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Portugal wasn’t always on the top of my travel list. Don’t ask me why, maybe because it’s just on the other side of Europe, slightly off the reach. Even though I lived in Spain for over 2 years, I was busy working and exploring the stunning Spanish countryside and never made it to Portugal.

But one day, I decided to pack my backpack and set off on a big adventure – complete Camino Portuguese, a famous pilgrimage leading to Santiago de Compostela.

The regular pilgrimage takes 14 days and starts in Porto. But you can also start in Lisbon. So I said to myself, why not start in Lisbon to explore even more of Portugal on foot? I’m a bit crazy, I admit…

So I walked through Portugal from Lisbon via Fatima and Coimbra to Porto and further up alongside the west coast to the Caminha, Spanish border. I visited many places on the way, met many locals, and enjoyed the culture and food in each place.

Afterward, we spent over 10 days traveling around the Algarve in southern Portugal with my boyfriend, visiting its stunning places and beaches.

So, I’ve compiled all my experiences traveling around Portugal into the articles.

Let’s explore Portugal together!

Portugal itinerary 10 days

Best Of Portugal Itinerary:
10 Days In Portugal

Take my Portugal itinerary and explore the highlights of Portugal in 10 days.

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Portugal Travel Essentials

In this section, I’ll reveal the best places I recommend in Portugal, its cities, activities, and beaches I suggest visiting.

I absolutely love Porto; it’s my favorite city in Portugal, so make sure to add it to your itinerary. Besides, the surroundings of the city with the lovely Douro Valley and delicious Porto wine will capture your heart.

Then you also have to visit the Algarve. I loved walking alongside the coastline, seeing unique rock formations, and chilling in some of the best beaches in Portugal.

Other places I highly recommend are Sintra, Viana do Castelo, and Braga.

It’s a great country; people are very friendly, and the coffee and food are delicious. So let’s plan your adventure here:

Portugal & Other Countries

Portugal is one of the places in Europe with pleasant weather, even during the winter. While it not might be for sunbathing nor swimming, it’s sunny and you can escape the snow on the coastline.

Besides, creating an itinerary to visit Portugal (Algarve) and the impressive Andalusia region in Spain is a great idea.

So, in this section, I’ll give you some tips on traveling to Portugal and other European countries.