Listening Resources

Get these listening resources to boost your listening skills and achieve fluency in your foreign language.

Listening skills are the best to start with as a beginner. Even if you don’t speak a word in your chosen language, start with listening resources.

With listening, you’ll be able to learn basic vocabulary, hear how these words are pronounced, try to pronounce them as well, and get a basic understanding of the language.


Language Podcasts

Podcasts are the best to start with. When listening to a podcast, you can choose the topic that interests you. It will help you learn vocabulary and get a basic understanding of each topic you want to communicate. Choose some of the best podcasts talking about traveling, the everyday life of people living in the country, or listen to basic conversations in a restaurant, hotel, or sightseeing.


Best Language Learning Apps

Language learning apps are very similar to podcasts. With them, you can perfectly learn how to pronounce each word to sound like a native speaker. You’ll learn how to learn new vocabulary and how to use it in a real conversation. But only with these best language learning apps I’ve selected for you. See which ones are those and start learning your language in a fun and easy way.



Audiobooks are another great listening resources that you should use during your language learning process. They are great when you are doing other activities but want to be more productive and listen to a book in a foreign language. Or if you walk to work/school, you can listen to an audiobook in a foreign language. It is a great way to repeat what you’ve learner, improve your vocabulary and understanding.

Get some of the top listening resources in this section and learn languages for travel in a fun and easy way.