Italy Travel

Italy is hands-down the top destination everyone wants to visit in Europe. No wonder. It has the best natural beauty, rich history and culture, and the most delicious food in Europe.


Northern Italy Itinerary

If you are just coming from Austria or Switzerland, you have to keep going because I have a wonderful Northern Italy itinerary for 10 days for you. You’ll visit the most beautiful mountains in Europe, eat local food while staring at nature, and go on some great hiking trails.

Then you can enjoy visiting romantic cities such as Venice and Verona and learning about their history. Remember to ride the famous gondola on the Venice Grand Canal.


Dolomites Itinerary For 5 Days

If you only want to visit the Dolomites and enjoy nature, check out my perfect Dolomites itinerary for 5 days. You’ll be amazed by its beauty, drive around on this road trip, and have a lot of fun.

You’ll also visit cute Italian mountain villages or a rifugios up on the mountains and go hiking.



If you fancy visiting southern Italy, check out Sicily. You can visit the active volcano, Mount Etna, enjoy Palermo city, and relax on some of the most beautiful European beaches.


Of course, visit major destinations such as Rome, Florence, or Bologna. I must admit, they’re really crowded, especially in summer. Yet it’s still worth visiting them.

If you want to avoid the crowds, visit in early May or late September. You’ll have a much better experience. Remember to buy skip-the-line tickets before your trip as you want to save your time in the crowds. The attractions in these cities are full of people.

All the tickets, more tips, exciting activities, and itineraries are waiting for you in my Italy section, so check it out.