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23 Safety Tips For Visiting Lisbon Portugal
General Safety Tips For Lisbon
Safest Areas In Lisbon To Visit
Dangerous Areas In Lisbon To Avoid
Is Lisbon Worth Visiting?
FAQs: Safety In Lisbon
More Tips For Portugal Travel

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful and affordable destinations in Europe and worldwide. When it comes to safety, it also ranks among the safest cities. When I visited Lisbon, I felt very safe, everyone was super welcoming, and I had a great experience.

This article will give you general safety tips for visiting Lisbon. And I’ve also included a list of 23 tips for your safety when traveling to the capital of Portugal. So check it out below if you want a safe visit to Lisbon.

Is Lisbon Safe To Visit In 2023?

Lisbon is a safe city to visit. According to the Numbeo website, its safety rate is 87.15, which is very high. Walking in the city center and common tourist areas is fine. I always felt safe when I visited Lisbon, even walking outside at night. Overall, pickpockets are the biggest concern regarding safety in Lisbon.

Use your common sense, and it’ll keep you safe in Lisbon. Below is a short breakdown for all types of travelers regarding safety in the city.

Is Lisbon Safe To Travel Alone?

Yes, Lisbon is very safe for traveling alone. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and you’ll meet many fellow travelers. It’s a great place to connect and immerse yourself in a new culture as a solo traveler. Use common sense, avoid sketchy areas, and you’ll be safe in Lisbon.

Is Lisbon Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Yes, Lisbon is safe for solo female travelers. It’s one of the safer cities in Europe that you can visit as a solo woman. I suggest not walking alone at night for extra safety and avoiding dangerous areas, particularly the northwestern part of the city. But all in all, Lisbon is a safe place for you as a solo traveling woman.

Is Lisbon Safe For Families With Kids?

Yes, Lisbon is safe for families with kids. When you use your common sense and don’t let children walk around alone, you’ll be fine. Keep an eye on your kids, but you don’t have to be stressed out. Lisbon is a safe city and also a very family-friendly place to visit.

Is Lisbon Friendly To Foreigners

Yes, Lisbon is a very friendly city to foreigners and visitors. In fact, many digital nomads and foreigners have found a home in Lisbon and settled in the city. Locals are friendly and helpful, it’s easy to get around the city, and you can also speak English, which makes your stay comfortable.

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23 Safety Tips For Visiting Lisbon Portugal

To help you feel safe in Lisbon, I’ve compiled a list of 23 safety tips for every traveler. I created this list based on my own experience visiting Lisbon and Portugal, so take a look. By following these tips, you can ensure your safety during your trip.

1. Be prepared for heatwaves during the summer; consider visiting in a cooler season.
2. Apply sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure during peak lunchtime hours.
3. Stay hydrated at all times by carrying a water bottle with you.
4. Check the weather forecast to stay informed about potential natural disasters.
5. Avoid drinking tap water in Lisbon.
6. Avoid walking alone at night, especially in sketchy areas.
7. Steer clear of dangerous zones in Lisbon, particularly the northwestern part.
8. Stay vigilant about fake banknotes.
9. Avoid currency exchange on the streets of Lisbon.
10. Don’t use Euronet ATMs for withdrawing money.
11. Opt for official money exchange services.
12. Check the official exchange rate online before exchanging money (use
13. Always count your change when making transactions.
14. Avoid carrying excessive valuables while walking around.
15. Keep a watchful eye on your bags or backpacks while on the move.
16. Ensure your backpack or purse is always securely closed.
17. Limit the amount of cash you carry with you.
18. Avoid leaving valuable items and large amounts of cash in your hotel room.
19. Remain alert to pickpocketing risks, especially in crowded areas like trams and metros.
20. Maintain a reasonable level of personal distance from strangers.
21. Be cautious around bicycles and avoid walking in their designated lanes.
22. Avoid taking taxis very late at night; prioritize your safety.
23. Rely on your common sense

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Is Lisbon Safe safety tips for travellers

Is Lisbon Safe For Travel? General Safety Tips

To help you in prepare for your trip to Lisbon and Portugal, here are some essential safety tips and key points to be mindful of while traveling in Lisbon. This guide covers common scams, advice on pickpocketing, ensuring your money’s safety, and potential risks.

Entry Requirements For Lisbon

All you really need to come in Lisbon is a visa. Not sure if you need one? No worries! Click this link, and it’ll tell you if you need a visa and what other documents you might need.

If you’re an EU resident, you’re in luck! You can visit Lisbon with your ID and you’re good to go.

Use the box below to figure out what kind of papers and visa you’ll need for your Lisbon adventure:

Getting Around Lisbon – Taxis & Buses

Getting around Lisbon is relatively safe and also very affordable. The most common way to travel around the city is by taking a train, bus, metro, or taxi.

One thing you should be aware of is pickpockets. They’re usually inside trams and trains, as well as metro stations. To keep your stuff safe, watch out, keep your backpack/bag closed, and only walk around with a few valuables.

Another common scam is a taxi scam. Either can drivers take a longer route to your destination, so you have to pay them more. Or they generally charge you more.

PRO TIP: Always negotiate the price with a driver before getting into the taxi.

Lisbon transportation

Risk Of Natural Disasters In Lisbon

Lisbon is safe when it comes to natural threats. But there are a few natural disasters that might occur in the city:

  • Earthquakes – to experience earthquakes in the city are rare. But Lisbon lies in a seismically active area. Yet the last disastrous earthquake happened in 1755, so there is no big danger.
  • Storms – Lisbon is close to the Atlantic Ocean, which can bring many severe storms. Check the weather forecast before you travel.
  • Floods – due to Lisbon’s location close to the ocean and potential storms, floods can also occur in the city. So again, check the weather forecast if there are any natural disasters like floods.

Health Risks In Lisbon

Lisbon is also safe when it comes to health risks. Though, there are a few things you need to be aware of regarding your health.

  • Air Pollution – Lisbon is a big city, and the air is quite polluted.
  • Sun Exposure – the city receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year, especially in the summer. So wear a hat and suncream at all times and don’t walk out at lunchtime when the sun is the strongest.
  • Food & Water Safety – while drinking tap water and eating out is generally safe, make sure to eat in clean spaces.

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Is Tap Water Safe To Drink In Lisbon?

Generally, tap water in Lisbon is safe to drink. I drank it from time to time, and nothing happened to me. But generally, it’s safer not to drink it. I recommend buying a water bottle. This will keep you safe, and you can avoid any gut health problems.

Crime In Lisbon

There is a low risk of crime in Lisbon. But there are areas in which crime is quite common in the city. So here are the usual crime cases that you might experience in Lisbon:

  • Petty Theft & Pickpocketing – there are pickpockets in Lisbon, and you can commonly experience them in trams, metro stations, and trains
  • Scams – common scams are overcharging for goods and services.
  • Night Safety – like any other big city, be extra cautious when walking outside at night.

Pickpockets & Scams In Lisbon

Pickpocket issues and scams are the biggest safety issue in Lisbon. It’s a capital city, so you should be aware of them. But it’s nothing to be too scared of.

Pickpockets are most commonly in trams, trains, and metro stations. So keep your backpack/bag closed, and watch out. Also, only walk around with a few valuables and belongings.

A common scam in Lisbon is a taxi scam or money exchange scam. When taking a taxi, always negotiate the price first. This way, you’ll avoid higher charges, and a taxi driver will take you directly to your destination without higher fees.

As for the money exchange scams, never exchange money on the streets of Lisbon. You can get fake bank notes or a terrible exchange rate.

Vasco de Gama bridge Portugal

Is Public Transportation Safe In Lisbon?

Yes, public transportation is safe in Lisbon. The only thing you need to be aware of is pickpockets. They’re common in trams, trains, and metro stations. So always have your belongings with you, and don’t leave them unattended.

Money Safety In Lisbon

Some common money scams might occur in Lisbon. So here is a list of the money safety issues you should be aware of when visiting the city:

  • ATMs Safety – avoid withdrawing money from Euronet ATM – it charges higher fees than regular and local ATMS.
  • Money Exchange – never exchange money on the streets, and always check the official rate online at before exchanging.
  • Cash Safety – don’t walk around with too much cash and use a credit card instead.
  • Count Your Change – always count your change.

Safest Areas In Lisbon To Visit

The entire city center of Lisbon is a safe place to explore. It’s also the best spot to book your hotel as you’ll be close to the main attractions and stay in a safe zone.

The safest areas in Lisbon are:

  • Baixa
  • Rossio
  • Chiado
  • Avenida da Liberdade

Most people hang out in these areas, and walking around at night is also safe.

Dangerous Areas In Lisbon To Avoid

Generally, avoid the northwestern part of the city, which is unsafe. Many immigrants live there, and walking around is dangerous, especially at night.

Out of my experience, I don’t recommend walking around at night in Jardim do Passeio dos Heróis do Mar (after Vasco de Gama Tower). I experienced some strange man hanging around and almost following us with my boyfriend.

Generally, these are dangerous areas in Lisbon you should avoid:

  • Anjos
  • Mouraria
  • Intendente

Is Lisbon Worth Visiting?

Yes, Lisbon is well worth visiting. It’s one of the most beautiful and affordable cities in Europe. You’ll learn a lot of history, taste delicious food, see where the typical Portuguese pastry ‘Pastel de Nata’ comes from, and enjoy a new culture. Getting around on a tram is also a lot of fun.

Lisbon is an excellent base for exploring other sites in Portugal. For example, a typical day trip is to visit the charming Sintra National Park with its fairy-tale castles and stunning nature.

Is Lisbon Safe Belem Tower

Best Time To Visit Lisbon

The best time to visit Lisbon is in April, May, late September, October, and November. This is off-season, so you’ll have the best time to explore the city, with fewer crowds and mild temperatures.

Lisbon has a pleasant climate throughout the year, so it’s nice to see all year round.

While you can also visit the city during the peak season (June, July, August), I would avoid it due to packed streets full of tourists and weather that is too hot in summer.

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Where To Stay In Lisbon: My Top Hotel Picks

To stay and feel safe in Lisbon, one of the crucial factors is choosing a hotel in a good area. I recommend staying either in Baixa, Rossio, or Chiado neighborhoods.

Check out my top hotel recommendations below in each area and book your stay by clicking the hotel names below:

Best Hotels In Baixa & Chiado – Lisbon

Baixa is the center of Lisbon, with many beautiful hotels. Everything is easily accessible from this area. I stayed in Baixa when I visited Lisbon and had a great time.

Chiado is another great area to stay in Lisbon. It’s a lovely neighborhood full of cute cafes and restaurants.

Check out the best hotels in Baixa/Chiado by clicking the hotel names below:

🔅 Inn Chiado Prime Suitesbest budget-friendly hotelbook here

🔅 54 Sao Paulobest mid-range apartmentsbook here

🔅 The Emerald House Lisbonbest luxury hotelbook here

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Best Hotels In Rossio & Av. Liberdade – Lisbon

Rossio is a safe area to book your hotel in. Yet, it might be busy on its main streets. Still, it’s a nice and affordable place to stay in Lisbon. Avenida da Liberdade has one of the best luxury hotels with swimming pools, too.

Click on the hotel names below and book your stay in Rossio, Lisbon:

🔅 Rossio Hostelbest budget-friendly hostelbook here

🔅 Cardal de Sao Josebest mid-range hotelbook here

🔅 Hotel Britania Art Decobest luxury hotelbook here

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Wrap-Up: Is Lisbon Safe?

Generally, Lisbon is one of the safest cities you can visit in Europe. Its crime rate is low, the city doesn’t experience natural disasters, and health risks doesn’t exist.

Be aware of pickpockets in touristy areas and use common sense; it’ll keep you safe in Lisbon while visiting the city. Overall, I felt safe throughout my stay in Lisbon and had a great time.

trams Portugal

FAQs: Safety In Lisbon

To help you feel extra safe in Lisbon, I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions. There are also general questions about Lisbon that will prepare you for your visit. So check them out below.

Do They Speak English In Lisbon?

Yes, they do speak English in Lisbon. The younger generation speaks English well, and even the older people can speak a few words. Lisbon is a very tourist-friendly destination, and locals speak English to make you feel welcome and sell you stuff.

I recommend speaking slowly to them if you encounter any difficulties.

Is Lisbon Safe At Night?

Yes, Lisbon is safe at night, but you should stay in the center and the touristy areas. Don’t walk in the dangerous areas (northwest) at night, not alone. But no visitors need to go far northwest anyways, so you’ll be safe in Lisbon at night in the center.

Is Lisbon Safe To Live?

Yes, Lisbon is a very safe place to live in. Many digital nomads have found a home in Lisbon in the past years, and you can do that, too. Lisbon is friendly to foreigners, locals speak English, and you can easily find affordable apartments.

If you are considering moving to Lisbon, a beautiful one-bedroom apartment costs around 600 EUR monthly. The food, transportation, and free time activities are also very affordable.

Is Lisbon Expensive?

No, Lisbon is among the cheapest cities in Europe. According to Conde Nast Traveler, Lisbon belongs to the top 10 cheapest and nicest cities in Europe.

You can easily eat delicious food for 15 EUR daily (all meals).

A beautiful apartment with a balcony costs around 50 EUR per night.

Activities in Lisbon are also very affordable, between 5 to 15 EUR per attraction, depending on what you want to do.

If you want to get around Lisbon, it’ll cost you around 5 EUR by metro or tram. So transportation is also very cheap.

Is Lisbon Safer Than Barcelona?

Yes. Lisbon is safer than Barcelona. One reason for it is that Barcelona is much bigger than Lisbon, so you’ll find more dangerous areas in the Spanish city. Lisbon is smaller and much safer.

Is Portugal Safe To Visit?

Yes, Portugal is one of the safest and most beautiful countries to visit in Europe. Most parts are very safe and tourist-friendly. Portuguese people are welcoming and accommodating. There is nothing you should be worried about. Use common sense when traveling in Portugal, and you’ll have a great experience.

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