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Prepare for your Albania trip. Get the best tips for getting around Albania, a pre-designed Albania road trip itinerary, and tips for day trips from Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Albania is one of the most diverse countries in the Balkan peninsula and in entire Europe. It has stunning historical and cultural sites, spectacular mountains in the Albanian Alps, and a beautiful Albanian canyon with the best beaches.


Get my Albanian Road Trip Itinerary

If you want to see the entire country with its highlights, take my Albania road trip itinerary. It will guide you through the most beautiful places and teach you some history. Then it shows you the best historical sites, and take you to agro farms with delicious food. After, you’ll explore the Albanian Alps for some hiking. Then, you’ll go down south and relax in the Caribbean of Southern Europe and see the natural park of Butrint. Learn more about logistics, get tips for accommodation in each destination, and travel with this itinerary.


5 Suggested Itineraries

If you need more inspiration, check out my 5 suggested itineraries for Albania. Some itineraries are specifically designed for those who love history and culture. Those who want to relax on a beach have an extra itinerary. Foodies will also find an itinerary for themselves. So check out these itineraries and see the most beautiful places that interest you.


Top Day Trips from Tirana

If you don’t have that much time, check out the top day trips you can do from Tirana.
Travelling in here might get quite challenging. You’ll also learn a lot about Albania buses and how to get around. The article gives you exact prices for each journey, information about where and how to buy tickets, and a lot more.


This country is one of the most exciting European destinations, and not many people know about it. It is time to change it. Explore it and take advice for travelling in this country inside these articles.