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How Many Days In Prague Are Enough? Revealed!
Sightseeing In Prague: Best Landmarks To Explore
Best Activities In Prague
Where To Stay In Prague
Best Time To Visit Prague
How To Get To Prague
How To Get Around Prague
Best Day Trips From Prague
Budget For 4 Days In Prague
How Many Days In Prague To Spend: FAQs
More Tips For Czech Republic Travel

Prague is one of Europe’s top 3 most beautiful cities, if not the first. I spent one year living in this charming place, guided groups of travelers, and visited the city repeatedly. So I am thrilled that you chose Prague as your destination. I’m sure you’ll love it.

To plan your stay perfectly, especially if it’s your first time, this article will tell you how many days in Prague is the perfect time to spend.

Besides, I’ll give you tips for getting around, the best things to do, where to stay, and how to get the most out of Prague. Ready to explore this jewel of Central Europe? Let’s get into it.

How Many Days In Prague Are Enough? Revealed!

Time is precious, so let me give you an answer right at the beginning. 4 days in Prague is the perfect time. If you have time, choose 4 days to spend in Prague. You’ll have enough time to see the highlights, do the best activities, make some day trips, and enjoy the city fully.

If you’re short on time, make it at least 3 days. It’s still enough for Prague.

how many days in Prague Castle district views from Charles Bridge
How many days in Prague: Castle district views from Charles Bridge

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Ultimate Guide For Prague: Tips, Best Sights & Activities, Getting Around & Day Trips

I’ll give you some tips to help you have the perfect time in Prague, especially if it’s your first visit. Below is my ultimate guide for you to visit Prague.

We’ll start with the most important sights in Prague. Afterward, I’ll tell you how to get to and around the city, the best time to visit, activities you can do in Prague, and day trips you can take.

Let’s start with the most beautiful sights you can’t miss in Prague.

Sightseeing In Prague: Best Landmarks To Explore

To help you get the best out of Prague, I’ve listed the most important landmarks and the best activities you can’t miss in the city. So check them out below.

I’ve also written a full self-guided walking tour in Prague with more information. It’ll help you to explore even more sights. With this guide, you can’t miss anything.

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Before we dive in, here is a list of the top sights to explore in Prague:

  1. Prague Castle
  2. St. Vitus Cathedral
  3. Golden Lane
  4. Franz Kafka Museum & Peeing Man
  5. Skinny Lane
  6. Lennon Wall
  7. Charles Bridge
  8. Prague Town Hall
  9. Astronomical Clock
  10. Jewish Quarter
  11. Dancing House
  12. St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral
  13. St. Wencelas Square

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle was the residence of the most influential personalities in the Holy Roman Empire, such as Charles IV. and St. Wenceslas. They both contributed to the development of Prague and gave this city a lot of importance.

The castle is also considered the largest in the world in terms of area.

Nowadays, it hosts government offices; you can explore it and learn about its rich history.

2. St. Vitus Cathedral

To my mind, St. Vitus Cathedral is one of Europe’s most beautiful churches. In addition, it served as the principal coronation place for Czech crowns and queens.

Today, you can explore the chapel of St. Wencelas, see the tomb of St. Vitus, and see important Czech Crown jewels in the chamber.

how many days in Prague castle and st vitus cathedral
How many days in Prague: Prague Castle & St. Vitus Cathedral

3. Golden Lane

Golden Line is one of the most mysterious places in the world. It was a residency for many goldsmiths and alchymists, who are often connected to the stories of the elixir of youth and the transformation of metal into gold.

So walk through this mystical street and learn about the legends and how alchymists lived here.

4. Franz Kafka Museum & Peeing Man

Franz Kafka, a very controversial writer for some people, was greatly inspired by the beauty of Prague. He wrote many of his novels about the city. You can learn about his masterpieces inside the museum.

His ideas were interesting and, for some, even absurd. One is displayed as the Peeing Man in front of the museum. He’s peeing on the Czech map. So come in and learn about the exciting life of Franz Kafka.

how many days in Prague Franz Kafka rotating head
How many days in Prague: Franz Kafka rotating head

5. Skinny Lane

You can’t miss walking through the narrowest street in the city – Skinny Lane. It’s barely 50cm wide but still has a traffic light, just in case. Do you dare walk there? Try; it’s fun.

6. Lennon Wall

Then continue walking until you reach the Lennon Wall. This wall was mainly used to express protests against the Communists, who took over the city in 1948. Therefore, it’s also named the ‘Crying Wall’.

When John Lennon died in 1980, many people came to this wall and painted his face on it as another protest against his death.

Ever since, locals call the wall, according to John Lennon.

Lennon Wall
Lennon Wall

7. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is my favorite place in the city. I remember letting a painter draw my portrait when I was little. It’s always been a special spot for me until today.

It got its name after the most powerful emperor, Charles IV., who made Prague look as charming and beautiful as you experience it nowadays.

It’s built across the River Vltava and is 621 meters long and 10 meters wide.

FUN FACT: It’s constructed with Bohemian stone, and it’s said that workers mixed egg yolks into the mortar, which makes the construction stand for longer. So who knows? Most probably, it’s true. Look at how it’s standing there with its pride and great beauty.

Walking through the bridge, you can admire 30 statues on both sides, representing various patrons and saints.

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge

8. Prague Town Hall

Welcome to Prague’s Old Town. It’s time to enjoy one of the city’s most beautiful and busiest parts. The Town Hall was the center of the government until the 20th century. After, it was damaged during WWII. So locals renovated it and rebuilt the stunning Astronomical Clock into it.

9. Astronomical Clock

The best time to come and admire Prague’s Astronomical Clock is when the twelve apostles get out and march around the clock every full hour. Look at the skeleton pulling the string, which represents death.

It also displays the Universe with the sun and moon movement with zodiac signs.

Go inside the tower and create your souvenir coin. It’s a great memory from your visit to Prague.

Self-guided walking tour Prague 2 days Astronomical Clock
Self-guided walking tour Prague 2 days Astronomical Clock

10. Jewish Quarter

If you want to learn more about the Jews and how they lived in Prague, head to the Jewish Quarter. It was here from where the Nazis deported Jews to the concentration camps. This area was then severely destroyed during WWII.

Nowadays, you can walk around and visit the Synagogue and the Jewish museum.

11. Dancing House

Dancing House is one of the most unique buildings in the city. It’s worth just admiring.

My tip is to come hungry in the morning and enjoy breakfast inside with views of the Vltava River.

Dancing House Czech Republic
Dancing House Czech Republic

12. St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral

Once you’re in Prague, you can’t miss visiting the Cathedral of St. Cyril & Methodius. Not many people know about it, but this cathedral represents one of the most crucial events in Czech history, European and world history.

If you’ve never heard about Operation Anthropoid, I recommend watching the movie before seeing the cathedral.

It was when 2 agents (Slovak and Czech) got on a mission to assassinate Hitler’s right handReinhard Heydrich, on the street in Prague.

They hid inside this cathedral until the Nazis found them and killed them. Nowadays, you can see the shots on the walls of the cathedral. It’s impressive and gives goosebumps at the same time.

13. St. Vencelas Square

St. Vencelas is one of the most beautiful squares in Prague. It’s a vast area with many shops, local cafes, restaurants, and hotels. So come here to socialize, eat something, or just go shopping.

Also, admire the stunning National Museum at the upper part of the square.

Wencelas Square
Wencelas Square

Best Activities In Prague

Besides sightseeing, Prague offers many other great activities that you shouldn’t miss on your visit.

I recommend splitting the sights into the first 2 days in Prague. Follow my self-guided walking tour in Prague for these two days to see all the sights.

After, use the other 2 days for these activities I list below:

Vltava River Cruise

One of my favorite activities in Prague is cruising on the Vltava River.

It gives you a different perspective on the city, and you’ll also learn new things about the history and important events.

You can also enjoy a romantic dinner cruise with your partner and the city differently.
So choose some of the experiences by clicking on the images below:

Beer Spa

The Czech Republic officially has the best and cheapest beer in the world. Not only can you drink it. Czechs brought the experience with beer to a higher level. Now, you can enjoy a relaxing beer spa, one of Prague’s most unique activities.

Relax in beer and drink it simultaneously – can you ever have enough beer?

Book this experience in the beer spa by clicking on the images below:

Beer Pub Crawl

What would be a visit to Prague without trying the local beer?

I’m sure some of you are about to visit the city just because of the cheap and delicious beer. To have the best local experience, go on a Pub Crawl, or take a cycling tour around Prague while drinking the best beer.

Use the search bar from Get Your Guide below to find even more activities in Prague that you can do and suit your interests:

Where To Stay In Prague

Prague has several neighborhoods, officially 22 administrative districts. So my advice is first to choose a district where you want to stay and then look for a hotel within the area.

Best Districts In Prague To Stay In

The best districts in Prague in which you can stay are:

  • Old Town
  • Malá Strana – Lesser Town
  • Žižkov & Vyšehrad
  • Andel (Smíchov)

Where To Stay In Old Town

They are all close to the city center and have the most important landmarks close.

The best district to stay in, especially for first-timers in Prague, is the Old Town. You’ll be in the city center, close to all sights, and can enjoy the proper atmosphere of Prague.

If you want to stay in the Old Town, I recommend the following hotels to stay in:

Where To Stay In Lesser Town – Malá Strana

If you want to stay in Lesser Town, close to Charles Bridge, Lennon Wall, and the Prague castle district, choose one of the best hotels in this area by clicking on the links below:

Where To Stay In Žižkov & Vyšehrad

To experience Prague’s nightlife, look for hotels and hostels in the Žižkov & Vyšehrad districts. It also offers more affordable accommodation options than the Old Town.

So choose one of the best hotels in these areas by clicking on the links below:

Where To Stay In Andel (Smíchov)

Andel (Smíchov) is another good neighborhood to stay in, slightly further from the center, but with affordable hotels. It also has a great place to try authentic Czech beer. Go to the beer bar’restaurant called Beer Time.

Choose one of the following hotels in you want to stay in the Andel district:

Best Time To Visit Prague

The best time to visit Prague is the end of April, May, September, October, and the beginning of November.

The weather in April and November might be better, but the city is less crowded so you might enjoy it more without the tourist crowds.

The best months to visit Prague are May, September, and October. The weather is still beautiful (most of the time), there are fewer people, and prices are lower than during the summer season.

how many days in Prague Czech beer
How many days in Prague: Me trying the best Czech craft beer at Beer Time, Andel


The summer season (June, July, and August) in Prague is very busy. It’s a nice time to visit Prague, but it’ll be super crowded and might worsen the experience. But if you are okay with tourist crowds, summertime is a great time to visit the city.


Prague in the winter is also very charming. If you plan to visit the city in winter, go in December. That’s when the Christmas markets are held in the city, adding a unique atmosphere. Prague’s Christmas markets are one of the most beautiful in Europe, so don’t miss them.

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How To Get To Prague

Prague is in central Europe and has great connections to other major cities. For example, you can get to Prague easily from Vienna and Salzburg (Austria), Berlin or Munich (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), or Warsaw (Poland).

Getting To The City By Plane

Prague has an international airport a few kilometers from the city center. Therefore, you can easily book cheap flights from the above European cities. The most popular low-cost airlines that fly to Prague are Wizzair and Ryanair.

How To Get From The Airport To The City Center

Getting to the Prague center from the airport is easy. You can either book a taxi or Uber or use public transportation.

A taxi ride from Prague airport to the city center costs between 700 CZK to 800 CZK, around $32 to $37 (to the Old Town).

Using public transportation is easy in Prague. Once you leave Prague airport, you’ll see a bus stop (both at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2). First, buy a ticket in the yellow machine (get the 90-minute ticket). Then validate it in the machine you’ll see in front of you or on the bus.

Get on the bus n. 119 that says (Nadrazi Veleslavin). Nadrazi Veleslavin is the last station on the bus; that’s where you’ll get off.

Once you’re at Nadrazi Veleslavin, you’ll have to change to a metro. Your ticket is still valid (for 90 minutes), So just enter the metro station and take a metro. You’ll be on metro line A.

Afterward, get to the station you want, close to your hotel. Prague has only 3 metro lines (A, B, C).

metro system Prague
Metro system in Prague

Getting To The City By Train

Another great way to reach Prague is by train. Check for connections with Deutsche Bahn railways (if coming from Germany), Railjet (if arriving from Austria), or Regiojet (connections from Vienna and Bratislava).

My favorite railways are Railjet (Austrian) and Regiojet (Czech company). They both have amazing services on board, comfortable seats, Wifi connection and offer a pleasant experience.

Getting To The City By Bus

Another way to get to Prague, especially on a budget, is by taking a bus. Look for Flixbus for the best bus ticket deals. Regiojet also has great and low-cost bus connections.

Flixbus will get you to Prague from all other cities. You can book Regiojet if traveling from Bratislava, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, or Salzburg.

How To Get Around Prague

The fastest and most convenient way to get around Prague is by metro. Prague has only 3 metro lines (A, B, C). However, they’re well-connected and close to all landmarks you’ll visit in Prague.

Another way to get around is by tram. It’s also easy, and trams will get you to the hidden spots where the metro doesn’t go. But generally, you’re well off just by taking the metro.

PRO TIP: Buy a 1-day ticket for metro and tram for 120 CZK to get unlimited access to public transportation.

Prague is also a walkable city. You can walk from Florence station to Wencelas Square, towards the Astronomical Clock, and after reaching the Charles Bridge with Prague’s castle district. It’s a long walk but doable. I’ve done it thousands of times, and it’s the best way to see the city.

Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days Prague main square
Prague main square

Is Prague Worth Visiting?

After all this, are you still asking whether Prague is worth visiting? Check out my 19 reasons why you should visit the city. Get further tips on the city’s cost and safety tips for travelers.

Click on the image below and read more:

Best Day Trips From Prague

As for the other two days in Prague, you can also make some of these day trips. The places I list below are perfect for day trips and will help you learn more about Czech history and explore more Czech landmarks.

So choose some of the places listed below and make a day trip from Prague on your last day.

Kutna Hora & Sedlec Ossuary

Kutna Hora was founded in the 12th century and became famous for its silver mines. But what is more remarkable about this place is the mystical Sedlec Ossuary.

The Ossuary is located just a few kilometers from the city. Inside, you’ll admire thousands of skeletons deposited in this Roman Catholic church. Who brought them here, and why are they inside the church? Make a day trip from Prague and find out.

Kutna Hora Sedlec
Kutna Hora: Sedlec Ossuary

Karlstejn Castle

The Czech Republic is mainly famous for its beautiful castles. One of the most beautiful and important landmarks is the Karlstejn Castle.

It played an important role in Czech history and the Holy Roman Empire. It was home to famous personalities, including Emperor Charles IV., who built Prague as you see it nowadays. He also left inside the Czech Crown of St. Wenceslas and many other jewels from the Holy Roman Empire.

You can visit it on a day trip from Prague by train.

Karlstejn Castle
Karlstejn Castle


Brno is another beautiful town you can visit on a day trip from Prague.

It has a stunning old town with traditional markets to try Czech food.

The most impressive is its Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul on the top of the city. You can reach it by foot and get stunning views of the entire area.

best day trips from Bratislava Brno
Best day trips from Bratislava: Brno in Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov hosts one of the biggest chateaus in Central Europe. It’s also one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic.

It has a charming old town. And you can’t miss riding on the traditional Czech wooden raft on the River Vltava. It’s an old Czech tradition and something you can’t do anywhere else.

After, you can also stop by the Old Well Whiskey DistillerySvachovka.

most beautiful towns in czech republic Cesky Krumlov
Most beautiful towns in Czech Republic: Cesky Krumlov

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, known as Carlsbad, is a renowed Czech spa town. Travelers come here to try the healing water from its springs and visit the famous colonnade. Many of them also stay in resorts for some treatments and relaxation.

It’s a nice town to walk around, try more Czech beer, and buy traditional Czech waffles.

PRO TIP: Buy a small mug in a local store, walk around the arcades, and try different spring waters. It’s the best activity you can do in Carlsbad.

Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days: Karlovy Vary

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Budget For 4 Days In Prague

Prague belongs to the more affordable European cities, yet it’s become slightly more expensive.

Still, on your 4-day visit to Prague, you can enjoy staying in a beautiful hotel, eating well, and doing the best activities in the city for half the price than in other big cities such as Vienna or Barcelona.

On average, plan to spend between $80 to $120 per day.

As a mid-range traveler, the perfect 4-day budget for Prague, on average, is around $380. This includes staying in a mid-range hotel, enjoying great food and beer, and doing many activities in Prague.

How Many Days In Prague To Spend: FAQs

I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of your time in Prague. So check them out below and prepare well for your visit to Prague.

Can You Do Prague In 1 Day?

Yes, you can do Prague in 1 day, but you would be in a rush. Nevertheless, you can certainly do a self-guided walking tour in Prague and see essential sights from Prague Castle via Charles Bridge to the Old Town.

But remember that you’ll need more time to do other activities in Prague, such as the Vltava River Cruise, Beer Spa, or pub crawl if you only have a day in Prague.

Is Prague Cheaper Than Vienna?

Yes, Prague is 30% cheaper than Vienna. It’s because Vienna uses EURO, while the Czech Republic and Prague still have their currency, the Czech Crown. This makes Prague more affordable than other European cities. Generally, Prague counts as the cheaper city in Europe.

Do You Tip In Prague?

Yes, it’s expected to tip at least 10% in Prague. Some places charge you the tip to the bill automatically. But most places expect you to tip. So tip at least 10%, especially in the restaurants in the old town, beer pubs, and guides.

Can You Drink Tap Water In Prague?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Prague. Of course, tap water is not the best option, but Prague has quite clean tap water. I drank it during my whole stay several times, and nothing happened to me. So yes, you can drink tap water in Prague. The taste is also acceptable.

Should I Carry Cash In Prague?

I recommend carrying cash in Prague. It’s always to have some cash when you travel. Most shops and places in Prague accept cards, but some have a minimum payment for cards. So if you have to pay less than the amount required, you’ll have to pay cash.

How Many Days In Czech Republic Is Enough?

10 days is the perfect time for the Czech Republic. It gives you time to explore the country’s highlights, do the best activities, and enjoy it fully.

During the 10 days in the Czech Republic, I recommend visiting Prague, Kutna Hora and Sedlec Ossuary, Liberec, Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Karlovy Vary spa town and Loket, and Cesky Krumlov.

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