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Does Istanbul have a beach best beaches in Istanbul

Are you planning a gateway to Istanbul and would like to allocate a day or two to a beach day? Istanbul has some great beaches that can make a perfect beach day. I visited Istanbul for 4 days and explored the areas around me. I recommend staying in Istanbul to explore the city and only after heading to the beach and relaxing in a nice resort at the beach.

So, in this article, I’ll give you a great overview of the best beaches in and around Istanbul, so check them out below if you want to enjoy the sea for a moment.

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Does Istanbul Have A Beach? Revealed!

Yes, Istanbul has many beaches you can reach for a day. Some are sand beaches, and some are rocky. The best beaches are on the Black Sea as they’re sandy, and the access to its water is shallow.

To be clear, don’t expect beaches in the center of Istanbul. All of these beaches are between 15 km (9 miles) and 90 km (56 miles) around Istanbul. However, the area still belongs to Istanbul. So they’re all considered as “beaches in Istanbul”.

Some beaches are accessible by public transportation, and some only by car. If you want to visit one of them, I recommend renting a car for a day or two as it’s the easiest way to get to the beaches around Istanbul.


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15 Istanbul Beaches To Enjoy

I’ve ordered the beaches in Istanbul from the beach being the closest to the city to those that are the furthest from Istanbul. It’ll help you plan your visit better. Some of these beaches are on the Black Sea, and some are on the Marmara Sea. Generally speaking, if you want to enjoy sandy beaches, choose the ones on the Black Sea. The beaches on the Marmara Sea are more rocky.

So here you have it, list of the 15 best beaches in Istanbul that you can enjoy with a map:

  1. Yeşilköy Sahil Beach
  2. Moon Beach
  3. Florya Güneș Beach
  4. Tarihi Haylayf Beach
  5. Altinkum Beach
  6. Uzunya Beach
  7. Babylon Beach
  8. Burc Beach
  9. Baykus Beach
  10. Kilyos Bamboo Beach
  11. Solar Beach
  12. Şile Beach
  13. Akçakese Beach
  14. Ağva Beach
  15. Kumluk Sahne Beach

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Map Of The Best Beaches In And Around Istanbul

Here is a map of the best Istanbul beaches for your reference. Save it to your phone and use it to navigate once you want to visit.

1. Yeşilköy Sahil Beach

The closest beach to Istanbul (just 18 km/11 miles away) is situated on the Marmara Sea. It’s a sandy beach with tiny stones that offers a great restaurant and a yacht pier. This beach is free to access, and you can bring your own food and drinks. It’s great for families with kids as the sea is quite calm.

Distance From Istanbul: 18 km/ 11 miles
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

2. Moon Beach

Another beach on the Marmara Sea side of Istanbul, Moon Beach, is a less-known spot. It’s mainly popular among families and teenagers. The sand is clean, and water is easily accessible. There might be seaweed in some months of the year, so check the conditions before going. There are no sunbeds and umbrellas to use, so bring your own stuff.

Distance From Istanbul: 20 km/12 miles
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

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3. Florya Güneș Beach

Florya Güneș is a great place on the European side and the Marmara Sea. It’s a beautiful sandy beach with an open area and wooden sunbeds. You can also visit the Florya Aquarium and a Mall near the beach.

If you want to stay close to Floya Beach, I recommend booking the Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel. Click here to learn more about the hotel and its facilities.

NOTE: As of 2023, it’s closed, so check for updates on Google Maps before visiting.

Distance From Istanbul: 27km/16 miles
Entrance Fee: 30 Lira

Does Istanbul have a beach best beaches Istanbul

4. Tarihi Haylayf Beach

Tarihi is a nice beach on the Marmara Sea. It’s a public one where you don’t have to pay an access fee. Come in early, and you can get a spot next to the trees, so you’ll get some shade to hide from direct sun throughout the day. It’s quite popular among families with kids.

Do you want to enjoy this beach from your hotel? Then book this Crowne Plaza Florya Istanbul Hotel and have access to this beach and the other two beaches close to your hotel room.

Distance From Istanbul: 29 km/18 miles
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

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5. Altinkum Beach

Altinkum Beach is situated on the Bosphorus Strait, closer to the Black Sea. It’s easily accessible by bus from Istanbul. This beach offers many facilities, restaurants, changing rooms, and showers. It’s a sandy beach full of sunbeds and umbrellas so it can be a perfect beach day trip from the city for you.

Distance From Istanbul: 30 km/19 miles
Entrance Fee: 180 Lira

6. Uzunya Beach

Another popular beach, Uzunya, in Istanbul is situated on the Black Sea and the European side. It’s a nice gateway from the busy city. This beach is quiet with great facilities and a restaurant. You can also sleep here or at a nearby campsite.

Distance From Istanbul: 38 km/24 miles
Entrance Fee: 200 Lira

7. Babylon Beach

Babylon Beach is close to Uzunya Beach, so you can see both within a day if you want to. This beach is sandy with tiny stones. It has amazing facilities with sun loungers, umbrellas, sunbeds, and comfortable pillows on the nearby grass.

Distance From Istanbul: 38 km/24 miles
Entrance Fee: 200 Lira

does istanbul have a beach black sea
Image by standret on Freepik

8. Burc Beach

Burc Beach is a famous beach in Kilyos with a lively atmosphere and great music. Not only is it a beautiful sandy beach, but it’s also renowned for kite surfing. The water is warm, it has sunbeds and umbrellas you can use, and restaurants to enjoy Turkish cuisine. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul.

Book Kilyos Hotel if you want a hotel room close to Burc Beach. You’ll also have a beautiful swimming pool on site.

Distance From Istanbul: 40 km/25 miles
Entrance Fee: 550 Lira

9. Baykus Beach

Baykush Beach is part of a hotel resort, but you can enter even without a room reservation (for a small fee). It’s quiet and less crowded than other beaches in Kilyos. Its facilities are clean, and the beach has a restaurant, great food, and a cafe. You can shower, use the changing rooms, and enjoy the hospitality of locals.

Distance From Istanbul: 42 km/26 miles
Entrance Fee: 240 Lira

10. Kilyos Bamboo Beach

Located on the Black Sea coast, Kilyos Beach is one of the most popular beaches near Istanbul. It has beautiful golden sand, many sunbeds with umbrellas, and the water is shallow. There are a few restaurants and cafes, washrooms, and changing rooms. It even has the Istanblue Dive Academy if you want to go diving or finally learn it. It definitely belongs to the top 5 most stunning beaches on this list.

I recommend staying at the Kilyos Hotel if you want to be close to this beach and enjoy a beach vacation. Click here to learn more.

Distance From Istanbul: 61 km/38 miles
Entrance Fee: 260 Lira

11. Solar Beach

Known for its beach clubs, Solar Beach in Kilyos is a trendy spot for sunbathing and enjoying the sea. It also has a pool, so it’s a great spot to go if you have someone in a group who doesn’t like the see. This beach has good restaurants, and they serve great coffee. It’s also close to the Istanblue Dive Academy. Overall, it’s a lively beach area suitable for young people and adults.

Distance From Istanbul: 61 km/38 miles
Entrance Fee: 350 Lira

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12. Şile Beach

Şile is a charming town along the Black Sea coast, and it has several beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the tranquility. Unlike other beaches on this list, this one doesn’t have many sunbeds and umbrellas. There are only a few food options, so I recommend bringing your own food. It’s one of the raw beaches near Istanbul with fewer facilities.

If you want to stay close to Sile Beach, I recommend booking La Miel Suites as you’ll be close to the beach and enjoy some privacy and tranquility of the place.

Distance From Istanbul: 89 km/55 miles
Entrance Fee: Free of charge


13. Akçakese Beach

Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, this beach is a hidden gem with clear waters and a peaceful ambiance. You have to pay 40 Lira for a parking fee and an extra fee to enter the beach (around 200 Lira). You can bring your own beach equipment and enjoy the cleanliness of this remote place.

Distance From Istanbul: 99 km/61 miles
Entrance Fee: 200 Lira

14. Ağva Beach

Ağva, also along the Black Sea coast, is one of the most beautiful beaches, offering golden sand with azure water. It’s long, so you can enjoy extensive walks and the sea breeze. It has showers, changing rooms, and a great cafe in the coffee shop.

Distance From Istanbul: 112 km/70 miles
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Does Istanbul have a beach famous Istanbul beaches
Image by 4045 on Freepik

15. Kumluk Sahne Beach

If you want to spend some time on an island with views of Istanbul, chill on the Kumluk Sahne Beach. It’s located on Kinaliada Island, 35 minutes by boat from Kadikoy (the Asian side of Istanbul). This island is part of the so-called Prince Islands, and you can easily reach it by boat from Istanbul. It has a rocky beach full of umbrellas, sunbeds, and a nice restaurant. I recommend bringing flip-flops to walk on the beach.

Distance From Istanbul: 19 km/12 miles
Entrance Fee: 150 Lira

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Best Beaches In Istanbul For Swimming

Some beaches in Istanbul have golden sand and shallow water, so you can easily access the sea and swim. These beaches are usually located on the Black Sea. But some beaches have a concrete cover and steep access to the sea. While you can still swim there, there are more comfortable options.

Here is a list of the best beaches in Istanbul for swimming (with sand).

  • Kilyos Bamboo Beach
  • Burc Beach
  • Sile Beach
  • Ağva Beach
  • Solar Beach
  • Uzunya Beach

7 Best Istanbul Beach Resorts

If you want to spend some time in an a beautiful hotel while enjoying Istanbul’s beaches, I’ve also put together a list of the best beach resorts in Istanbul for you. So keep reading and book one for your vacation.

To clarify, these hotels are not all-inclusive resorts that offer everything and are directly on a beach. If you want to enjoy such hotel beach resorts, travel to Antalya instead.

Istanbul is all about visiting landmarks, beautiful sites, and bazaars. Yet, you can stay close to the sea and enjoy some beaches from your hotel. These are the hotels that are close to the beaches around Istanbul.

1. Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel

If you want to enjoy luxury and be close to a beach, book the Renaissance Polat Hotel. This hotel is just 15 km from the center of Istanbul, and the Çiroz Yeşilköy Halk Beach is just a few steps away. You can also enjoy other beaches around, such as Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach and Florya Güneș Beach.

It has a large swimming pool, gym, and massage room; you can also enjoy a Turkish bath.

The rooms are spacious with air-conditioning. I recommend booking a room with a sea view and the views are simply breathtaking.

Book Renaissance Polat Hotel here for the best deals.

2. Crowne Plaza Florya Istanbul

Crowne Plaza Florya Hotel near Istanbul is one of the best resorts, thanks to its location and facilities. It’s close to many beaches on the Marmara Sea, including Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach, Florya Güneș Beach and Tarihi Haylayf Beach.

You can benefit from other facilities, such as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a wellness center, and a Turkish hammam. The hotel has a fitness center, garden, and a terrace, so you can enjoy the beautiful sea views and spend some time near the sea.

There is an aquarium and a shopping mall right next to the hotel, and kids can enjoy a children pool and an amusement park, too.

➡ Check out the best prices for Crowne Plaza Florya Istanbul here.

3. Eser Premium Hotel & Spa

Eser Premium hotel resort is located on the Marmara Sea, close to the Büyükçekmece Beach. It has an indoor swimming pool and a spa, offering thermal therapies and various treatments.

It has a gym and offer various activities such as yoga, spinning classes, and pilates. You can also play squash. Overall, it’s a great gateway if you want to be further away from the hassle of Istanbul and enjoy some sports and the beach.

Click here to learn more about Eser Premium Hotel & Spa and book your room.

4. La Miel Suites

If you want to enjoy luxury and be close to a beautiful beach, you’ll love La Miel Suites. This resort is close to Sile Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul on the Black Sea. The hotel has spacious rooms with comfortable beds, and some rooms are equipped with jacuzzi. It also has an outdoor swimming pool and a terrace.

Book La Miel Suites here and get the best room deal today.

5. Kilya Hotel

Kilya Hotel is situated close to the Non Stop Beach on the Black Sea. It has a perfect location as it’s also close to Burc Beach and the Kilyos Bamboo Beach, so you can visit all of them and choose the perfect beach for you.

The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace with sunbeds and umbrellas, a fitness room, and a sauna. Kids will also be happy about their movie theatre and games room.

Click here to get the best prices for Kilya Hotel and enjoy Istanbul beaches from your hotel.

6. Palm Beach Sile Villa Hotels

Do you fancy privacy? Palm Beach Sile Villa Hotels are located directly on Uzunkum Beach. It has a beautiful garden so you can spend a lot of time in nature. Rooms are simple with a sea view, and you’ll also enjoy a private beach from this property.

Click here to learn more about Palm Beach Sile Villa Hotels and book your stay on Booking.com.

7. JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea

While JW Marriott Hotel In Istanbul on the Marmara Sea isn’t exactly a hotel beach resort, it’s located on the sea, and you can enjoy many benefits if you book your stay here.

First, it’s close to the city center; the Blue Mosque is just 11 km from the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have a beach. The closest one you can visit is the Çiroz Yeşilköy Halk Beach (6km away) and the Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach (7 km away).

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a garden. You can also enjoy an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub.

Book JW Marriot Istanbul Hotel here and learn more about its offers.

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To help you plan your trip to any nearby beaches from Istanbul, I’ve also answered some of the most popular questions on the Web. So check them out below.

How Far Is Istanbul From A Beach?

The closest beach to Istanbul (Yeşilköy Sahil) is just 18km from the city. It’s a 30-minute drive by car alongside the Marmara Sea coast. This beach is free to enter, and you can enjoy a nice beach day from the city center.

Can You Swim In Beaches In Istanbul?

Yes, you can swim on beaches in Istanbul. Most of the beaches are sandy, with great access to the sea and shallow water. There are only a few rocky beaches with sharp access. So always check the area before you go.

Note that you’ll have to travel a bit to get to the beaches. It’s not like you can jump into the sea directly from the city center of Istanbul. The beaches are around Istanbul, so rent a car or use public transportation to get there.

Are There Sand Beaches In Istanbul?

Yes, Istanbul has sand beaches. The best sand beaches around Istanbul are Ağva Beach, Sile Beach, Kilyos Beach, and Solar Beach. They all have great facilities, sunbeds with umbrellas, sports and activities, a diving center, and restaurants to enjoy Turkish food. These sand beaches are a great gateway from Istanbul and its hassle.

Do People Go To The Beach In Istanbul?

Yes, many people go to the beach in Istanbul. Whether they want to escape the busy city or cool off in the sea, Istanbul’s beaches are popular, especially among locals. They’re well-equipped, and the best way to reach them is by car.

WRAP-UP: Does Istanbul Have A Beach?

These are the best beaches in and close to Istanbul. As I mentioned, Istanbul’s city center doesn’t have a beach. You’ll have to travel further to get to any of its beaches. But it’s certainly a great idea if you want to spend a day or two on a beach during your visit.

My favorite beaches are Sile and Kilyos Beaches in the north.

If you have any questions, contact me at info(at)oivcesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you or design a customized travel itinerary for your trip.

Happy Travels!

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