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The Czech Republic is a little gem of Central Europe. I was born and lived in Slovakia for 18 years, and the Czech Republic was my trusted neighbor. So I visited it often with my family and friends and even went on a school trip to the Czech cities.

After, I went to study in Austria (Salzburg) and lived in Spain (Barcelona) for 2 years. As I had some issues and had to leave everything behind, Prague was one of the easier options to start from scratch.

So I moved to Prague and lived in the city for a year. And let me tell you, even after living there, Prague is still the most beautiful European city on my list.

Then, I met my boyfriend, and we often visited the western part of the Czech Republic – Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) and its surroundings.

I’ve traveled through the Czech Republic, taken many road trips, and loved living in Prague.
So check out some inspiration for traveling in the country in my articles below:

Czech Republic itinerary 10 days

Best Of Czech Republic Itinerary: 10 – 14 Days With Map & Tips

Take this itinerary and visit the highlights of the Czech Republic on a road trip.

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Prague remains the first spot on my travel list, where I rank the most beautiful cities in Europe. Stockholm almost made it to the top, but Prague is truly unbeatable. I think it’s the most beautiful and magical European city.

The atmosphere is unique, and the historical buildings are stunning. The city played a major historical role and was part of the most important events and World Wars.

So you’ll learn a lot about European history and hear interesting stories.

Join me on an adventure through Prague with my local tips:

Czech Travel Essentials

Many travelers know about Prague and its great nightlife, but many skip the rest of the Czech Republic. And it’s time to change it.

The country offers many natural beauties, other cities, and mysterious castles.

So get some inspiration for other highlights you can explore in the country below:

Czech Republic & Other Countries

Thanks to the perfect location of the Czech Republic in Central Europe, you can kill two birds with one stone and visit other countries and cities around. It’s easy to get from Prague to Germany (Berlin or Nuremberg), Slovakia (Bratislava), Austria (Salzburg, Vienna), or even Poland.

So get more ideas for itineraries in my articles below and plan your trip through multiple countries: