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how far is morocco from spain guide

Are you thinking about the distance between Morocco and Spain? When you look at the map, they look pretty close to each other. And you’re right; the only thing that separates them is the Strait Of Gibraltar.

I was living in Spain and was also intrigued by this topic. So, one day, I took a flight from Barcelona to Marrakesh to explore Morocco.

I was also exploring the southern coast of Spain, and in Tarifa, I could see Morocco. I also went to the ferry port and asked about the ferries from Spain to Morocco. Thanks to my experience and research, I want to give you many interesting facts in this article.

Let’s get to it.

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How Far Is Morocco From Spain In Miles?

Morocco is 8.8 miles away from Spain, which is 14.3 kilometers or 7.6 nautical miles. These countries are very close to each other and are divided by the Strait Of Gibraltar in the shortest distance.

Where Is Spain Located?

Spain is located in southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula (together with Portugal). The city of Tarifa is the closest to Morocco, and you can even see Morocco when standing on the pier in Tarifa.

how far is morocco from spain location spain map
Spain – Map

Where Is Morocco Located?

Morocco is located in northern Africa and borders Algiers and Western Sahara. You can get to Morocco from two main Spanish cities (Tarifa and Algeciras).

Note that you’ll see the city called Ceuta, close to Morocco. The city is an autonomous Spanish region and belongs to Spain, not Morocco. So even though many ferries are commuting between Algeciras and Ceuta, it’s still within Spain.

how far is morocco from spain location morocco map
Morocco – Map

I’ll tell you everything about getting from Spain to Morocco in this article. We’ll focus on the main hubs and journeys between Tarifa (Spain), Algeciras (Spain), Tanger Med (Morocco), and Tangier Ville (Morocco).

How To Get To Morocco From Spain

You can get to Morocco from Spain by plane, ferry, or car. No buses or trains are running between these two countries.

You have to cross the ocean, i.e., the Strait Of Gibraltar, to get to Morocco from Spain, and there is no tunnel. However, a bridge will be connecting Spain to Morocco in the future. Since 2023, authorities have discussed building the bridge between Malabata (Morocco) and Punta Paloma (Spain).

how far is morocco from spain map in tarifa
Photo I took in Tarifa – map of the distance between Spain and Morocco
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How Far Is Morocco From Spain By Plane?

The shortest distance between Morocco and Spain by a commercial plane is 65 miles (104 km) from Jerez de la Frontera to Tangier.

The distance between Morocco and Gibraltar by commercial plane is 36 miles (58 km) from Gibraltar to Tangier.

Flying is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to get to Morocco from Spain. There are several flights you can take. The best way is to fly from major Spanish cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville) to major Moroccan cities (Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh).

Flights between major cities are cheaper and more and less the same price. If you fly from smaller cities, it’ll be more expensive.

Get the best flight between Spain and Morocco deals via Skyscanner here.

Morocco To Spain Distance By Flight

Here are some of the frequent flights between major Moroccan and Spanish cities, their distances, and time of travel:

Flights Between Madrid & Major Moroccan Cities

Madrid – Rabat: 474 miles (763 km); flight takes 1 hour & 40 minutes
Madrid – Casablanca: 518 miles (833 km), flight takes 1 hour & 50 minutes
Madrid – Marrakesh: 652 miles (1049 km); flight takes 2 hours

Flights Between Madrid & Major Moroccan Cities

Barcelona – Rabat: 707 miles (1138 km); flight takes about3 hours, depending on the layover (there are no direct flights)
Barcelona – Casablanca: 759 miles (1222 km), flight takes 2 hours & 10 minutes
Barcelona – Marrakesh: 878 miles (1413 km); flight takes 2 hours

Flights Between Madrid & Major Moroccan Cities

Sevilla – Rabat: 237 miles (381 km); there are no good flight connections between Sevilla and Rabat, and you have to have huge layovers
Sevilla – Casablanca: 277 miles (445 km); flight takes 1 hour & 40 minutes
Sevilla – Marrakesh: 412 miles (664 km); flight takes 1 hour & 20 minutes

Morocco Merzouga Sahara Desert
Me exploring Sahara Desert – Merzouga, Morocco

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How Far Is Morocco From Spain By Boat?

Morocco is 17 nautical miles away from Spain. This is the exact distance between Tarifa (Spain) and Tangier (Morocco).

There are many ferries that frequently runs between these two cities and countries.

Tarifa Spain
Me exploring Tarifa and ferries to Morocco – as close as you can get to Morocco

How Many Hours Does It Take From Morocco To Spain By Boat?

It takes 1 hour by boat from Tarifa (Spain) to Tangier Ville (Morocco).

If you travel from Algeciras (Spain) to Tanger Med (Morocco), it takes between 1 hour & 30 minutes to 2 hours & 30 minutes, depending on the ferry company you’re traveling with.

Ferry From Spain To Morocco

If you want to travel from Spain to Morocco by ferry, you can start in 2 Spanish cities: Tarifa and Algeciras.

The ferries from Tarifa to Tangier Ville in Morocco and are the fastest. It takes about 1 hour to get to Morocco from Spain this way.

The ferries from Algeciras to Tanger Med take between 1 hour & 30 minutes to 2 hours & 30 minutes. Yet, there are more ferry options for this route.

I recommend taking the ferry from Tarifa to Tangier Ville. This way, you’ll get to the center of Tangier and explore it as a walk-in passenger. It’s also easier to continue exploring Morocco from Tangier Ville. Tanger Med is slightly far away, and there is not much around.

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Ferry Companies From Spain To Morocco

The ferry companies that operate between Spain and Morocco are:

  • BALEARIA (only between Algeciras & Tanger Med)
  • FRS (between Tarifa & Tangier Ville and also Algeciras & Tanger Med)
  • ARMAS NAVIERA (only between Algeciras & Tanger Med)
  • TRANSMEDITERRÁNEA (between Algeciras & Tanger Med and also Almería & Nador)

Book your ferry from Spain to Morroco via FerryHopper here.

PRO TIP: When booking a ferry online, you’ll still have to check in at the port before taking a ferry and getting actual tickets. So print your booking confirmation or save it on your phone and go to the ferry port (e.g., in Tarifa) to check in and get actual ferry tickets.
Online ferry tickets are cheaper than buying your ticket on the spot. And you’ll have your tickets secured.

Ferry from Spain To Morocco
Ferry From Spain To Morocco

Visa To Morocco + Entry Requirements

You’ll need a valid passport and maybe a visa to enter Morocco.

My biggest advice is to have a passport valid for more than 6 months (I’d still have it valid for at least a year).

Don’t overestimate, as my friend got into trouble; she wanted to travel with me to Morocco but got denied boarding because her passport was about to expire in 6 months. So, eventually, I was traveling to Morocco alone as a solo woman.

Check if you need a Visa to Morocco here.

Can You Take A Car And A Pet On A Ferry?

Yes, you can take a car on the ferry from Spain to Morocco. It’s possible with every ferry.

You can also take a pet on the ferry. Note that a few ferries don’t accept pets. But the majority does. So, make sure to select the route that accepts pets when booking your trip.

How Far Is Morocco From Spain By Car?

The distance between Morocco and Spain by car is 17 nautical miles, the same as the ferry distance.

Note that no bridge or tunnel connects Spain to Morocco. So if you have a car and want to take it from Spain to Morocco, you’ll have to take a ferry.

You can take your car onto the ferry; that’s not an issue, and many people do it.

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How Far Is Morocco From Spain By Train?

There are no trains between Morocco and Spain. There isn’t a tunnel that would connect these two countries, so the only way to get from Spain to Morocco is by plane or ferry (or by car on the ferry).

How Far Is Morocco From Spain By Bus?

No bridge connects Morocco to Spain, so no buses are running between these two countries. The only way to get from Spain to Morocco is by plane or ferry (or by car on the ferry).

Morocco To Spain Bridge

There will be a bridge between Morocco and Spain in the future.

The Moroccan and Spanish authorities have been discussing since 2023 that they will build a bridge between Morocco and Spain. The Strait Of Gibraltar now divides these two countries, which is 13 kilometers long.

The bridge will run between Malabata (Morocco) and Punta Paloma (Spain). So, let’s see how they do.

Morocco Ouarzazate
Me exploring Ouarzazate – Morocco

Day Trip To Morocco From Spain: Full Itinerary

I have an ultimate day trip from Spain to Morocco for you, and I’m so excited for you if you can make it. Look no further because this 1-day itinerary is the best way to enjoy Morocco from Spain. You’ll see the most beautiful Morrocan town, travel on a ferry, and have a blast.

So here is what I recommend you do.

First, rent a car in Tarifa, Spain, as it’s the best way to get around Morocco. You’ll be flexible and make the most of your day.


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1-Day Itinerary From Spain To Morocco

In the morning, take the first ferry from Tarifa to Tangier Villa. The ferry takes one hour.

After, drive from Tangier to Chefchaouen in Morocco. The drive takes about 2 hours & 15 minutes. Park your car, and let’s head to the town to explore.

Chefchaouen is one of the most beautiful towns in Morocco. And it’s all blue. I was blown away when I visited it, not just because it’s blue. The atmosphere is unique, too.

Walk through the streets and have a nice Moroccan lunch (Tagine and Couscous is typical food). Do some souvenir shopping, get lost in the tiny streets, and soak up the atmosphere.


You can also go for a short walk to the hills above Chefchaouen. That’s what I did, and it was amazing. A random man with his donkey stopped me and gave me oranges, lol. From there, you can also take nice photos of the town.

In the afternoon, drive back to Tangier. Leave some time to explore Tangier if you want, but it’s unnecessary. Then, take the last ferry from Tangier back to Tarifa in Spain.

Morocco Chefchaouen
Me in Chefchaouen – Morocco

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I also answered some of the frequently asked questions to help you understand the distance between Morocco and Spain. Check the answers below:

How Far Is Morocco From Spain At The Closest Point?

Morocco is 14.3 km (8.8 miles) away from Spain at the closest point: Tarifa in Spain and Eddalya in Morocco. The closest distance passengers can travel between Morocco and Spain is between Tarifa and Tangier, which is 32 km (20 miles).

Can You Do A Day Trip To Morocco From Spain?

Yes, you can do a day trip to Morocco from Spain. The easiest way is to take a ferry from Tarifa (Spain) to Tangier Ville (Morocco) early in the morning. Then, explore Tangier City in Morocco during the day.

You can also drive from Tangier to Chefchaoen, one of Morocco’s most beautiful towns. It’s possible to make it in a day from Spain.

Alternatively, you can travel by car from Tangier to Rabat and Casablanca to visit these cities. And then take the last ferry from Tangier Ville back to Tarifa in the evening.

Can You See Morocco From Spain?

Yes, you can see Morocco from Spain. It’s possible from Tarifa or Gibraltar on a clear and sunny day. The shortest distance between Morocco and Spain is 14.3 km (8.8 miles).

Can You See Africa From Spain?

Yes, you can see Africa from Spain. It’s best visible from Tarifa (Andalusia) and Gibraltar on a sunny, clear day. The shortest distance between Africa and Spain is 14.3 km (8.8 miles).

What Is The Closest European Country To Morocco?

Spain is the closest European country to Morocco. It’s only 14.3 km or 8.8 miles away. The UK is the second country closest to Morocco, thanks to Gibraltar, a British territory on the Iberian Peninsula.

WRAP-UP: How Far Is Spain From Morocco

These are all the insights on Morocco and Spain and how close they are to each other. These countries, despite being divided by the ocean and the Strait of Gibraltar, are super close, and it’s easy to get from one country to another. It’ll be even easier when the local authorities build the bridge in the future.

If you’re visiting Spain and want to get a sneak into Morocco, follow my 1-day itinerary from Tarifa and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. I also recommend taking more time to explore Morocco. It’s an is amazing and breathtaking country.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Travels!

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