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Top 9 Spanish Books For Beginners To Learn Spanish

This article about Spanish books for beginners may contain affiliate/compensated links. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

This article will give you tips for books to read in Spanish if you’re a beginner learner. I want you to understand similar features of these books so that you can pick up the best resources for your Spanish learning journey. Therefore, I have divided this article with book recommendations into 4 different sections. Each of them contains easy-to-read Spanish books for beginners. Last section contains books that are more suitable for intermediate Spanish learners. Choose the most interesting to you. Let’s read round to it.

List Of The Top Spanish Books For Beginners

  1. Series of Spanish Novels For Beginners
  2. Short Stories Spanish
  3. 101 Conversations In Simple Spanish
  4. Papelucho
  5. First Spanish Reader
  6. El Principito
  7. Gael Y La Red De Mentiras
  8. Vivos Se Los Llevaron
  9. 501 Spanish Verbs

1. PART: Series Of Spanish Novels For Beginners

In the first part, I have a series of Spanish novels for beginners to kick off reading books in Spanish. Book series are great to start with as they have simple vocabulary, using everyday life words and real-life conversations.

You’ll get used to the style of each book within the series. As you know what to expect from other books within the series, it’ll help you assume meanings of the words and generally boost your learning process. I have chosen 3 Spanish novel series for you to start reading books in Spanish, even as a complete beginner.

learning vocabulary outside

2. PART: Books With Small Conversations For Daily Life

The second part contains 2 Spanish books for beginners that work with the everyday life of people. You will read a story of an 8-year-old boy living his life, which takes you to various places and situations, in which you will also encounter yourself once traveling to Spanish-speaking countries.

3. PART: Spanish Books With Exciting Stories

In the third part, I reveal some books for you, where their thrilling and exciting stories will make the learning process much more fun and enjoyable. One of the books is a Spanish comic book for beginners with great illustrations, which will guide you to understand the happening in the story. Come and investigate the issues with persons in this story and help them to find a burglar and a murderer.

4. PART: Book With Spanish Verbs

Finally, the fourth part has 1 book that is more directed as a guide for your simple Spanish grammar. Let’s be honest. It’s never bad to understand the language slightly more in-depth.

As beginners, it’ll help us to understand the form of the language. I generally don’t recommend studying a lot of grammar at the beginner level and in general. Still, this book only works with verbs and their conjugations. It’s the core of Spanish vocabulary when you start learning the language.

With this book, you can simply look up verbs and see how they are conjugated.

Without further words, let’s dive into the world of Spanish books for beginners to have other sources for your Spanish learning journey.

Let’s begin with the series of Spanish novels, interesting stories and various genres, simple vocabulary, and short sentences for you to better understand. 

1. Series Of Spanish Novels For Beginners

Honestly, learning Spanish with book series is a ticket for a better understanding of the Spanish language. I’m sure it will help you improve your skills, and you will become more familiar with words and how to use them in a context.

It helps you improve your understanding with its short sentences, everyday and simple dialogues, with easy grammar. It’s packed with useful vocabulary you have been learning on your own, like greetings, buying things, and small talks.

Bundle of all 5 Spanish Novels

Getting book series is one of the best things we, as language learners, can do. You don’t have to think about which book to read next once you finish reading one book. The other 4 books are waiting for you to read them.

But the biggest advantage is that they are all written in the same style. You’ll get used to it. You’ll know what to expect from those books, which will boost your learning process. These books have similar sentence structures, and vocabulary learning will get much easier with them.

It’ll also cover a wide range of different vocabulary for you. It’s really amazing to buy book series for all these reasons mentioned above. They also have a free Spanish-English dictionary you can download.

The Spanish novel series contains the following books:

Ana, estudiante

The story about Ana reveals her life as a psychology student at the University, where she falls in love with her teacher, prepares for exams, and goes out with her friends. It takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so you will learn a bunch of Argentinian slang, too. What happens with her love and the teacher? Read the story and get to know Ana’s life more


Fútbol en Madrid

A very funny story about soccer in Madrid. It’s particularly about a man in his fifties, who is crazy about football and Real Madrid as his favorite soccer team. His dream is to play football in Spanish Liga (Liga Española) with Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo. Is he going to pursure this dream and achieve it? Find out more



Tango milonga

Rodolfo’s passion and the whole life is tango. He’s a tango dancer and lives in Buenos Aires. His daily routine is visiting milonga. However, one day, he gets hit by a car, breaks his leg, and his whole life is turned upside down. Is he going to recover, be able to dance tango again and live his life? Immerse yourself into the passionate tango dancer, his struggle, and the way he solves it, reading this book


Los novios

Pablo and Pamela are an engaged couple about to get married soon. They can’t wait to start living together and are sure that life is going to be beautiful. However, they aren’t aware of the fact how much time and stress it involves to plan a wedding. They soon realize that maybe it isn’t that necessary to get married. Are they going to handle it or leave the wedding behind? Find out more


Muerte en Buenos Aires

A detective story taking place in Buenos Aires. A woman is murdered in her own flat without further reason and notice. A detective Miguel comes up with a crazy plan to catch the murderer. How is he going to find the murder? Come and hop on the crazy adventure with him


2. Short Stories Spanish – Olly Richards

Short Stories Spanish is also a collection of Spanish books for beginners. 

Each of them contains 8 stories. They have various genres, from a crime story to fiction, romantic, and comedy. Their stories are captivating and easy to understand.

They’ll give you soon the feeling that you are making progress with your Spanish. You’ll understand more and more from one page to another. 

The book further contains the 1000 most frequent words to help you understand the core of the stories. It also gives you a bilingual word list and a summary of the plot. After each chapter, it has a section with comprehension questions to ensure you are on track with the story.

It’s truly one of the best language books out there, and I highly recommend it to you. The mixture of stories, comprehensive questions, and its easy-to-understand language style will help you improve your Spanish skills. 


3. 101 Conversations In Simple Spanish

Immerse yourself into real-world Spanish language with 6 main characters revealing their everyday life. 

You’ll be driven into a real-life conversation that will help you understand and speak like a local.

These dialogues come from typical daily situations like being in a shop or café, ordering something, making arrangements, meeting friends and people on the street, and communicating with them easily.

You’ll also get English definitions and explanations in each chapter to guide you through the context, words, and their meanings. 

It mainly includes expressions written in the typical Castilian Spanish spoken in Spain. 


In the next part, I have real-life stories with useful everyday vocabulary in various situations you will also encounter yourself in once travelling.

4. Papelucho

Papelucho is an 8-year-old boy from a middle-class family,  and the story reveals his life in 12 book series. Learn more about the daily routine and activities of the boy living in Santiago de Chile, where the stories are all based on the author’s own experience from his childhood.

The illustrations in these books will help you to understand the story. The stories are based on a real-life of a small boy, which means they are perfect for beginners, full of useful vocabulary.

The narratives are also pretty short, so it’ll help you have your daily Spanish language dose without falling asleep (like I tend to after an exhausting day at work).

Papelucho book series

You can even watch the movie called “Papelucho y el marciano”.

Recommendation to you: Get PAPELUCHO EN VACACIONES – you’ll get access to new travel vocabulary :).


5. First Spanish Reader

With this book, you’ll be driven to a life of Hispanic countries

the culture, and thinking of Spanish-speaking people.

It uses simple vocabulary, which makes it easy to understand for you as a beginner. The best part of it is that it offers English translation on the opposite page so you can double-check and look up new words right away.

Have your language travel notebook ready to write these new words down. It also includes vocabulary and some exercises to help you work with new vocabulary from the book. 


6. El Principito

One of the most effective ways to learn and practice your Spanish when it comes to book reading is totake a story you already know. El Principito might be one of those.

Since you are already familiar with the story and happening, you can associate things and vocabulary much easier. It also helps you to assume the meaning of words before looking them up in a dictionary. It’s a very efficient method.

This book is particularly great for small dialogues and to learn past tense

I want to read EL PRINCIPITO

The third part of my Spanish books for beginners includes thrilling and exciting stories. Hop on the journey with the book characters and investigate what happened.

7. Gael Y La Red De Mentiras

It’s a thrilling story about a burglar who has to steal a famous painting 

in one of the important galleries in Europe.

It’s a series of three books. The other two are called Gael y las Sombras de la huida (Gael and the Shadows of Flight), and Gael y el arte de la traición (Gael and the Art of Treason). All three stories have a mixture of lies, exciting plot, bad and good characters, action, and fun dialogues.

Gael will take you through many Spanish places like Madrid and Mallorca on his adventures. 

It’s a comic book, which will guide you to understand the language. You’ll learn a language you can hear on the street, slang, and even some vulgar expressions.

At the end of the book, the glossary is written in three languages, English, German, and French. You’ll also learn a lot about Spanish culture. It also provides you with vocabulary exercises, and its footnotes also have explanations about the words’ meaning. 


8. Vivos Se Los Llevaron

This is a true-life story with a fascinating plot. Mexican police, together with 43 student teachers, disappear all of a sudden from a college. The novel is based on interviews and official documents investigating this issue. It also addresses many problems that have evolved in Mexico and many other countries, including drugs, corruption, and citizens being caught in everyday life.

This book is for beginners thanks to its graphics. The story itself is also suitable for intermediate learners (that means if you already have some vocabulary in your pocket and can understand slightly more).

If you are interested in such issues and real-life in Mexico, then this story is for you.


Lastly, I have a different book for you. There are no stories or short dialogues; this book is for you to understand Spanish verbs and how they are conjugated. 

9. 501 Spanish Verbs – Learn Basic Verbs

As I mentioned in my introduction, I don’t generally recommend learning a lot of grammar, especially not at the beginner stage of a language learning process.

However, this book is a great source with the most useful verbs. Honestly, verbs are the core of the Spanish language. As beginners, we need to know how to conjugate them to speak correctly.

I don’t want you to learn the verbs and their conjugations. But I encourage you to have this book with you, and once you are reading, or listening, or speaking, and you don’t know how to use a word in other persons, you can look it up in this book.

It’ll serve you as a guide and a reference and will back you up when you are stuck. It’s really a great source that will help you to lay the ground for your Spanish skills.


These are my Spanish books for beginners that I recommend to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. As I mentioned in my other articles, it’s essential to use various materials and sreources to learn a language. Books can be great to read in the morning after you wake up. Or, when you are having an afternoon tea or coffee, read a few pages and write some new vocabulary down. Not only is it an effective way to learn Spanish, but you’ll also have a lot of fun with these exciting stories. And you’ll learn something about Spanish culture and people.

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