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Is Prague Worth Visiting? Answered!
Where Is Prague?
How To Get To Prague
How To Get Around Prague
19 Reasons To Visit & Best Things To Do In Prague & Map
Practical Tips For Visiting Prague
More Tips For Czech Republic Travel

After visiting hundreds of European cities, I’ve been making a list of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And do you know where Prague ranks? Well, #1. While it might not be the most beautiful city in Europe for others, everyone leaves Prague with a surprise and a big smile. That’s how amazing this city is.

I lived in Prague for a year and visited it many times even as a kid with my parents. So, in this article, I’ll give you insights into how beautiful Prague is, why you need to visit, and what you do during your stay.

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Is Prague Worth Visiting? Answered!

Yes, Prague is 100% worth visiting. After traveling to 40+ countries, Is still say Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe.

It’s because of its stunning buildings, the iconic Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, and the entire atmosphere of the city. You have to come for yourself to experience it because the atmosphere is magical.

Every traveler will find something interesting in Prague. It’s worth visiting for:

Backpackers & Budget Travelers – it’s cheap
Couples & Honeymooners – it’s super romantic
Families With Kids – you can learn about history and take kids to the nearby aquapark
Solo Travelers – Great to meet new people and safe to explore the city
Party Travelers – Prague has some of the best nightlife and a very young vibe with many clubs (and the cheapest beer in the world)

is prague worth visiting Old Town Square
Prague – Old Town Square

Where Is Prague?

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It’s located in Central Europe, and the neighboring countries are Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland.

Some people say it’s the center of Europe, but I’m not sure. Because I’ve also heard other rumors that the center is in Slovakia, but it doesn’t matter. It’s in Central Europe, let’s say.

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How To Get To Prague

You can get to Prague by plane, train, or bus. The easiest and most convenient way is to fly to Prague.

However, if you’re visiting from nearby countries in Europe, you can also take a bus or a train, which will be nice and cheaper than flying.

Getting To Prague By Plane

Prague has an international airport with many flights. From the airport, it’s also easy to get to the center. You can take a taxi or an airport shuttle or a local bus n. 119 from the airport to Nadrazi Veleslav, and take a metro to the center. Or you can take the Regiojet bus directly to the center.

If you choose Regiojet, I recommend getting your ticket online in advance. With the bus, you can get a ticket in the machine at the bus stop.

Check out the best flight deals to Pragye via Skyscanner.

Book your airport shuttle to the city here.

Getting To Prague By Train

If you’re visiting from other European cities close to Prague, the best way is to take a train. Prague is well-connected to other major European cities.

The best train connections to Prague are from Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin, Munich, and Wroclav.

If there is no train, check for a bus. There will be either one.

Check out the best train connections and deals via Trainline.

Getting To Prague By Bus

Bus travel is great for all budget travelers. And you’ll get to Prague easily by bus. It might be easier than by train, or you’ll have more options.

The best companies are Regiojet, Flixbus, and Leo Express. If you’re traveling from Germany, check Flixbus and Regiojet. If you’re traveling from Vienna (Austria), look for Regiojet. And if you’re traveling from Salzburg (Austria), check for Leo Express. From Poland, the best way is to take Flixbus. From major cities in France, look for Regiojet buses.

Get the best bus deals via Busbud website here.

How To Get Around Prague

Prague is a walkable city, so the best way to get around is on foot. Some parts are further apart, so if you don’t like walking that much, you can also take a metro or a tram.

Metro In Prague

The metro system in Prague is super easy. It only has 3 lines (A, B, C). You can get a ticket for the metro at the entrance of all metro stations (in a ticket machine). It’s possible to pay in cash or by card.

metro system Prague
Metro system in Prague

Trams In Prague

Tram is also a great way to get around Prague. It’s slower than the metro, but the advantage is that you can do a little sightseeing as you’ll see the beauty of the tram.

As with the metro, almost every tram station has a machine where you can buy a ticket. If there is none, go to a nearby metro station.

PRO TIP: The best way is to get a 24-hour ticket. It’s cheaper, and you don’t always have to think about tickets. Be sure to validate it in the yellow machine when entering the subway (before the escalator) or inside a tram.

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19 Reasons To Visit & Best Things To Do In Prague & Map

Now that you know that Prague is worth visiting, let’s see why it is. What are the reasons you should come to Prague for?

Below, I’m giving you 19 best things to do in the city for your perfect gateway:

1. Soak Up The Magical Atmosphere
2. Admire Historical Buildings
3. Walk On The Charles Bridge
4. Make A River Cruise On Vltava River
5. Watch Changing Guards At The Castle
6. Admire St. Vitus Cathedral
7. Explore The Golden Lane
8. See Astronomical Clock
9. Find The Lennon Wall
10. Learn About Kafka’s Life In His Museum
11. Walk Through Prague’s Narrowest Street
12. See Franz Kafka’s Roating Head
13. Enjoy Charming Christmas Markets
14. Climb Up The Petrin Tower
15. Try Trdelnik
16. Drink The Cheapest Beer In The World
17. Eat Local Food
18. Enjoy Beer Spa
19. Go Shopping At The Wencelas Square

1. Soak Up The Magical Atmosphere

Prague is all about the atmosphere. I’m sure you’ll feel it when you come. It’s hard to explain; it’s something you must experience. The magic is real.

And so if you don’t do (or don’t have time) anything else from this list, at least take a few hours to walk around the city. The magic will capture you.

2. Admire Historical Buildings

One reason for the magical atmosphere might be Prague’s stunning buildings. Everywhere you go in the city center, you’ll be greeted by beautiful construction, whether a tower, a bridge, or a stunning cathedral.

Most of them are original and haven’t been rebuilt, unlike in other European cities. Today, you can admire buildings from various styles such as Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic.

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge

3. Walk On The Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the biggest icons in the city (besides the Cathedral of St. Vitus). I could spend ages on this bridge just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere.

The bridge divides the city into the Lesser Town (with a castle) and the Old City (with the Astronomical Clock and other important buildings).

It’s usually lively with many artists, painters, and musicians, making it even more magical. The views from the bridge are outstanding. You’ll get some of the best views of Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. It’s also one of the most romantic places in the city.

FUN FACT: Construction workers incorporated over 600 egg yolks to strengthen the bridge so it would not fall apart in the years to come.

is Prague worth visiting Charles Bridge
Prague – Charles Bridge

4. Make A River Cruise On Vltava River

The Vltava is one of the most important rivers in the Czech Republic. Its source is in the Bohemian Forest and flows to Prague, which makes the city even more beautiful. What is it that when a city has a river, it makes it more charming? Do you feel the same?

Vltava River was also a huge inspiration for the Czech musician and composer Bedřich Smetana. He created a symphonic poem as he was captured by the beauty of the river and his love for the city and the country. The poem is called ‘The Moldau,’ a German name for the Vltava River.

Nowadays, you can make a river cruise, a short one for sightseeing, or an evening cruise with dinner. It’s another great romantic activity you can do with your partner.

Book The Vltava Evening River Cruise here.

Vltava River Cruise Is Prague Worth Visiting
Vltava River Cruise

5. Watch Changing Guards At The Castle

I remember the changing of the guards since I was a little child. We used to come to the city with my family, and I was only looking forward to experiencing a metro ride and staring at the guards. I was particularly watching if they didn’t make a move and waiting for why they finally changed.

The changing of the guard’s ceremony is every day at noon (exactly 12:00 p.m.) in the first courtyard of the castle. So come and see it.

It might also be a great activity for your children if you’re visiting Prague as a family.

Book 1-Hour Guided Tour Of Prague Castle Here.

6. Admire St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is another iconic building you must see in Prague. Honestly, only a few cathedrals are so beautiful as this one.

The construction began in 1344, when the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, ordered it. Today, it features various styles, from Gothic to Romanesque, and has some Baroque elements.

The Cathedral used to be the place of the coronation of the Czech Kinds. Today, you can still see their jewells inside. You can also explore the Chapel of St. Wencelas inside. He is a significant figure in Czech history and the country’s patron.

And the best part? Climb to the top for the best views of Prague city. You can buy tickets on the spot.

7. Explore The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane (street) is located next to the cathedral, as it used to host houses of the castle guards in the 15th century. A century later, it became mysterious as many goldsmiths came to the street.

The legends say that the alchemists tried to discover the secrets of converting base metals into gold in the street’s houses.

Nowadays, it features cute, colorful houses, and it’s hard to believe that somebody could ever live inside since they’re so tiny. There are museums displaying armor and weapons, and you can live how the alchymists and castle guards lived here in the past.

It’s one of the best places to explore for families with kids. Check out the house n. 14 – Night Watchman’s House. You can buy tickets on the spot.

Golden Lane Is Prague worth visiting
Golden Lane
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8. See Astronomical Clock

Prague’s Astronomical Clock is one of the oldest that still operates. It was installed by the Town Hall in 1410.

To me, it’s a true masterpiece. Make sure to come closer and see those tiny astronomical details, like the position of the sun and moon in the sky or the zodiac. Pay attention to the skeletons; I think they’re super funny.

What is impressive is that the clock survived two world wars without being severely damaged.

Nowadays, you can watch a little show every hour with the apostle figures and the skeletons. You’ll notice that there are always so many people waiting in the front of the show. It’s free to watch.

Self-guided walking tour Prague 2 days Astronomical Clock
Astronomical Clock

9. Find The Lennon Wall

This lucky wall became famous overnight, and I didn’t even know about it. It was a standard, almost forgotten wall in Prague in the 1970s.

However, after the tragic death of John Lennon, local artists painted his face, and many other people joined them, writing lyrics to his famous songs.

The Lennon Wall became a symbol of love, freedom, and peace ever since. It’s been a canvas for professional and amateur artists in the city. So come and contribute to the art, or just stop by and reflect for a while. It’s free to see.

Lennon Wall
Lennon Wall

10. Learn About Kafka’s Life In His Museum

Franz Kafka was one of Czech’s most important writers. His life was very interesting and confusing at times. He reflected his thoughts in his writings. Today, you can visit his museum and learn about the life of this special artist. You can buy tickets on the spot.

The most exciting thing for all travelers is the Statue of the Seeing Man right in front of it. It perfectly reflects the way Kafka viewed life around him.

Two men are urinating right into the Czech Map, reflecting the bureaucracy and absurdity Kafta mentioned in many of his writings.

11. Walk Through Prague’s Narrowest Street

Locals claim to have one of the narrowest streets in the world. Do you dare walk through? But pay attention, there are some rules. You can’t walk through just like that.

This is the narrowest street worldwide that has a traffic light. And it’s pretty funny. It’s my secret spot in Prague, and you should check it out. It’s free of charge to walk through.

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12. See Franz Kafka’s Roating Head

Are you a fan of Franz Kafka? Or have you visited his museum and want to see more? Then you must see his rotating head. It’s a great masterpiece.

David Cerny, a local artist, constructed it. The head is 11 meters (36 feet) tall and has 42 rotating panels. It’s worth to see. It’s free to see.

how many days in Prague Franz Kafka rotating head
Franz Kafka Rotating Head

13. Enjoy Charming Christmas Markets

If you can’t wait for Christmas, come to experience the magical atmosphere of Prague’s Christmas Markets. The city has some of the most charming Christmas Markets in Europe.

They usually start the first weekend in December.

The markets are at the Old Town Square in the city center. You can try various specialties such as Czech Sausages, Trdelnik, mulled wine, or warm up with hot chocolate.

Prague is a great place to visit in winter, too. Not just during the summertime.

Prague European Christmas Markets by train
Me at the Prague Christmas Markets (Trdelnik on the left)

14. Climb Up The Petrin Tower

Not only the St. Vitus Cathedral has great views of the city. If you don’t know what else to do, visit the Petrin Tower. It’s another landmark of Prague, which you can climb and get stunning city views. You can buy tickets on the spot.

It’s in a beautiful park, so you can walk around and relax.

15. Try Trdelnik

Trdelnik is one of the most delicious sweet breads in the world. I’ll disappoint you. It doesn’t come from Prague. It comes from Budapest (Hungary). But Prague is a great place to try it. And you can’t leave the city without doing so.

There are thousands of stalls with Trdelnik. I recommend trying one in the Leser Town right after you cross the Charles Bridge from the Old Town.

PSST: The original one is without ice cream, just a full bread dough with some topping inside (the best is chocolate).

16. Drink The Cheapest Beer In The World

The Czech Republic has officially the cheapest beer in the world. But wait, not only that. It’s also the most delicious beer in the world. No wonder the Czech people are the nation that drinks the most beer globally.

So come and try it for yourself. I recommend the following restaurants and pubs try Cech beer and local food. They have a great atmosphere, too:

🥂 Lokál
U Fleků
Pivovarský Dům
Beer Time (in Andel)
Strahov Monastery Brewery

how many days in Prague Czech beer
Me trying the best Czech craft beer at Beer Time, Andel

17. Eat Local Food

Czech food is unique. The restaurants and pubs I recommended above in the beer section are also the best places to try traditional Czech food. Prepare your stomach, as the food is heavy and it’s a lot. Yet, it’s delicious and probably something you’ve never tried.

So these are some of the traditional Czech dishes you must try:

Svíčková na Smetaně (Roast sirloin with cream sauce served with steamed bread ‘knedliky’)
Vepřo-knedlo-zelo (roast pork, dumplings, sauerkraut)
Guláš – a stew made with beef, onions, and spices (mainly paprika)
Pražská Šunka – Prague ham, cured and smoked ham, super delicious, buy in a supermarket
Smažený Sýr: – fried cheese with potatoes or french fries and tartar sauce
Česnečka – garlic soup, may also be served in a loaf of bread
Trdelnik – you know, the sweet bread dough with toppings

18. Enjoy Beer Spa

More beer? Yes, please. You can drink endless liters of beer in Prague. But now, you can also bathe in a beer. Prague is unique for having a beer spa. And so, if you are a huge beer lover (like my boyfriend is), you can enjoy a beer bath and drink it simultaneously.

Book The Beer Spa Experience In Prague Here.

19. Go Shopping At The Wencelas Square

St. Wenceslas, the patron of the Czech Republic, doesn’t have just the chapel inside the cathedral. The entire commercial square has been named after him, too.

This square is one of the most impressive in the city. It starts in the Old Town and leads to the National Museum. Alongside, there are many shops and restaurants.

It’s one of the best commercial zones in Prague. So if you want to go shopping, this is the spot. However, I don’t recommend eating in the restaurants on this square. They’re super touristy.

St. Wencelas Square
St. Wencelas Square

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Practical Tips For Visiting Prague

To help you plan your visit to Prague even more, I’ve got some more tips for you. Below are my general tips for visiting. Then scroll down for more tips about the best time to visit, the safety of the city, and more information:

🔅 Have some Czech Crones in cash (official currency)
🔅 Avoid eating in restaurants at the Old Town Square (overprices & touristy)
🔅 Bring good shoes (you’ll walk a lot, most probably)
🔅 Traditional Trdelnik is without icecream

Best Time To Visit Prague

The best time to visit Prague is May, June, September, and October. These months are less crowded than during the summertime (July and August). Temperatures are also mild, so it’s perfect for walking around the city and cruising on the Vltava River.

Temperatures in May and October range between 18°C/64°F and 21°C/69°F. And June and September have a temperature around 23°C/73°F.

Is Prague Expensive?

No, Prague is one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe. A beer cost around $2, and the food is also cheap. Although the prices have risen significantly over the last two years, it’s still much cheaper than other major European cities.

You can spend around $50 daily in Prague as a mid-range traveler. As a budget traveler, you can make your stay as affordable as $20 a day.

Is Prague Safe?

Yes, Prague is a safe city to visit and live in. The Czech Republic is ranked n. 7 of the safest countries in the world, according to the Wisevoter. And so is Prague.

I lived in Prague for a year and felt safe all the time. The safest area is the Old Town and the Lesser Town. Smichov is less safe, but there is no reason to visit this part of the city.

Generally speaking, it’s safe, and there are barely any pickpockets. Just make sure to use your common sense when you travel.

How Many Days In Prague Is Enough?

3 to 4 days is the perfect time to enjoy Prague. You’ll have 2 full days to explore the highlights of the city. On the third day, you can leave for extra activities such as the beer spa and Vltava River Cruise or visit some museums. And if you want, stay 4 days to make some day trips from the city.

I’ve written a separate article about how many days in Prague is enough. It also includes further tips for activities, the best hotels in Prague, and what kind of day trips you can make. So check it out.

Is Prague Worth Visiting In November

November is a good time to visit Prague. It’s a city, so the weather doesn’t impact your experience, maybe just a bit.

The weather in November is usually gloomy, cold, and rainy. But it doesn’t matter, because everything is open and you can enjoy Prague’s beauty anyway. So don’t let the weather put you off.

Is Prague Worth Visiting In December?

Yes, December is a great time to visit Prague. It’s the city’s most magical time of the year, mainly thanks to the stunning Christmas Markets.

While the weather might be gloomy, the atmosphere takes over, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Even better, it might also be snowing towards the end of the month.

FAQs: Is Prague Worth Visiting?

To help you understand Prague even more, I’ve also answered some frequently asked questions. Check them out below:

What’s So Special About Prague?

Honestly, the atmosphere of the city is so special, and its stunning buildings, many of them are original. Prague is a historic city like no other. Many people also like it because it’s the cheapest and best beer in the world.

Is Prague Famous For Nightlife?

Yes, Prague is famous for its nightlife. It’s one of the best cities in Europe for nightlife with a young vibe. The night is long, and you can enjoy many clubs in the city center or the Zizkov area.

Is Prague The Prettiest City In The World?

It could be. I can’t answer the questions properly, because I haven’t been to all the cities in the world (although it’s on my list). But Prague is certainly the most beautiful city in Europe.

Which Is Worth Visiting More Prague Or Bratislava?

Prague is more worth visiting than Bratislava. And I’m not even biased. I’m from Slovakia (Bratislava is the capital), and although it’s a nice city, it’s so different.

Bratislava is more modern with modern buildings and doesn’t have much of a vibe. Prague is simply better in every single way (sorry, Bratislava).

WRAP-UP: Is Prague Worth Visiting?

This is how Prague is and how much it’s worth visiting. I’m so excited that you’re thinking about visiting this stunning city. Follow these tips and also get my detailed self-guided walking tour through Prague. It has all the city activities and sights you must see within 2 days.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Travel!

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