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best things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe regarding nature. It offers amazing outdoor activities, excellent hiking options, and charming coastal towns. However, it’s not just for adventure enthusiasts; everyone can find an activity to enjoy in this country.

I was curious to see the country, so I took a big road trip around Slovenia, visiting all the highlights. And let me tell you, I love Slovenia. It surprised me with its variety of landscapes and activities.

So, in this article, I’ll give you a list of 27 best things to do in Slovenia that will satisfy every traveler based on my experience. So, find your perfect activity and explore Slovenia as you desire.

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List Of The 27 Best Things To Do In Slovenia

Let’s jump right into the topic. After visiting this country on my road trip, I discovered the best things to do in the country. Check them out below and choose some based on your interests; it has something for every type of traveler.

Here is a quick list of things you can do in Slovenia:

  1. Enjoy Lake Bled
  2. Visit Velika Planina
  3. Stroll The Streets Of Ljubljana
  4. Enjoy Lake Bohinj
  5. Visit Piran
  6. Explore Koper
  7. Go Rafting
  8. Go Kayaking
  9. Go Hiking
  10. Walk Through Vintgar Gorge
  11. See Waterfall Kozjak
  12. Go Glamping In Kobarid
  13. Walk To Peričnik Waterfall
  14. Make A Road Trip
  15. Visit Postojna Cave
  16. Explore Predjama Castle
  17. Go Canyoning
  18. Stop By Kamnik
  19. Eat Traditional Kremšnita In Bled
  20. Learn About The History In Bled Castle
  21. Taste Local Wine In Maribor
  22. Go Skiing In Slovenia
  23. Drive Through Vršič Pass
  24. Ride The Longest Zip Line
  25. Climb Mt. Triglav
  26. Go Biking Alongisde The Adriatic Coast
  27. Explore Ptuj

Map: Best Things To Do In Slovenia

Here is a map of the best activities in Slovenia and their location. Save it for later once you visit the country and navigate to the activities you choose to do:

1. Enjoy Lake Bled

Lake Bled is the most famous attraction in the entire country. It’s a picturesque place with a tiny island and a church in the middle. There are so many things to do in Lake Bled. You can spend time relaxing by the lake, go paddleboarding, or take a ride on a traditional Pletna boat.

Additionally, you can visit Bled Castle and embark on a hike to enjoy the best views of the lake. It’s the perfect destination for a holiday filled with adventure and a chance to immerse yourself in nature.

Here are the top experiences at Lake Bled I recommend:

Lake Bled & Bled Castle Tour From Ljubljana
Lake Bled Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Tour
Guided Kayaking Tour At Lake Bled

Slovenia Lake Bled Voices of Travel

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2. Visit Velika Planina

Velika Planina is my favorite place to visit in Slovenia. It’s a traditional mountain village filled with charming wooden huts. You can reach it by taking a cable car and a chairlift from Kamniška Bistrica.

This beautiful destination is perfect for mountain walks. You can savor local cuisine, immerse yourself in Slovenian traditions, and even stay in one of the cozy shepherds’ cottages.

➡ You can visit Velika Planina on this private tour from Ljubljana.

Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days Velika Planina
Velika Planina

3. Stroll The Streets Of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a lesser-known destination in Europe, but it’ll pleasantly surprise you. It’s a charming city filled with colorful buildings, delightful cuisine, coffee shops, bustling markets, and captivating attractions. One of the highlights is visiting the castle to learn about Slovenian history.

I especially loved the small cafes alongside the River Ljubljanica where you can relax, enjoy your cup of coffee, and people-watch.

Additionally, the city serves as an excellent base if you wish to explore more of Slovenia and embark on some day trips from Ljubljana.

Click below and book some of the best activities in the capital city:

Join this Guided Walking Tour Of Ljubljana
Book this Wine & Food Tour Of Ljubljana


4. Enjoy Lake Bohinj

Unlike Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj is less crowded and offers a quieter atmosphere. It’s a perfect place to immerse yourself in nature, go swimming, or try paddleboarding.

You can also rent a boat to explore the lake or take a nearby cable car for mountain hiking. Being a hidden gem, Lake Bohinj offers privacy and tranquility.

Click here to book a tour to Lake Bohinj from Ljubljana.

things to do in Slovenia Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj St. John Baptist Church
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5. Visit Piran

Piran is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and charming towns in Slovenia. It’s situated in the south of the country along the stunning Adriatic coast, which lends it a unique atmosphere.

It gained its fame through salt production, but today, you can relish leisurely strolls along the seaside and tasting delicious seafood.

Visit Piran on this guided tour from Ljubljana
Join this guided walking tour of Piran with food and wine

best day trips from Ljubljana Piran

6. Explore Koper

Koper is a prominent harbor city in Slovenia that receives numerous ships and boats. It’s an ideal base for exploring the Slovenian coast. I thoroughly enjoyed the city center with its stunning architecture and local cafes where you can sit and people-watch.

If you visit Koper, I highly recommend renting a bike to explore the coastal area and nearby cities such as Portonož and Piran.

Rent a bike here to explore Adriatic Coastline from Koper
Join this guided tour of Koper

best day trips from ljubljana Koper

7. Go Rafting

Slovenia is one of the top countries in Europe for outdoor adventures. If you’re interested in rafting, the Soča River in Bovec is the place to be. You can partake in various water sports activities with local companies. Rafting has been my favorite.

Book this rafting experience in Slovenia (incl. photos)

best things to do in Slovenia go rafting

8. Go Kayaking

If you’re into kayaking, once again, the Soča River is the best place to go. It offers stunning views of the nearby mountains, provides ideal conditions for kayaking, and boasts an incredible color.

Whether you’re an adventurous traveler staying in Bovec or planning a day trip from Ljubljana, kayaking on the Soča River is a must.

Join this kayaking excursion on the Soča River

best day trips from Ljubljana Bovec kayaking
Bovec – kayaking

9. Go Hiking

Slovenia’s breathtaking mountains offer some of Europe’s finest hiking trails. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll around Lake Bled or a full day of hiking, this country has it all.

Some of the best hiking trails in Slovenia include:

  • Snežnik
  • Mount Vogel
  • Kamnisko Sedlo (Kamnisko Saddle)
  • Seven Lakes Valley
  • Viševnik
  • Lake Krn

Book this hike in the Julian Alps with a local guide
Hike with a local guide to Lake Krn

best day trips from Ljubljana Velika Planina
Velika Planina

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10. Walk Through Vintgar Gorge

When it comes to day trips from Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge is one of the best choices. It features a beautiful wooden trail alongside a gorge with stunning colors, creating a captivating atmosphere that you’ll adore.

This walk is perfect for families with children or anyone looking to enjoy a scenic excursion without dedicating the entire day to hiking.

You can rent an E-bike in Bled and ride to the gorge, or drive a car directly to the spot.

Get an E-Bike here and ride to Vintgar Gorge
Join this organized tour to Vintgar Gorge & Bled from Ljubljana

Vintar Gorge
Vintar Gorge

11. See Waterfall Kozjak

If you’re looking for an easy family-friendly nature walk, consider visiting Kozjak Waterfall for a half-day excursion. Begin your journey in the town of Kobarid, and in approximately 45 minutes, you’ll reach the waterfall.

The entire hike offers stunning scenery, including azure rivers and lush green forests.

best things to do in Slovenia waterfall kozjak

12. Go Glamping In Kobarid

I don’t know about you, but glamping is one of my favorite activities in nature, and it offers the best type of accommodation. If you’re looking to immerse yourself even further in nature and disconnect, consider booking this wooden cottage in Kobarid.

You can stay for two nights and plan a hike to Kozjak Waterfall on the following day.

Book the glamping hut in Kobarid here

best things to do in Slovenia glamping

13. Walk To Peričnik Waterfall

Another stunning waterfall to explore in Slovenia is the Peričnik Waterfall. You can base yourself in Kranjska Gora and embark on this easy day hike.

The entire trail takes approximately 45 minutes and starts from the location known as Koča pri Peričniku. You’ll follow a circular route, first reaching the Lower Peričnik Waterfall and proceeding to the Upper Peričnik Waterfall. After, return to the village where your journey began.

Join this guided tour to Peričnik Waterfall from Ljubljana

14. Make A Road Trip

In addition to hiking and walking, road tripping is one of the best ways to explore Slovenia and its natural beauty. I recommend renting a car in Ljubljana and embarking on a few road trips to discover the finest attractions. It’s my favorite way to explore Slovenia.

A fantastic route is to start by driving to Lake Bled and then continue through Triglav National Park. First, head to Kranjska Gora, and from there, journey through Vršič Pass to Bovec and Kobarid, where you can take a break for outdoor activities.

Afterward, you can drive to the coastal towns of Piran and Koper, enjoying some delicious seafood and the refreshing sea breeze.

Rent a car here for your road trip in Slovenia

traveling by car to Velika Planina
Traveling by car to Velika Planina

15. Visit Postojna Cave

Slovenia’s beauty extends beneath the surface as well. You can explore the stunning Postojna Cave on a day trip from Ljubljana. This cave system was carved by the River Pivka and features incredible stalactites and stalagmites, which you can admire during this guided tour.

Join this guided tour to Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle (from Ljubljana)

16. Explore Predjama Castle

This castle is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen. It’s built into the mountain rocks, lending it a captivating and mysterious atmosphere.

When I visited, it wasn’t very crowded, which gave me an excellent opportunity to delve into local history. You’ll receive an audioguide and can explore the castle independently, discovering its chambers and underground passages.

Book this guided tour to Predjama Castle & Postojna Cave (from Ljubljana)

Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days Predjama Castle
Predjama Castle

17. Go Canyoning

Soča River is also renowned for canyoning. If the idea of sliding through rocks and into the river sounds like fun to you, or if you’ve never tried canyoning before, Slovenia is the perfect destination for this exciting adventure.

Book this Canyoning experience from Bovec

18. Stop By Kamnik

Kamnik, a lesser-known city located north of Ljubljana, was a pleasant surprise for me. Before visiting, I had no idea what to expect, but this town exceeded my expectations.

It boasts colorful houses, a charming center, and a fantastic bakery where you can savor traditional pastries like Borek (my personal favorite). Be sure not to miss the Little Castle (Mali Grad Kamnik), offering breathtaking vistas of the city and the Kamnik Mountains.

best day trips from Ljubljana Kamnik

19. Eat Traditional Kremšnita In Bled

While Slovenia shares many similar meals with other European countries, one special treat stands out—Kremšnita Cake. I absolutely adore this creamy dessert and have been craving it ever since I first tasted it in Slovenia.

It’s a delight with layers of pastry filled with whipped cream and custard cream. Its origin is in Bled, but you can find it throughout the country.

➡ Get the original Kremšnita Cake at the Park Cafe in Bled

20. Learn About The History In Bled Castle

Even if you’re not a history enthusiast, visiting Bled Castle is worth it just for the views. Perched on a rock with steep cliffs overlooking Lake Bled, the scenery is simply breathtaking.

Dating back to 1011, it’s also the oldest castle in Slovenia. A visit here offers not only insights into history but also a deeper understanding of the entire region and country. So, make sure to check it out.

You can buy tickets to the castle on the spot. The best way to get there from Bled is by car or with a bike.

Bled Castle & City
Bled Castle & City

21. Taste Local Wine In Maribor

Slovenia offers more than just history, adventure, and stunning nature. If you’re a gourmet or wine enthusiast, a visit to Maribor is a must.

This charming city will surprise you with its beautiful vineyards, where you can explore small wineries and indulge in wine tasting. Maribor itself is a delightful city, so it’s worth staying overnight to fully immerse yourself in its welcoming atmosphere.

Here are my top recommendations for wineries in and around Maribor:

🥂 Vinag 1847 Wine Cellar – in Maribor
🥂 Vina Šerbinekin Špičnik near Austrian border
🥂 Ducal Cellarnear Ciringa (Austrian border)
🥂 Doppler Winerynear Gradiška

best things to do in slovenia Maribor wine tasting

22. Go Skiing In Slovenia

If you didn’t know, Slovenia also boasts excellent ski resorts. While many opt for skiing in Austria, France, or the Dolomites, which offer steeper and more adrenaline-pumping slopes, Slovenia has its own hidden gems. If you’re seeking a less crowded skiing holiday with moderate slopes, consider skiing in Slovenia.

Some of the best ski resorts in the country are:

  • Mariborsko Pohorje
  • Krvavec
  • Vogel in Bohinj
skiing slopes slovenia

23. Drive Through Vršič Pass

Vršič Pass is my favorite mountain pass in Slovenia. Its dramatic scenery, featuring rocky mountains and lush forests, attracts only a handful of visitors each month.

This lesser-known spot can be challenging to access without a car, so I recommend renting one for a day or two and embarking on a road trip through Vršič Pass. The views are absolutely breathtaking. Since it’s located within Triglav National Park, you can easily combine it with other activities and hikes.

best things to do in slovenia vrsic pass

24. Ride The Longest Zip Line

Slovenia is also home to the longest zipline in Europe, located in Bovec within Triglav National Park. Bovec serves as the adventure hub of the country, and I highly recommend spending a few nights here to make the most of this amazing place.

You can enjoy activities like ziplining, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, or simply relax in the stunning Slovenian nature.

Book the Longest Zipline Experience here.

longest zipline europe slovenia

25. Climb Mt. Triglav

For those who love a good adventure, you’ve got to check out Mt. Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. It’s no walk in the park, though, more like a challenging 2-day hike.

When you near the top, you’ll need some climbing gear, so it’s a good idea to go with a local guide. You’ll spend a couple of days on this adventure and even get to sleep at a local mountain hut for the night, which adds a cool twist to the experience.

Book a hiking tour with a guide to Mt. Triglav here

best day trips from Ljubljana Mt. Triglav
Mt. Triglav

26. Go Biking Alongisde The Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic Coast of Slovenia was a delightful surprise for me. I had no idea what to expect, and it turned out to be one of my favorite spots in the country.

The charming coastal towns of Piran, Portonož and Koper offer a laid-back vibe with plenty of cafes and Mediterranean restaurants to enjoy.

One of the best ways to explore these towns is to rent a bike and cruise along the coast. I suggest starting in Koper and making your way to Piran (or the other way around). And don’t forget to pack your swimsuit because there are some lovely beaches to make the most of.

Rent a bike in Koper here & make a coastal tour
Rent a bike in Piran here & make a coastal tour

best things to do in slovenia biking alongside adriatic coast

27. Explore Ptuj

Ptuj is a bit of an underrated gem, not as frequented by travelers, but it has its own unique charm that might also pleasantly surprise you. It proudly holds the title of the oldest city in Slovenia and is well-known for its wine production.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by picturesque vineyards, offering a chance to savor some of the finest wines. So stay for a night or two, and enjoy its cozy cafes, wineries, a brewery, and local bakeries.

One thing you can’t miss is walking up to the Ptuj Castle with stunning views and its old wine cellar. Explore this 700-year-old castle cellar and see the Slovenian wine treasure that was bottled in 1917.

For the beer lovers out here, go to the Kavarna Bodi and sample 100 beers.

best things to do in Slovenia Ptuj wine tasting vineyards

Best Things To Do In Slovenia In Winter

Slovenia’s beauty doesn’t fade in the winter. While it may not offer as many activities as in the summertime, you’ll still find plenty to love about Slovenia during the colder months.

Here are the best wintertime activities to enjoy in Slovenia:

  • Skiing
  • Visiting Lake Bled
  • Cross-country skiing (in Pokljuka)
  • Visiting Piran & Koper (coastal towns)
  • Exploring Ljubljana
  • Road tripping
  • Visiting Triglav National Park
  • Exploring Predjama Castle
  • Visiting Postojna Cave

Unique Things To Do In Slovenia

Slovenia is truly one-of-a-kind, and if you’re a fan of trying out unique experiences, you’re in for a treat. Slovenia offers a range of activities that promise adventure and also a fresh perspective.

Here’s a list of some unique things you can do in Slovenia:

  • Stay in a traditional shepherds hut
  • Ride a Pletna boat
  • Eat delicious Kremšnita Cake
  • Ride the longest zip line in Europe
  • See Predjama Castle built in a rocky hill

Most Beautiful Places In Slovenia

Slovenia is full of beautiful places. Whether you’re a city person or a nature lover, you’ll find the spots that will attract you in Slovenia. If you want to visit the highlights of Slovenia, check out my 5-day Slovenia itinerary. It’ll guide you through the most beautiful places and experiences.

If you want to plan your visit to Slovenia by yourself, here is a list of the most beautiful places that you shouldn’t miss on your itinerary:

📍 Velika Planina
📍 Lake Bled
📍 Lake Bohinj
📍 Bovec
📍 Piran
📍 Koper
📍 Ptuj

Map Of The Most Beautiful Places In Slovenia

📍 Velika Planina

This highland and pasture in the mountains above Kamnik is one of my favorite places in Slovenia. It’s an area of scattered shepherds’ wooden huts where you can relax, learn about the local life, and disconnect in nature. You can get there by taking a cable car and a chair lift from Kamniska Bistrica.

📍 Lake Bled

Lake Bled is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in Slovenia. The picturesque island in the middle of it with a church, traditional Pletna boats, Bled Castle on the top of a rock cliff, and snowy mountains in the background make this place a fairy-tale.

📍 Lake Bohinj

If you want to enjoy beautiful nature and have fewer crowds around you, visit Lake Bohinj instead of Lake Bled. It’s the perfect place to enjoy water sports, such as paddling, paddle boarding, or hiking to a nearby Vogel mountain.

📍 Bovec

Bovec is a beautiful town in the Triglav National Park of Slovenia. It’s the best place to be if you want to enjoy some outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking, canyoning, or hiking.

📍 Piran

I fell in love with Slovenian coastal towns, and if you don’t know which one is worth visiting, Piran should definitely be on your list. The atmosphere of this place, stunning views, and delicious seafood will make you fall in love.

📍 Koper

Koper is a major harbor city on the Adriatic coast. If you like major cities, choose it as a place to stay. You can make nice day trips from it, such as biking to other towns along the coast, swimming, or sunbathing and relaxing at the beach.

📍 Ptuj

Ptuj is a hidden gem in Slovenia that is barely on anyone’s bucket list. I think it’s one of the most charming towns in the country. Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia, with a beautiful castle famous for its 700-year-old cellar. It has many beautiful cafes and wineries for you to savor local cuisine and delicious wine from the region.

BONUS: Epic Slovenia Road Trip For 5 Days

As I mentioned, I took a road trip through Slovenia, and based on my experience, I’ve created a detailed 5-day itinerary so you can also experience the highlights of Slovenia.

Check it out by clicking on the image below. It includes many places I’ve mentioned in this article:

Practical Tips For Visiting Slovenia

I have some additional tips to help you plan your visit to Slovenia and have a great time. So check out the best time to visit, how to get there, and where to stay below.

Best Time To Visit Slovenia

The best time to visit Slovenia is May, June, September, and October. These months are less crowded, and nature is at its highest beauty.

May and June offer stunning green meadows and trees with crystal clear waters full of melting water from the glaciers. Everything is so beautiful.

September and October bring fantastic autumn colors, which is always my favorite time of the year to travel in Europe (including Slovenia). These months are also less crowded, and prices decrease, too.

How To Get To Slovenia

The best way to get to Slovenia from overseas is to fly to Ljubljana, the capital city. However, it depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re already in Europe, the easiest way to get there is by taking a bus or a train to Ljubljana.

Ljubljana will be a great starting point for your itinerary in Slovenia as it’s well-connected to other major cities and close to all the country’s attractions.

Flying To Slovenia

If you are overseas and want to visit Slovenia, the quickest and easiest way to get there is to fly. If flights are expensive to Ljubljana, book your flight to nearby cities such as Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna, or Milan. From there, take a bus or a train to Ljubljana.

Usually, Budapest, Milan, and Vienna have the most affordable flights.

➡ Check out Skyscanner for the best flight deals.

Getting To Slovenia By Train

Traveling by train in Europe is affordable and comfortable. So you can take a train from other major destinations. I always book my train tickets through Trainline. They have great deals and discounted tickets.

Discover the best train tickets via Trainline.

Getting To Slovenia By Bus

Taking a bus might be an even easier option. The best bus company in Europe that will take you to Ljubljana is Flixbus. It runs from every major city. You can get to Ljubljana with Flixbus from Milan, Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Zagreb, and many more cities.

➡ Look for bus connections via Busbud by clicking here.

How To Get Around Slovenia

The best way to get around Slovenia is by car. There are a few trains and buses that run between cities in Slovenia. However, waiting for the bus/train connections takes a lot of time, and you would not be able to explore everything Slovenia has to offer.

Slovenia is all about beautiful nature, stunning views, Triglav National Park, and renting a car is the best way to explore it.


Rent A Car Via Discover Carsbest prices and big selection of car rentals.
PRO TIP: Check ratings of the company you choose before booking (ratings can be off). Go on Google, see ratings of the car rental company, then book on Discover Cars.

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Where To Stay In Slovenia

The attractions in Slovenia are well spread out throughout the entire country. So it’s important first to choose what you want to see and then book your stay in a nearby city.

With that said, here are the best places to stay in Slovenia for each thing you choose to do.


Ljubljana, the capital city, is the perfect start for your itinerary. I recommend staying 2 nights here. Leave the first day to explore the city and make a day trip to Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave on the second day.

Here are my top hotel picks in Ljubljana for you:

Apartments Mariabudget-friendlybook here
City Hotel Ljubljanamid-range hotelbook here
Occidental Ljubljanaluxury hotel book here


If you want to taste delicious Slovenian wine, book your accommodation in Maribor. I recommend booking one of the following hotels:

Roomersbudget-friendly hostelbook here
Hotel City Maribormid-range hotelbook here
Wellness Pod Zvezdami Apartmentluxury optionbook here

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is the best place to stay if you want to enjoy the lake, eat delicious Kremšnita Cake, walk through the Vintgar Gorge, go hiking, ride a traditional Pletna boat, and spend some time in nature but be closer to a city.

Here are some of the best hotels at Lake Bled:

Villa Mint&Lavenderbudget-friendly apartmentbook here
Hotel Starkl Heritage & Uniquemid-range hotelbook here
Adora Luxury Hotelluxury hotelbook here

Krajinska Gora

Book your stay here if you want to enjoy Triglav National Park. You can stay in Krajinska Gora and do hiking and road trips around the national park. Below is my favorite apartment to book in Krajinska Gora.

Pri Marusi Apartmentmid-range optionbook here


Bovec is the best place to stay if you want to go rafting, kayaking, canoying, and enjoy the longest European zip line. These are the best places to stay in Bovec:

Posestvo Tmžekbeautiful mountain housebook here
Apartmaji Prton Bovecone-bedroom housebook here

Velika Planina

I highly recommend staying at least a night at Velika Planina. You’ll experience local life and traditions and disconnect for a while. These are my favorite local huts where you can stay:

Koča Zlatorog – entire house – book here
Chalet Zlaticaentire hutbook here


If you want to enjoy the Adriatic coast and beaches, book your stay in Piran. You’ll love the atmosphere, and it has many facilities. Rent a bike in Piran and explore other coastal towns like Portonož and Koper.

Here are my top apartment picks in Piran for you:

Piranum Guesthousebudget-friendlybook here
Guesthouse Rosemarymid-range optionbook here
Diamond Apartment Piranluxury apartmentbook here

What To Pack For Slovenia

As for packing, it depends on what you choose to do in Slovenia and why you’re visiting. But I think you’ve already understood from this article that Slovenia is all about nature, outdoor activities, and wine tasting.

So one thing you can’t miss to pack is your hiking clothes. Otherwise, pack comfortable clothes that you can also wear in the cities and a waterproof jacket in case it rains or gets colder (e.g., in Postojna Cave).

Here is a quick packing list for your Slovenian road trip:

  • hiking boots
  • cap
  • sunscreen
  • waterproof jacket
  • hiking pants
  • T-Shirts
  • shorts
  • casual cothes for cities
  • sneakers


I hope my list of the best things in Slovenia will help you plan your itinerary. I know you might have additional questions, so I’ve answered some of the frequent questions around the topic to help you plan your stay even further. Check them out below:

How Many Days Do You Need In Slovenia?

5 to 7 days is the perfect time to visit Slovenia. It’ll allow you to see the highlights, make a road trip, visit its natural beauties, and enjoy its adventure activities, mainly in Bovec. Check out my Slovenia itinerary to explore the country’s most beautiful places.

Is 3 Days In Slovenia Enough?

Three days in Slovenia is not enough. Plan to spend at least 5 days in Slovenia to see its highlights and enjoy it fully. The country offers so many activities and beautiful places that 5 days is the minimum time for your visit.

The best is to visit Slovenia for 7 days. This way, you’ll have enough time to see the highlights.

Is It Better To Stay In Lake Bled Or Ljubljana?

It’s better to stay in Lake Bled because it offers more activities. You’ll be closer to other beautiful places such as Triglav National Park, Velika Planina, and Maribor. Lake Bled is the best place to stay if you want to enjoy Slovenian nature.

If you are a city lover and want to enjoy other coastal cities, stay in Ljubljana. It’s a perfect place to be for some of the best day trips from Ljubljana, including Piran and Koper.

How Many Days Is Enough To Visit Ljubljana?

One full day is enough to visit Ljubljana. It’s a small city but filled with many things. You can visit the castle, stroll through its streets, admire its colorful buildings, eat local food, and taste delicious wine.

Do They Speak English In Ljubljana?

Yes, they speak English in Ljubljana. You’ll have no problems communicating and getting around in Slovenia if you speak English.

WRAP-UP: Exploring Slovenia

These are my top tips for activities in Slovenia and places to add to your itinerary. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the country, its stunning scenery, and all it offers.

If you have any further questions or need more travel tips, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you or design a customized itinerary for your trip.

Happy Travels!

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