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I have yet to hear from anyone traveling to North Macedonia. And that’s the best thing that excited me about travel – setting off and exploring a completely new country to make up my mind about its culture and people.

That’s what I did with North Macedonia. I was curious to see how it truly is and learn about its history.

So I booked my tickets, packed my travel backpack, and set off on a big adventure to one of the most beautiful Balkan countries: North Macedonia.

I was positively surprised and loved every single moment of my trip. It has so many beautiful and unique sights that are worth seeing.

I want to inspire you to explore this new country where tourism is still evolving. Pack your suitcase – we’re heading to North Macedonia.

Let’s plan your adventure together!

North Macedonia itinerary 7, 8, 9, 10 days

Best Of North Macedonia Itinerary For 7 – 10 Days

Follow my North Macedonia itinerary and explore the highlights of this amazing country. Learn about its history and culture with this road trip and my ideas.

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North Macedonian Travel Essentials

North Macedonia is a small country, yet it offers so much, from wine tasting to exciting history, delicious food and drinks, stunning mountains and hiking trails, and the beautiful Lake Ohrid.

In this section, I’m giving you the best places I recommend visiting in the country. It offers some great alternatives to the travel hotspots in other European countries.

If you want to enjoy lakes, water sports, and boat trips, travel to Lake Ohrid instead of packed Croatia or Italy.

If you want to eat well – North Macedonia has got you, too. Let’s explore what the country offers and get further tips for getting around in this section: