Learn Languages for Travel in a Fun Way

This section provides you all the information about languages for travel. I want to teach you how you can learn languages for travel in a fun and easy way. So you’ll have a much better and enjoyable travel experience.


My Experience with Languages

Over the past years, I’ve had the honour to learn languages for travel. I was living as an expat in Spain, Austria, and Switzerland. With my passion for languages, I was travelling in Europe and speaking various languages in the countries, which made my travel experience much better.

I want to now help you to learn languages for travel. Thanks to my experience, I’ve designed my specific language learning method, which you can follow. You’ll be able to learn languages independently.


Follow a Fun Language Learning Method

Get my Language Travel Notebook that will guide you through the whole process. First of all, you’ll choose a topic within which you’ll learn vocabulary. After, you’ll write all new vocabulary down. Then you can learn this vocabulary in various fun ways. Check out my article about how to learn vocabulary fast.

After, you’ll need to improve your language skills following my other methods. Finally, it will be time to speak and use the vocabulary you’ve learned in a real conversation with native speakers.

Are you still afraid of speaking? One of my articles will help you to overcome your fear of speaking in a foreign language.


Language Resources

I also have various resources for you that you can use to boost your language skills from podcasts, to books, magazines, and best language learning apps. It has it all. Check out my section with ‘Language Resources’ and choose the perfect way to learn the language.


Languages for Travel: Spanish, German, Italian, Slovakian

Whether you want to communicate with a waiter in Spanish and order some food or come to a hotel and understand everything the receptionist says, you can do so by learning Spanish with Voices of Travel.

Check out my Spanish section, where you can find out what is the best Spanish learning app. Also, check out the best Spanish learning podcasts, books, or best Spanish learning magazines. It has plenty of materials to boost your Spanish learning process.

Similarly, head to my German, Slovakia, or Italian section to find more materials for these languages as well.

Enjoy your language learning journey like never before.