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Slovenia itinerary 5 days

Slovenia, surrounded by famous giant neighbors such as Croatia with its beach destinations, Hungary with stunning Budapest, and Italy with all its highlights, may be easily forgotten by travelers. Many people go to the nearby countries and popular places. It’s time to change it.

I went on a road trip through the country and visited all the highlights in a week, and I fell in love with Slovenia. Based on my experience traveling around, I’ve created this 5-day itinerary so you can also explore the best spots and skip the planning.

It offers spectacular mountains and national parks, beautiful cities, and interesting castles full of history, which will catch your attention.

Let’s explore Slovenia together.

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Overview Of The Slovenia Itinerary 5 Days

Here is an overview of this itinerary for you. Save it as a reference for your road trip.

1.LJUBLJANA: Explore Ljubljana, the capital.
2.VELIKA PLANINA: Experience local culture and traditions & sleep in a shepherd’s cottage in the mountains
3.LAKE BLED: Enjoy Lake Bled, Bled Castle & Bled Island
5.PIRAN & ADRIATIC COAST: Explore Piran, then rent a bike and ride alongside rhe coast visiting other cities such as Portonož and Koper.

Map Of The Slovenian Itinerary

Here is a map of this 5-day itinerary through Slovenia. Save it to your phone and navigate to the places once you travel:

How To Get To Slovenia

The best place to start your itinerary is the capital city of Ljubljana. It’s well-connected to other countries and cities around and overseas. You can either fly to Ljubljana, take a bus or a train. Here are my suggestions and common connections.

Flying To Slovenia

The most convenient way is to fly to Ljubljana, especially if you’re coming from overseas. You can also fly to the capital from other major European cities.

Get the best flight deals to Ljubljana via Skyscanner by clicking this link.

Getting To Slovenia By Bus

If you’re coming from nearby countries such as Austria, Croatia, Italy, or Hungary, you can also take a bus to Ljubljana.

Here are the best bus connections from other countries to Slovenia. The best and cheapest bus connections are with Flixbus, so be sure to select Flixbus company when booking your trip.

  • Trieste – Italy (2 hours)
  • Venice – Italy (3 hours)
  • Vienna – Austria (4 hours & 45 minutes)
  • Graz – Austria (2 hours & 40 minutes)
  • Zagreb – Croatia (2 hours)
  • Budapest – Hungary (5 hours & 50 minutes)

Check the best bus connections via Busbud here.

Getting To Slovenia By Train

Slovenia also has train connections to other cities in Europe. However, you’ll have to change the train often if you’re coming from a faraway destination. Yet, if you’re a train lover, you can also get to Ljubljana by train.

These are the best train connections to Ljubljana from other countries. They’re run by OBB, Austrian railways, and the best train you can take is Railjet:

  • Vienna – Austria (2 hours & 20 minutes): direct train
  • Trieste – Italy (2 hours & 40 minutes): direct train
  • Venice – Italy (2 – 3 hours): direct train
  • Zagreb – Croatia (2 hours & 10 minutes): direct train
  • Munich – Germany (6 hours): 1 change
  • Budapest – Hungary (9 hours): 2 changes

Get the best train deals and fastest connections via Trainline here.

How To Get Around Slovenia

The best way to get around Slovenia is by car. I designed this itinerary as a road trip, so you’ll rent a car in Ljubljana and see all the places by car. It’s the most convenient and flexible way to explore Slovenia.

PRO TIP: Rent a car for 3 or 4 days for this itinerary. You’ll start using it on day 2. and you can return it on day 4. in the evening in Koper or on the last day. You can’t return the car to Piran (where our itinerary ends), so you’ll have to stop in Koper and then make your way to Piran.


Rent A Car Via Discover Carsbest prices and big selection of car rentals.
PRO TIP: Check ratings of the company you choose before booking (ratings can be off). Go on Google, see ratings of the car rental company, then book on Discover Cars.

Buses & Trains In Slovenia

There are also buses and trains that run between major Slovenian destinations. However, you wouldn’t be very flexible and would have to stick to the schedule or might get stuck somewhere.

So, to have the best time, rent a car in Ljubljana and see Slovenia on a road trip.
If you want to get around Slovenia by bus or train, these are the 2 websites where you can check connections:

Buses Around Slovenia
Trains Around Slovenia


Take your time to arrive in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. First, check in to your accommodation and have a rest. Tomorrow, we’ll explore the city.

In the evening, you can head to the streets for drinks next to the river and Ljubljana’s bridges. Get your first impressions of the city.

Where To Stay In Ljubljana: My TOP TIPS For Accommodation

CENTER LJUBLJANA – budget-friendly
APARTMENTS HIŠA POD HRADOM – mid-range apartments


Welcome to the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Cute bridges, an impressive castle, fountains, and great desserts are all this place is about. Today, we’ll have the chance to explore it to the fullest.

Interesting Facts About Ljubljana

  • The city has its own elephant symbol since 1552, when it was found on the streets
  • Name Ljubljana comes from the Roman word ‘alluviana’, which stands for flooding river
  • It got an award from the European Green Capital in 2016
  • Its castle wasn’t only for nobility

Ljubljana is most famous for its Dragon Legend. Dragon here symbolizes courage, power, and grandeur.

This Dragon appears in the story of St. George, who was known as the patron of the castle chapel. St. George. It’s often depicted in frescoes riding a dragon or killing it with a spear. The Dragon symbolizes an ancient faith of Slovenian ancestors, which was later converted to Christianity.

So let’s do a walking tour of the city, visiting its highlights and treating yourself to some delicious sweets. Below, I am giving you suggestions for what you can explore.

Sightseeing In Ljubljana

🔅 Ljubljana Castle
🔅 Prešeren Square
🔅 Dragon Bridge
🔅 Butcher’s Bridge
🔅 Three Bridges
🔅 Central Market
🔅 Ljubljana Cathedral
🔅 Franciscan Church of Annunciation

Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days Ljubljana

🔅 Ljubljana Castle

As I mentioned above, Ljubljana’s Castle didn’t only serve the nobles. Indeed, it became a shelter for poor families until around 1963. Today, you can be part of a summer movie night at the castle and watch the city from above while sipping coffee or nice tea.

Learn more about the history of Ljubljana by taking a tour of the castle. You can reach it by taking a funicular from the city or walking up the hill. It’ll take you about 15 minutes on foot.

🔅 Prešeren Square

The main square in the Old Town of Ljubljana isn’t only a popular meeting and starting point of a walking tour. It became famous thanks to the poem ‘Zdravljica’ (‘A Toast’), which later became Slovenia’s national anthem. The square carries the poet’s name, France Prešeren, who wrote it.

🔅 Butcher’s Bridge

Butcher’s Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Lovers, is the main target for love lockers here in the town. But now, you might be asking, why is the Butcher’s Bridge associated with love? Yeah, that’s the controversial thing here.

Indeed, this Bridge was built to connect the Central Market with the other side of the river. Its architect built those pretty creepy statues, so you can imagine the atmosphere of butcher’s markets.

It’s very interesting to observe these creepy statues on such a romantic-themed bridge.

🔅 Three Bridges

The central bridge was vital as it connected north-western Europe with the south-eastern and the Balkan.

Between 1929 and 1932, the other side bridges were constructed for pedestrians by architect Jozef Plencik. There used to be metal railings on the side of the bridges, and Plevcik replaced them with massive stone balustrades and lamps.

The three bridges lead to the important crossroads of axes – the river axes and the axis running between Roznik and Castle hills.

🔅 Central Market

The market was designed back in the 1930s. Nowadays, people sell handicraftsherbsspices, fresh fruit and vegetables, and nuts. You’ll even find bakery stalls with freshly baked goods. It’s open every day except Sundays.

🔅 Ljubljana Cathedral

The cathedral comes from the 18th century. Its bronze door was added back in 1996 to honor Pope Paul John, who visited this place back in the year. Go inside and admire its stunning fresco paintings.

🔅 Franciscan Church of Annunciation

Until the 18th century, this church used to be a home for Augustinian Monks. Its red color symbolizes the Franciscan monastic order.

It was built between 1646 and 1660, and its monastery stands just at the corner with its library from the 13th century, with over 70,000 books. So check it out.


Take your time and stroll through the city and its tiny streets. After, enjoy a cup of coffee. Try an alternative to the Slovenian traditional Cream Cake, known as Kremšnita.’ 

This cake comes from Bled, so save it for later. But here in Ljubljana, you can try the version made with poppy seeds, quark, and nuts.

Tomorrow, we’ll make our way up to the stunning Slovenian mountains.

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Ljubljana Walking Tour

Book this guided food & wine of Ljubljana and learn about more stories and histories from a local + try local specialties.

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Good morning to Ljubljana. Even though there is a lot to explore in this city, 1 day is enough. Slovenia has more stunning places you shouldn’t miss on your road trip itinerary. So, let’s set off and explore them.

Today, we’ll drive north to the Slovenian mountains. We’ll stay in beautiful nature, a traditional shepherd’s village, and experience the life of shepherds in reality.

Distance Ljubljana ⇒ Kamništka Bistrica: 40 minutes by car (36 km/22 miles)

How To Get To Velika Planina From Ljubljana

First, drive from the capital to Kamniška Bistrica. You can stop in Kamnik on the way. It’s a lovely town, where you can buy food for a picnic and stay in the mountains. Also, don’t forget to get some delicacies from a local bakery, such as Kremšnita cake, which can’t be missing from your Slovenian picnic basket.

Kamnik town has a little castle built on the hill (Mali Grad). Walk up and enjoy the stunning views of the Alps and valleys.

After, you can continue driving through the Kamniška Bistrica River Valley until you reach Kamništka Bistrica. There is a parking place, where you’ll leave the car for a night.

Then, take a cable car up the mountain, followed by a chair lift. You can also walk up to the top, which would take around 50 minutes. And then…

You can buy tickets for the cable car and chair lift next to the parking place in Kamništka Bistrica.

Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days Velika Planina
Velika Planina

Velika Planina

Velka Planina is one of the few European places where you can still experience the traditional life of shepherds. This incredible spot in the mountains in northern Slovenia will capture your attention. It’s a meadow full of little wooden cottages that honestly feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

Shepherds have been coming here over the past decades to pasture the cattle, creating these cottages. Nowadays, there are many houses where you can stay overnight or employees are accommodated for a while.

So walk around, see how locals live here, and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also walk up to the Gradišče mountain, where you’ll get stunning views of the Slovenian Alps and might even spot Austria.

Stay for the night here and enjoy the rural life with stunning views.

Velika Planina
Velika Planina

Where To Stay In Velika Planina: My TOP TIPS For Accommodation


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I highly recommend you wake up for sunrise in this incredible village. Even better, take a coffee or tea with you and enjoy this place’s views, special atmosphere, and quietness. Absorb and be fascinated. Then have breakfast.

If you ever have enough, make your way down to Kamniška Bistrica (via chair lift & cable car).

After we’ll drive to the most famous location in Slovenia, Lake Bled.

Distance Kamništka Bistrica ⇒ Lake Bled: 53 minutes by car (64 km/39 miles)

Lake Bled

What would a visit to Slovenia be without Lake Bled on your itinerary? There are so many incredible things to do in Lake Bled. So let’s explore it together.

This place was very touristy, but it still had those unique vibes as I expected. It’s still worth seeing despite many visitors. Visiting Lake Bled is one of the best things to do in Slovenia, and I mean it.

Check in to your accommodation and head to the Lake. In the afternoon, take a boat and visit its island.

Bled Island & Traditional Pletna Ride

Bled Island is the only island in the entire country. You can visit it by taking a local boat called ‘Pletna.’ It’s one of the most typical things to do.

Enjoy the boat ride with stunning views of the Alps behind. On the island, you can visit the church and ring its bell – your wishes will come true. After, make your way to the restaurant and taste traditional Kremšnita Cake. It comes from Lake Bled, so you must try it here.

best things to do in Lake Bled ride traditional Pletna boat
Traditional Pletna Boat

The Church Bell Legend

Legend talks about a woman whose husband was killed by thieves. After she collected all silver and gold, she had to buy a bell. She came every day to the island of Lake Blade to pray for her husband.

When she finally got the bell, they decided to transport it to the island. However, the bell was so heavy that it sank into the lake with the boat.

She was so desperate and decided to leave Slovenia. After, she started a new life in Rome and became a nun. Once she died, a Pope blessed another bell and decided to send it to the Lake Bled island as a memory. Even since locals say that the church bell awards wishes to its visitors.

Lake Bled Castle

After, visit the castle on the hill right next to the lake. Drive up and then do a little tour.

The castle was first occupied by German King Henry II, who took the Bled region back in 1004. At that time, it only consisted of the Romanesque tower. After a few years, the local bishop extended the castle, building the fortified part for defensive purposes.

In 1511 was, the castle heavily damaged by an earthquake. But they rebuilt it into the original look. Today, you can visit the castle wine cellartower gallery with printing works, memorial room, and a museum.

Slovenia Lake Bled Voices of Travel
Lake Bled

Best Things To Do In Lake Bled

There are many more things you can do in Lake Bled. I also recommend hiking to the Mala Osojnica for great views. Or watch the sunset from Straza Hill near the lake.

You can also book outdoor activities like rafting, canyoning, or ziplining.

Click the image below and check out my article about the best things to do in Lake Bled. Choose the activities you want for the day.

Where To stay In Lake Bled: My TOP TIPS For Accommodation

VILLA MINT & LAVENDER – budget-friendly apartment
ADORA LUXURY HOTEL – luxury hotel

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Today in the morning, you can choose to visit Vintar Gorge. After, you’ can continue’ll driving south to Piran (our destination for today). On the way, you can visit Predjama Castle and then continue to Piran.

If you don’t want to visit Vintar Gorge and do a little hike, head straight down towards Predjama Castle. You can also visit Postojna Jama (cave) close to the castle.

Vintar Gorge

It’s a 1.6-kilometer-long gorge situated just a 10-minute drive from Lake Bled. It’s so much worth exploring. I highly recommend you see it.

You can drive there or stop at the local park (it costs 5 EUR). Or take a shuttle bus from Lake Bled directly to the Vintar Gorge. You can buy ticket for the gorge on the spot.

Right after the entrance to the gorge, you’ll spot a beautiful waterfall with its crystal clear blue waters, surrounded by hills and green forests. Follow the pathway alongside the gorge and feel the fresh air. In the end, you’ll come to the stunning Sum Waterfall.

Afterward, you’ll have to decide between two trails leading back to the entrance. You can choose. One is shorter but with some steep sections (45 minutes). The other one is much easier but takes longer (90 minutes).

Vintar Gorge
Vintar Gorge

After your hike, continue driving south, visiting Postojna Cave or Predjama Castle. If you still have a lot of time, you might see both before driving to Piran. Or only choose to see the castle from the outside and continue going to Piran.

Distance Lake Bled ⇒ Postojnska Jama: 1 hour & 4 minutes by car (104 km/64 miles)

Road Trip Via Triglav National Park

If you want to enjoy stunning scenery, drive from Lake Bled via Krajinska Gora, Vršič Pass, and Bovec to the Predjama Castle. It’s Slovenia’s most beautiful road trip and is highly worth the drive.

It’ll take you a lot of time to drive, but honestly, I would make the drive and see the Predjama Castle. You can skip Postojna Cave and drive from Predjama Castle directly to Piran.

best things to do in slovenia vrsic pass
Vrsic Pass

Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is part of the longest cave system in SloveniaRiver Pivka is responsible for all this beauty inside the cave, forming its karst limestone. Explore stunning stalagmites and stalactites during a tour. Also, see if you can spot the olm, a small human-fish animal endemic in the cave.

The tour starts with an incredible 4-kilometer-long train ride to take you inside the cake. After, you’ll explore the place on foot, seeing its natural wonders.

Predjama Castle

It’s one of the most exciting castles I’ve seen. It’s built into a cave, providing shelter to its inhabitants during a siege, danger, or war. The name already indicates where the castle was built. Predjama Castle in Slovenian means the castle in front of a cave.

Historians say that the castle was occupied by Erazem, who killed the commander of the Imperial army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So Erazem got into a conflict with the Habsburgs and needed to hide. He used the cave of the castle to get food supplies and resist the siege.

Nowadays, you can visit its museumdrawbridge over the riverdungeon, and a secret room at the top named Erazem’s Nook. You can even enter the cave below the castle between July and September.

Slovenia itinerary 5 days Predjama Castle
Me at the Predjama Castle

Drive To Piran

In the late afternoon, get to the car and make your way down south to your final destination for today. It’s a tiny town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, facing the Gulf of Trieste. Piran is one of the most charming places in Europe for me. So let’s go and explore it.

Distance Predjama Castle ⇒ Piran: 1 hour & 4 minutes by car (76 km/47 miles)

In the evening, check in to your accommodation. After, go to the city, do a little walk and have a delicious Mediterranean dinner. This time, some mussels, fried or grilled squids, or a seafood salad can’t be missing on your plate.

Where To Stay In Piran: My TOP TIPS For Accommodation

ROOM AT VACATION STATION – budget-friendly apartment
OLD PIRAN FISHERMEN’S HOUSE – mid-range apartment
HOTEL PIRAN – luxury hotel


Good morning to Piran. You might have the feeling that you just woke up in Venice. No wonder its Venetian-style buildings bring this strong feeling. And it’s not far from the truth. You’re just 30 kilometers from Italy.

Go to the Church of St. George for the best photos and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and its town. Go up to the bell tower for an even better experience.

Piran & Salt History

This town is also famous for its salt. Locals believe its salt has a particular texture, which is great for preparing and trading dishes. Even one Slovenian saying prides itself on salt: Piran is made of salt.

Piran’s salt is one of the major economic drivers of the town and the entire country.

The town also celebrates salt festivals three times a year. You can experience Slovenian culture and local cuisine by buying salt, wine, and olive oil. These festivals mainly picture the saltmaking process, and you can get the chance to learn more about its uniqueness.

Besides walking through Piran’s tiny, charming streets and getting lost, you can also visit the Shell Museum and explore its 3000 shellfish species.

Slovenia road trip itinerary 5 days Piran town
Piran – Slovenia

Try Local Specialties

Except for seafood specialties, you should also try krajinska klobasa, which is local pork sausage. The best place to do so is Tartini Square, Piran’s main square.

Piran Guided Tour With Food & Wine Tasting

best day trips from Ljubljana Piran

Book this guided tour of Piran, including food and wine tasting, with a local guide.

Things To Do Around Piran

If you’re interested, you can visit other popular cities around Piran, such as Koper or Portorož. However, I found Piran to be the most charming of all. Rent a bike and ride alongside the Adriatic Coast to these cities.

Alternatively, you can go to the nearby beach and enjoy the sea for a while. Choose among Plaža FiesaPlaža Pacug, or Plaža Strunjan. Plaža means beach in Slovenian language.

From Plaža Strunjan, you can hike through a forest up to the Strunjan Cross. The views are incredible from up there.

Rent a bike here to explore other places on the Adriatic Coast.

Slovenia Itinerary With More/Less Time

Speaking of more time in Slovenia, these are more itineraries you can make if you have less or more than 5 days in Slovenia. Or, if you have less time, scroll down to see my itinerary for 3 days to see the very highlights.

➡ Slovenia Itineray: 7 Days In Slovenia

Here is my suggested itinerary for your 7-day trip to Slovenia:

1.LJUBLJANAExplore Ljubljana.
2.LAKE BLEDEnjoy Lake Bled, Bled Castle, and Bled Island.
3.TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARKDrive from Bled via Krajinska Gora and Vrsic Pass and enjoy stunning views.
4.BOVECGo for adventure activities such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking, or ziplining.
5.POSTOJNA CAVE & PREDJAMA CASTLEVisit them on the way from Bovec to Piran.
6.PIRANExplore Piran on a guided tour, go paddle boarding.
7.ADRIATIC COASTRent a bike in Piran and drive alongside the coast to Koper or Portonož.

➡ Slovenia Itinerary: 10 Days In Slovenia

If you want to explore Slovenia for 10 days, here is what I recommend to do.

1.LJUBLJANAExplore Ljubljana
2.MARIBORVisit Maribor and wine tasting in the local wineries or make a day trip to Ptuj.
3.VELIKA PLANINAStay a night at Velika Planina and its traditional shepherd’s cottage, experience Slovenian culture.
4.LAKE BLEDEnjoy Lake Bled, Bled Castle, and Bled Island.
5.TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARKDrive from Bled via Krajinska Gora and Vrsic Pass and enjoy stunning views.
6.HIKING IN THE JULIAN ALPSMake the hike in the Valley of the 7 Lakes (one of the most beautiful hikes in Slovenia), count the entire day 8 to 10 hours.
7.BOVECGo for adventure activities such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking, or ziplining.
8.POSTOJNA CAVE & PREDJAMA CASTLEVisit them on the way from Bovec to Piran.
9.PIRANExplore Piran on a guided tour, go paddle boarding.
10.ADRIATIC COASTRent a bike in Piran and drive alongside the coast to Koper or Portonož.

➡ Slovenia Itinerary: 3 days In Slovenia

If you have less than 5 days in Slovenia, these are the highlights you must explore within 3 days.

1.LAKE BLEDEnjoy Lake Bled, Bled Castle, and Bled Island.
2.POSTOJNA CAVE & PREDJAMA CASTLEVisit them on the way from Bovec to Piran.
3.PIRANFirst, explore Piran and then rent a bike in Piran and drive alongside the coast to Koper or Portonož.

Where To Go After Your Slovenian Itinerary

Once you explore Slovenia, I highly recommend checking out nearby countries. Slovenia borders Austria, Italy, and Croatia, so it’s the perfect chance for you to see other destinations, too.

So here are my top tips and places you can visit after this Slovenia road trip itinerary:

AUSTRIA: Take my Austria Road Trip Itinerary For 10 Days
ITALY: Visit Trieste, Venice, Dolomites – take my Northern Italy Itinerary For 10 Days
CROATIA: Visit Zagreb & Croatian Riviera (I recommend Zadar, Šibenik, Primošten, Trogit)

Practical Tips For Visiting Slovenia

I’ve also got additional travel tips to help you plan your itinerary to every detail. See what the best time to visit is, what to pack, and what else you can do if you have some spare days.

Where Is Slovenia Located?

Slovenia is the gateway to the Balkan Peninsula. Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Hungary surround it.

It’s close to Austria and has the Alps and stunning mountains. As it’s also close to Hungary and Croatia, it has delicious food and beautiful vineyards in the eastern part of the country.

And since it also borders Italy, it has some beautiful Venetian architecture in the southern cities and an Adriatic coastline with beaches.

Slovenia on the map
Slovenia on the map

Best Time To Visit Slovenia

The best time to visit Slovenia is in June, September and October.

These months are shoulder seasons, so you’ll have many places just for yourself. Thanks to fewer crowds, prices also drop significantly, so you can make this road trip itinerary for almost half of the price than you would do in the summertime.

Temperatures are high, especially in June and September, and the weather is usually great. In June, you’ll enjoy turquoise waters from the melting glaciers and lush green meadows. In autumn, you’ll benefit from the stunning countryside colors.

If you want to do outdoor activities such as rafting, canyoning, or kayaking, consider visiting in June and September, as the water will get colder towards the winter months.

What To Pack For 5-Day Itinerary In Slovenia

Slovenia is a great outdoor destination, so you can’t forget to bring hiking and sports clothes. Otherwise, it depends on what you decide to do and what you’ll visit.

For this 5-day itinerary in Slovenia, I recommend you bring the following:

  • Hiking pants
  • Hiking/Trekking shoes
  • Hiking poles
  • T-Shirts
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hat
  • Sunscrem
  • Casual clothes (for cities)
  • Swimming suit

Budget For Your Slovenia Itinerary

The budget for a 5-day Slovenian itinerary per person (mid-range traveler) is $490. This is a very realistic budget for mid-range travelers who want to stay in nice hotels, rent a car to travel conveniently, and enjoy each location’s activities.

Here is a breakdown of this itinerary budget for each travel category:

Accommodation: $45 per night (on average) in a nice mid-range hotel = $225 per person
Rental Car: $135 for 3 days (Day 2., 3., 4.) = $135 (couple)
Food & Drinks: $30 per day p.p. = $150 per person
Activities & Attractions: approx $50 per person

So the total budget for a 5-day trip to Slovenia, without restricting yourself too much and enjoying everything the country offers, is $490 per person.

Budget Breakdown For Each Traveler Type

Here is a quick overview of a budget for every type of traveler:

➡ 5-day itinerary budget for backpackers and travelers on the budget: $220
➡ 5-day itinerary budget for mid-range travelers: $490
➡ 5-day itinerary budget for luxury travelers: up to $800

NOTE: This is an approximate budget based on my calculations and spending during my 5-day trip to Slovenia. The budget will vary based on every traveler’s preferences.

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Slovenian Currency

Like many other European countries, Slovenia uses the EURO as its official currency.

If you need to exchange money, I recommend doing so in local exchange places in bigger cities like Ljubljana, Bled, or Koper. Don’t exchange money at the airport, as they often have unfavorable rates.

There are ATMs, but I advise you to always have some cash. The remote places don’t have ATMs, especially if you travel to remote places like Velika Planina or Triglav National Park. Some places might not accept cards (mostly they do, but just in case, have some cash).

Official Language In Slovenia

Slovenian is the official language in Slovenia. It’s a Slavic language, and you might hear some similarities in the language when you come to Croatia, Serbia, or Slovakia. I’m from Slovakia, and the Slovak language is my native language, and when I hear Slovenians speak, some words are familiar.

Do They Speak English In Slovenia?

Yes, Slovenians speak English very well. So you can easily travel everywhere and can speak English. Tourism is also well-developed, and people will speak English to you automatically.

Is Slovenia Safe?

Slovenia is one of the safest countries you can visit in Europe. Locals are friendly, speak English, and are always happy to help you. There is a low risk of scams you can encounter.

Generally, use your common sense while traveling, and you’ll be safe. There is not so much you should be afraid of in Slovenia.

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Driving Tips For Slovenia

Driving in Slovenia is easy and enjoyable. Slovenia has a couple of well-developed highways which take you to the main spots in the country. The smaller roads are also well-developed, there are parking places, and it’s one of the easiest countries to navigate.

Here are a few driving tips I have for you:

🚔 Slovenia has motorways on which you’ll have to pay toll

🚔 You pay toll by purchasing a vignette – you can do so online via this link

🚔 You drive on the right in Slovenia

🚔 The speed limit is 50km/h in cities, 90km/h outside of cities, and 130km/h on motorways.

🚔 It’s compulsory to wear a seatbelt on while driving

🚔 When parking in Slovenia, blue parking zones are paid parking spots – you pay in a machine on the side of the road

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Additional Things To Do In Slovenia

I’ve designed this itinerary for 5 days, as it’ll give you the perfect overview of Slovenia, and you’ll see the highlights. However, the country has much more to offer than this itinerary.

You can do other great things if you want to extend your stay and see more places. Click on the image below to find out about the 27 best things to do in Slovenia:


I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions. So check them out below. They’ll help you understand how Slovenia really is

How Many Days Do You Need In Slovenia?

5 to 7 days is the perfect time to explore Slovenia. You can easily see the highlights in 5 days with a rental car. If you want to do extra activities such as rafting, canyoning, hiking, wine tasting, or swimming, spend 7 days in Slovenia.

Is Slovenia Worth Visiting?

Yes, Slovenia is 100% worth visiting. It’s a beautiful country that offers a variety of activities. You can explore the Alps, enjoy adventure activities, and then go to the Adriatic Sea and relax on the beach. It’s an amazing country that deserves much more attention.

Is 5 Days Enough For Slovenia?

Yes, 5 days are enough to see the highlights of Slovenia. These highlights are the capital city of Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Velika Planina, Postojna Cave with Predjama Castle, and Piran on the Adriatic Coast.

Is Slovenia A Cheap Country To Visit?

Yes, Slovenia is a relatively cheap country to visit. You can easily spend one week traveling around Slovenia, which will cost you about 550 Euros, or even less.

So, if you want to experience an authentic culture, stunning nature, thrill in adventure activities, or relax on a beach, make Slovenia your next travel destination.

Is 1500 Euros Enough In Slovenia?

Yes, 1500 euros are enough for a 7-day trip to Slovenia. It’s one of the cheapest countries in Europe that offers endless activities and attractions. So you can explore and experience a lot with a smaller budget.

Which Month Is Best For Slovenia?

September is the best month to visit Slovenia. It’s a shoulder season, so you’ll enjoy the places with fewer crowds. Prices also drop, so you can make an itinerary for much less than during the summer season.

The weather is pleasant, and temperatures are still around 22°C/71°F, perfect for all the activities. Besides, it’s autumn, so you’ll have stunning nature with beautiful colors to photograph.

WRAP-UP: Slovenia Itinerary 5 Days

This is my ultimate 5-day itinerary for Slovenia for you. I hope you’ll get the most out of this fantastic country. Do at least one of the outdoor activities, experience local culture at Velika Planina, and enjoy the Adriatic Coast and its stunning towns, mainly Piran.

If you have any further questions or need more travel tips, you can always contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you or design a customized travel itinerary based on your interests.

Happy Travels!

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