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Is Slovenia safe

Slovenia belongs to the top 10 safest countries in Europe not only for traveling but also for living. This beautiful country offers stunning places for your vacation. It has incredible nature, unique landmarks, and exciting culture. Locals are very friendly, crime is among the lowest, theft is uncommon, and the country is generally lovely to tourists.

I visited Slovenia on my 1-week road trip and fell in love with the country. And I felt safe all the time, as there wasn’t much danger from pickpockets, scams, or crime.

This article will give you tips for extra safety in Slovenia and answer all your questions. So keep reading.

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Is Slovenia Safe To Visit? Answered!

Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. According to theΒ Global Peace Index, it’s the 7th safest country in the world. So you can have a beautiful and safe traveling experience in the country and enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about safety too much.

When I visited Slovenia, I felt safe; there weren’t any pickpockets or potential scams. People were very friendly, and it was a pleasure to explore the country.

Is Slovenia Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Slovenia is one of the safest European countries for solo female travelers. Generally speaking, you need to be cautious everywhere, but there is nothing to be afraid of in Slovenia.

Crime in Slovenia is among the lowest, theft is not common either, and traveling around as a solo female traveler is safe.

I traveled to most European countries alone (as a female), and Slovenia felt among the safest.

Is Slovenia Friendly To Tourists?

Yes, Slovenia is very friendly to tourists. Locals are happy to see visitors and talk to them in most cases.

The only issue you might face is the language barrier, which sometimes causes locals to be shy or less communicative. But overall, Slovenian people are very nice and welcoming.

Is It Safe In Slovenia For American Tourists?

Yes, Slovenia is very safe for American tourists, too. Locals are very friendly to American tourists. Some like to speak to you and get to know you better. The country is safe for all visitors, and my American friends have reported feeling very safe when traveling in Slovenia.

Is English Widely Spoken In Slovenia?

English is the second language for most people in Slovenia. Especially the young generation speaks English very well. You might have difficulties in remote places such as Velika Planina and if you meet elderly as they don’t speak English well.

Overall, most people speak at least the basics.

PRO TIP: Try to speak slowly and give them time to answer. This way, you can get what you want to when speaking English in Slovenia.

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Is It Safe To Live In Slovenia?

Yes, Slovenia is safe to live in, too. It’s one of the safest countries to live in Europe and one of the most environmentally friendly and economical to find your future home.

You would likely meet great and welcoming neighbors, and locals would help you set up your new home base in Slovenia. Crime is low in Slovenia, risk of natural disasters too, and it’s the 7th safest country in the world. All these factors make it one of the safest countries to live in.

best day trips from Ljubljana Piran
Me exploring Piran

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Safety Tips When Traveling To Slovenia

Even though Slovenia is among the safest countries in the world, it’s always good to be extra cautious when you decide to visit a new country.

That’s why I’ve listed the most essential safety and travel tips for visiting Slovenia. It includes entry requirements, driving safety, natural disasters, health risks, and a few comments about crime, pickpockets, and theft in Slovenia.

So check them out below to be fully prepared for your Slovenian adventure.

Entry Requirements For Slovenia

Slovenia has few entry requirements. If you’re a European resident, you can enter and exit as you want to.

If you’re a Non-European resident, you might need Visa to enter Slovenia. Check whether you need Visa for Slovenia and get the Visa by clicking on this link.

Or use the box below to see if you need Visa to travel to Slovenia.

There are no specific vaccinations required to enter Slovenia.

Is Slovenia safe to visit entry requirements
Entry Requirements – Slovenia

Driving Safety In Slovenia


Slovenian roads are safe and well-developed. The country has roads leading to all major and smaller cities. During my 5-day road trip through Slovenia, I always felt safe on the road. People drove safely around me, not too fast, and respected the traffic signs.

PRO TIP: Be sure to purchase an e-vignette if you want to drive through highways in Slovenia. You can get it for a week, a month, or an entire year to drive around Slovenia. Use this link to buy your e-vignette.

Risk Of Natural Disasters In Slovenia


Common natural disasters are floods and avalanches in winter. To be extra safe, check the news before traveling to Slovenia if there are any natural catastrophes.

Slovenia has beautiful mountains that one should also be respectful of. So check the weather before going hiking. Don’t hike in the rocky mountains in a heavy storm; that’s dangerous.

Make sure to hike with a guide if you want to climb the highest Slovenian mountain – Mt. Triglav, and always have hiking equipment.

Health Risks In Slovenia


Slovenia is a safe country in terms of health. There are no specific requirements for vaccinations to enter the country.

One thing I would be aware of, especially when you plan to spend a lot of time in nature, is a tick. Always check your body after hiking or camping in nature if you got any ticks on your body.

I’m mentioning it because if you don’t remove the tick or part of it stays in your skin, it can lead to Lyme disease. But don’t be afraid too much, just be aware of it and check your body.

PRO TIP: If you get a tick, take a cotton wool pad, pour a lot of soup on it, and massage the spot of your body where the tick is (in a circular movement). After a few seconds, it’ll be gone. This prevents tick parts from staying on your body and removes them completely.

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Crime In Slovenia


Crime in Slovenia is very limited. The most common crime cases are human trafficking, mugging, and drugs. Slovenia is the gateway to the Balkan Peninsula, a southeastern part of Europe, which is also quite common for these issues. Yet, Slovenia handles it the best of all Balkan countries.

Indeed, Slovenia has a lower crime than the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Hungary (to name a few). According to the Global Organized Crime Index, it’s the 61st safest country in the world (out of 193 countries).

I felt safe traveling in Slovenia, and I am sure you’ll experience the peacefulness of this country, too.

Pickpockets & Scams In Slovenia


Pickpockets and scams are also not very common in Slovenia. Walking on the streets of bigger cities such as Ljubljana, Koper, Bled, or Kamnik felt safe. I only checked my bag a few times.

You should always be aware of these things when you travel and take care of your belongings. But there is a low chance of being robbed or scammed in Slovenia.

Follow general safety tips such as locking your car and parking it in a public parking lot, closing your bag in cities, and avoiding walking alone at night, especially as a solo female traveler. And use common sense when it comes to travel safety.

Money Safety In Slovenia


People in Slovenia are friendly and fair. I didn’t have any money issues when traveling in Slovenia. They always gave me exact change when paying cash.

ATMs are safe, too, if you need to withdraw money. Avoid using the Euronet ATM (blue-yellow ATM) to get the lowest commission. Use a local Slovenian ATM – it has lower commissions and withdrawal fees.

You can use credit cards almost everywhere. When traveling to remote villages such as Velika Planina or hiking to a mountain hut, have some cash (EURO) with you.

Slovenia money safety
Slovenia money safety

Safest Places In Slovenia

Now that you know Slovenia is among the safest countries in the world; I’d like to give you the exact places where you can feel the safest.

So here is a list of the safest places in Slovenia if you want to feel extra safe. This list considers all safety requirements mentioned in the list above.

πŸ“ MARIBORMaribor is one of the biggest cities in Slovenia, and many locals live here. It’s very safe and a great gateway to taste some of the most delicious wines in Europe.

πŸ“ KAMNIKKamnik is a small residential town with a view of landmarks, stunning mountain views, and a great bakery. It’s very peaceful and often silent, making it one of the safest places in Slovenia to visit.

πŸ“ PIRAN Piran, one of Slovenia’s most charming coastal towns, is one of the safest places in the country. Its neighboring city Koper is bigger and can sometimes be a target for smuggling due to its big port. Piran, however, is peaceful and less touristy.

πŸ“ BLEDBled is perhaps the most touristic place in Slovenia, yet it’s very safe. Everyone is welcoming, and it’s a rather small town, so there is no reason to feel unsafe.

πŸ“ KRAJINSKA GORAIf you want to be surrounded by nature in Slovenia and are afraid of natural disasters, visit Krajinksa Gora. It’s a perfect combination of a city with facilities to make you feel safe, surrounded by stunning nature and mountains nearby.

πŸ“ LJUBLJANAEven though Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is the country’s biggest city, it is still one of the safest to visit. Ljubljana is peaceful, the locals are friendly, and there is not much danger to be afraid of during your stay.

Slovenia Travel Voices of Travel

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Is Slovenia Worth Visiting?

Yes, Slovenia is 100% worth visiting. Still, not many people know about this country, but it’s one of the most beautiful ones in Europe. It offers everything from cultural experiences to history, but more than that, stunning nature and endless adventure activities.

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Slovenia if you want to dive deeper.

Is Slovenia Expensive?

Slovenia is not so expensive. It’s among the cheapest countries in Europe. If you’re looking to spend some time in beautiful nature and do some adventure activities, it can be a great affordable alternative to Switzerland, the Dolomites, and Austria.

As a budget traveler, a trip to Slovenia will cost you between $35 to $50 daily.

As a mid-range traveler, you can expect to spend around  $50 and $80 per day.

If you’re looking for luxury in Slovenia, you can spend up to $250 daily.

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Typical Costs In Slovenia

To give you a general idea of costs in Slovenia for different areas, here is a list of the most common expenses travelers in Slovenia have:

πŸ”… Hotels In Slovenia: Average cost of a hotel room – $60 for a double room

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πŸ”… Restaurant Meals In Slovenia: Average cost per meal – $12 pp.

πŸ”… Public Transportation In Slovenia: Train & Buses prices range between $5 (short distance) to $40 (long distance)

➑ Book trains and bus connections to and around Slovenia on Trainline by clicking this link – it gives you the cheapest fares.

πŸ”… Fuel Prices In Slovenia: Average price of fuel per liter – $1.60

πŸ”… Adventure Activities In Slovenia: Average price of adventure activities (rafting, kayaking, canoying) – $20

➑ Book the best activities in Slovenia with Get Your Guidecheck available activities by clicking on this link.

πŸ”… Excursions/Sightseeing In Slovenia: Average price of attractions – $15

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Is Slovenia safe to visit adventure activities

WRAP-UP: Safety In Slovenia

Slovenia, the 7th safest country in the world, offers many opportunities to have a perfect holiday and travel experience. Its crime risk is low, health and natural disaster risks are some of the lowest, there is a low chance of being scammed or pickpocketed, and it’s safe to drive around and live in.

I felt very safe traveling in Slovenia on my 7-day road trip, and I’m sure you’ll feel safe, too. So don’t hesitate to plan your vacation or contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com if you want to get a customized travel itinerary for your Slovenian adventure.

Happy Travels!

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