5 ways to achieve your goals when learning languages

How To Achieve Goals When Learning Languages

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Many of my students and people around always ask me how it’s possible to learn languages. Many of them claim they aren’t able to learn languages. However, I’ve figured out that the biggest issue is their inability to stick to their goals. 

You can face several challenges on your language learning journey. Maybe you’re too overwhelmed and get lost on the journey. Or afraid of making mistakes. Perhaps your issue is staying consistent and achieving your goals. Does anything sound like you? If so, keep reading. I have to tell you that you are already on the right track since you have the motivation to learn a language. This article will teach you how to achieve goals when learning languages with 5 useful tips



5 Useful Tips On How To Achieve Goals When Learning Languages

  1. Have a strong reason why you want to learn the language
  2. Learn vocabulary and topics that interest you
  3. Create a deadline for yourself with a schedule
  4. Schedule a meeting or a lesson with your tutor on iTalki
  5. Be part of a community + my online coaching



1. Have A Strong Reason

If you don’t have a reason to do something in your life, reaching goals is very difficult. It can be anything you do in life. It also applies to language learning.

You need to have a clear and strong reason why you want to learn a language. Of course, many people learn languages just for fun, because they enjoy it. They want to feel happiness when speaking in a foreign language. You need to find your own strong reason. Without reason, it’s challenging to learn languages.

Whenever you feel stuck on your language learning journey, or unmotivated, or something may appear difficult for you to learn, that’s when the reason comes in handy. You’ll remind yourself of why you started learning the language, which will push you to keep learning.

The reason is closely related to your goals. Ask yourself why you want to learn the language and write that down into your Language Travel Notebook. You have to be specific with the reason and the goals.

That is why I ask everybody to set up smaller and specific goals to always remind yourself why you want to learn the language. This is the way how to achieve goals when learning languages.


My Reasons To Learn Languages

For example, going on an exchange semester to Barcelona was the main reason for me to learn Spanish. I wanted to live with a Spanish-speaking girl, get to know the Spanish culture, and travel through Spain.

When I started learning French, it was for traveling. I knew I wanted to communicate in a few situations when visiting France (Paris for the first time), so I started learning the language.

As for German, I started learning it as I wanted to study and work in Austria and have a better future.

These were all strong reasons for me to stick to my language learning goals. And I managed to learn the languages and overcome all difficulties on the way.

how to achieve goals when learning languages Barcelona University studies
How to achieve goals when learning languages: Me learning languages while traveling



2. Learn Vocabulary & Topics That Interest You

One reason why people fail in learning languages is that they are trying to stuff words into their heads. Words, they aren’t even going to use, and most importantly, don’t really care about. And this is the biggest mistake.

By learning vocabulary that we aren’t interested in, we make it much more difficult for us to learn the language. We make the language learning process a struggle instead of entertainment.

Just imagine how excited you are when you are finally going on vacation. Or when you go to a party and meet friends after a long time. In these moments, you feel so excited, and you can’t wait to do it.

You should have the same feeling about learning vocabulary. Learning a language has to come naturally to you. You have to be fully motivated to get into it. But how to achieve this feeling?


Be Excited About Learning

You’ll be successful in learning languages by doing things you love. You have to get excited about it. And if you are forcing yourself to learn the vocabulary you aren’t interested in, you can forget about it.

This is the only sustainable approach towards language learning, and you have to adopt it from the very beginning. If you can’t get excited about learning any vocabulary or topics in which you can speak, you should ask yourself a question first; why am I actually going to learn it?

If you can find the answer, that’s awesome. If not, then you should reconsider trying to learn the vocabulary. Excitement for it and the reason are the keys to your success.

Get my tips on learning vocabulary in fun and effective ways. Also, find out how you can improve your language skills by doing various interesting activities.

Check out these gifts for language learners, which will also boost your language learning and make it a lot of fun. 

how to achieve goals when learning languages start learning vocabulary
How to achieve goals when learning languages: pick topics that interest you



3. Create A Deadline & Schedule

5 ways to achieve your goals in language learning

I am not the type of person who likes to write a schedule for everything. Because eventually, I would spend half of the time just planning things and creating a schedule for what I already could spend doing the things.

But having a schedule or a calendar is necessary if we want to really achieve what we want. This applies to language learning as well.

Have a plan to achieve your goals when learning a language. You need to set yourself a clear deadline until you have to learn a few words or master one topic. Otherwise, you’ll keep postponing it and procrastinating. You’ll be creating various excuses like you don’t have time and won’t dedicate those 30 minutes to the language today. Without discipline, you won’t go far.

This language learning calendar will help you to stick to your goals, so check it out and get it for free.



4. Schedule A Lesson With A Tutor/Friend

If you know that this week you want to learn vocabulary to communicate at the airport and at the end of the week, you’ll have to talk to your tutor about it… you’ll see how that will push you.

speaking in foreign languages

Just think about it. If you don’t have anybody to motivate you and drive you, barely anyone sticks to the goals.

But if you tell your tutor that next week you’ll study specific vocabulary and would like to practice it in the next lesson with him… You don’t have any other choice than just really learning the vocabulary.

Otherwise, you’ll come to the next lesson unprepared, which might be slightly embarrassing. I mean, don’t worry. Your tutors won’t judge you. But you know where I am getting with it. You’ll make the commitment, which will push you to learn the language.


Having somebody who is prepared to practice the vocabulary with you will eventually push you to learn and progress in your language learning journey.


Practice Language On iTalki

This is what I highly recommend my students on their language learning journey; to find a tutor or a friend on iTalki and practice speaking with him. It’s something I do as well when I learn languages because it boosts my language skills the most.

Right now, you can get a 10$ credit after your first lesson on iTalki. Just register and start speaking with your tutor, even today. If you want to learn more about iTalki and how it works, check out my article about the ways to practice speaking in a foreign language.

If you already know iTalki, register on iTalki and get your 10$ credit after your first lesson.

Register on iTalki & get 10$ creadit after your 1. lesson



5. Be Part Of A Community & My Online Coaching

Having a community that will constantly support you is essential. When you are alone, it’s difficult to motivate yourself. Especially when nobody around you has the same goals as you do. If you are part of an online community, they’ll constantly support you on your language learning journey.

Whenever you feel stuck, you can write them. If you feel unmotivated, you can chat with someone and ask them how to get rid of this feeling. You can ask a question once you struggle with something. The community is there to help you on your language learning journey. Everybody is empathetic and knows that having support is very important when it comes to learning languages.


Get My Online Coaching

online community

If the issue and difficulty of sticking to your goals resonates with you, I have something for you to support you personally.

I offer online consultation every second week to support you on your language learning journey and give you additional tips. This way, you can achieve your language learning goals in less time and with fewer difficulties.

You’ll tell me about your goals and reasons to learn a language and help you achieve them. I’ll also give you personalized resources to support you on your language learning journey and keep you motivated.



These are the top 5 tips on how to achieve goals when learning languages. Just remember that you have to have the reason to learn a language and constantly remind yourself of it. You have to learn vocabulary that interests you, and that will be useful for you. Use materials you like to help you with it. Similarly, be part of a community that will motivate you and constantly remind you of your goals. Make it urgent for yourself – schedule a meeting with somebody to practice the language. This will force you to stick to your goals and to your language learning schedule. Reaching goals will become easier when you adopt these 5 practices.



Let me know what difficulties YOU face on your language learning journey. Whether you have learned any languages or what were the things you struggled with.



More Tips For Language Learning

If you are interested in learning languages, I have developed an effective method to do so over the past 10 years of learning languages on my own. You’ll see that learning a language is a lot of fun.

I’ll help you set up a clear reason, and you will know how to reach your goals. I am then giving you great resources that will boost your language learning process. Start learning languages for travel ?. And don’t forget to download my Language Travel Notebook to learn vocabulary effectively.


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