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List Of The Most Beautiful Towns In Czech Republic
1. Loket
2. Český Krumlov
3. Marianské Lázne
4. Uherské Hradište
5. Hradec Králove
6. Kutná Hora
7. Karlštejn
8. Karlovy Vary
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The Czech Republic has much more to offer than its capital, Prague. Don’t get me wrong, Prague is stunning. It’s actually my favorite European city. Yet, there is a lot more to explore in this beautiful country. You can see everything from spa heaven to beer spa, splendid castles, royal buildings, and stunning nature. This article will reveal to you the most beautiful 8 towns in Czech Republic that you can’t miss on your Czech itinerary.

These Czech towns are scattered all around, some on the west, close to Germany, some south of the country, and others in the east. Whichever you visit, it’ll probably be close to your next road trip destination. So check them out.

List Of The Most Beautiful Towns In Czech Republic

1. Loket

2. Český Krumlov

3. Marianské Lázne

4. Uherské Hradište

5. Hradec Králove

6. Kutná Hora

7. Karlštejn

8. Karlovy Vary

1. Loket

Loket is one of the hidden gems of the Czech Republic, which many people don’t know about. This small town is located in the western part of the Czech Republic, close to the border with Germany. Surrounded by the River Ohře with a castle on the top of the hill, it reminds you of a Czech fairy-tale, where royal families come together and celebrate life.

Loket is a Czech word for ‘elbow.’ The name has been adopted because the shape of the River Ohře encircling the town resembles an elbow.

This town played a crucial role in the history of the country. It used to be the gateway to the Kingdom of Bohemia, nowadays the Czech Republic. Moreover, it’s also known for its porcelain factory.

It’s a relatively small town, so half a day is enough for a visit. Yet, it’s well worth it. You can visit it together with Karlovy Vary, which is also included in our list.

Don’t forget to try some Czech delicacies such as Goulash soup, Svíčková Na Smetaně, dumplings, or Vepřo Knedlo Zelo.

Most beautiful towns in Czech Republic Loket
Most beautiful towns in Czech Republic: Loket

2. Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is a small Czech town yet hosts one of the biggest chateaux in Central Europe. You can walk around it in just 20 minutes. But it has a lot to offer. It shows you Czech traditions and an authentic atmosphere in many ways.

You’ll have to visit the Chateau of Český Krumlov, the Church of St. Vitus, and the bear pit. After, sink into its famous beer spa and have some unique relaxation. Later, hop on the traditional Czech wooden raft for stunning sightseeing on the River Vltava.

One more thing you can do around is to visit the Old Well Whiskey Distillery, Svachovka. You’ll experience how the Czech prepare local whiskey and taste some samples of it. The cellars are connected to the 18th-century old well, which provides natural moisture and unique conditions for the whiskey.

Český Krumlov located in the southern part of the Czech Republic, close to Austria. This town has been long rated as one of the most beautiful in the country.

most beautiful towns in czech republic Cesky Krumlov
Most beautiful towns in Czech Republic: Cesky Krumlov

3. Marianské Lázne

Marianské Lázne is a beautiful spa town in the Czech Republic. It’s a little oaze place surrounded by spectacular Czech forests in the western part of the country.

It offers more than 40 mineral springs to its visitors. They have mainly therapeutic properties and heal digestive and rheumatic problems. It’s been a well-known spa town for centuries. No wonder as it welcomed famous personalities such as Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, Franz Kafka, and Frederic Chopin.

Take some time off, relax in its beautiful and healing spa resort, enjoy the fresh air from nearby forests, and walk around. This is a perfect spot to fuel up more energy for your next European trip.

4. Uherské Hradište

Uherské Hradište counts to the royal towns in the Czech Republic. It was founded back in the 12th century by King Ottokar II. Interestingly, most of its historical buildings have been constructed on wooden piles, like in Venice, Italy.

The area was inhabited back in the 9th century when Slavs came here, attracted by its great climate conditions. They later created the Great Moravian Empire, which became famous worldwide. Later, it hosted the two brothers from Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia, Cyril and Method. They came to teach Christianity to the Slavs, and this was the main area for their teaching.

The town’s jewel is its historical center with impressive buildings and churches, the Chapel of St. Elisabeth, and the Great Moravian Acropolis. The town also hosts Jewish Synagogue, which you can visit.

Morava region is also famous thanks to its locals preparing fruit liquors from plumbs, apples, or apricots. It’s legal to drive here with a small percentage of alcohol in your body since so many people drink here. So even though I don’t encourage you to do so, you should definitely try some liquor.

5. Hradec Králove

I love Hradec Králove. There is something special about this town. So I’ve included it in the list for you to experience and decide for yourself. When I was deciding on my University program, one of them was actually here in Hradec Králove. But then I went for my tourism studies in Salzburg, Austria. Still, Hradec Králove has captured my heart.

Situated in the middle of the Czech Republic (well, more towards the north), Hradec Králove is one of the oldest cities in the country. It’s also a university town full of students, adding a more vibrant atmosphere.

The name of the city translates to the ‘Queen’s Castle.’ Not surprising as many monarchs made this town their residence, including the John of Luxembourg. You’ll have to visit its castle, Cathedral of the Holy Ghost, and sandstone White Tower.

Check out its cute little cafes on its main square, have a good lunch in a local restaurant, and walk around.

After your visit, you can drive further north to the Czech mountains, Krkonoše, for some beautiful hikes.

6. Kutná Hora

Welcome to the central part of the Czech Republic, full of mysteries. Kutná Hora, with its nearby Sedlec Ossuary, is one of them you have to explore.

Kutná Hora, founded in the 12th century, got famous thanks to the development of silver mines in the area. But, first, you must see the impressive St. Barbara’s Church, a Gothic style from 1388.

However, what draws even more attention is the Ossuary of Sedlec, just around the corner. The Czech Republic has many mystical stories, scary castles, and mysterious places. Sedlec is one of them with its Ossuary. It’s a Roman Catholic Chapel containing between 40000 and 70000 skeletons.

You’ll have to learn more about its history on the spot, so check it out while spending some time in Kutná Hora.

Kutna Hora Sedlec
Kutna Hora: Sedlec

7. Karlštejn

What makes us go to this town in the Czech Republic at the end of our list is its impressive castle. Even though the town itself doesn’t have so much to offer. But the castle compensates it all.

Karlštejn Castle counts as the most (in not the most) beautiful castle in the country. It was founded in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV., which was his primary residence, apart from Prague Castle. It was here in Karlštejn where he was keeping all the holy relics, royal treasures, and the Imperial Crown Jewels.

Charles IV. built many impressive constructions, including the Charles Bridge in Prague, St. Wencelas Cathedral, and Prague Castle. Thanks to him, Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire flourished back in the times.

So you can be sure Karlštejn is also worth the visit. It can also make a perfect day trip from Prague, as it’s only 45-minute drive from the Czech capital.


8. Karlovy Vary

Last but not least, I want to present you with another Czech spa town, Karlovy Vary. It’s been known for its collonades and healing springs. You can walk through the town with a ceramic pot while tasting different kinds of springs. Altogether, there are 12 of them.

You have to visit the following colonnades with their healing hot springs:

  • Park Colonnade
  • Mill Colonnade
  • Market Colonnade
  • Castle Colonnade
  • Hot Spring Colonnade

After, spend some time in a nice hotel, relaxing in the spa. If you have more time, drive to the Diana Tower for the best views of the town and the entire area. You can also explore new butterfly species in the butterfly museum.

Once you’re back in the town, don’t forget to try local spa waffles, which you can buy at any corner of the town.

If you’re visiting in July, you’ll be amazed by its International Film Festival, which is held annually. I got to see Johnny Depp last time, which was pretty cool.

Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days: Karlovy Vary

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