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Top 4 Excursions & Things To Do In Jungfrau Region

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Jungfrau Region: Top 4 Excursions To Do in The Most Beautiful Swiss Region & Jungfrau Travel Pass

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Maybe you are wondering how to have a perfect time in the Jungfrau region when visiting Switzerland. In this post, I am revealing top 4 excursions to get the most out of it. You can choose to see all the places, or maybe just stick to one. I hope it will inspire you. In the end, I will give you some hints on how to save up when visiting this region and the best deals it offers you with the Jungfrau Travel Pass.

So here is my guide for the best spots and attractions you definitely shouldn’t miss in the Jungfrau region.

Jungfrau region map ...
Map of Jungfrau Region


Overview Of The Top 4 Excursions In Jungfrau Region

Here is a quick overview of the top excursions and things to do in Jungfrau Region, Switzerland:

  1. Excursions from Interlaken: Harder Kulm, Schynige Platte
  2. Grindelwald + Grindelwald First
  3. Lauterbrunnen + Schilthorn Mountain
  4. Top of Europe – Jungfraujoch



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Before we head to the top excursions in the Jungfrau region, I’ve prepared the ultimate Switzerland Packing list for you. I travelled Switzerland with 1 backpack and managed to fit everything inside. Especially, you need a certain type of clothes for these mountain excursions. So get the list now and pack your backpack without overthinking.

switzerland packing list mountains in switzerland

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Interlaken is known for its endless adventure offers. The name Inter (between) Laken (lakes) perfectly reflects its location. It is placed exactly in between these two spectacular lakes – Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. You can rent a kayak or a paddle-board and enjoy floating on one of these two lakes. For those seeking more adrenaline, you can go skydiving or paragliding. It is the perfect place for you to book accommodation if you want to stay a few days in the Jungfrau region. You will get to all the following attractions and sites from Interlaken.

top excursions in jungfrau region interlaken
Top excursions in the Jungfrau region: Interlaken


Harder Kulm

If you want to view the whole spectacular Jungfrau region, this is the place to be. Harder Kulm is a hill rising right nearby Interlaken. A steep funicular will take you up within just 10 minutes. Admire the stunning views on Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, the whole Bernese Oberland Alps, Jungfrau and Eiger mountains, and even further. Do you dare to step on a glass floor platform and get closer to such scenery?

harder kulm interlaken switzerland
Harder Kulm, Interlaken, Switzerland


Schynige Platte

If you are not into rocks and glaciers, this green plateau will be for you. You’ll get beautiful views of the region of Bernese Oberland.

Take a train from Interlaken and get off at the first stop called Wilderswill. A 115-year old rack railway will wait for you there to take you up to the Schynige Platte. This excursion is one of my favorite, still many people don’t visit the place or don’t even know about it.

The reason why you should take the trip is to get another perspective on the mountains and Interlaken.

Take a walk to admire Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger, and have a picnic on the green meadows (pack some food beforehand). You’ll have a stunning view of Grindelwald town and the entire valley. Then go to the other side of the mountain and enjoy spectacular views of Interlaken, Lake Brienz, and Lake Thun. From there, I highly recommend to walk up to the ‘Oberberghorn’. It’s a viewing point, which will leave you speechless.

Lastly, check out the Alpine Garden and see beautiful Swiss ‘Edelweiss’ flower.

NOTE: Trips to Harder Kulm and Schynige Platte are not included in your Swiss Travel Pass. They are only included in the Jungfrau Travel Pass, about which I am talking at the end of this post. 

Consider at least half a day for the excursion to Schynige Platte.

Schynige Platte excursion Jungfrau region
Me enjoying views from Schynige Platte in the Jungfrau Region




If you like to experience adventure heaven, this destination is for you. Get on a train in Interlaken Ost. Be careful, as there is one train that consists of two smaller trains. After the third stop, these trains will split, going into 2 different valleys. The first train goes to Grindelwald. The second part will go to Lauterbrunnen (names are written on the train and on the platform), so be sure to get on to the first train part heading to Grindelwald. Once you leave Interlaken and are still unsure whether you are sitting in the right carriage, do not worry. When you reach the stop Zweilutschinen, there is still a chance for you to switch.

After about 40 minutes, you will come to a small fairy-tale town Grindelwald, surrounded by beautiful mountains and glaciers. But let’s head right for our adventure.

Jungfrau region Grindelwald First ...
Excursion Interlaken Ost – Grindelwald – Grindelwald First and all adventurous adctivities

For the train timetable to Grindelwald, check the SBB website.


How To Get From Grindelwald To Grindelwald First

Once you are in Grindelwald town, walk about 10 minutes to the Grindelwald Firstbahn station. Take a cable car up to Schreckfeld station. From there, change to the last connecting cable car to Grindelwald First.

Before you manage to do anything else, first of all, your mind will be most probably just blown away by those breathtaking views of the whole area. Then our activities start.

Grindelwald First Cable Car Jungfrau Region Switzerland
Cable car to Schreckfeld – Grindelwald First


Attractions To Experience At Grindelwald First – Jungfrau Region


For those being scared of heights, this is the test of your strength (I am scared of heights, too, so don’t worry :D).

We are going to do a Cliff Walk. You just need to overcome your fear, as it is an incredible experience. Experience walking alongside cliffs, while underneath you, there is nothing. Just rocks falling down the valley. Once you manage to pass through, there is even a better one. Walk further to the viewing platform. You will be literally flying above with spectacular views of Eiger and the glacier. If you take the cable car right after it starts to operate in the morning, it will be better as you will avoid all those tourist crowds and have it pretty much just for yourself.

If you ever have enough of these views, let the real adventure begin.

Grindelwald First Cliff Walk Jungfrau Region Switzerland
Walking on the Cliff Walk at Grindelwald First, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland



You will sit into a harness. Attached to a steel cable, you will be flown over hills and meadows surrounded by snowy mountains all the way down to Schreckfeld. Forget about everything and just enjoy the flight.

Grindelwald First flyer Glider Jungfrau Region Switzerland
Flyer Glider attraction at Grindelwald First



Not enough? Don’t worry, there is another one. Stay in Schreckfeld and head to First Glider. Underneath the eagle’s wings, you will be flown back again up to First. Now, as you are laying, the flight will feel even more real.

Grindelwald First Glider Jungfrau Region Switzerland
First Glider attraction at Schreckfeld, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland



If you have some time and feel like hiking, I recommend you to go up to see Bachalp Lake. It will take you about 50 minutes, and it is not a challenging hike, just a regular walk. But with spectacular views and mooing cows.

Bachalp Lake Switzerland
Bachalp Lake, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Being back in First, you can walk down to Schreckfeld or take the cable car. But walking down the road is incredible, and you gain more time to soak up that unique atmosphere.

Our adventure continues in Schreckfeld. By the way, no wonder why it has such a name. ‘Schreck’ in German means scary, and ‘feld’ is a field. So it is a scary field, where all these adventurous craziness meets together.



First Mountain Cart Grindelwald Jungfrau Region Switzerland
First Mountain Cart, Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Me on the First Cart ...


According to Jungfrau experts, sledging is too much fun to do just in the wintertime. So that is why they decided to create this wonderful mountain cart, on which you can ride down the mountain. It is like sledging on wheels. After a 3km ride, you will reach the middle station of the cable car, Bort. Then switch to our last adventure, Trottibike Scooters.




Trottibike is amazing. It is like a scooter and a bike merged together. Going down that scary steep valley might seem very challenging at the beginning, but don’t worry, your Trottibike has good brakes. Even if you have to focus on braking downhill, don’t forget to enjoy those picturesque views of glaciers in front of you and the green meadows around. Follow the road, and you will get back down to the cable car base station in Grindelwald town.



Grindelwald is a beautiful spot so take some time to walk through to end your adventure for the day. You might be lucky to join a march of cows, too.

NOTE: If you have the Swiss Travel Pass, you can use it for the train from Interlaken to Grindelwald. However, for the cable car and all the attractions at Grindelwald First, you have to pay extra (except the Cliff Walk, which is free of charge). Get the Jungfrau Travel Pass or Top of Europe Pass for additional discounts.

With Jungfrau Travel Pass, the cable car ride from Grindelwald to Grindelwald First is included. You’ll get 10% off the adventurous activities with it. 




If you fall in love with the Jungfrau region, you have to see those immense peaks – Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger, from the other side. I recommend you wake up early for this excursion and take the first cable car after it starts to operate. You can avoid masses of tourists, and the views are …. you will see in a few seconds.

Interlaken Schilthorn perfect time in jungfrau region
Map of excursion from Interlaken to Schilthorn mountain

Your day starts again in Interlaken Ost. But here you will hop on the second carriage of the train, direction Lauterbrunnen.

For the train timetable to Lauterbrunnen, go to the SBB website.

When you reach Lauterbrunnen, walk out of the train station, and just across the road, there will be a bus number 141, direction Stechelberg. Take this bus. After about 14 minutes, you will see a huge cable car running up the mountain. This is the stop Stechelberg Schilhornbahn, where you get off the bus. And that is where our excursion starts.

You’ll now take the following cable cars:

Stechelberg stationGrimmelwald stationMürren stationBirg station



Birg station is the place where the impressive scenery opens up in front of you. Take your time, and don’t hop on the next funicular yet (it departs every 15 minutes). Instead, go out to the terrace and let yourself be blown away by what you will see.

Those three incredible mountains, Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch, will be just priding themselves. Look at those clouds, from which, all of a sudden, only peaks are rising up. This one is the most panoramic and mind-blowing views you might get in the entire Switzerland.

Brig Thrill Walk, Schilthorn, Jungfrau Region
Brig Thrill Walk, Schilthorn, Jungfrau Region



If you dare, you can descend the staircase right next to the terrace and walk on the edge of the cliffs. Although you feel like the ground is falling underneath you, it is incredible.

Brig Thrill Walk Jungfrau Region Switzerland
Brig Thrill Walk, Switzerland



If you have soaked up enough of this atmosphere, continue up to Schilthorn, Piz Gloria, especially interesting for James Bond lovers. This spectacular mountain was featured in the James Bond movie: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It was a hideaway of Blofeld, Bond’s enemy, which they named as Piz Gloria for the time they were making the movie.

Inside the building, you can visit an interactive exhibition, ‘Bond World 077’. It displays scenes from the movie and information, where different parts were shot. Besides, there is a 360° restaurant, which was the first one built at such a high altitude, almost 3000 metres above sea level, at the time it was constructed.

Don’t forget to go outside and stand on the terrace, where you can get other stunning views on the whole mountain range, as well as the Bernese Oberland region laying below. And what adds up to it all?

You’ll get almost 50% discount for the entire excursion with your Swiss Travel Pass. It used to be entirely included, but they’ve changed it recently. For exact prices, go to Schilthorn site and buy online.

TIP: I suggest you plan at least 2 to 3 hours for the whole excursion. If you are up to visit Schilthorn, better check the weather forecast the day before so that you can enjoy the view. There is no much point in going if it is all covered by clouds.

Schilthorn mountain
Schilthorn mountain, Switzerland



Once you come down to Stechelberg station, you can stay in the valley of 72 waterfalls. In the afternoon, I highly recommend you visit one of the best waterfall spots – Trummelbachfalls. Take the same bus as in the morning (number 141 direction Lauterbrunnen) and get off at the Trummelbachfall station.

You will get the chance to see 10 spectacular waterfalls falling down through caves and rocks. It is a lovely walk, don’t miss it.

For more information, prices, and opening times, visit Trummelbachfalls.


LAUTERBRUNNEN – Jungfrau Region

After, you can go back to Lauterbrunnen (with the same bus or on foot) and walk through this charming village. You can see the Staubachfall and just enjoy the whole atmosphere. The waterfalls are literally falling from the steep mountains down to the town. But due to its height, they disappear somewhere on the way.

Lauterbrunnen Staubachfall Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen, Staubach Waterfall, Switzerland

TIP: If you don’t have time to visit the Trummelbachfalls, you can just head to Lauterbrunnen and check the Staubachfall waterfall. It is very close, only 5 minutes walking from the town and the scenery is spectacular.


NOTE: Unlike other excursions, Schilthorn mountain and all the cable cars up there are included in your Swiss Travel Pass. You don’t need to buy anything extra. The only thing for which you will have to pay an additional fee is the visit to Trummelbachfalls (10 CHF per person).




Let’s explore the rest of the beautiful spots that the Jungfrau region has to offer.

Again, try to wake up earlier to avoid tourists and have more time to explore the places.

TIP: I highly recommend putting on some warmer clothes for today’s excursion, or at least take a jacket with you. You will see why in a second.

Interlaken Jungfraujoch train
Map of Jungfraujoch excursion from Interlaken, Jungfrau region

Once you are ready, we can set off. Our Jungfrau excursion starts again in Interlaken Ost. First of all, you will take the same train as you did when you went to Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen. Take the second carriage, direction Lauterbrunnen. Once you reach Lauterbrunnen, there will be a connecting train waiting for you just at the opposite quay. This charming yellow-green train will take you up to Kleine Scheidegg, a base-middle station. From there, you will continue on the cogwheel train to reach

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. This ride is spectacular, with views on the vast Swiss meadows, going through rocks and icy glacier, you will reach the top.

The entire ride from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.



Jungfraujoch, also called the Top of Europe, is located at 3,454 metres above sea level. It is composed of two words, ‘Jungfrau,’ meaning virgin, and ‘joch,’ which translates as pass. This pass is situated between two mountains – Mönch and Jungfrau, which perfectly explains its name and its unspoiled, almost untouched nature. The average temperature is – 7.9 ~C, so now you understand why you need the jacket and warmer clothes.

In order to get there, you’ll have to get to Lauterbrunnen or to Grindelwald.

From Lauterbrunnen, you’ll take a train up to Kleine Scheidegg and then another train up to the top.

Alternativelly, you can start the excursion at Grindelwald Terminal. Take the Eiger Express cable car to the Eigergletscher station. From there, you’ll catch a train up to the Jungfraujoch.

Jungfraupass Jungfrau Region Switzerland
Jungfraupass, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Originally, it is an observatory and meteorological station, which measures precipitation in the region and studies all related issues to meteorology. While it is keeping its purpose, it has also been converted into a tourist attraction, which nowadays welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

Now, you might still be asking yourself, why is it called Top of Europe…?! Well, because it is, at the same time, the highest train station in Europe. The very first train ride to Jungfraujoch was realized back in 1912. 

Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe station Jungfrau region
Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe station, Jungfrau region




The first thing you can do is enter the exhibition area and experience the Alpine Sensation, where they play movies and display images. You can also learn a lot about what they do in the observatory and within the meteorological station. Besides, you will get to know how they were building the railway and discover a little bit of a history of the whole place.



Afterwards, go to a lift, which will take you up to the terrace. You will have 360° spectacular views of the whole area, looking down the valley, while being surrounded by glaciers. If you ever have enough of these breathtaking views, you can continue down and enter the Ice Palace.



Walk through the ice cave, watching the art of icy sculptures, while feeling like in an Ice Age movie. After, there is a corridor that leads outside. When you come out, you will find yourself in the Jungfrau Pass encircled with glaciers.



Outside of the station, there is a Fun Park, where you can do some sledging, skiing, or snowboarding (just in summertime).

Jungfraupass Top of Europe Jungfrau Region Switzerland
Jungfraupass with the Jungfraujoch station in the background, Jungfrau region



If you feel like hiking, being surrounded by the glacier and massive mountains, you can walk further up through the Jungfrau Pass to see the Mönch hut. Walking on the snow at such a high altitude is not so easy. After each move, you are just catching up on your breath. But believe me, it is worth doing it.

After an hour, you will get to the Mönch hut, where you can get some food or just sit down on the terrace, admiring those incredible icy mountains and glacier valley. This experience and views will blow your mind. It is also the less visited spot in the Jungfrau region with fabulous views.

Monch Hut Jungfraujoch Switzerland
Starring from the Mönch hut terrace & enjoying the views



Last but not least, there is still one place you should check out, especially for chocoholics. When you come back to the observatory, do not hesitate to explore the Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven. You will see how they make the chocolate and after you can, of course, buy some chocolate treats in the shop.

Well, that is everything you can see at the Top of Europe – Jungfraujoch. You can plan half a day or even a full day for this excursion, but I feel like half a day was just fine. After, you will take the same train going back down to Kleine Scheidegg (remember, the base-middle station).

From Kleine-Scheidegg, you can either take a train to Grindelwald or to Wengen and Lauterbrunnen. It depends on your itinerary. Both journeys are pleasant.

NOTE: Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe excursion is not included in your Swiss Travel Pass. You’ll get 25% discount with it.

With Jungfrau Travel Pass, you’ll only pay 75 CHF for a return ticket. However, the excursion is entirely included with the Top of Europe Pass.

Usually, I don’t visit these touristy places, but this one is well worth seeing despite being very touristy. Believe me, I wouldn’t recommend you something just like that. Jungfraujoch is really worth the visit and also worth the money. It is a very unique excursion.


Best Deals For Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe Excursion

I spent one year working in a hotel at the reception in Grindelwald. Not only I’ve been up to the Top of Europe several times (alone, guiding my family and clients), but I’ve also perfected the art of getting up there with the most affordable fares.

So here is the thing. A regular ticket to Jungfraujoch usually costs around 220 Swiss frans p.p., which is not the cheapest. 

With Swiss Travel Pass, you’ll only get 25% discount.

Jungfrau Travel Pass enables you to travel up to the Eigergletscher station, and the train ride from there to Jungfraujoch and back costs 75 Swiss francs additionally.

With Top of Europe Pass, you won’t have to pay anything extra as the whole trip included in it.

For explanation of each pass, scroll down to the end of the article.


Best Deal For Jungfraujoch Excursion

In the end, I have an excellent deal for you. If you don’t want to buy the Jungfrau Travel Pass and the only excursion you want to do in the Jungfrau region is the Top of Europe – Jungfraujoch, I recommend you buy it at Get Your Guide.

Get Your Guide offers a return ticket from Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe, with amazing discounts. The regular price is 220 CHF (Swiss Francs) per adult (return journey). The price with Get Your Guide is half the price for a return journey. Check it out below and book the excursion for less now:







This excursion starts in Grindelwald Terminal. From there, you will take the Eiger Express Gondola right to the Eiger Glacier stop. After, you’ll hop on the Jungfrau train, which will take you to Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe. 



Jungfrau Region: MÄNNLICHEN

You can get to this beautiful hill either from Grindelwald or from Wengen. From both places, there is a cable car, which will take you straight to the top. Männlichen is the hill facing Kleine Scheidegg and Jungfraujoch. You’ll get fabulous views not only of these two spots but also the Schilthorn mountain. Not to mention the entire Lauterbrunnen valley – you really have the best views of the entire region from Männlichen.

You can walk a so-called ‘Royal Walk‘, which only takes 20 minutes. 

After, you can do the panoramic trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. It’s a beautiful and easy walk, takes about 1 hours 30 minutes. Then you can take a train from Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald or to Lauterbrunnen.

Mannlichen Junfrau Region Switzerland
On the Männlichen Hill, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland


Jungfrau Region: WENGEN

Wengen is another charming village situated in between the Bernese Alps. It’s a car-free village so the only way to get there is by train from Lauterbrunnen or a cable car from Männlichen. It’s also a popular destination for summer holidays and a great winter skiing region.

For the train timetable from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen, check the SBB website.

NOTE: The train from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen is not included in your Swiss Travel Pass. Cable cars to Männlichen from Grindelwald and from Wengen are also not included in your Swiss Travel Pass. They are only included in the Jungfrau Travel Pass and Top of Europe Pass.


perfect time in Jungfrau region ...
Männlichen hill and Wengen town, Jungfrau region



Which Pass Is The Best To Visit Jungfrau Region?

I think it’s pretty clear by now that Swiss Travel Pass won’t get you anywhere for free within the Jungfrau region. You’ll only get 25% discount most of the time.

Jungfrau region is the most beautiful one in the entire Switzerland. So it’s worth purchasing an extra pass to see it all.

If you pay for every excursion separately, you’ll overpay a lot. It’ll be much cheaper if you either get the Jungfrau Travel Pass or the Top of Europe Pass.


Jungfrau Travel Pass

Jungfrau Travel Pass is cheaper, but doesn’t entirely include Jungfraujoch excursion. You’ll still have to pay extra 75CHF. What is great with this pass is that the boat rides on Lake Brienz and Thun are included, and you’ll also get a discount for Schilthorn mountain.

If you already have Swiss Travel Pass, you’ll get a discount for buying Jungfrau Travel Pass.

Get Jungfrau Travel Pass


Top of Europe Pass

Top of Europe Pass is more expensive, but includes everything within the region. You won’t have to pay extra for Jungfraujoch, which is great. But you won’t get a discount for Schilthorn mountain and the boats on the lakes are not included. 

You’ll have to pay full price for the Top of Europe pass even if you already have the Swiss Travel Pass.

Get Top of Europe Pass


So calculate for yourself depending on which excursions you want to do. If you want to do all the excursions mentioned in this article, it’s a better deal if you get the Top of Europe Pass. You’ll only pay extra for Schilthorn mountain, but the price is still worth it.

If you only want to do a few excursions in the region, getting Jungfrau Travel Pass is better, because it’s cheaper. It also includes the boat rides on Brienz and Thun Lake, which is awesome.

I think it’s generally cheaper to get the Jungfrau Travel Pass if you want to do all of the mentioned excursions.

Note that both passes are is only available in the summertime. I wouldn’t even visit the region in winter, unless you want to go skiing.


Jungfrau region travel pass ...
Blue lines inlcuded in your Jungfrau Travel Pass – basically everything what Jungfrau region hast to offer



More Tips For Switzerland Travel

There you have it, the most spectacular places in the Jungfrau region. I hope it popped you up, and you are ready to plan your next vacation to Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen and Schilthorn, or Jungfraujoch. If you want to spend the perfect 3 days in this region, I recommend the following. Visit Grindelwald and Grindelwald First with its attractions and hiking on the first day. On the second day, head to Jungfraujoch and walk through the glacier caves. Finally, go up to Schilthorn and visit the Lauterbrunnen valley with 72 waterfalls on your last day. This way, you will get the most out of the Jungfrau region. So try not to miss anything.

If you want to integrate Jungfrau Region into your itinerary, get my 8-day Switzerland itinerary, travel to Switzerland, and see all the highlights.

Check out other top mountain excursions in Switzerland, which you can also integrate into your itinerary.