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Slovakia itinerary 8 days

Welcome to Slovakia, a central European country full of surprises and treasures. I’m from Slovakia, lived there for the first 18 years of my life, and visited places on this itinerary multiple times. I was thinking about what would make you visit this awesome country, so I’ve picked the highlights and created this 8-day itinerary through Slovakia for you.

It’ll show you the most beautiful places, bring you closer to the culture and traditions, you’ll get to taste local food, and enjoy some hiking trails in my favorite place – The High Tatras Mountains.

Are you ready to experience one of the most beautiful European countries? Let’s get started.

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Overview Of The Slovakia Itinerary & Map

Here is an overview of this itinerary for Slovakia with a map for your reference. Save it and navigate the country during your road trip.

2.Bratislava ⇒ Čičmany ⇒ Rajecké Teplice
3.Rajecké Teplice ⇒ Salaš Krajinka ⇒ Demänovská Cave of Liberty ⇒ Liptovský Ján
4.Liptovský Ján ⇒ High Tatras (Štrbské Pleso)
5.Hiking in the High Tatras Mountains
6.High Tatras ⇒ Spiš Castle ⇒ Slovakian Paradise
7.Hiking in the Slovakian Paradise (Suchá Belá Gorge)
8.Salaš Zbojská ⇒ Banská Štiavnica ⇒ Bratislava

How To Get Around Slovakia & Make This Itinerary

The best way to get around Slovakia is by car. There are also trains and buses, but they aren’t reliable. Trains often have significant delays and will only take you to major cities in the country. Buses will get you almost everywhere, but it takes a long time, so you would lose a lot of time.

Having a car will get you to all the hidden gems in Slovakia and allow you to visit what you want.

So, if you want to make this itinerary through Slovakia, rent a car in Bratislava for 7 days. Do so on day 2. of this itinerary. You’ll return it in Bratislava on day 8.


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The day before you start our itinerary, arrive in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The flights to Bratislava are usually more expensive. I recommend flying to nearby airports and then taking a train or a bus to Slovakia, Bratislava.

The nearest and most accessible airport near Bratislava is the Vienna Airport. The flights are cheap, so you can fly to Vienna, take a direct bus or train, and travel to Bratislava.

Alternatively, if you are in the Czech Republic, visiting Prague, you can easily take a train or a bus to Bratislava. The connections are great and affordable.

PRO TIP: My favorite bus and train company in Central Europe is Regiojet. So check their rates for connections to Slovakia.

Book a train to Bratislava via Trainline (best rates).

Check out bus connections to Bratislava via Busbud.

Slovakia itinerary 8 days Bratislava
Bratislava – Slovakia

Where To Stay In Bratislava: My TOP TIPS For Accommodation

Check in to your accommodation in Bratislava in the evening and enjoy the first impressions of the Slovakian capital.

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Let our itinerary start in Bratislava. We will kick the tour off with the sightseeing of the Slovakian capital. Below, I’m giving you some quick facts about Bratislava and things to do.

Quick Facts About Bratislava

Located at the border with Austria (15 15-minute drive) and Hungary, Bratislava is the only capital in the world close to the borders of 2 countries.

The Czech Republic is also not that far away, only 45-minute drive from Bratislava, so we might say that the Slovakian capital stands at the border of 3 countries.

The city’s name has not always been Bratislava. It only adopted this name in 1919. Before, the town was called Pressburg.

Only in 1993 Bratislava became an independent capital of the Slovakian Republic. Back then, Slovakia used to be part of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was a centralized country, and the main capital city was Prague.

Bratislava and UFO Restaurant
Bratislava & UFO Restaurant

Sightseeing In Bratislava

🔅 Bratislava Castle
🔅 Michael’s Gate
🔅 St. Martin’s Cathedral
🔅 Bratislava Old Town
🔅 UFO Restaurant & Viewing Point
🔅 Danube River Promenade

🔅 Bratislava Castle

Under Queen Maria Theresa, Bratislava Castle became a famous royal seat. It was built in the 9th century and followed almost every architectural style. It used to be a Gothic castle. In 1562, it was reconstructed as a Baroque castle and later became a Renaissance castle. 

🔅 Michael’s Gate

It’s the only Gate that has been preserved from the medieval city walls. On the top of the tower, there is a statue of St. Michael and the dragon. The building hosts an exposition of weapons.

🔅 St. Martin’s Cathedral

Not only is it the largest church in Bratislava, but also one of the oldest ones. Back in the times of the Kingdom of Hungary, the church was used for coronation purposes.

🔅 Bratislava Old Town

Stroll through the old town’s streets and enjoy good Slovakian food (such as bryndzove halusky). Get an ice cream at – Ice Saloon Luculus. I also have a little game for you here – while walking through the town, try to find an icon of Bratislava on the street: waterman.

🔅 UFO Restaurant

Visit UFO for amazing views of Bratislava Castle, the entire city, and its surroundings. I love this restaurant. It’s a perfect place for a date night. You can only visit it for the views and don’t have to eat if you don’t want to. Or have a cocktail with stunning views of the Slovakian capital at the start of your road trip.

🔅 Danube River Promenade

Walk on the Danube promenade. It’s a beautiful romantic walk, and you can do so with a visit to the UFO.

Bratislava Guided Tour

Join this guided tour of Bratislava to learn more about its history and the local culture with a local.

Where To Eat In Bratislava

  • Best ice creamIce Saloon Luculus in the Old Town of Bratislava
  • Buchtaren – to try traditional Slovakian dish ‘Buchta’
  • Bratislava Flagship – for traditional Slovakian cuisine

Buchta is kind of like a giant dumpling, a traditional Slovakian dish. It’s usually sweet, but here, they also make savoury ‘buchta’. You have to try, it’s super delicious.

After seeing Bratislava today, you can go to the Bratislava Flagship for a traditional Slovakian lunch or dinner.

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Good morning to Bratislava. I hope you slept well. Today, we are heading off on a real Slovakian adventure. We’ll drive north to explore some unique places.

You’ll drive through the highway initially and then follow smaller roads, which also very nice. We will first stop in a traditional picturesque Slovakian village.

Distance Bratislava ⇒ Čičmany: 1 hour & 55 minutes by car (175 km/108 miles)

On the way to Čičmany, you can visit one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia. It’s located in Trenčín city. You can stop there for a good cup of coffee (there are some great coffee shops), or a donut on the main square.

Visit Trenčiansky Castle and then continue to Čičmany.


Here in Čičmany village, the houses are built from black timber, decorated with traditional patterns, painted in white lime on each of these houses. It’s a perfect showcase of Slovakian folk art.

Locals started to paint their wooden houses with white lime as it helped preserve them. As they loved the design, they eventually painted almost all the houses here.

Slovakia itinerary 8 days Cicmany
Čičmany traditional Slovakian village

Park your car and enjoy a nice walk through this small village. You can get some coffee and food at a local restaurant. Then continue your journey to Rajecká Lesná. You have driven the longest ride for today. The next 2 stops are very close to Čičmany, so you don’t have to hurry up.

Distance Čičmany ⇒ Rajecká Lesná: 16 minutes by car (15 km/9 miles)

Rajecká Lesná

I’ve brought you to this small Slovakian village to see the carved wooden Bethlehem. Jozef Pekara, a Slovakian carpenter, carved this Bethlehem, and it took him 15 years to finish it.

He began the construction and carving process back in 1980. As we know it, Bethlehem displays the birth of Jesus Christ and captures Bethlehem’s atmosphere, from where the story comes.

This wooden Bethlehem has all together 300 figures, and many of them are animated. It’s a gorgeous artwork that you shouldn’t miss in your Slovakian itinerary. You can buy the tickets on the spot. 

It’s 8.5 metres long, 2.5 metres wide, and 3 metres high, making it one of the largest carved Betlehems in Europe.

After this small excursion, let’s drive slightly further to finish the day at the local thermal Spa.

Distance Rajecká Lesná ⇒ Rajecké Teplice: 14 minutes by car (16 km/10 miles)

Rajecké Teplice & Thermal Spa

You’ll end the day in the Spa town of Rajecké Teplice. Enjoy the evening in the thermal baths, go for a walk around the nearby Swan Lake, and soak up the atmosphere.

You can also stay at the Aphrodite Palace that’s connected to the thermal baths.

FUN FACT: Rajec, apart from being a town, is also Slovakian mineral water that comes from this region. If you want to try, you can get it in any supermarket.

Where To Stay In Rajecké Teplice: My TOP TIPS For Accommodation

PENSION FLAMM budget-friendly apartments
APHRODITE PALACEluxury hotel with thermal spa

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I hope you had a lovely relaxing time yesterday at the Spa and you’re ready to drive further north to one of the most beautiful Slovakian regions. Its name is Liptov, and it offers many beautiful nature spots and typical Slovakian villages.

As our first stop, we head to a traditional Slovakian village with local food and animals. Are you ready to experience how the Slovakian shepherds live?

Distance Rajecké Teplice ⇒ Salaš Krajinka: 1 hour by car (70 km/43 miles)

Salaš Krajinka

Experience the life of Slovakian shepherds in Salaš Krajinka (landscape sheds). You will learn how they treat the sheep and process the sheep milk by hand into the traditional Slovakian cheese – bryndza.

Taste and buy various types of cheese at the local cottages and eat some Slovakian dishes at the local restaurant. This place is fantastic and perfectly reflects our Slovakian culture.

Slovakia road trip itinerary 8 days Salas Krajinka
Salaš Krajinka

After, we’ll continue and reach the Low Tatras mountains region, with spectacular nature and many highlights to see. One of them is the Demänovská Valley with its caves.

Distance Salaš Krajinka ⇒ Demänovská Cave of Liberty: 36 minutes by car (40 km/25 miles)

Demänovská Valley & Cave Of Liberty

Demänovská Valley is one of the most visited places in Slovakia. Not only is it a great hiking and skiing region, but it’s also home to the longest cave system in Slovakia.

We’ll visit one of the caves today. Come on a tour and watch the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. You’ll also see the karst ponds and the underground River Demänovka. Learn about the history and creation of this cave system on a guided tour.

Note that there are time slots for the guided tour inside the cave. It’s not possible to enter the cave individually. You can book it on the spot.

See the time slots for the tour below:

You can only pay cash (EUR), they don’t accept card payments.

Demanovska Cave of Liberty
Demänovska Cave of Liberty: Information about visit & Prices

After you explore the caves, let’s head to our accommodation for the night. You can either stay in Demänovská Valley or drive to Liptovský Ján to sleep in a traditional Liptov chalet.

Distance Demänovská Cave of Liberty ⇒ Liptovský Ján: 16 minutes by car (17 km/10 miles)

Liptovský Ján

Drive to Liptovský Ján. It’s a charming place with the traditional atmosphere of the Slovakian region, Liptov. Liptov is my favorite Slovakian region – it also perfectly reflects Slovakian culture and traditions.

HOTEL RECOMMENDATION: Stay at the Hotel Liptovský Dvor – it has many separate wooden chalets where you can spend the night. It’s a great experience.

If you want to stay in Demänovska Valley, I recommend booking Hotel Tri Studničky.

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Good morning to the Liptov region. Let’s continue our journey on the Slovakian itinerary. We’ll leave the Low Tatras mountains and drive to Slovakia’s most beautiful spot – the High Tatras Mountain Range.

It’s unique for its mountain lakes, unspoiled nature with many waterfalls, and incredible hiking trails. Our stop is called Štrbské Pleso. It’s one of the mountain resorts in the High Tatras, where we stay overnight and enjoy the benefits of the Slovakian mountains.

Distance Liptovský Ján ⇒ Štbrské Pleso: 32 minutes by car (41 km/25 miles)

Štrbské Pleso, High Tatras

Let yourself have time to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of High Tatras fully. Today, you’ll have a free afternoon to explore Štrbské Pleso. Walk alongside the Štrbské Lake, further up where the ski slopes are, with some local markets. Enjoy and relax.

You’ll have the entire day in Štrbské Pleso, so if you want, you can explore other spots in the High Tatras in the afternoon.

Below, I’m giving you a few options for activities within the High Tatras.

Strbske Pleso High Tatras
Štrbské Pleso: High Tatras

Best Things To Do In The High Tatras

High Tatras has 3 main towns you can visit:

I think Štrbské Pleso offers the most activities and best hotels, so I recommend staying here for 2 nights and making it your base.

From Starý Smokovec, you can head to Hrebienok, an excellent place with some activities. You can do some sliding on the hill.

In Tatranská Lomnica, you can ride a bobsled in summer, which is much fun.

You’ll get the most out of High Tatras by staying in Štrbské Pleso, walking around its lake, and enjoying wellness at your hotel. The next day, choose to hike to one of the mountain huts.

PRO TIP: One of my favorite things is to take a train alongside the entire High Tatras mountain range. It starts in Štrbské Pleso and goes through Starý Smokovec to Tatranská Lomnica. It’s a pleasant journey, and it only costs 4 Euros for the entire day.

Where To Stay In HIGH TATRAS – Štrbské Pleso: My TOP TIPS For Accommodation

APLEND LAKE RESORTbudget-friendly hotel
GRAND HOTEL KEMPINSKIluxury hotel at the lake (best option)


Today, we are going on a fantastic hiking tour. Get a good breakfast to gain energy for the track.

We’ll walk through the forests and a rocky trail of High Tatras and visit a mountain chalet with a spectacular lake surrounded by rocks and mountains. The place is called Popradské Pleso.

This hiking trail is easy. You don’t have to be especially fit to reach our chalet destination.

Slovakia Travel Voices of Travel
Popradské Pleso – your hiking destination today, High Tratras

Hiking Trail From Štrbské Pleso To Popradské Pleso

Hiking signs, High Tatras Slovakia road trip
Hiking signs in High tatras, Slovakia

Start in Štrbské Pleso town, from where head towards the Štrbské Lake (Štrbské Pleso). Just before the lake, you’ll have to turn right. Walk slightly further on the road until you reach a forest. This is where our hiking trail starts.

You’ll walk to the Popradské Pleso – don’t worry, there is no way to get lost. Hiking signs on the way (see the photo) tell you how far your destination is and how long you still have to walk.

Just make sure you are checking ‘Popradské Pleso.’ That’s your destination.

Distance hiking trail Štrbské Pleso ⇒ Popradské Pleso: approx. 1 hours on foot (5 km/3 miles)

Once you reach the Popradské Pleso, there is a chalet, a traditional Slovakian hiking hut, where you can get lunch and snacks. After, enjoy the walk around Popradské Lake. It has a path you can follow around.

After, let’s head back to Štrbské Pleso town. Enjoy your afternoon in the High Tatras, relax, and soak up the local atmosphere.

Hiking Trails In The High Tatras

I’ve chosen the easiest hiking route to Popradské Pleso for you. But if you want to challenge yourself and want to hike further up to the mountains, you can also visit the following mountain huts as a day trip from Štrbské Pleso:

🔅 Terýho Chata (starting point is Hrebienok)
🔅 Zbojnícka Chata (starting point is Hrebienok)
🔅 Chata Pri Zelenom Plese (starting point is Tatranska Lomnica)

Take a train in the morning from Štrbské Pleso to one of the starting points, and you can enjoy these hiking trails, too.

Or check out other best hiking trails in High Tatras and choose the one you’d love to do.

Slovakia itinerary hiking High Tatras
Me hiking in the High Tatras Slovakia

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Good morning to the High Tatras. Take your time and have breakfast; today, we have a pleasant drive, visiting two beautiful things.

In the morning, we’ll stay in the High Tatras and visit the sidewalk atop the trees with spectacular views. The place is called Bachledka Sidewalk on the top of the trees.

Distance Štrbské Pleso ⇒ Bachledka Tree-Top Sidewalk: 50 minutes by car (38 km/23 miles)

Bachledka Tree-Top Sidewalk

Park the car in the nearby parking place. Let’s enjoy the spectacular tree-top walk on a wooden trail. It’s 1.2 kilometers (0.7 miles) long, and on the top, you will get stunning views of the entire region.

Bachledka Tree Top Walk
Bachledka Tree Top Walk, High Tatras

Let’s continue our Slovakia road trip itinerary. We will now pass to another Slovakian region. We are about to visit one of the most beautiful Slovakian castles.

Distance Bachledka Tree-Top Sidewalk ⇒ Spišský Castle: 1 hour by car (66 km/41 miles)

Spišský Castle

Welcome to Spišský Castle. Its construction started in the 12th century. In 1780, the castle was damaged by a fire, and since then, it has been regarded as a castle ruin.

Nevertheless, today, the castle ruin looks amazing and belongs to the largest ones in Central Europe. There is an educational trail with 8 stations to learn more about the castle ruins and surroundings.

Spišský Castle
Spišský Castle

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In the afternoon, we’ll continue our road trip to another picturesque Slovakian region, the Slovakian Paradise (Slovenský Raj). The village we’ll stay overnight in Slovakian Paradise is called Podlesok.

Distance Spišský Castle ⇒ Podlesok (Slovakian Paradise): 30 minutes by car (36 km/22 miles)

Podlesok – Slovakian Paradise

You can get accommodation in the little village, Podlesok, in Slovakian Paradise.

I recommend you stay at the Autocamping Podlesok. They have chalets which you can book for a night. Alternatively, you can also go camping and sleep in a tent.

Tomorrow, we’ll do a beautiful walk through Slovakian Paradise, starting right here in Podlesok.

Slovensky Raj Podlesok Accommodation
Slovakian Paradise – Podlesok Accommodation

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Today, we’ll experience the authentic atmosphere of the Slovakian Paradise. It has forest walks, gorges, waterfalls, and stunning views. We’ll do a small hike through the Suchá Belá Gorge.

Suchá Belá Gorge

The Suchá Belá Gorge is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) long walk.

You will start in Podlesok, where you can leave the car and walk through the Gorge full of ladders and waterfalls. When you begin, follow the green hiking signs.

Once you reach the end of the trail, you’ll return to Podlesok, where you started. On the way back, you will follow the red and yellow hiking signs.

Enjoy the spectacular walk through the ladders, next to this gorge’s waterfalls and green forests.

The entire walk will take you between 3 hours 30 minutes up to 4 hours of walking time.

In the afternoon, let’s get back to the car and drive slightly further to another highlight of Slovakia.

Distance Podlesok ⇒ Salaš Zbojská: 1 hour & 20 minutes by car (75 km/46 miles)

Salaš Zbojská

Salaš Zbojská is another beautiful Salaš you can visit during your Slovakia Road Trip and a great place to get delicious Slovakian food. It is a quiet, charming place where you will soak up the real Slovakian atmosphere. You can also sleep here tonight.

Write them an email and book accommodation.

Alternatively, just call them and book a room or a chalet. I recommend booking a traditional wooden chalet for the night.

The email address: zbojska@zbojska.sk
Phone number: +421 910 418 788

Get further information about Salaš Zbojská on their wbesite. Unfortunately, the website is only in Slovak language, that’s why I suggest you wirte an email or call for additional information.

Slovakia itinerary 8 days Salas Zbojska
Salaš Zbojská


Our Slovakia road trip is coming to an end. But we still have one great stop before driving back to Bratislava.

In the morning, enjoy the last moments in Salaš Zbojská with its beautiful nature.

For breakfast, you have to try the local Slovakian national sweet bread: BUCHTA. Here in Salaš Zbojská, they bake fresh traditional Buchta with various flavors, and they are one of the best in Slovakia.

Buchta Salas Zbojska traditional Slovakian village
Buchta – Salaš Zbojská traditional Slovakian village

Once you are ready, let’s hit the road again. We’ll visit one of the most significant cities in Slovakia – Banská Štiavnica.

Distance Salaš Zbojská ⇒ Banská Štiavnica: 1 hour & 40 minutes by car (108 km/67 miles)

Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica is one of the most beautiful Slovakian cities, famous for the mining industry. It’s also called Silver Town, as silver was the primary raw material mined here.

In 1762, Maria Teresa established a University in this city with a center for mining technology and science. It was the first University of that kind in Europe.

Walk through its cute streets and get some lunch.

After that, I recommend you visit the mine called Štôlňa Michal. It’s a very cool experience, and you’ll learn how they used to mine here.

Slovakia itinerary 8 days Banska Stiavnica
Banská Štiavnica

In the afternoon, we’ll drive back to the capital of Slovakia, where we started our itinerary. Enjoy the most out of the beautiful nature around.

Distance Banská Štiavnica ⇒ Bratislava: 2 hour by car (174 km/108 miles)

This is the end of our road trip through Slovakia. Return your car to Bratislava and head to other destinations. You can make this Austria road trip itinerary, visit Budapest in Hungary, or follow my Czech Republic road trip.

Practical Tips For Visiting Slovakia

To help you plan your visit even more, I’ve got some tips for visiting Slovakia. See when the best time to visit is, what budget you’ll need for this itinerary, and whether the country is safe to visit.

How Many Days Are Enough For Slovakia?

8 days is the perfect amount to explore Slovakia. You’ll have time to immerse into the culture and traditions, go hiking in the High Tatras, and spend some time in beautiful thermal baths.

The minimum time to spend in Slovakia is 3 days. 10 days is enough to explore the highlights of the country.

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Best Time To Visit Slovakia

The best times to visit Slovakia are May, June, September, and October. These months are less crowded, and locals are at school/work, so you’ll have the places for yourself.

The weather is usually great, and temperatures range between 18°C (64°F) and 23°C (73°F) these months.

If you want to go hiking in the High Tatras, visit the last 2 weeks of June until later September. Otherwise, the hiking trails will be closed.

Budget You’ll Need To Visit Slovakia

The budget for an 8-day Slovakian itinerary per person (mid-range traveler) is $760. This is a very realistic budget for mid-range travelers who want to stay in nice hotels, rent a car to travel conveniently, and enjoy each location’s activities.

Here is a breakdown of this itinerary budget for each travel category:

Accommodation: $50 per night (on average) in a nice mid-range hotel = $400 per person
Rental Car: $80 for 7 days = $80 (couple)
Food & Drinks: $25 per day p.p. = $200 per person
Activities & Attractions: approx $15 per person = $120 per person

So the total budget for a 8-day trip to Slovakia, without restricting yourself too much and enjoying everything the country offers, is $760 per person.

Budget Breakdown For Each Traveler Type

Here is a quick overview of a budget for every type of traveler:

➡ 8-day itinerary budget for backpackers and travelers on the budget: $420
➡ 8-day itinerary budget for mid-range travelers: $760
➡ 8-day itinerary budget for luxury travelers: up to $1100

NOTE: This is an approximate budget based on my calculations and spending following this 8-day trip in Slovakia. The budget will vary based on every traveler’s preferences.

Is Slovakia Safe?

Yes, Slovakia is a safe country to visit. It has been ranked #26 on the Global Peace Index, so it belongs to the safest countries in the world.

There is not much to be afraid of. If you want to feel extra safe, don’t walk outside at night alone to avoid scams.

In the High Tatras, there are bears that you should pay attention to. But I’m only telling you so that you know. The possibility of spotting a bear is not so high.


I’ve also answered some frequently asked questions about Slovakia, so check the answers below.

Is Slovakia A Cheap Country To Visit?

Yes, Slovakia is a relatively cheap country to visit. It belongs to one of the cheapest countries in Europe. As a budget traveler, you can plan to spend around $40 per day, and as a mid-range traveler, you’ll spend around $80 a day.

Is Slovakia A First World Country?

No. Slovakia is a second-world country. It used to be a puppet state of the Soviet Union and was influenced by the communist regime. The development of the economy and industries has been slower than in other Western countries.

Yet, the country has been thriving since 2000, when it joined the European Union, and the economy grew stronger after it also adopted the EURO.

Is It Easy To Travel Around Slovakia?

Yes, it’s easy to travel around Slovakia. You can take trains and buses, and the transportation is super affordable. The best way to get around is by car. It’ll give you flexibility and take you to places inaccessible by public transport.

How Many Days Do You Need To See Bratislava?

1 day is enough for Bratislava. You can easily explore the old town with the castle and walk alongside the Danube River within a day.

Spend 2 or 3 days if you want to make some day trips from Bratislava, such as visiting the Devin Castle, doing wine-tasting, or going hiking in the Lesser Fatra Mountains.

Wrap-Up: Slovakia Itinerary

This is my Slovakian itinerary for you. Put it on your travel bucket list, as it offers unique cultures, traditions, and places not many people have seen yet. I’m sure you’ll have a great trip. Take your time between the destinations, enjoy the scenery and everything this beautiful country offers.

If you have any questions, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you or design a customized travel itinerary for your trip.

Happy Travels!

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About the author: Nicoletta is a travel enthusiast and passionate language learner. While traveling, she loves to connect with locals using her language skills to learn about new cultures. Look for her skiing, hiking in the mountains, or exploring new destinations as she designs travel itineraries for her clients.

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      That’s awesome that you’ve been to Slovakia. Bratislava is just a ‘must to see place’ once you are there, but definitely not the highlight. There are many more beautiful corners in the country worth visiting. I hope you can get inspiration for your next trip, Linda ;).

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    I did a petsit in Slovenia and everybody kept asking me, “You mean Slovakia?” And then I was in Vienna and SO close to Slovakia. But I ran out of time and didn’t get there. Now that I read your article and see your very cool photos, I regret missing Slovakia even more! Eastern Europe is filled with hidden gems! Thanks for an inspiring article!

    1. Nicoletta

      I am glad the itinerary inspired you, Barbara. I highly recommend you to come back. As you said, Eastern Europe has these hidden gems barely anyone talks about. That is why I want to show you guys more of these countries so that people can explore their beauty. Let me know once you travel to Slovakia :).

  3. Thank you for a grand tour of Slovakia, its Old Town and cathedral in Bratislava, the capital, and around the country to see the villages, caves, castle ruins, and the gorge trail for a taste of Slovakian culture.

    1. Nicoletta

      You’re very welcome, Carol 😉 :).

  4. Nicole

    What a great itinerary. You’ve given me lots of mrs ideas. We are heading to the Tatras hiking and climbing next year and fancy exploring more

    1. Nicoletta

      I am glad, Nicole. That’s amazing that you are going to High Tatras. If you love hiking, then I also recommend to go up to the Rysy Hut, Teryho Hut, or Zelene Pleso Hut. These are wonderful hikes, but more for advanced hikers :).

  5. Rob

    Really good guide! People just usually visit Bratislava for a day but clearly from this guide there is a lot more to the country!

    1. Nicoletta

      Thanks Rob. Yes, there is a lot more and I want people to know about it. Bratislava only, doesn’t reflect Slovakia in a real picture :).

  6. Pauline

    Thanks for this great itinerary! This roadtrip looks perfect! I think my highlight would be the cave of freedom.

    1. Nicoletta

      Yes, these are the top things – Cave of Freedom and also High Tatras :).

  7. Slovakia is a country I really do not know enough about. Apart from Bratislava, I have not heard of any of the other cities that you mention! When I make it to Slovakia, I would definitely want to do a road trip. The chalets in Liptovský Ján look so awesome, and are not expensive either. High Tatras will definitely be on my list too, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Nicoletta

      Thanks Medha, I am glad the itinerary inspired you. High Tatras is an amazing place, I am sure you will love it :). Let me know once you are there.

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