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Is It Safe To Fly From Lima To Cusco? Answered!

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Cusco is the one destination you definitely can’t miss when visiting Peru. Whether you only have 3 days or an entire week, you have to go to Cusco. There are 2 ways to get to the city from Lima. You can either fly or take a local (fancy) bus. In this article, I’ll explain whether it’s safe to fly from Lima to Cusco, how you can book plane tickets, which companies operate this route, and how to manage your trip to Cusco.



Is It Safe To Fly From Lima To Cusco? Answered!

Yes, it’s super safe to fly from Lima to Cusco. Indeed, it’s much safer than taking a bus. Not only that but flying from Lima to Cusco is also much quicker and more comfortable.


Is There A Bus From Lima To Cusco?

Some buses operate between Lima and Cusco. However, it generally takes 22 to 24 hours to get to Cusco. So you’ll literally spend an entire day traveling on the bus.

The bus stops from time to time on the way (for you to stretch your legs). It’s also very comfortable. The seats are big, you can almost lie down, and the entire setting is amazing. They are much better than European buses. However, it takes a whole day to get from Lima to Cusco by bus.

The bus companies operating between Lima and Cusco are:

  • Exclusiva
  • Cruz del Sur
  • Peru Hop


So now that you know that it’s safe to fly from Lima to Cusco and that it’s much more convenient and quicker, let’s talk about how to fly to Cusco and manage your trip.



Airlines Operating Route From Lima To Cusco

3 companies cover the route from Lima to Cusco and vice-versa:

  • Latam Airlines
  • JetSmart
  • SKY Airlines

All of these companies are low-cost airlines and have affordable flight tickets.


Latam Airlines

I only have a few notices about Latam Airlines. They fly regularly and are one of the major low-cost companies within Peru, this route to Cusco specifically. So you shouldn’t have any issues if you fly with them.


JetSmart Airlines

I flew with JetSmart from Lima to Cusco and back to Lima. It’s a very reliable company with great staff and customer service.

When I was in Cusco, locals started severe protests against the Peruvian government. Due to this reason, they closed the airport in Cusco, and our flight was affected. It happened to us twice. I called JetSmart customer service each time, and they rescheduled our flight without problems or additional costs.

What I loved about JetSmart was that they asked me for which date I wanted to reschedule. After, they offered me 3 different departure times each day. So they fly often, unlike SKY.


SKY Airlines

SKY flies less frequently than JetSmart and Latam. I’ve heard (from my friend’s experience) that it could be better in terms of the customer service. For example, they had first problems rescheduling her flight. But when she canceled, SKY returned her money after a few days.



How To Book A Flight From Lima To Cusco

Booking a flight from Lima to Cusco is like booking any other flight. It’s pretty straightforward.

I recommend you go to each airline’s website and look for flights. Compare the prices and departure times. Then choose which one suits you the best.

I also recommend you go to Google Flights. It always shows you the best and most affordable rates for any flight worldwide (including this route). Just type in your destinations, and when you look at the calendar, it already shows you prices for each day. This way, you can book the most affordable tickets. It’s only essential to be flexible.

eDestinos also offer cheap flights. I actually booked my flight to Cusco through them. The only issue is that it’s usually very painful when you want to change something in your booking. They either charge you a lot or tell you that they can’t change anything and you must contact the airline that operates your route.

So always look for tickets at the website of the airline that operates the flight (Latam, JetSmart, or ESky). Book via eDestinos only if you’re sure you won’t have to change your booking. They might offer cheaper fares than the airline itself.



Luggage Allowance On A Flight From Lima To Cusco

As with other low-cost companies, all of these 3 airlines only include a personal item and one carry-on luggage in the fare. If you have checked-in baggage, you’ll have to pay extra. It’s usually a lot, starting from $40 per baggage.

However, you can always make it even with a carry-on. I flew in with a big backpack and took it as a carry-on. It fitted in the storage above your head in the plane, and nobody said anything. Even though the backpack was pretty big. You don’t need that much. Pack it into a bigger backpack, don’t worry about the official dimensions that much. Squeeze it in, and make the backpack look as small as possible. And you’ll be fine.

Other advice is to put as many clothes on as possible to avoid paying for extra checked-in baggage. But, as I said, it’s not necessary in most cases, especially if you’re flying on a national level.



How Much Time In Advance Do You Have To Be At The Airport?

When you’re flying from Lima to Cusco, it’s far enough to come to the airport 1 hour before your flight. The boarding usually closes 30 to 20 minutes before take off. So you have plenty of time. The airport in Lima is slightly bigger, so you may need more time to find your gate.

The airport in Cusco is super small. You can even arrive 45 minutes before your flight, especially if you fly early in the morning or later at night. I came 1 hour and 30 minutes to Cusco airport. It was too much time, and I got bored waiting for my plane. You can get through the security quickly, and looking for your gate won’t take more than 2 to 5 minutes. So you can spend more time in Cusco city.



More Tips For Travelling

This is my experience flying from Lima to Cusco. As you can see, flying from Lima to Cusco is very safe. Follow my advice, and you’ll be fine. There is nothing to be worried about above.

Cusco is a beautiful city, so take advantage of the opportunity to see it once you’re in Peru. I’ve been to many places so far, and there are only 3 that capture my heart. It’s Istanbul, Grindelwald (a little Swiss village in the Jungfrau region), and it’s also Cusco.

Locals in Cusco are very nice, lovely people. They’re always ready to help you, and you don’t have the feeling that they want to rob tourists. They’re fantastic as the city is.

And if I want to tell you more, spend at least 10 to 14 days in Cusco. There is so much to explore from the city tour, from the city to the sacred valley, Machu Picchu, the seven beautiful lagoons, and rainbow mountain. You simply can’t get enough of Cusco.

Safe and happy travels!

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