meters above sea level. It also hosts the highest train station in Europe, so you’ll often see the name ‘Top of Europe.’ When you reach the top, you can do a visitor circle that’ll take you to the main parts of the station, which include:

  • Jungfrau cinema with 360° panorama
  • Sphinx Observatory – terrace with views of the Aletsch Glacier
  • Alpine Sensation
  • Ice Cave
  • Glacier Plateau
  • Lindt Chocolate Shop
  • Snow Fun Park

At first, you’ll learn about the activity of the meteorological center and how they measure weather and precipitation. After, you can get up to the Sphinx Observatory and admire the largest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch Glacier (23 kilometers long).

Walking through the Alpine Sensation, you’ll learn about the construction of Jungfraujoch and, eventually, walk through the impressive ice cave. Then, take a photo with the Swiss flag at the Glacier Plateau.

Plan at least half a day for your visit to Jungfraujoch.

PRO TIP: Take the first train from Eigergletscher in the morning. This way, you’ll get there before all other tourists arrive and will get to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s what I did every time I visited Jungfraujoch, and it was always the best experience.

Get return tickets to Jungfraujoch by clicking this link.

best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken: Jungfraujoch Top of Europe
Me at the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

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2. Grindelwald First -Adventure Activities

Grindelwald First offers you the best activities in the Jungfrau region. First, walk on the spectacular cliff walk and take a photo of the Jungfrau region from a glass viewing point.

Then, do the 4 adventure activities:

  • First Flyer
  • First Glider
  • Mountain Cart
  • Trotti Bike

From Grindelwald First, fly above the Swiss green hills and enjoy the breathtaking glacier views on the First Flyer. It’ll take you to the Schreckhorn station.

From the Schreckhorn station, fly back to the First Mountain on the First Glider and feel like a real bird.

Return to the Schreckhorn station and take a mountain cart. Drive through the mountain roads down to Bort station. Then, change to the Trotti bike and enjoy the thrilling ride between the Swiss wooden huts to Grindelwald.

Adventure Activities On Grindelwald First is something you should add to your itinerary. There is no other place in Europe where you can do this, so don’t miss it.

Get return tickets for the cable car to Grindelwald First here.

best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Jungfrau region Grindelwald First adventure activities
Grindelwald First – Adventure Activities

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3. Schilthorn & Birg Thrill Walk

Schilthorn is my favorite mountain excursion in the Jungfrau region. It’s accessible from the Lauterbrunnen Valley and Mürren.

The main attraction is its highest rotating restaurant in Europe and the James Bond exhibition, as the movie ”On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was shot here.

But honestly, the stunning mountain views are what you come to Schilthorn for.

Initially, you’ll take 3 cable cars from Stechelberg station (Lauterbrunnen Valley) to Birg. Then, get out of the station in Birg and take some time to admire the panorama of 3 famous mountains: Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Do you dare to do the thrill walk on the edge of the rocks? I think you should go for it. It’s an adventure of a lifetime.

From Birg, take the last cable car to Schilthorn. Enjoy the views, try to spot Mt. Blanc, see the James Bond exhibition, and eat something delicious in the rotating restaurant.

Get discounted tickets to Schilthorn Mountain by clicking here.

Switzerland itinerary 8 days by train: views from Birg & Birg Thrill Walk
Views from Birg & Birg Thrill Walk
Switzerland Travel Voices of Travel

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4. Mürren Town

Mürren is a beloved car-free town situated on the mountain. Getting here is a must to do things in the Jungfrau region. This place’s silence, stunning nature, and breathtaking views are unforgettable.

How To Get To Mürren: You can reach it by taking the cable car from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp, and from there, take a train to Mürren. Or take a cable car from Stechelberg (Lauterbrunnen Valley) to Gimmelwald and the connecting cable car to Mürren.

Alternatively, you can walk from Gimmelwald, enjoy Swiss beauty, and meet locals.

best things to do in jungfrau region & Interlaken Murren

5. Via Ferrata

Jungfrau region has something for everyone. Even the most experienced hikers and adventurous souls come here for the incredible Via Ferrata.

It’s a 2.2-kilometer (1.4-mile) long hike from Mürren to Gimmelwald. The most interesting part is the bridge hanging in between two rock cliffs. So test your courage and come for the Via Ferrata. It takes about 3 hours to complete.

Murren Via Ferrata
Mürren – Via Ferrata
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6. Lauterbrunnen Valley & Trummelbach Waterfalls

Many people say that the Lauterbrunnen Valley is the most beautiful in Switzerland. And I must admit, after living for 1 year in the Jungfrau region. Lauterbrunnen Valley, with its stunning 72 waterfalls, is incredible. Some waterfalls fall off the rock cliffs and disappear in the middle, which creates a special atmosphere.

After you spend some time in Lauterbrunnen, having coffee and drinks, head to the Trummelbach Waterfalls. You can do a self-guided tour to see 10 waterfalls inside the rocks. It’s worth seeing, just come in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid tourist crowds.

How To Get To Trummelbach Waterfalls: Take the bus n. 141 (direction Stechelberg) from Lauterbrunnen and get off at the Trummelbach Falls station.

jungfrau travel pass or swiss travel pass Lauterbrunnen Valley Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen Valley: Switzerland
best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Lauterbrunnen Trummelbach Waterfalls
Lauterbrunnen – Trummelbach Waterfalls

7. Schynnige Platte

Schynnige Platte is hands-down my second favorite excursion in the Jungfrau region. But, unfortunately, many people skip it, which I don’t know why. So please, avoid this mistake and get to Schynnige Platte.

You’ll take a train from Wilderswil and enjoy a spectacular ride with lake views. After, the entire Jungfrau region, with its snowy mountain, spreads out in front of you. The train ride takes 1 hour.

Once you reach Schynnige Platte, admire the Alpine Garden and walk to the Oberberghorn viewing point for the best views of Lake Brienz & Lake Thun and Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau Mountain.

Have some delicious Swiss food in the restaurant before heading back to reality.

Get return tickets to Schynige Platte by clicking this link.

Schynige Platte Jungfrau region
Schynige Platte: Jungfrau region
best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Schynige Platte
Schynige Platte excursion

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8. Hike To Faulhorn & Stay Overnight

Hiking to Faulhorn is a less popular thing to do in the Jungfrau region. However, many hikers still do it. I did it for my birthday, and let me tell you – it was the best birthday of my life (not joking).

The hike takes about 2 hours. First, you’ll pass by the stunning Bachalp Lake and continue up to the Faulhorn hut.

Faulhorn Hut also offers accommodation so that you can stay overnight. You can make it partially if you want to do the next hike. On the first dayhike up to Faulhorn, stay overnight, and on the second day, hike to Schynnige Platte.

Faulhorn hut is a typical Swiss mountain hut; you’ll love the atmosphere. Have some food, sip local Swiss tea, and enjoy the views of Lake Brienz and the entire Jungfrau region.

PRO TIP: If you stay overnight, book the common room where many people can sleep. It’s the only warm place in the hut. The double rooms have no heating and are very cold at night.

hike from Grindelwald First to Faulhorn
Hike from Grindelwald First to Faulhorn
Faulhorn mountain Switzerland
Faulhorn mountain: Switzerland

9. Hike From Grindelwald First Via Faulhorn To Schynnige Platte

For all hikers out there, I have the most beautiful hike in the Jungfrau region for you. While it’s not for those who prefer light hikes, it’s worth doing.

The hike from Grindelwald First via Faulhorn to Schynnige Platte takes about 6 hours. You’ll start in Grindelwald First and walk to Faulhorn for about 2 hours. Hike alongside Bachalpsee before you start ascending. Enjoy the stunning views of Bachalpsee before you reach Faulhorn hut. Then, rest, have a snack or lunch, and continue.

The hike from Faulhorn to Schynnige Platte is the most beautiful I have done in the Jungfrau region. The scenery constantly changes, and every corner offers different views of the region.

Don’t be put off by the time. It’s not even as long as it seems.

best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken hike to Schynige Platte
Me hiking to Schynige Platte
hike from Faulhorn to Schynige Platte
Me hiking from Grindelwald First via Faulhorn to Schynige Platte

10. Walk To Bachalp Lake

If you are not a huge hiking fan but wish to walk in the Swiss Alps, Bachalp Lake awaits you. It’s one of the easiest hiking trails in the Jungfrau region, together with the Eiger Trail.

First, get up to Grindelwald First. From there, you’ll walk for about 40 minutes, following an easy pathway until you reach Bachalp Lake. Take some food and drinks with you and make a picnic.

best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Bachalp Lake
Bachalp Lake

11. Hike The Eiger Trail

Eiger Trail is another easy hike that everyone can do. It’s also one of the most beautiful, offering views of GrindelwaldMännlichen, and Grindelwald First.

This trail starts at the Eigergletscher station and takes about 1 hour & 30 minutes to complete. You can reach it by taking the Eiger Express gondola from Grindelwald.

Then enjoy the spectacular Eiger Trail, take some time to stop to admire the Swiss Alps, and walk down to the Alplingen Station. From there, you can take a train back to Grindelwald.

best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Grindelwald Eiger Trail
Me hiking the Eiger Trail

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12. Visit Glacier Canyon & Canyon Swing

When you’re in Grindelwald, don’t miss out on visiting its hidden gem ‘Glacier Canyon. It’s an educational walk through the canyon shaped by glaciers. You can learn how it was formed and what it’s used for nowadays.

Do you dare walk on the spine above the river? Or do you want to swing down the canyon between its rocky cliffs? It’s up to you. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Book the Canyon Swing Experience here.

Get tickets to the Glacier Canyon in Grindelwald here.

Grindelwald Glacier Canyon
Grindelwald – Glacier Canyon

13. Panorama Trail From Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

If you hate hiking but tell yourself you should do some mountain walks since you’re in the Jungfrau region, this panoramic trail is for you.

It only takes 1 hour to walk from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg, mostly downhill. On the way, before reaching Kleine Scheidegg, I highly recommend stopping by the Grindelwaldblick Restaurant.

You can have some food and drinks on the terrace and go up to the viewing point, from which you can see Grindelwald and admire trains running up to Kleine Scheidegg.

PRO TIP: Start in Männlichen, because then you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Jungfraujoch and the 3 famous mountains.

Panorama trail from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg
Views from Panorama trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

14. Via Alpina

Another breathtaking hike awaits you in Wengen. The Via Alpina is a breathtaking hike from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg (or vice-versa if you want to go downhill). It’s 7 kilometers long and takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

This walk has one of the most stunning views, as you’ll see the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley and the charming town of Mürren. Watch out if you can spot Schilthorn, too.

via alpina Switzerland Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg
Via Alpina in Switzerland: Hike from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg

15. Explore Männlichen

Männlichen is a cute mountain dividing Grindelwald from the Lauterbrunnen Valley. As it’s in the middle, it offers spectacular views of the entire Jungfrau region.

If you want to see the region with 360° views, make the 20-minute Royal Walk up to the top. You’ll see everything, from Jungfraujoch to Lauterbrunnen Valley, Mürren, Schilthorn, Interlaken, Schynnige Platte, Faulhorn, Grindelwald, and Grindelwald First.

The views are simply breathtaking, so don’t miss them.

Männlichen is also one of the most popular things to do in the Jungfra region with kids. It has a beautiful playground on the top, which kids love, so it’s a win-win.

Männlichen mountain Switzerland
Männlichen mountain: Switzerland

16. Visit Wengen

If you’re in Männlichen, you can take a cable car to another car-free village called Wengen. Many people come here for a skiing holiday as well as summer vacation. And no wonder it’s the perfect relaxing spot without noise, offering pure nature.

Walk to the local church, where you get the best views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Then, have a coffee in a local cafe shop and soak up the unique atmosphere.


17. Go To Harder Kulm

When you’re in Interlaken, visiting Harder Kulm is one of the must-do things. It’s the closest mountain to Interlaken with an interesting funicular ride.

When you reach the top, you’ll admire Lake Thun & Lake Brienz from above and the Jungfrau region in front of you.

PRO TIP: Go to Harder Kulm in the evening and watch the sunset. You can also have a romantic dinner or just have a drink.

Get discounted tickets for the funicular to Harder Kulm here.

is switzerland expensive accommodation
Harder Kulm – Switzerland

18. Go Paragliding

For all the adventurous souls here, Interlaken is the Swiss adventure capital. So it would be a pity not to add a bit of adrenaline to your Switzerland itinerary. So go paragliding in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Book your slot for Paragliding by clicking this link.

19. Scenic Helicopter Flight Above The Jungfrau Region

Do you fancy the Jungfrau region at a glance? Then, book yourself a helicopter ride above this spectacular Swiss region.

You’ll get to fly above the Top of Europe, see the Aletsch Glacier (the largest glacier in the Alps), get close to the falling waterfalls of the Lauterbrunnen valley, see Schilthorn mountain from above, and admire the beautiful Swiss lakes.

If you love helicopter rides, this is one of the most scenic rides in the world.

Book a Helicopter Ride above Jungfrau region here.

scenic helicopter ride
Scenic helicopter ride

20. Interlaken Jet Boat

Staying in the Swiss adventure capital, one of the best things to do is hop on the Jet Boat. Hold on to the jet while you ride on the crystal-clear Lake Brienz. See Itselwald village, greet Swiss hills, and Swiss trains riding alongside the lake. But most importantly, enjoy the ride and have fun.

Book a Jet Boat ride on Lake Brienz here.

21. Boat Ride On Lake Brienz & Lake Thun

One of the most relaxing things in the Jungfrau region is enjoying a boat ride on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. If you have the Jungfrau Travel Pass or the Swiss Travel Pass, you’ll even get to ride free of charge and unlimitedly.

I recommend taking a train from Interlaken to Brienz. Admire the little Swiss village, and then take a boat from Brienz back to Interlaken.

Get This Day Pass For Unlimited Boat Rides On Lake Brienz & Lake Thun

best things to do in jungfrau region boat ride on Lake Brienz Switzerland
Boat ride on Lake Brienz – Switzerland

22. Brienzer Rothorn Excursion

Travelers often overlook this excursion. But I must say, it’s one of my favorite things to do in the region.

Brienzer Rothorn is a mountain located above Brienz village. It offers breathtaking views of Lake Brienz and Interlaken. But most importantly, the cogwheel steam train will take you to the top in just an hour. Visiting Brienzer Rothorn is worth it just because of its unique steam train.

Book the steam train to Brienzer Rothorn here.

Brienzer Rothorn Excursion Switzerland
Brienzer Rothorn Excursion – Switzerland
best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Brienzer Rothorn
Brienzer Rothorn & Views of Lake Brienz

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23. St. Beatus Caves

Beatus is a system of caves northwest of Interlaken, next to Lake Thun. Learn about the local dragon legend and admire the unique colors of its caves. You’ll see massive limestone formations, incredible stalactites and stalagmites, and waterfalls.

FUN FACT: The local waterfalls were featured in Lord of the Rings.

Your entrance ticket also includes a local museum, where you can learn about the geology of this place and the entire cave system in Switzerland.

Book this organized tour to St. Beatus Caves & Lake Brienz here.

best things to do in Jungfrau region St. Beatus Caves
St. Beatus Caves

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What Is Jungfrau Region & Where Is It Located?

Switzerland consists of 26 cantons. Some are tiny, like Basel City, and some are huge, such as Grisons. One of the Cantons is called Canton Bern, which consists of 5 regions. One of these 5 regions, as part of Canton Bern, is called Bernese Oberland.

It stretches above the upper part of the River Aare. The region includes these famous Swiss sights: Haslital, Grimsel Pass, Brienzer Rothorn, Gstaad, Kandersteg, Aletsch Glacier, Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, and the charming Jungfrau region.

Jungfrau region is a picturesque area in the center of Switzerland. Its name comes from the famous mountain in the area, Jungfrau Mountain. It means ‘virgin.’

The region is also famous thanks to the meteorological station at an altitude of 3463 meters. It’s also referred to as ‘Top of Europe’ as it hosts the highest train station in Europe.

Main Towns In The Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau region stretches from Interlaken to the Aletsch Glacier and offers so much to see. To get the most out of the region, it’s essential to choose wisely the area where you’ll stay.

Jungfrau region has 5 main towns where you can stay:

📍 Interlaken
📍 Grindelwald
📍 Lauterbrunnen
📍 Wengen
📍 Mürren

📍 Interlaken

Interlaken, the main town in the Jungfrau region, is also called the Swiss adventure capital. This is because it’s in the middle of the 2 lakes: Lake Brienz & Lake Thun. You can easily access all places within the Jungfrau region from Interlaken. It serves as a great base for your adventures.

📍 Grindelwald

Grindelwald is a small town in the middle of the Swiss Alps, southeast of Interlaken. It offers stunning views of the famous Eiger Nord Face. It attracts many visitors with its beautiful hotels and wellness facilities. It’s well-connected to all the activities in the region.

📍 Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is another place where you can stay southwest of Interlaken. It’s the gateway to the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley with its 72 waterfalls. Schilthorn is also close to it. However, it has fewer facilities, and the hotels are less nice than in Grindelwald.

📍 Wengen

Wengen is a car-free town located on the mountain below Männlichen. It offers stunning views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and Mürren. You can reach it via train from Lauterbrunnen.

Mürren is another car-free village situated above the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It attracts visitors with its untouched nature and quietness. While it’s close to most of the attractions in the region, it’s also a perfect place to disconnect.

Map Of The Jungfrau Region & Interlaken

things to do in jungfrau region interlaken map
Map of the Jungfrau region & Interlaken

How To Get To The Jungfrau Region & Interlaken

The main town in the Jungfrau region is Interlaken. As the name suggests, it’s located in between 2 beautiful lakes ”Lake Brienz” and Lake Thun”. You can easily reach it by train or car from other parts of Switzerland.

You can also access it by train from other big European cities such as ParisMilan, or Munich. Or you can book a private transfer from the closest airports in Zurich and Geneva.

NOTE: Interlaken has 2 train stationsInterlaken West and Interlaken Ost. Interlaken West is where all trains come from the western part of Switzerland. You’ll come to Interlaken Ost if you travel from eastern Switzerland and cities such as Lucerne, Chur, and Lugano.

All trains to the Jungfrau region leave from Interlaken Ost.

PRO TIP: For all train connections within Switzerland, check the SBB website. It has up-to-date information about departures, platforms, delays, and additional information about each connection.

Getting To Interlaken From Bern

The closest big city to the Jungfrau region is Bern, the capital of Switzerland. It’s only 56 kilometers/34 miles away, and you can access it by train in an hour.

You can take the direct IC train to Interlaken Ost. Sometimes, you’ll have to change trains in Spiez.

Getting To Interlaken From Lucerne

Lucerne is also very close; many people visit Interlaken as a day trip. It’s 68 kilometers/42 miles away. The train journey offers spectacular views of Lake Vierstätter and Brünnig Pass before descending towards the stunning Lake Brienz and reaching Interlaken.

This train journey covers one of the top panoramic trains in Switzerland called GoldenPass. It’s operated by the Zentralbahnen railway and is one of the most scenic train rides in the country.

cheapest ways to travel switzerland on abudget Zentralbahn train from Lucerne to Interlaken Ost
Zentralbahn train from Lucerne to Interlaken Ost

Getting To Interlaken From Zurich

If you travel from Zurich, you can easily take a train to Interlaken with a change in Bern. It’s 120 kilometers/74 miles from Interlaken, and the train ride takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

There is also a direct connection from Zurich Airport (Kloten) to Bern. After, you’ll change to Interlaken Ost. The trains run regularly throughout the day, so check the SBB website.

Getting To Interlaken From Geneva

Geneva is 220 kilometers/136 miles away from Interlaken. While it’s the furthest from other Swiss cities, it’s also easy to take a train to Interlaken with a change in Bern.

You can start your journey at the main station in Geneva or the airport. First, enjoy the spectacular views of the Lavaux vineyards and Lake Geneva before you ascend to the beautiful Swiss Alps and its lakes. The train ride takes about 3 hours & 30 minutes.

Getting To Interlaken From Lugano

If you’re in the Italian part of Switzerland and want to visit the Jungfrau region, it’s also possible. Interlaken is situated 220 kilometers/136 miles away from Lugano.

The best way is to take the EC train from Lugano to Lucerne. Then, change to the Zentralbahn railway directly to Interlaken Ost. The entire journey takes about 3 hours & 53 minutes.

How To Get Around The Jungfrau Region

The best way to get around the Jungfrau region is by using public transportation such as trains, buses, boats, cable cars, and funiculars. Forget about cars; the furthest you can get by car in the Jungfrau region is Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen.

Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen are connected to Interlaken with the main railway called Bernese Oberland Bahn. You can access all the points of interest from these two towns by funicular, train, or cable car.

Jungfrau Travel Pass

The best way to explore the Jungfrau region is by getting the Jungfrau Travel Pass. It’s a card that gives you unlimited access to the Jungfrau region‘s entire transportation network. You can use it for all the best things to do in the region, travel by trains, buses, cable cars, and even ride boats on Lake Brienz and Thun.

Paying for every single attraction would add up. So, the Jungfrau Travel Pass is the best deal to explore the Jungfrau region.

Get the Jungfrau Travel Pass by clicking here.

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best day trips from Interlaken Brienzer Rothorn
Me on the steam train to Brienzer Rothorn

Practical Tips For Visiting The Jungfrau Region

I’ve got some more tips to help you plan your visit to the Jungfrau region even more. Check out when the best time to visit is, what to pack, where to stay, and how long to stay.

How Long Do You Need In The Jungfrau Region?

The perfect time to visit the Jungfrau region is 4 to 5 days. You’ll get to enjoy its highlights, do spectacular hikes, enjoy beautiful cable car rides, and do its best excursions. The minimum time you should spend in the Jungfrau region is 3 days.

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Which Month Is Best To Visit The Jungfrau Region?

The best month to visit the Jungfrau region is June or September.

In June, temperatures are perfect, hills are green with cows on them, massive rivers flow through the valleys full of glacier waters, and the mountain peaks are still covered by snow. It’s a less crowded month, so you’ll get the best experience.

September is another great month to visit the Jungfrau region. Autumn comes, and the places change colors, adding to the beauty. While it can snow for a day or two at the end of September, it’s not usual. There are also fewer tourists in September.

is switzerland expensive budget guide costs experience
Switzerland – Faulhorn

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What Is The Weather Like In The Jungfrau Region?

Jungfrau region offers the perfect weather. In the summer (July and August), temperatures can ride up to 30°C, while you can still enjoy the lovely mountain breeze and fresh air. It rains quite often as mountains surround you. You can expect rain usually around 10 days a month.

Jungfraujoch is covered by snow all year round. So it’s the place to go if you want to experience snow. Yet it’s warm, and the sun is very strong, so bring sunglasses and put on sun cream.

October is the month when it starts snowing slightly in the Jungfrau region. Sometimes, the first snow falls in September, but it’s unusual.

During the winter time, the Jungfrau region offers great conditions for skiing. The temperatures range between 0°C and -10°C.

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Where To Stay In The Jungfrau Region

My favorite place to stay in the Jungfrau region is Grindelwald. It’s close to all attractions and hiking trails in the Jungfrau region. It’s also well-connected to other sights with cable cars and trains. So, it’s a perfect base to explore the region.

Grindelwald also has fantastic hotels and great facilities, such as a big tourism office and sports center, and it organizes local festivals.

Best Hotels In Grindelwald

Here are the best hotels to stay at in Grindelwald:

Hotel Belvedere Swiss Qualitybook here
Boutique Hotel Glacierbook here
Sunstar Hotel & Spabook here
Bergwelt Grindelwaldbook here

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where to stay in grindelwald switzerland best hotels

Best Hotels In Lauterbrunnen

I recommend the following hotels & apartments in Lauterbrunnen:

Hotel Staubbachbook here
Wasserfallhüslibook here

Best Hotels In Interlaken

If you want to stay in Interlaken, I suggest these hotels:

Boutique Hotel Bellevuebook here
The Hey Hotelbook here
Salzano Hotel & Spabook here
Jungfrau Victoria Grand Hotel & Spabook here

Best Places To Eat In The Jungfrau Region

I also have some of the best restaurants in the Jungfrau region. So check them out below, choose your place to eat, and try Swiss cuisine.

Best Restaurants In Grindelwald

  • Eiger Selfness Hotel & Restaurantgreat Fondue
  • PINTEgreat Fondue & Swiss cuisine
  • Restaurant Hotel Belvederegenerally good food
  • Pizzeria Da SalviItalian food
  • Golden IndiaIndian food

Best Restaurants In Lauterbrunnen

  • Restaurant WeidstübliSwiss cuisine
  • Hotel Steinbock great Fondue
  • Stefan von Allmenbakery (opposite the train station)

Best Restaurants In Interlaken

  • Restaurant BärenSwiss cuisine
  • Restaurant Cafe Gleis 3Swiss cuisine
  • Pizzeria Arcobalenopizza
  • Arabis Lebaneseopposite Migros (Interlaken West) for kebab
  • Welcome India KingIndian food

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To help you have the best experience in the Jungfrau region, I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions. So check them out.

Why Is Jungfrau So Famous?

Jungfrau is mainly famous thanks to its highest train station in Europe, also called the ”Top of Europe”. It’s one of the best things to do in the region, attracting thousands of visitors daily.

Another reason why the Jungfrau region is so popular is for its beauty: it offers everything that you expect from Switzerland: green hills with cows, crystal-clear lakes, snowy mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls falling off the rocky cliffs.

What Is The Best Base In The Jungfrau Region?

Grindelwald is the best base to explore the Jungfrau region. It’s well connected to other places in the region and close to all the best attractions that this place offers. In addition, you’ll be surrounded by stunning mountains and enjoy breathtaking views from your hotel room.

Is Jungfrau A Tourist Trap?

Not at all; Jungfrau is not a tourist trap. It’s the most beautiful region in Switzerland. If you want to experience authentic Switzerland, Jungfrau is the place to be.

Jungfraujoch is also amazing. I recommend taking the first train in the morning to avoid tourist crowds. You’ll have a much better experience this way.

Is It Worth Visiting The Jungfrau Region?

Jungfrau region is the most beautiful region in entire Switzerland. Yes, it’s well worth visiting. If you don’t have much time in Switzerland, you should visit the Jungfrau region.

It offers everything you picture Switzerland is: the beautiful green hills with cows on them, crystal-clear lakes, snowy mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls falling off the rocky cliffs.

Is Interlaken Worth Visiting?

Yes, Interlaken is worth visiting. But 1 day is enough to explore this Swiss town. Visitors mainly come to Interlaken to enjoy the beautiful Jungfrau region, mountain excursions, and spend time in the Swiss Alps.

Wrap-Up: Best Things To Do In The Jungfrau Region

Here you have the 23 incredible things to do in the Jungfrau region. As you can see, it offers a bit of everything. So everyone finds something to do. Choose the places to visit according to your interests and have fun.

Remember, it’s also important to choose wisely the area where you’ll book your accommodation. First, choose the things you want to do, and then consider the area closest to the attractions you want to visit.

If you need help planning your trip to the Jungfrau region, contact me via email: info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll be happy to help you plan your perfect itinerary.

Happy travels!

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