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Table of Contents

22 Amazing Day Trips From Interlaken
Mountain Day Trips From Interlaken
1. Jungfraujoch – TOP OF EUROPE
2. Shilthorn Mountain & Birg Thrill Walk
3. Grindelwald First & Adventure Activities
4. Schynige Platte
5. Männlichen
6. Harder Kulm
7. Brienzer Rothorn
Adventure Day Trips From Interlaken
8. Go Paragliding
9. Ride A Jet Boat
10. Kayaking On Lake Brienz
11. Canyon Swing – Grindelwald Glacier Canyon
12. Gelmerbahn Ride & Grimsel Mountain Pass
Day Trips From Interlaken To Swiss Towns
13. Grindelwald
14. Lauterbrunnen & Trummelbach Waterfalls
15. Wengen
16. Kleine Scheidegg
17. Mürren
18. Iseltwald
Day Trips From Interlaken To Swiss Lakes & River Gorge
19. Boat Ride On Lake Brienz
20. Boat Ride On Lake Thun & St. Beatus Caves
21. Oeschinensee
22. Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht) & Reichenbach Falls
Where To Stay In Interlaken: Best Hotels & Areas In 2023
22 Amazing Day Trips From Interlaken: FAQs
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Welcome to Interlaken, the Swiss Adventure Capital offering endless excursions. The name Inter (between) Laken (lakes) perfectly reflects its location. It’s situated in between the two spectacular lakes – Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. Thanks to this location, it has the most beautiful sights and unique activities in Switzerland.

This article will reveal to you the best day trips from Interlaken. You can choose among mountain excursions, adventure activities, cute Swiss towns, and lake day trips.

Ready to experience Interlaken to the fullest? Let’s dive in.

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How To Get To Interlaken

Thanks to the Swiss transportation system, getting to Interlaken is very easy.

The best way is to take a train from other major Swiss and European cities or book a private transfer. There are train connections from other Swiss cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Chur, Lucerne, and Lugano.

PRO TIP: Use SBB App or website to check all connections. It’ll show you updated information about departures, platforms, connecting trains and cable cars, and the exact time it’ll take to your final destination.

Interlaken West vs. Interlaken Ost

Note that Interlaken has 2 train stations: Interlaken West and Interlaken Ost.

All the trains from the western part of Switzerland will arrive in Interlaken West (some of them to Ost). Taking a train from cities such as Geneva and Zurich, you’ll also see ways to change in Bern.

All trains from the eastern part of Switzerland will arrive in Interlaken Ost.

To get to the Jungfrau region and make all-day trips from Interlaken, you’ll only use the Interlaken Ost station.

How To Get Around Interlaken

The best way to get around Interlaken is by the public transportation system.

Forget about cars in this region. Local transportation is reliable and efficient. Train, buses, boats, and cable cars will take you everywhere you want.

Jungfrau Travel Pass

If you want to spend 3 or more days in Interlaken, the best and most affordable way to explore the region is with Jungfrau Travel Pass. It’s a 1-ticket pass valid for all the excursions from Interlaken listed below (and more). You can use it for all region excursions, cable cars, trains, buses, and boat rides.

However, if you spend less than 3 days in Interlaken, you’ll have to book every excursion separately. Refer to my list of the 22 best day trips from Interlaken to get tickets for the best mountain excursions and adventure activities.

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things to do in jungfrau region interlaken map
Map of the Jungfrau region & Interlaken: Places where Jungfrau Travel Pass is valid

When Should You Go To Interlaken

The best time to visit Interlaken is in June and September.

June offers the perfect weather and temperatures while enjoying the fresh mountain breeze. Temperatures range between 20°C and 26°C. It’s the best time because you can enjoy green meadows and mooing cows, mountains are still covered by snow, and rivers with waterfalls have a lot of water from the melting glaciers.

September is also great as the crowds go away, and the Jungfrau region shines with its autumn colors. However, it might snow towards the end of the most, but it’s not usual.

How To Pack For Your Trip To Interlaken

Before we head to the best day trips from Interlaken, I’ve prepared the ultimate Switzerland Packing list for you. I know it might be challenging to pack as you must prepare for all weather conditions and different excursions.

Luckily, I managed to pack everything inside my backpack for a month’s trip to Switzerland.

So get the Switzerland parking list now for free and pack your backpack without overthinking and wasting your time.

22 Amazing Day Trips From Interlaken

Below, I’m giving you a list of 22 amazing day trips from Interlaken. I’ve divided it into different types so that you can choose a day trip according to your interests.

We’ll start with incredible mountain excursions; then you can check out some adventure day trips, followed by the day trips to the most beautiful Swiss towns, river gorge and lake day trips.

So let’s get excited for your visit to Interlaken.

Mountain Day Trips From Interlaken

First, I’ve selected the top mountain excursions for you from Interlaken. You can either choose to join an organized excursion or get to the mountains by yourself.

Either way, this is your unique opportunity to enjoy the Swiss Alps, green meadows, and mooing cows. So make at least one excursion as your day trip from Interlaken.

1. Jungfraujoch – TOP OF EUROPE

Many visitors are skeptical about visiting Jungfraujoch as they think it’s a tourist trap. While it might seem like a touristy attraction, I can tell you right away – Jungfraujoch is worth visiting.

I’m not a fan of tourist crowds and big tourist attractions and often skip those. However, Jungfraujoch is different.

Jungfraujoch, or Top of Europe, is a meteorological station located 3454 meters above sea level. It also hosts the highest train station in Europe, so you’ll also see the name Top of Europe.

Inside the station, you can enjoy spectacular views of the region and the largest glacier in the Alps, Aletsch Glacier.

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Things To Do In Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

The visitor circle includes:

  • 360°C Panoramic Cinema
  • Sphinx Observatory
  • Alpine Sensation
  • Ice Palace
  • Glacier Plateau
  • Lindt Chocolate Shop
  • Snow Fun Park
  • Mönch Hutextra hike to the beautiful Swiss mountain hut

How To Get To Jungfraujoch From Interlaken

To get to Jungfraujoch, take a train from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald Terminal. Then take the Eiger Express Gondola to Eigergletscher. Eventually, hop on the red Jungfrau train to the Top of Europe.

PRO TIP: Take the first train from Eigergletscher to Jungfraujoch. This way, it’ll be almost empty, and you’ll enjoy Jungfraujoch. I was in Jungfraujoch already 5 times and always took the first train. The experience was unforgettable.

best day trips from Interlaken Jungfraujoch
Best day trips from Interlaken: Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

2. Shilthorn Mountain & Birg Thrill Walk

If you fall in love with the Jungfrau region, you must see the immense peaks – Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger. I recommend you wake up early for this day trip from Interlaken and take the first cable car after it starts to operate. You can avoid masses of tourists, and the views are …. you’ll see in a few seconds.

How To Get To Schilthorn From Interlaken

Your day starts again in Interlaken Ost. But here you will hop on the train’s second carriage, direction Lauterbrunnen.

When you reach Lauterbrunnen, walk out of the train station, and just across the road, there will be a bus n. 141, direction Stechelberg. Take this bus. After about 14 minutes, you’ll see a huge cable car running up the mountain. This is the stop ‘Stechelberg Schilhornbahn‘, where you get off the bus. And that’s where our excursion ro Birg and Schilthorn starts.

You’ll then take the following cable cars:

Stechelberg – Grimmelwald – Mürren – Birg

best day trips from Interlaken Birg
Best day trips from Interlaken: Birg – Panorama of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau

Birg & Thrill Walk

Birg station is where the impressive scenery opens up in front of you. Take your time, and don’t hop on the next funicular to Schilthorn yet (it departs every 15 minutes). Instead, go out to the terrace and let yourself be blown away by what you’ll see.

Those three incredible mountains, Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch, will be priding themselves. Look at those clouds, from which, all of a sudden, only peaks are rising up. This one is the most panoramic and mind-blowing view you might get in the entire Switzerland.

If you dare, you can descend the staircase to the Birg Thrill Walk and walk on the edge of the rock cliffs. Although you feel like the ground is falling underneath you, it’s incredible.

best day trips from Interlaken Birg Thrill Walk
Best day trips from Interlaken: Me enjoying Birg Thrill Walk

Schilthorn Mountain

Once you’ve soaked up enough of this atmosphere, continue up to Schilthorn, Piz Gloria, especially interesting for James Bond lovers. This spectacular mountain was featured in the James Bond movie: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It was the hideaway of Blofeld, Bond’s enemy, which they named Piz Gloria for the time they were making the movie.

You can visit an interactive exhibition, ‘Bond World 077’, inside the building. It displays scenes from the movie and information about where different parts were shot. Besides, there is a 360° restaurant, the first one built at such a high altitude, almost 3000 meters above sea level when constructed.

Go outside and stand on the terrace, where you can get other stunning views of the whole mountain range and the Bernese Oberland region lying below. And what adds up to it all?

Switzerland Schilthorn Voices of Travel

3. Grindelwald First & Adventure Activities

If you like to experience adventure in heaven, this destination is for you. Get on a train in Interlaken Ost that’ll take you to Grindelwald. Then take a cable car to Grindelwald First. That’s where your adventure starts.

You can do the following activities on the Grindelwald First mountain:

  • First Cliff Walk
  • Walk to Bachalp Lake
  • First Flyer
  • First Glider
  • First Mountain Cart
  • Trotti Bike

First Cliff Walk

For those scared of heights, this is the test of your strength (I am scared of heights, too, so don’t worry :D).

Experience walking alongside rock cliffs. Walk across the hanging bridge further to the viewing platform. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Grindelwald, Eiger mountain, and the Jungfrau region. If you take the first cable car, you’ll have it pretty much for yourself.

Walk To Bachalp Lake

If you have some time and feel like hiking, I recommend seeing Bachalp Lake. It’s and easy walk that takes about 40 minutes to complete. Throughout the hike, you’ll enjoy spectacular views and mooing Swiss cows.

best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Bachalp Lake
Best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken: Bachalp Lake

First Flyer

After, start your adventure activities. First, you’ll sit in a harness. Attached to a steel cable, you’ll be flown over hills and meadows surrounded by snowy mountains down to Schreckfeld. Forget about everything and just enjoy the flight.

First Glider

Not enough adventure? Don’t worry; there is another one. Stay in Schreckfeld and head to First Glider. Underneath the eagle’s wings, you’ll be flown back again up to First like a bird. As you are lying, the flight feels even more real.

First Mountain Cart

According to Jungfrau experts, sledding is too much fun to do just in the wintertime. That’s why they decided to create this wonderful mountain cart on which you can ride down the mountain from Schreckhorn to Bort station. After a 3km ride, you’ll reach the middle station of the cable car, Bort. Then switch to our last adventure, Trottibike Scooters.

Trotti Bike

Trottibike is amazing. It’s like a scooter and a bike merged. Going down that scary steep valley might seem very challenging initially, but don’t worry, your Trottibike has good brakes.

Even if you have to focus on breaking downhill, don’t forget to enjoy those picturesque views of glaciers in front of you and the green meadows around you. Follow the road, and you’ll return to the cable car base station in Grindelwald town.

best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Jungfrau region Grindelwald First adventure activities
Best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken: Grindelwald First – Adventure Activities

4. Schynige Platte

Schynige Platte plateau is hands down one of my favorite day trips from Interlaken. I love the views and the energy of this place. But, unfortunately, many people skip it when visiting Interlaken. So please don’t make this mistake and head to this stunning plateau.

Take a train from Interlaken and get off at the first stop called Wilderswill. A 115-year-old rack railway will wait for you there to take you up to the Schynige Platte. 

Take a walk to admire JungfrauMönch, and Eiger, and picnic on the green meadows (pack some food beforehand). You’ll have a stunning view of Grindelwald town and the entire valley. Then go to the other side of the mountain and enjoy spectacular views of Interlaken, Lake Brienz, and Lake Thun.

From there, I highly recommend walking up to the ‘Oberberghorn’. It’s a viewing point that will leave you speechless.

Lastly, check out the Alpine Garden and see the beautiful Swiss ‘Edelweiss’ flower.

PRO TIP: Make sure to arrive before 11:00 am, You’ll experience a traditional alpenhorn performance on the top. It’s organized between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

best day trips from Interlaken Schynige Platte train
Best day trips from Interlaken: train ride to Schynige Platte
best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken hike to Schynige Platte
Best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken: Me hiking to Schynige Platte

5. Männlichen

Männlichen is one of the best mountain day trips from Interlaken, as it offers something for everyone. You can experience an authentic mountain atmosphere, hang out with Swiss cows, and enjoy spectacular views of the Jungfrau region.

It’s also a beloved excursion from Interlaken among families. It has a great playground and an educational walk down to Grindelwald.

You can buy tickets at the Terminal station in Grindelwald.

Männlichen Royal Walk

Männlichen offers 360°C views of the entire Jungfrau region. So if you want to see it all in 1 day, come here. You’ll see Interlaken, Schynige Platte, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Murren, Schilthorn, Jungfraujoch, Grindelwald, and even Grindelwald First with Faulhorn hut.

In order to have 360°C views, walk the Royal Walk. It’s only 20 minutes from Männlichen. The views are spectacular, so don’t miss out on this experience.

best day trips from Interlaken Mannlichen hiking
Best day trips from Interlaken: My friend and I hiking on Mannlichen

6. Harder Kulm

What would be a visit to Interlaken without completing an excursion to the nearby mountain, Harder Kulm? It spreads above the city, and the Jungfrau marketing team officially refers to it as the Top of Interlaken.

Hiking To Harder Kulm

You can do it as a half day trip from Interlaken by funicular or hike up. The hike from Interlaken to Harder Kulm it’s quite steep but worth the effort. Beer or a glass of wine in the local restaurant awaits you up there. So make it happen. It’s an 8 kilometers (5 miles) long hike, taking about 4 hours.

best day trips from Interlaken Harder Kulm
Best day trips from Interlaken: Harder Kulm

Taking Funicular To Harder Kulm

You can also take a funicular directly to the top of Harder Kulm if you don’t want to hike. The views from Harder Kulm to the 2 Swiss lakes, Interlaken, and the Jungfrau region, are breathtaking. So enjoy.

PRO TIP: Visit Harder Kulm towards the evening and enjoy a beautiful sunset from the terrace with a glass of wine. Or have a fondue for dinner.

Harder Kulm Interlaken
Harder Kulm & Interlaken

7. Brienzer Rothorn

Brienzer Rothorn is another stunning day trip from Interlaken that many visitors miss. But again, it’s one of my favorites.

First, take a train from Interlaken Ost to Brienz. An incredible old steam train will ride you up to the mountain within just an hour. Enjoy the stunning views of Lake Brienz and walk around.

On the way back, you can also buy Swiss cheese from a local lady at the middle station. I was making this cheese in their family in the Swiss Alps nearby Brienzer Rothorn back in 2018 during my cheese farm stay. It’s delicious, so try it out.

PRO TIP: I recommend riding a boat on Lake Brienz back to Interlaken instead of a train back.

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best day trips from Interlaken Brienzer Rothorn
Best day trips from Interlaken: Me on the steam train to Brienzer Rothorn
best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken Brienzer Rothorn
Best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken: Brienzer Rothorn

Adventure Day Trips From Interlaken

I also have some adventure day trips from Interlaken for you. These are organized tours that you can take. You’ll have to get by yourself to the starting point. And then enjoy the adventure.

8. Go Paragliding

If you’ve never gone paragliding because you were waiting for the perfect location, this is it. Interlaken is the perfect place to go paragliding.

You’ll admire the stunning panorama of the Swiss Alps, glaciers, green hills, and crystal-clear lakes. There is no better place to go paragliding, so it might be the perfect activity for you.

9. Ride A Jet Boat

If you love more adrenaline, hop on the Jet boat and ride on Lake Brienz. Have fun, enjoy the ride, and breathtaking views of the region.

You’ll have to go to Bönigen for this activity. So take a bus n. 103 from Interlaken Ost and get off at Bönigen See station. Or you can also take a boat from Interlaken Ost.

10. Kayaking On Lake Brienz

Kayaking is one of the most unique excursions from Interlaken. You’ll get to enjoy Lake Brienz to the fullest, see the 12th-century Ringgenberg Castle, and relax.

As with the jet boat, you’ll also have to go to Bönigen for this kayaking experience. So take a bus n. 103 from Interlaken Ost to Bönigen See and meet your guides there.

11. Canyon Swing – Grindelwald Glacier Canyon

For even more adrenaline, go to Grindelwald and visit the beautiful Glacier Canyon. Before walking through the canyon and learning how it was formed, get up and prepare for the thrilling canyon swing. Do you dare jump into the glacier canyon and swing through its rocky cliffs?

Grindelwald Glacier Canyon
Grindelwald – Glacier Canyon

12. Gelmerbahn Ride & Grimsel Mountain Pass

Gelmerbahn is a favorite excursion among travelers in Switzerland. For sure, you’ve seen it in videos or reels on Instagram. And let me tell you – it’s much better than what you see in the videos.

The spectacular Gelmerbahn will take you on a steep railway up to Gelmer Lake. The journey takes 12 minutes, and the second half starts to get interesting as the train ascends to the top. So enjoy the breathtaking scenery rather than looking down the valley if you’re scared.

Then, walk around Gelmer Lake and make a picnic.

PRO TIP: Tickets for Gelmerbahn sell out quickly. Book it online before you go using the button below.

best day trips from Interlaken Gelmerbahn Grimsel pass
Best day trips from Interlaken: Gelmerbahn near Grimsel pass

Handeckfall Suspension Bridge

After you return, walk through the amazing suspension bridge (Handeckfall Bridge). It’s 70 meters long and spreads above the Handegg Waterfalls.

best day trips from Interlaken Handeckfall suspension bridge
Best day trips from Interlaken: Me on the Handeckfall Suspension Bridge

Grimsel Mountain Pass & Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospitz

If you have a car, drive further up through the Grimsel Pass. It’s one of the most spectacular rides in Switzerland. Stop by the historical Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospitz for lunch and enjoy the views.

Grimsel mountain pass Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospitz
Grimsel mountain pass: Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospitz

Day Trips From Interlaken To Swiss Towns

If you don’t have much time or just want to visit some cute Swiss towns, check out these beautiful places where you can admire stunning nature, have a drink, and enjoy delicious Swiss Fondue.

13. Grindelwald

Grindelwald is one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland. Many visitors choose it as a base to explore the Jungfrau region. I had the pleasure of living in Grindelwald for a year, and I never got fed up with its beauty and the breathtaking views it offers. It can be a relaxing day trip from Interlaken for you.

best day trips from Interlaken Grindelwald
Best day trips from Interlaken: Grindelwald

14. Lauterbrunnen & Trummelbach Waterfalls

Lauterbrunnen is another charming Swiss town mainly famous. It’s located in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, the Valley of 72 Waterfalls. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by stunning Staubach Waterfall, falling off the steep rock cliff and disappearing on the way.

The highlight is driving a car or bus through the Valley and admiring its beauty. Then stop by and visit Trummelbach Waterfalls. It’s a 1-hour round trip through the rocks and falling waters in the middle.

Then enjoy some time in Lauterbrunnen, walk through the town, and have a nice coffee or Swiss Fondue.

PRO TIP: You can buy entrance tickets to Trummelbach Waterfalls on the spot.

best day trips from Interlaken Lauterbrunnrn
Best day trips from Interlaken: Lauterbrunnrn

15. Wengen

If you take a train from Lauterbrunnen, you’ll reach Wengen, a cute car-free town on the mountain. Many people choose to spend their vacations here. No wonder it’s one of the best relaxing spots in the Jungfrau region. Walk to the local church to get the best views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley.


16. Kleine Scheidegg

From Wengen, you can continue by the same train up to Kleine Scheidegg. The incredible panorama of the 3 famous mountains opens up on the side – Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau, with the stunning Eismeer glacier. Its one of the most spectacular train rides in the Jungfrau region.

Even though Kleine Scheidegg is not really a Swiss town, it’s a mountain pass with a restaurant, hotel, and souvenir shops. And it’s well worth visiting. It offers beautiful views and makes you feel like you’re in the Swiss Alps.

Get up to the Restaurant Grindelwalderblick for even better views (just a 10-minute walk).

Panorama trail from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg
Views from Panorama trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

17. Mürren

Mürren should be on your list as one of the excursions from Interlaken. Similarly to Wengen, it’s also a car-free village on the mountain, only accessible by cable car.

Walk through this charming town, soak up the unique atmosphere, and take photos.

The journey itself to Mürren is spectacular. You can take a cable car from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp and then train to Mürren.

Alternatively, you can take a bus through the Lauterbrunnen Valley to Stechelberg (bus n. 141) and, from there, take 2 cable cars to Mürren via Gimmelwald. Or leave the cable car station in Gimmelwald and walk to Mürren. It’s a beautiful walk, too.

best things to do in jungfrau region & Interlaken Murren
Best things to do in Jungfrau region & Interlaken: Mürren

18. Iseltwald

Iseltwald is one of the most charming Swiss towns near Interlaken. You can make a day trip from Interlaken by boat on Lake Brienz; it’ll be the second stop. Get off and admire traditional Swiss wooden houses. Enjoy its promenade and lake views.

One thing you can also do is hike to the Giessbach Waterfall. It’s 6 kilometers-long walk in pure Swiss nature. After, stop by the Hotel Giessbach and enjoy a coffee or tea.

You can rent kayaks and enjoy riding on Lake Brienz in the summer.

best day trips from Interlaken Iseltwald Giessbach Waterfalls
Best day trips from Interlaken: Iseltwald & Giessbach Waterfalls
best day trips from Interlaken Iseltwald
Best day trips from Interlaken: Iseltwald

Day Trips From Interlaken To Swiss Lakes & River Gorge

Finally, I have some day trips from Interlaken to the stunning Swiss Lakes and the Aare Gorge. My tip is to ride boats on the lakes. It’s included in the Jungfrau Travel Pass, or you can get a boat pass if you only want to enjoy these Swiss lakes from Interlaken.

19. Boat Ride On Lake Brienz

One of the best excursions from Interlaken is its beautiful Alpine lakes. As the name suggests, Interlaken sits between two Swiss lakes, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. My favorite is to hang around Brienz Lake. It’s worth taking a boat and doing a 2-hour ride to Brienz (or vice-versa).

Brienz is the gateway for the Brienzer Rothorn mountain excursion. You can also walk through the village and admire typical Swiss wooden houses.

Another great stop on Lake Brienz is the Itselwald town to see the Giessbahn Waterfall and Hotel.

boat ride on Lake Brienz Switzerland
Boat ride on Lake Brienz – Switzerland

20. Boat Ride On Lake Thun & St. Beatus Caves

If you want to explore Lake Thun, you can also do an excursion to the St. Beatus Caves. Get off the boat, explore the caves, then take the boat again and either return to Interlaken or continue riding on Lake Thun to Spiez. Then come back to Interlaken by train.

St. Beatus Caves
St. Beatus Caves

21. Oeschinensee

Oeschinen Lake was not once said to be the most beautiful Swiss Lakes. While I’m not so sure whether it’s the most beautiful, it’s certainly worth the visit.

You’ll have to drive or take a train to Kandersteg town. From there, take a cable car up to the Oeschinensee station. After a 10-minute walk, the stunning Oeschinen Lake spreads out in front of you. Its color is incredible, and the location invites you to sit down and have a picnic.

So buy some Swiss cheese in Kandersteg town, and enjoy local products next to Oeschinen Lake. After, you can also ride the sled in the Swiss mountains.

You can book cable car tickets to Oeschinen Lake on the spot in Kandersteg. Or book the private tour organized from Interlaken by clicking on the button below:

Oeschinensee Lake
Me enjoying Oeschinensee Lake

22. Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht) & Reichenbach Falls

The Aare Gorge (in German: Aareschulcht) is a 1.6 kilometers long walk between rock cliffs above the River Aare. It’s an incredible journey through pure nature, sparkling blue waters, and incredible Swiss mountain rocks.

Aaren Gorge is located close to the Grimsel mountain pass. So you can visit it together with the Gelmerbahn train.

Aare Gorge
Aare Gorge

How To Get To Aare Gorge

To reach Aare Gorge by train, you must first take a train from Interlaken Ost to Meiringen. Then change to another train that’ll take you to Aareschlucht West train station. Finally, get off, and walk to the entrance of the gorge.

You can buy entrance tickets on the spot.

Reichenbach Waterfalls

If you have time, you can also visit the nearby Reichenbach waterfalls. It’s only a 3-minute drive or 15-minute walk from the Aare Gorge.

Wrap-Up: 22 Amazing Day Trips From Interlaken

These are the 22 best day trips from Interlaken. The Swiss Adventure Capital offers more than just adventure activities, as you can see. So choose your type of thing to do, and enjoy the Jungfrau region with Interlaken to the fullest.

Interlaken is the gateway to the most beautiful Swiss region – the Jungfrau region. So if you can’t visit anything else, visit Interlaken. You’ll experience proper Switzerland.

Where To Stay In Interlaken: Best Hotels & Areas In 2023

Interlaken offers a wide range of accommodations. You can choose from hostels, mid-range hotels, and luxury hotels.

Most people like to stay in the city center or on the side of the River Aare for unique views and relaxation. Some visitors choose to stay in Matten, on the outskirts of Interlaken, leading to the Jungfrau region.

Whatever your preferences are, you can choose from many hotels. These are my favorite hotels and hostels in Interlaken:

Best Hotels In Intelaken



THE HEY HOTELmid-range hotel

SALZANO HOTEL & SPAmid-range hotel


where to stay in Interlaken best hotels
Where to stay in Interlaken: Best hotels in Interlaken

22 Amazing Day Trips From Interlaken: FAQs

To improve your Interlaken experience, I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

If you need help planning your trip to Interlaken and around Switzerland, reach out to me on Instagram or email me at:

Why Is Interlaken Famous

Interlaken is famous for being the Swiss Capital Adventure. It offers hundreds of adventure activities that you can do around the Swiss Alps. Paragliding, canyoning, kayaking, boat jetting, rafting, and flying are just a few.

Interlaken is also the gateway to the most beautiful Swiss region – the Jungfrau region. It offers everything you would picture Switzerland to be: green hills, mooing cows, snowy mountains, glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, and waterfalls falling off the rock cliffs.

Also, many people come to Interlaken to visit the Top of Europe – Jungfraujoch.

How Many Days In Interlaken Are Enough?

I suggest spending at least 4 to 5 days in Interlaken. It’s the perfect time to do the most beautiful day trips and adventure activities and enjoy this Swiss region to the fullest.

If you don’t have that much time, spend at least 2 days in Interlaken.

Is Interlaken Worth Visiting?

Yes, Interlaken is well worth visiting. However, the town itself doesn’t offer many activities. Interlaken is worth visiting for day trips, activities, and mountain excursions. Check out my list of the 22 amazing day trips from Interlaken to have the best experience in the Swiss Alps.

Can I Do Lauterbrunnen And Grindelwald In 1 Day

Yes, visiting Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald in one day is possible.

I suggest first taking a train from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald. Explore Grindelwald first, and after, head to the Terminal station. Then take the cable car to Männlichen Mountain. Enjoy spectacular views of the entire Jungfrau region.

Once you have enough, take a cable car to Wengen and then train to Lauterbrunen. In the afternoon, enjoy Lauterbrunnen and the Valley of the 72 Waterfalls. In the end, take a train back to Interlaken Ost.

This is the best way to explore Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen in one day. And you’ll see a lot more than just these two towns.

Is Interlaken Expensive

Yes, Interlaken is quite expensive. While you’ll find cheaper accommodation options than in other Swiss towns such as Grindelwald and Wengen, the costs add up.

Plan to spend between 200 to 250 CHF a day on average if you want to stay in a mid-range hotel, eat well, and make the best day trips from Interlaken.

What Is The Most Scenic Train From Interlaken

Interlaken is connected with 2 most scenic trains: Zentralbahn and the GoldenPass Express.

The Zentralbahn train runs from Interlaken alongside the stunning Lake Brienz before it ascends to Brunnig Pass. This route ends in Lucerne.

The GoldenPass Express is a brand-new panoramic train in Switzerland (as of 2023), offering a spectacular journey from Interlaken through the green hills and medieval towns of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Eventually, it’ll take you to the beautiful Lake Geneva and end in the jazz festival city of Montreux.

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