Reading Resources

Get these reading resources to build your reading skills in your foreign language. In this section, you’ll get tips for the top language learning books, best language magazines, and many more resources you can use to learn languages for travel.


Language Books

Language books are beneficial in several ways. First of all, they help you improve your general understanding of the language. They also force you to learn new vocabulary in a simple way. You’ll understand this vocabulary better in a context, which will help you to better use them in real conversations with native speakers. Language books are amazing tools to learn languages for travel. Check out the top Spanish, German or Italian books and books that work with other European languages.


Language Magazines

Language magazines are my favourite language resources since they work with my two passions: languages and travel. They are great for learning vocabulary in a specific topic. Also, they often talk about travelling, other coutries, their culture, gastronomy and best places to visit. So not only you’re taken into new countries and enjoy reading the articles, but you’re simultaneously learning a language with it. It is amazing. See what the best language magazines are and choose the one that fits to your language learning needs.


I have some more reading resources in my section, so check it out if you love to learn a language while reading. Reading is one of the most important language skills you need to train when learning any foreign language. These reading resources and materials will save you time and boost your language skills for sure.