Slovakia Travel

Slovakia offers unique spots that every traveller has to see one day. It is still quite an unexplored destination, and its popularity is still rising.
Perhaps you don’t know what to imagine when somebody says ‘Slovakia’. Inside these articles, you’ll get the whole picture about the best places to visit, thermal spas, stunning castles, and spectacular mountains.


Slovakia Road Trip Itinerary

Get my Slovakia road trip itinerary that will help you to explore the highlights of the country. You’ll first visit the capital, Bratislava. Then you’ll stop in a charming village with painted wooden houses and stay next to the thermal spa. After, you’ll make it to the High Tatras, Slovakian mountains, and go hiking. A few Slovakian castles are on the way that will make your road trip more interesting. You’ll also explore an ice cave and sleep in luxury tents.


Best Day Trips from Bratislava

If you don’t have time for the entire road trip, check out the article about the best day trips from Bratislava, the capital. It has a variety of tips with attractions, thermal spas, beautiful castles, or stunning natural spots.


The Centre of Europe

Besides all the things, Slovakia is in the centre of Europe, which will give you great opportunities to travel to other destinations. You can get to Prague within 4 hours, Poland, with its capital, is also very close, and Vienna, the capital of Austria, is just an hour away.

Get all the tips, accommodation suggestions, and advice for your visit to Slovakia and enjoy your stay to the fullest. Let me know if you need additional information and whether the road trip inspired you.