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learn Spanish on youtube

Best Way To Learn Spanish Online For Free

This article about the best way to learn Spanish online for free may contain affiliate/compensated links. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

Learning Spanish is one of the most exciting things we can do in our free time. There are thousands of resources, which make us easily confused about choosing the right sources for your Spanish learning journey. This article will introduce you to the best way to learn Spanish online for free. You don’t have to register anywhere to purchase anything. Just click, watch and learn Spanish. And this way is to learn Spanish online for free with Youtube videos.

You’ll get the best Youtube videos to learn Spanish for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. So stay tuned.

Best Way To Learn Spanish Online For Free

The best way to learn Spanish online for free is to watch Youtube videos. Simply because they talk about things that genuinely interest us. This motivates us to learn Spanish more. Also, seeing the content and listening to it at the same time makes us to better remember new words. We can associate these words with what we’ve seen and heard in the videos.

4 Different Types Of Youtube Channels

I have divided this article into 4 main parts.

In the first part, you’ll find channels focused on travelingculturehistory, and local food of Spain and Latin American countries.

The second part contains videos that show you more from everyday life and teach topic-based vocabulary.

Then I have videos that are more classroom-set and will help you understand the connections in the Spanish language.

Finally, I have 2 soap operas for you with many episodes to watch. Let’s explore the best way to learn Spanish online for free together. Let’s watch some interesting Spanish Youtube videos.

List Of The Best Youtube Channels To Learn Spanish Online For Free

  1. Spanish & Go
  2. Viajando A Nuestro Aire
  3. La Ruta De La Garnacha
  4. Madrileñnos Por El Mundo
  5. Video ELE
  6. Light Speed Spanish
  7. Spanish Sessions
  8. Easy Spanish
  9. Dreaming Spanish
  10. Señor Jordan
  11. Destinos
  12. Extra En Español

How To Learn Spanish Online For Free With Youtube Videos

Youtube videos are a great source, especially when you don’t feel like doing many. Maybe you are unmotivated or tired, but you still haven’t completed your daily dose of language learning. Then watch a video. You’ll be at least listening to the language, hear many accents, and practice your understanding.

But you can also work with videos more effectively. So again, take your language travel notebook and write new words down from the video. After, you can work with this vocabulary in different ways.

For instance, you create flashcards and learn new words with them. Or incorporate the words into sentences. You can also do your favorite activity where the words are mentioned.

For more ideas and tips on learning new words from your videos, check out my article about how to learn vocabulary fast.

You can watch the same videos even in the following days, and you’ll see that you’ll understand a lot more from it each day. It’s very rewarding.

You don’t have to understand everything from the video. Especially at the beginning, focus on understanding a few words. Write these words down.

The next day, you’ll understand more words when watching the same video. Important is to understand the point of the video and listen to various accents.

So, choose the one that sounds interesting to you, make some popcorn, and start watching and learn Spanish on Youtube in an easy and fun way.

learn spanish on youtube

1. Channels With Travel, Food & Cultural Content

Travel with people from Spain and Latin American countries. Watch their adventures and learn Spanish with them. They travel to various corners of Spanish-speaking countries, showing you the best posts and teaching you about culture and traditions.

Or travel through Mexico, seeing the best street food spots, and learning about Mexican cuisine. You’ll find all this content in the following channels.

I have ranked these channels for you from the best for beginners to more advanced Spanish.


LEVEL: best for beginners, with English explanations

ACCENT: Spain, Puerto Rico, Latin America

Spanish & Go is a perfect channel as it combines language with travel. Which is what Voices of Travel is all about, so it’s a perfect match for us.

Meet Jim and May travelling through Spanish-speaking countries, showing you around, and introducing you to the culture, and tradition of these countries. They show you how to communicate in various situations when you are on a trip, such as ordering food, going to the beach, booking something, and many more.

These videos are situational, and they are set in various countries. You’ll see what the Spanish people reply in reality and how they really communicate.

Not only will you learn Spanish, but you’ll also see many beautiful places and the countryside. They also have videos such as talking to real estate, phrases to use to sound more natural, etc. Using these videos will help you understand words in context. They are very interesting so you’ll naturally learn Spanish, too.


LEVEL: beginner to intermediatesolely in Spanish, but their language is not so fast and is understandable


Hola disfrutones! This phrase will introduce you to every episode of the travel series with Viajando a nuestro aire. Andrea and Jose will take you to various corners of Spain, teaching you about interesting history of the places, showing you the culture and hidden gems of the country.

They started their channel because they decided to fulfill their dream of buying a VW Beetle. As they didn’t want the car to be alone in a garage throughout the week when they worked full time, they decided to start a Youtube channel.

Now they drive through Spain in their dream car, showing their friends and audience the entire country. Since then, they also have videos in Portugal, Mallorca, and even other North and South American countries.

‘Disfrutones’ comes from the word ‘disfrutar,’ which in English means ‘enjoy.’ The word ‘disfrutones’ are people who enjoy something. So they are basically greeting you as ‘Hola Disfrutones’ = ‘Hey enjoyers.’

Their channel is solely in Spanish. Although it’s more for intermediate learners, you as a beginner will also find yourself in it.

Again, just watch, listen, and try to catch some words. You don’t have to understand it all. Most importantly, you’ll also enjoy watching the videos and learn something about Spain. Vocabulary will come along with it.


LEVEL: intermediate, but you can learn a lot of basic words

ACCENT: Mexico, Latin America

This is one of my favorite channels. Lalo Villar takes you on an incredible journey through Mexico while hunting Mexican food on the way.

Garnacha is a word used to describe pretty much every street food. He’ll show you the best street food in the corners of Mexico. Learn vocabulary related to food and explore the delicious Mexican cuisine with Lalo.

They talk only in Spanish, but the content is engaging, and for sure, you can learn the names of typical Mexican street food and a lot more. Maybe prepare yourself some snack while watching as he’ll for sure make you hungry on the way.


LEVEL: intermediate to advanced

ACCENT: Spain, Madrid

I had to include this channel and a TV show for you. I’m absolutely obsessed with the channel. It has helped me to improve my Spanish significantly.

Madrileños por el Mundo will take you to all corners of the world and show you how Madrid people live in various countries. You’ll see how they got there, the reason, how they live, whether they like it, and a lot more.

On the way, they’ll show you the best spots of a city where they live and tell you interesting stories and fun facts. It’s a great channel about travelling, culture, and the way expats live in these countries.

2. Channels To Learn Everyday Spanish

The following channels and videos are not only about traveling. They’ll teach you vocabulary for everyday life and show you how to communicate in various situations throughout the day.

Some videos only focus on vocabulary from one topic (like numbers, transportation, traveling, food, etc.). Other videos from this section are more situational. They show you the everyday life of Spanish-speaking people and their culture.


LEVEL: videos divided into 4 levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2, with A1, being beginner and B2 more advanced, about different topics and focused on particular vocabulary


Agustin Iruela creates fantastic videos for Spanish learners. She also engages her family to help her saying things in the videos.

Her videos are situational and always focus on a specific topic such as body, numbers, transportation, shopping, ordering something, a video about Barcelona and Sevilla, and much more.

She has videos for complete beginners but also for more intermediate and advanced learners.

I love to work with these videos when I teach Spanish to beginners, as it helps you visualize things you learn. Check out the Videoele videos and vocabulary resources.


LEVEL: intermediate, but as beginners, you can watch, pick some words and try to understand the context


Light Speed Spanish has situational videos. They show you the life of Spanish people, what they do in everyday life, and how they communicate with each other.

The videos are not particularly focused on content for beginners, but you can easily challenge yourself watching them. You can just catch some words and try to understand the main point of a conversation. The best part about it is that the language is authentic, and it’ll help you adapt to how Spanish-speaking people talk.


LEVEL: beginner to intermediate, only in Spanish, but simple and slow speech with big Spanish subtitles


Spanish Sessions takes you right to the streets of Madrid, to a classroom, or where the video is shot. The best part is that everything is explained only in Spanish, and there are no English translations.

However, she includes Spanish subtitles you can read while watching the videos. Listening and reading subtitles in the same language is very beneficial and makes you process the language through different channels simultaneously.

Spanish Sessions has various videos with different content ranging from grammar to city life and explanations of the language and phrases.


LEVEL: beginner to intermediate, interview-based channel, repeating many questions and words, which will help you to understand the context

ACCENT: Spain, Latin Amercan countries

Ready to learn various things about Spanish-speaking countries through interviews? Easy Spanish will take you to various countries and cities, where they interview locals about particular things. They talk about anything from typical local food to transportation, language, fun facts, and a lot more.

The Spanish language is slightly faster, but again, you can challenge yourself a little bit. The great part is that the interviewer repeats the same question and asks several people on the street. So you can quickly learn a few words that are repeated in the videos.

3. Classroom-Set Videos With Detailed Explanations (Vocabulary + Grammar)

The next channels will help you learn Spanish words and understand a little bit of grammar and connections in the language. They are more classroom-set videos, with a lot of interesting and fun content.


LEVEL: beginner, solely in Spanish accompanied by great illustrations that help you to understand


This channel is amazing for beginners. Carlos expresses himself very clearly, and sometimes repeats words and phrases several times to make you understand.

His videos are accompanied by illustrations, which helps you to imagine the situation even more. He focuses on teaching through authentic experience and takes you to various situations and places in Spain.

You’ll be driven into his videos and will feel like being part of those situations. And the videos are so much fun.


LEVEL: beginner, accompanied by some English, fun dialogues where one speaks Spanish and the other one speaks English and Spanish


If you feel bored or unmotivated, just watch a series from Señor Jordan’s channel and learn Spanish with him. He’ll for sure bring you in a good mood.

His videos are fun and engaging, covering basics for beginners. He also explains a lot of grammar, but he’ll make you forget you are actually learning it.

On this channel, he creates a little conversation with his friend, who corrects his Spanish. This way, he points out the differences between English and Spanish and makes you understand Spanish more in detail.

4. Soap Operas – Telenovelas

Last but not least, I have 2 soap operas for you, in Spanish, telenovelas. You can watch various episodes with similar stories. One of them is more about travel, and the other one is very similar to the American show Friends.


LEVEL: beginners, with slow and simple Spanish mixed with English explanations of the story happenings


NUMBER OF EPISODES: 52 episodes divided into 2 parts (1 – 26, and 27 – 52)

This Spanish soap opera, or telenovela, will help you work on your listening, speaking, and comprehension skills. It introduces you to the culture of Hispanic countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

You’ll hear and practice several accents and listen to exciting stories. The main character, Raquel, has to find a secret and travels to these countries. Get on the big adventure with her and help her to reveal these secrets.

The episodes have many English explanations about the scenes and what is happening in the background of the story. The actual dialogues or monologues from Raquel are in Spanish. Her language is straightforward and slow to make it understandable for beginners. They even show you sentences the character says in the video.


LEVEL: beginners, simple and slow language

ACCENT: Spain, Latin American countries

NUMBER OF EPISODES: 13 episodes (each takes approx. 20 minutes)

Similar to the American show ‘Friends’ in English. It is a bit cheesy, and I personally don’t like this type of show, but for learning a language, it’

s just perfect. I am more focusing on the words and sentences the people are saying rather than the characters and the happening itself.

Here you have it, the best way to learn Spanish online for free with great Youtube channels and soap operas.. Remember that it isn’t important to understand all of it. Just take it easy. You’re already learning by watching and listening to the content. Have fun and learn some new vocabulary, watching something that you like.

More Tips For Spanish Learning

This article is a part of the language resources I am giving you to learn a language for travel. Find out more about the most important skill of language learning and get more language resources to improve your listening, reading, vocabulary, and speaking.

Go to my language blog for more tips on language learning. You’ll get tips on how to improve your language skills. Also, see how to learn a language by yourself and set achievable language learning goals. Eventually, learn how to practice language with native speakers.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start with learning, check out the best language learning method for adults.

Go to my Spanish section for more resources to learn the Spanish language.

Get My Language Travel Notebook

Get my Language Travel Notebook, where you can write down new vocabulary and take it with you on your travel journey once you practice the language spoken in the country you will travel to.

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Spanish Guide To Order Food

How would it be being in a Spanish-speaking country and actually speaking Spanish? I’ve designed Spanish sheets for you that will help you do so, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Get my Spanish guide on how to order food in Spanish for free. You’ll get an exact dialogue for what the waiter says and how you can order food and drinks in Spanish.

Learn it and speak Spanish like a pro when traveling in Spain or Latin America.

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