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how many days in slovakia

Slovakia is a beautiful country full of exciting things to see and do. It depends on how many days you’re willing to spend or have available.

I’m from Slovakia and lived in the country for the first 18 years of my life. I visited so many places with my dad and family, and I’m not even biased when I say it’s 100% worth visiting.

So in this article, I’ll tell you the perfect time to spend in Slovakia and the best way to get the most out of it. I’ll also give you a few travel tips for Slovakia, so keep reading.

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How Many Days In Slovakia Is Enough? Revealed!

The perfect number of days to explore at least a bit of Slovakia is between 3 and 8. You should spend at least 3 days seeing the best spots in the country. But you can stay up to 8 or 10 days to see all the highlights and get the most out of your trip to Slovakia.

If you have little time, the perfect time in Slovakia is 3 days. However, if you want a full itinerary and ideas on what to do, check out my article about what to see in Slovakia in 3 days.

If you want to spend more time seeing Slovakia, get my 8-day Slovakian itinerary. It’ll show you all the highlights of the country.

Top 10 Travel Tips For Visiting Slovakia

  1. Renting a car is the best way to explore Slovakia
  2. Visit one fairy-tale Slovakian castle
  3. See traditional Slovakian village
  4. Eat delicious Slovakian food
  5. Don’t miss the High Tatras National Park
  6. Sleep in a mountain hut
  7. See beautiful waterfalls
  8. Visit natural caves
  9. Relax in a spa/wellness hotel
  10. Do some adventure activities

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1. TIP: Renting A Car Is The Best Way To Explore Slovakia

The best way to explore Slovakia is by car. I recommend renting a car in Bratislava, the capital, and driving anywhere you decide from there. Bratislava is a nice city, yet there is little to do. It’s enough to see it within half a day.

So rent a car and enjoy Slovakia, making a little road trip.


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2. TIP: Visit One Fairy-Tale Slovakian Castle

Slovakia is known for its beautiful castles. Not only are they fascinating to see. They’ll also give you a perfect introduction to Slovakian history and legends.

So pick at least one of the fairy-tale castles in Slovakia and see something you might have never seen before.

3. TIP: See Traditional Slovakian Village

Slovakia’s culture is perfectly reflected in the traditional shepherds’ villages (called ‘Salaš’ in Slovakian language). You can see traditional Slovakian houses, how people used to live, local animals, and even taste traditional food.

Two of the best shepherd villages are:

🔅 Salaš Krajinka
🔅 Salaš Zbojská

I highly recommend you come hungry to these villages. They have delicious Slovakian food, which you need to try.

The most traditional is ‘bryndzové halušky,’ gnocchi mixed with sheep cheese (bryndza) and fried bacon. Also, you have to eat ‘Buchta,’ a traditional Slovakian sweet dough filled with cottage cheese, poppy seeds, or homemade jams.

Slovakia road trip itinerary 8 days Salas Krajinka
Salaš Krajinka
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4. TIP: Eat Delicious Slovakian Food

That takes us to the section of food you have to try. First, I mentioned bryndzové halušky, which is the most traditional. Then you can try bryndzové pirohy (dumplings filled with sheep cheese). Or also gnocchi with sour kraut and bacon (called kapustové halušky).

Don’t miss out on fried cheese either. It’s one of my favorite dishes, served with French fried or potatoes. And ask for a tartar sauce with it.

Slovakia also has delicious sweets. The most important one is ‘Buchta,’ as I mentioned before.

Locals make delicious sweet yeast dough, and the cakes out of it are amazing. You can try to order ‘kysnutý koláč‘. It’s the sweet yeast dough cake with fruits on top (usually berries and cherries).

Here is a quick overview of the dishes you must try in Slovakia:

🔅 bryndzové pirohy
🔅 kapustové halušky
🔅 fried cheese with french fries and tartar sauce
🔅 zemiakové placky (fried potato tortillas)
🔅 pečená kačica s lokšami (roasted duck with home-made tortillas)
🔅 guláš soup
🔅 kapustnica (saur kraut soup with sausages)
🔅 buchta (sweet dough cake with cottage cheese or homemade jam)
🔅 kysnutý koláč

how many days in Slovakia Slovakian traditional food
Slovakian traditional food ‘bryndzove halusky’

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5. TIP: Don’t Miss The High Tatras National Park

High Tatras is something every visitor should see in Slovakia. If you don’t have time for anything else, please, this is the only place you have to see.

High Tatras National Park is pure nature with a mountain range in the background. Its highest peak is called ‘Gerlach,’ 2655 meters (8710 feet) above sea level (Gerlachovský štít in Slovakian).

Follow some of the best hiking trails in High Tatras, visit Slovakian mountain huts (and eat more food), or just walk around the natural lakes.

Or, if you’re up for more adventure, get my perfect itinerary for 5-day hut-to-hut hiking in Slovakia in High Tatras. You’ll sleep in the mountain huts and walk the entire mountain range. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Slovakia itinerary hiking High Tatras
Me hiking in the High Tatras Slovakia

6. TIP: Sleep In A Mountain Hut

Once you’re in the High Tatras, you can sleep in one of the traditional mountain huts. The hiking difficulty up to these huts is medium. But you could still make it even if you’re not that fit. Just go slow, take your time, and enjoy the beautiful nature.

The huts are not the most luxurious (just that you know), but they’re in perfect shape, with toilets, comfortable beds, dinner, and breakfast. So everything you need is up there. Waking up to the sunrise and being surrounded by mountains and pure nature is another incredible experience.

If you decide to stay in one mountain hut, I recommend the following 3 for sleeping:

🔅 Rysy Chata
🔅 Terýho Chata
🔅 Zbojnicka Chata

NOTE:Chata‘ is Slovakian word for ‘hut’.

best hiking trails in High Tatras Slovakia Chata pri Zelenom Plese
Chata pri Zelenom Plese

7. TIP: See Beautiful Waterfalls

Slovakia has beautiful waterfalls, too. Among the most amazing are:

🔅 Vodopád Skok (in High Tatras)
🔅 Vodopády Studený Potok (in High Tatras)
🔅 Brankovský vodopád (in Low Tatras)
🔅 Dúhový vodopád (in Slovenský Raj)
🔅 Lúčanský Vodopád (near Lúčka village)

NOTE: ‘Vodopád‘ is the Slovakian word for ‘waterfall.’

So plan your trip accordingly and see at least one of them. The best is to combine it all while staying in the High Tatras.

how many days in Slovakia waterfalls in High Tatras
Waterfalls in High Tatras

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8. TIP: Visit Natural Caves

Another thing you can’t miss in Slovakia is its natural underground caves. They’re still not as crowded as in other parts of the world (because only a few tourists come to Slovakia).

So you can join a guided tour of each cave, learn about its creation, and learn interesting facts.

The most beautiful natural caves are:

🔅 Demänovská Jaskyňa Slobody
🔅 Demänovská Ľadová Jaskyňa (ice cave)
🔅 Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa (ice cave)
🔅 Ochtinská Aragonitová Jaskyňa (aragonit & crystal cave)
🔅 Jaskyňa Mŕtvych Netopierov (cave of dead vampires)

9. TIP: Relax In A Spa/Wellness Hotel

As I mentioned before, Slovakia also offers a nice relaxing holiday experience. So, if you want to do nothing but chill and go to a wellness world, it has you covered.

The hotels that provide the best relaxing-wellness-spa experience are:

Wellness Borovica Hotel (High Tatras)
Grand Hotel Kempinski (High Tatras)
Hotel Tri Studničky (near Demänovská Cave)
Hotel Galeria Thermal Bešeňová (Liptov)
Horsky Hotel Sliezsky Dom (High Tatras)

10. TIP: Do Some Adventure Activities

Last but not least, the country will take you on a big adventure if you want to. You can do various adventure activities in Slovakia, such as:

🔅 bungee-jumping
🔅 bridge swinging
🔅 visit Hurricane Factory
🔅 sky-diving
🔅 canoeing

PRO TIP: I do not recommend skiing in Slovakia. It’s quite expensive for what you get. The only ski resort worth a try is Jasná Ski Resort. Still, if you’re looking for skiing resorts, head to the Dolomites in Italy (they’re the best) or Austria.

how many days in Slovakia skydiving
Me skydiving

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I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get to know Slovakia more. Check the answers below:

How To See Slovakia In 3 days?

The best way to see Slovakia in 3 days is to rent a car in Bratislava. Then travel to Čičmany, a traditional Slovakian village, spend a full day hiking or relaxing in the High Tatras mountains, and visit one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia on the last day.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Slovakia?

The best month to visit Slovakia is June and September. These months are less crowded and more affordable. The weather is pleasant, and temperatures range between 20°C/68°F and 25°C/77°F. So it’s the perfect time to explore the country.

How Many Days Do I Need In Bratislava?

1 day in Bratislava is enough. It’s a small city, so you’ll be able to see all the highlights within a day. If you want to make some day trips from Bratislava, spend 2 to 3 days in the city and explore its surroundings, too.

Is Slovakia Expensive For Tourists?

Slovakia is relatively cheap. You can spend $40 per day as a budget traveler. If you don’t want to restrict yourself too much, plan to spend around $80. Slovakia has a great price and offer relation, so you can see and do many unique things without spending a lot.

WRAP-UP: How Many Days In Slovakia Is Enough?

These are my best tips for visiting Slovakia. It’s one of the most underrated countries in Europe, and it’s 100% worth visiting. You’ll be surprised. Follow my 8-day itinerary or at least the 3-day guide to get the most out of this country.

If you have questions, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you or design a customized travel itinerary for your trip.

Happy Travels!

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About the author: Nicoletta is a travel enthusiast and passionate language learner. While traveling, she loves to connect with locals using her language skills to learn about new cultures. Look for her skiing, hiking in the mountains, or exploring new destinations as she designs travel itineraries for her clients.

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