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Europe Trip: Top 10 Places To See In Europe

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The Covid pandemic seems to be easing up a little bit, and what is a better way to celebrate than to take a Europe trip? This express Europe trip planner will give you a list of European cities that have been on the list of the top destinations for some time now.

These are all great cities, full of history, culture, music, art, and adventure. Each tourist discovers something during their journey in Europe. For some, it’s an introduction to great works of art through history; for others, it’s a discovery of self. What will be your discovery?

Check out our list of European cities to visit this year and find out for yourself! Each destination will also give you a full travel itinerary to explore the country. Let our Europe trip planner inspire you to visit the best European places.



Top 10 Places To See In Europe

  1. Prague (Czech Republic)
  2. Lisbon (Portugal)
  3. Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  4. Bruges (Belgium)
  5. Lake Ohrid (North Macedonia)
  6. Sofia (Bulgaria)
  7. Andalucia (Spain)
  8. Berlin (Germany)
  9. Budapest (Hungary)
  10. Baltic Coast



Europe Travel Checklist

Before you set off for your European adventure, there are a couple of things you’ll need to manage. Here are the top essentials for you to think of before traveling to Europe:

  • travel insurance
  • car rental/train pass/tickets
  • book a flight
  • passport
  • visa
  • accommodation


Travel Insurance For Europe

Choosing travel insurance can be doubting. So I’ve done extensive research for you on the best travel insurance for Europe. Check out my article for a comparison of the best 3 travel insurance companies, so you can choose for yourself.

Get The Best Travel Insurance For Europe


Car Rental/Train Pass

You’ll need to decide whether you want to do this itinerary as a road trip and rent a car in Europe, or travel by train. If you want to rent a car, check out Rental Cars company for the best deals.

For private transfers, check out Get Transfers. They offer reliable transfer services within Europe. Especially if you travel in a small group, it can be a good deal to book with them.

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In case you decide to make this itinerary by train, I suggest getting an Interrail or Eurail Pass. Both enable you to travel for a certain number of days within a month or two throughout Europe. You can select the number of days and countries, and it gets much cheaper than buying a simple ticket.

If you decide to buy single tickets, check Trainline company. I always use them to search for and buy train tickets as they can reduce your fares significantly.



Book A Flight

Another thing you’ll need to do is to book a flight ticket.

Use flight aggregators to check the top flight deals. They gather information and all flight tickets from airlines around the world and select the best deals for you. Among the best are Skyscanner, Hopper, Kayak, and Priceline.

After you see the results in their search engines, I recommend going to the website of the particular airline they showed you. Check on the airline site for how much they offer for the same flight ticket.

If the price is more or less the same, book directly with the airline (simply because it’s easier to communicate with them if issues happen during your journey). If a flight aggregator has a much cheaper ticket, book with them.


Passport & Visa

Check the expiration date of your passport. Most airlines don’t even take you on board if your passport expires in 6 months. Avoid issues with boarding and on the road. Make sure your passport won’t expire in the next 8 months. Think about how long you’ll travel as you still have to come back home with the passport.

Lastly, check if you need visa to your chosen European country. One of the best site for visa pre-check is iVisa. They also inform you about other necessary documents you might need to travel to Europe.



Once you decide which European place you want to visit, go to my travel itineraries page. I create travel itineraries for you to have the best travel experience in Europe. Each of them contains accommodation tips, so check them out.



1.    Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the finest destination for artisan beer, seeing that the Czech Republic actually invented Pilsner. Don’t stop at that name, though – be sure to try out some of the cool local beers. Drinking is a whole-heartedly approved endeavor here, and no one will frown at you. You can drink at any microbrewery, traditional beer halls, and even a monastery tavern! For a dekko at the original Pilsner, visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzeň. Be careful with your spending, and your dollar will go a long way in Prague.

Besides beer, Prague is a stunning historical city worth sightseeing for at least 2 days. Take your time and walk through its charming streets while trying some local specialties such as ‘Trdelnik’ (a typical Eastern European Cake).

I’ve designed an ultimate self-guided walking tour for Prague, so get it now and plan your trip. It’s a 2-day itinerary that will help you to see the highlights of the city.

If you want to explore Prague and the rest of the country, get my Czech Republic itinerary for 10 days. Go on a road trip and see the best of the country.

Prague Czech Republic itinerary 10 days
Old Town Square, Prague: Czech Republic Itinerary 10 days



2.    Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon seems to be sticking to the mores and traditions of the Edwardian era, with its quaint old trams and enchanting funiculars! The city has seven rather steep hills, which is where the funiculars come in – it’s great fun to lurch up the hills in one of them.

And over the hills, you’ll find the pretty city of Lisbon, a testament to ancient heritage. If you love history, you’ll love to wander the old streets of Baixa, checking out the haberdasheries, the old apothecaries, the baroque streets and the city center where history comes to life.

Explore Lisbon during your Europe trip. If you want to see the rest of the country, including Lisbon, check out my Portugal road trip itinerary for 10 days. It’ll show you the highlights of the country.

Portugal road trip itinerary 10 days Lisbon
Lisbon: Portugal road trip itinerary 10 days



3.    Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo is known for its happy hour – it’s full of charismatic old taverns, clubs, and pubs. Baščaršija’s bazaar is reminiscent of the Ottoman era and is definitely worth a dekho. It’s a city that has experienced the very worst of humanity – the red resin-filled mortar holes are proof of this. Still, it’s a beautiful place, famous for the Bosnian coffee and natural glory.

The city is warm and welcoming, and stay options are budget-friendly.

Sarajevo best cities to visit
Sarajevo, Bosna Hercegovina



4.    Bruges, Belgium

If you are tired of large, bustling metropolitan cities, you’ll love the narrow cobbled alleyways and canals of Bruges. It’s a city so tiny that you can get from one side to the other in an hour.

Pretty gabled houses line the streets, and the main roads are full of gothic and baroque architecture – museums, churches, and so on. For the art lover, there are plenty of artistic bars, galleries, and museums. Finally, the foodie in you will love the famous Bruges chocolates.

There are 47 chocolatiers in Bruges, which makes it one of the best cities in Europe.

Bruges best cities to visit in Europe
Europe Trip Planner – Bruges, Belgium



5.    Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Another top destination on our Europe trip planner is North Macedonia and its stunning Lake Ohrid.

Lake Ohrid is simply ginormous, jewel-blue, and deep. It is well and truly North Macedonia’s royal jewel. You can go boating, swimming, and diving in it. Ohrid town is situated near the lake, full of medieval churches with lovely frescoes, a Roman amphitheater, and a fortress.

Close to the lake, you’ll find many homestays and lodges, and also a beautiful green park; the Galičica National Park, for a bit of green. You’ll want to stay here for a very long time – that’s how beautiful it is. 

If you want to explore Lake Ohrid with everything it offers, go to my article about the best things to do at Lake Ohrid.

Or take a detailed North Macedonia road trip itinerary and explore the entire country within 8 days. It will perfectly let you immerse into the local culture and history, and you will see the highlights.

Europe trip planner Lake Ohrid Nirth Macedonia
Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia



6.    Sofia, Bulgaria

Once again, a budget option in Europe well worth a long visit. Explore the magnificent mountains of Sofia, its incredible blue beaches, historical sites, and cultural events. Sofia’s cuisine is simply mind-blowing.

The Black Sea beaches, with their healing mud, are sought after by visitors to this city. Rugged cliffs border the beaches, and close by are the Thracian temple ruins and the Valley of the Kings for cultural vultures.

This is why Sofia made it to our Europe trip planner as one of the most unique destinations to visit while in Europe.

Sofia Bulgaria Europe Trip Planner
Europe Trip Planner: Sofia, Bulgaria



7.    Andalucía, Spain

What would a Europe trip be without visiting Spain and its famous Andalucia? Andalucía is spectacular, especially showpieces such as Granada, Córdoba, and Seville, a-brim with fascinating with grand Moorish monuments. The great painter Picasso was born in Andalucía, in the city of Málaga, where his art is hugely celebrated.

If you’re an art and nature lover and are interested in budget travel, Andalucía is the place for you. Homestays, budget hostels in Cádiz, and farm stays are easily available.

If you need help planning your visit to Andalucía, check out my Spain itinerary and see the top places of Andalucía and Spain.

In case you only want to explore southern Spain, take my southern Spain itinerary for 10 days and see the highlights of Andalucía.

Seville Spain Square
Spanish Square, Seville



8.    Berlin, Germany

Visit Berlin during summer. It is the best time to swim in the rivers and lakes, and enjoy many fabulous cultural events. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture addict, or one with a taste for beer… Berlin will be a magnet for you.

There’s green aplenty – visit the Volkspark Friedrichshain Park and the Tiergarten and Mauerpark, where the Sunday flea market is held. Get hold of a Berlin Pass and enjoy cool discounts on the cheap-priced events.

One of the top cities to visit in Europe, Berlin offers a great community feel, plenty of events, and natural landscapes that’ll take your breath away.

Berlin Europe Trip Planner
Europe Trip Planner: Berlin, Germany



9.    Budapest, Hungary

Buda and Pest are two cities brought together by the River Danube, which is lined with some lovely art nouveau buildings with Baroque façades. Check out the hammams and the old-fashioned cafés.

Explore Buda’s natural hot springs, mountains, and valleys, the royal palace on the hilltop, the historic Buda Castle, and the parliament building. Pest has sweet boulevards and many synagogues in the Jewish Quarter, plus plenty of bars, dance clubs, and evening entertainment.

Budapest Hungary
Budapest, Hungary



10.    Baltic Coast – Estonia

One of the best places in Europe for nature lovers, the Baltic Coast offers a visual feast. It stretches through soft sugary sands and blue waters, green national parks, amazing islands, and coastal paths that beg to be explored.

Discover hidden coves along the coastal paths, along with secret beaches and fishing villages, high cliffs, and hills. You can bike or walk along the coastal paths – bikes are available for rent along the paths. The Baltic Coast is simply beautiful, fairly economical, and offers a range of activities for nature lovers.

Baltic Coast Estonia best places to visit
Europe Trip – Baltic Coast, Estonia



There’s no continent like Europe if you’re looking for history, music, food, nature, and culture. Most of the cities listed here are budget-travel-friendly. You don’t need to save up too long if you take inspiration from this Europe trip planner. Just look for the cheapest deals when it comes and stay options. This way, you’ll have plenty to spend on enjoying the treats each city offers. Summer’s here, and it’s time to take the family out on a well-deserved vacation. So grab this Europe trip planner and explore your favorite European destination!

What is your destination going to be? Have you been to any of these places yet? What was your favourite spot? Comment below :).

Get inspiration on what to visit in European countries with my travel itineraries and get the most out of your time in Europe.