Spanish Language

Learn the Spanish language with Voices of Travel. Get the best resources that will get you to your Spanish fluency.

The Spanish language is one of the most important and spoken languages in the world. If you think about it, almost the entire South America speaks it, Spain and its surrounding islands such as Balearic and Canary Islands. Even some African countries use Spanish as their main language, e.g., Morocco. So I am trying to say that if you choose to learn the Spanish language, you’ll definitely use it a lot.


If you are here to learn the Spanish language for travel, I’ve picked some great resources that will help you learn Spanish in a fun and easy way. You’ll also follow my method to learn vocabulary and sentences on a specific topic.


The Best Spanish Learning Apps

You should definitely start with this app if you are at the beginning of your Spanish language journey. You’ll listen to many conversations, learn how to pronounce words, and learn new vocabulary.


Spanish Learning Method

Check out my specific language learning method that will help you to learn new vocabulary in Spanish. You’ll choose one topic within which you want to learn new words. Then look up some words to be able to speak within that topic. Get my language notebook where you can write these new words down and learn them.


Spanish Books & Magazines

Another great resource to learn Spanish is books and magazines. Check out the best reading resources that will help you with understanding the language. Magazines are especially great for learning languages for travel because they talk a lot about travel, countries, culture, gastronomy, and many fun facts.


Spanish Podcasts

Podcasts are also a great way to start with. They give you the first insights into the language, teach you basic vocabulary, and you’ll learn how to pronounce the words.


Check out this section if you want to learn Spanish. You’ll get everything you need to learn the language. And most importantly, you’ll really enjoy the process with all these tips and resources. Learn more about my topic-specific method to learn the language and enjoy the process. After, check out how you can practice the language or overcome your fear of speaking.