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Nicaragua is amazing. We were exploring Peru with my boyfriend, and his dream was always to stay for a couple of days on a remote island full of palms and coconut trees. So he started looking for it on the internet.

The idea was to find a remote and less-known island to meet locals and enjoy the real stuff, not the touristy resorts and beaches.

After a month, he found the Corn Islands… while there was a little bit of information about these islands on the internet, the directions weren’t clear on how to actually get there and how they truly are.

As two adventurous souls, we set the goal to travel to Nicaragua and explore this less known land. So we booked our flights and began our journey.

We stayed in the Little Corn Island for 20 days, visited the Big Corn Island, and after, explored the entire Nicaragua for over 2 weeks.

Here are all my tips for visiting Nicaragua, which I 100% recommend visiting.

Nicaragua backpacking itinerary 7 days

Best Of Nicagua Itinerary: 7 Days with Tips & Map

First, take this itinerary to explore the highlights of Nicaragua and experience the best activities.

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Nicaragua Travel Essentials

Nicaragua is unlike any other country. Stunning beaches, vast rain forests, many active volcanoes, on which you can also experience volcano boarding, unique to Nicaragua, delicious food and amazing culture.

I think it’s a big competitor to the nearby Costa Rica, which everyone visits. You should definitely try it and travel to Nicaragua to experience even more of what the rest of Central America offers.

In this section, I have the essential travel tips for safety, the best places to visit, where to stay, and how to get around.


Ometepe Island

Ometepe is a small jungle island in the middle of Lake Cocibolca, the largest lake in Central America. Not only that, but it’s also the largest freshwater island in the world and the only freshwater lake that has sharks (as locals claim).

So yeah, it’s pretty amazing. You’ll experience the real Nicaragua driving around the island on a scooter, swimming in Ojo de Agua, and hiking one of the highest volcanoes in the country (the island has volcanic origin).

Get my travel tips for visiting Ometepe below:

Nicaragua & Other Countries

If you need inspiration about getting to Nicaragua from nearby countries, check out this section.

See how to get from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, what documents you need to enter Nicaragua, and how to handle the entire border crossing process.