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Memorable Trip To Albania: 5 Itineraries For Your Visit

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Memorable Trip To Albania: 5 Itineraries For Your Visit

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Albania is a diverse country full of surprises. It’s quite sad that not many people are talking about it. It’s time to change it. If you want to explore a new destination full of history, culture, traditions, and diverse landscape, Albania is a perfect match for you.

You’ll find everything in this country. Whether you want to relax on the beach and swim in the sea, or you want to go hiking and do some sports, enjoy nature, or love experiencing other cultures and traditions, Albania offers it all. That’s why I’ve put together a few itineraries for you that you can use to have a perfect trip in Albania.


How To Get Around Albania

You can visit all these places and do these itineraries from this list either by renting a car or traveling by bus. Check out my article about Albania buses and getting around Albania to learn more about the ways to travel here, distances, prices for buses, and negotiating with taxi drivers.



1. ITINERARY: Trip To Albania For History, Culture, Nature & Beach

If you only get a week of vacation, I have a one-week itinerary through southern Albania for you. If you love to explore history, experience the culture of a country, but also have some relaxation in between, this itinerary is perfect for you.


Trip To Albania For History, Culture, Nature & Beach Lovers

  1. DAY: Tirana
  2. DAY: Berat
  3. DAY: Himare
  4. DAY: Ksamil & Butrint
  5. DAY: Gjirokaster
  6. DAY: Korce
  7. DAY: Korce



You’ll start your trip to Albania in Tirana, the capital city. It’ll give you first insights and understanding of Albanian history. You’ll learn about the communist regime, how it looked like, how they imprisoned people and kept them within Albanian borders. In the evening, you can enjoy the great nightlife of Tirana before making your way further south.


Sightseeing In Tirana

  • Bunk’ Art – tunnel from the communist era – top attraction
  • Skanderbeg Square
  • Clock Tower
  • Tanner’s Bridge
  • Piramida – currently under construction
  • Bloku District – for dinner and nightlife
Bunk' Art Tirana
Tirana Bunk’Art, the capital of Albania



On the next day, you’ll visit the city of thousands of windows. Legend talks about two brothers who both fell in love with a local girl Osum. Due to their fight for the girl, they both died, and Osum cried so much that her tears turned into the river.

Nowadays, Berat is built between two mountains, where each of them reminds of the two brothers, and the River Osum flows in the middle. Take your time and enjoy the history of Berat, built on a hill. Visit its castle and scroll down the streets. After, you can drive directly to Himare and spend the night with the next day there, enjoying its beaches.


Sightseeing In Berat

  • Berat Castle and the Citadel
  • Lead Mosque
  • National Ethnographic Museum
  • Iconography Museum
  • Bulevardi Republika


2. + 3. DAY: HIMARE

Himare will be for those who like to also relax during their Albania trip, besides exploring a lot. This place has some of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. We’ll go further south to what is called the Caribbean of Europe (Ksamil).

However, after seeing and experiencing these places and their beaches on my own, it’s very crowded. If you don’t like too crowded beaches and want a better rest, Himare is a better spot for a beach vacation.

Its beaches are vast, and you’ll for sure find a calmer place for your relaxation. So you can arrive here on the second day in the evening and spend the next day lying on the beach, enjoying local resorts, and swimming in the Adriatic Sea.



After, you’ll go to the Turkoise Pearl of Albania (also known as the Caribbean of Europe). I’ve brought you here mainly for the Brutint National Park, where you can explore a bit more of Albanian history.

Butrint is the largest archaeological area you can visit during your trip to Albania. It used to be a Greek colony and a Roman city. Nowadays, you can visit the archaeological areas with a theatre and walk up to its castle, from where you can already spot another European country, Greece. Finally, you can spend the night in Ksamil and enjoy a few hours of the sea and the beach.

Ksamil beaches Albania road trip itinerary trip to Albania
Ksamil beaches, Albanian Riviera: Trip to Albania



The next day in the morning, drive north to Gjirokaster. You can spend the last moment swimming in the sea and then get to Gjirokaster.

Gjirokaster is the highlight for many when visiting Albania. You can’t miss this stunning stone town during your Albanian vacation. On the next day, you’ll drive north to see it and also spend the night there.

Gjirokaster is famous for its stone houses, for which it also got its name as the stone city. It reminds us of the Ottoman era, and nowadays, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also the birthplace of the former Albanian communist leader, Enver Hoxha, who made the city Albania’s most notorious political prison.

Explore its castle, ethnographic museum, walk through its tiny streets, have Raki and something nice for dinner. This is also a great place to buy souvenirs or something which will remind you of Albania once you’re back home. They sell beautiful carpets, pillows, wooden carved things, and a lot more.

You can also spend the night here in Gjirokaster.


Sightseeing In Gjirokaster

  • Gjirokaster Castle
  • Cold War Tunnel
  • Otoman Style Houses
  • Zekate House – one of the most beautiful buildings in the town with a museum
trip to Albania Gjirokaster the most beautiful places in Albania
Gjirokaster, the most beautiful places in Albania


6. + 7. DAY: KORCE

Korce is named the cultural capital of Albania. It’s a perfect place to end your Albanian trip. Their old bazaar offers a unique experience, which will turn into a great nightlife spot in the evening. You can enjoy Albanian cuisine, try local brandy, and end your Albanian itinerary in style.

The city also hosts a spectacular Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral. It’s the largest Orthodox cathedral in Albania, with Byzantine architecture dating back to 1995. This city will remind you of Albanian hospitality and charm.

Drive to Korce in the afternoon. Today, you’ll be passing what I call the Albanian Canyon. It’s a spectacular place with stunning views. Enjoy the ride and have a great dinner in the Old Bazaar in Korce in the evening.


Sightseeing In Korce

  • The resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral
  • Old Bazaar
  • Walk through Bulevard Shen Gjergji
  • Raki at Café-Museum Komiteti – try the best Raki (Albanian fruit brandy here)
  • Visit Korce Brewery
  • Have dinner in one of the restaurants in Old Bazaar – they might also have a life music performance on the main square.



On the last day, make your way back to Tirana. This will mark the end of your trip to Albania. It’s a suggested itinerary for what you can do during your Albanian holidays if you are a history and culture lover but also want some relaxation on the way.

Feel free to adjust the itinerary according to your needs, or write a comment below if you need more ideas. If you have more days, you can continue this itinerary to northern Albania, where you can spend some time in the Albanian Alps and enjoy its spectacular nature.



2. ITINERARY: Tip To Albania For Beach Vacation & Relax

Even the most adventurous souls need a rest from time to time. Or travelers and backpackers wish for a change and just want to spend some time lying on the beach, reading their favorite books, and disconnect.

Whether you’re looking for proper beach holidays in Albania in an all-inclusive resort or want to spend some time on the beach, you can choose from the list of the best beach in Albanian.


Trip To Albania For Beach Vacation & Relax

  1. Vlore
  2. Dhermi & Himare
  3. Ksamil
  4. Albanian Riviera
  5. Cape Of Rhodon Beaches


Beaches Around Vlore

Vlore has some amazing beaches around. It’s a big city, so you’ll have everything you need and can enjoy your beach vacation to the fullest.

However, these beaches are also quite crowded, and many locals come here for holidays. They have hotel resorts right in front of the sea and the beaches so if you’re looking for an all-inclusive holiday in Albania, these beaches around Vlore city will be a great place for you:

  • Radhime Beach
  • Bora Bora Beach
  • Plazhi I Ri
  • Narta Beach – near Zvernec Island
  • Plazhi Jon 2 – near Zvernec Island
trip to Albania best beaches of Albania Vlore
Best beaches near Vlore: Trip to Albania


Beaches In Dhermi/Himare

Dhermi and Himare are perfect places for your beach trip to Albania. If you’re looking for relaxation on the Albanian Riviera, they have some of the best Albanian beaches.

These places will also be less crowded as they are so huge that you will for sure find a perfect spot for yourself. They also have some great hotel resorts where you can stay. The following beaches are worth considering for your holidays:

  • Plazhi I Palases Beach – near Dhermi, quite popular
  • Palasa Beach – near Dhermi, quite popular
  • Drimadhe Beach – Dhermi, the most popular and more crowded one
  • Pepperon the Beach – Dhermi – quite popular
  • Dhermiu Beach – near Dhermi, remote one
  • Gjipe Beach – near Dhermi, less popular, remote one
  • Livadi Beach – Himare, popular one
  • Llamani Beach – near Himare


Beaches In Ksamil

Ksamil is the most famous place for Albanian sea vacation. It’s also called the Turquoise Pearl of Albania.

However, it has smaller beaches and very crowded ones. So if you don’t really like too many people on one spot, I suggest you rather avoid this place. Still, it has beautiful beaches with turquoise water, so if you don’t mind, this might be a perfect spot for your trip to Albania:

  • Neasden Lane Beach – near Ksamil
  • Plazhi Ksamilit – Ksamil
  • Paradise Beach – Ksamil
  • Lori Beach – Ksamil
  • The Last Bay – near Ksamil
trip to Albania best beaches in Albania
Ksamil beach: Trip to Albania


Albanian Riviera: Less Popular Beaches

These are the less popular beaches on the Albanian Riviera. If you don’t like crowds of people, choose one of these. Please note that tourism in Albania is getting more popular, so it might be changing over the years:

  • Porto Palermo Beach
  • Queparo Beach
  • Buneci Beach
  • Lukova Beach
  • Plazhi I Shpelles
  • Krorëza Beach


Beaches Near Cape Of Rhodon

Cape of Rhodon is still a less popular spot in Albania. Traveling down to the Albanian Riviera from the capital would take quite some time. That’s why some people choose beaches near Dürres for their vacation.

But beaches near Dürres are not very nice, so I’ve chosen more remote beaches for you instead. So, if you don’t have too much time traveling to the south of Albania (where the best beaches are located), choose some of these instead. You can spend a day or two on the beach near Cape of Rhodon as a day trip from Tirana:

  • Rera E Bardhe
  • Lalez Beach
  • Plazhi I Hamallaj
trip to Albania best beaches Cape of Rhodon
Best beaches of Albania, Cape of Rhodon: Trip to Albania



3. ITINERARY: Trip To The Albanian Alps For Nature Lovers

If you only have 3 to 4 days for your trip to Albania and love nature, this will be the perfect itinerary for you. You’ll get the chance to relax in nature, do some easy walks or hikes, and some natural phenomenon – Albanian Blue Eye. It’s also a great itinerary for those who want to disconnect and experience Albanian culture and traditions.

You’ll drive north to the city of Shkodra, where you can stay overnight. Book a room in the Tradita Hotel, where you can enjoy traditional dinner in their inner yard and listen to traditional music. Try Amaro, which is their local homemade liqueur, and prepare yourself for the adventure.

On the next day, you’ll drive to the Albanian Alps, Theth village. Once you check in to your accommodation, you can start exploring this charming place.


Trip To The Albanian Alps For Nature Lovers

  1. DAY: Shkodra
  2. DAY: Theth
  3. DAY: Blue Eye
  4. DAY: Valbona Hike
  5. DAY: Koman Lake & Shkodra


Things To Do In The Albanian Alps

Albanian Alps offer various activities and things you can do, including Grunasi waterfall, Blue Eye, driving in a jeep, hiking to the Valbona Pass, and cruising on the Komani Lake.

If you want to visit Albanian Alps as part of your trip to Albania, read my article about the top 4 things to do in the Albanian Alps. Scroll to the end of this article to see my suggested itinerary for 3 days spent in the Albanian Alps. With this itinerary, you can do it all.

Albanian Alps
Hiking in the Albanian Alps



4. ITINERARY: Trip To Albania For History & Culture Lovers

If you only love exploring, I’ve designed this 10 day itinerary for you. It’s slightly similar to the first itinerary from this article, so you can learn more about the places there as well.


Trip To Albania For History & Culture Lovers

  1. DAY: Tirana
  2. DAY: Korce
  3. DAY: Permet & Gjirokaster
  4. DAY: Gjirokaster
  5. DAY: Butrint & Ksamil
  6. DAY: Zvernec Island
  7. DAY: Berat
  8. DAY: Berat
  9. DAY: Kruje
  10. DAY: Kruje



You’ll start your itinerary in the capital of Tirana, where you can get your first impressions of the country and learn more about its history in general. Go inside the Bunker (Bunk’Art) and experience how it used to look like during the communist era in Albania. It’s truly an amazing experience. Spend one day in Tirana and enjoy its nightlife in the evening. Prepare yourself the next day, when we’ll make the drive to the cultural capital of Albania.



Welcome to the cultural capital of Albania, Korce. It’s surrounded by the Morava mountains, which make a spectacular scenery for the city. Here is the time to taste some traditional Albanian food and drinks, mainly Raki, local fruit brandy, and Morava honey.

Spend some time in the Old Bazaar and have a nice dinner listening to the life music on the main square.

Spend the night in Korce and prepare yourself for a spectacular drive through the Albanian Canyon tomorrow.


Sightseeing In Korce

  • The resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral
  • Old Bazaar
  • Walk through Bulevard Shen Gjergji
  • Raki at Café-Museum Komiteti – try the best Raki (Albanian fruit brandy here)
  • Visit Korce Brewery
  • Have dinner in one of the restaurants in Old Bazaar – they might also have a life music performance on the main square.
Albania holidays Korce cultural capital of Albania
Korce, the cultural capital of Albania



The next day in the morning, drive from Korce to Permet. You’ll be passing through the stunning area, which I named Albanian Canyon. Those views are truly spectacular, so stop the car from now and then and take some photos.

Permet is mainly famous for its natural thermal springs. It reminds us of the typical Balkan village full of small houses, fruits, and vegetables in every single corner. Its streets are decorated with roses creating a special charm. It got its name after the Albanian hero called Premt.

The place was also named the Hero City during the communist era. I am sure this town will stop you in a time, so just enjoy its unique atmosphere, talk to some locals, and have some rest.

After, go to the thermal baths, which are located 8km from the town. Locals say each pot has different benefits for your body, so try it out for yourself. They are situated close to the famous Katiu Bridge.

After, you can drive further to Gjirokaster today in the evening and spend the night there.

trip to Albania Albanian Canyon
Albanian Canyon: Trip to Albania



Good morning to Gjirokaster. This city is the highlight of the itinerary for many visitors during their trip  to Albanian. You’ll explore Ottoman-era houses, the castle, and the stunning views of the entire region. It’s also the place to buy souvenirs and traditional Albanian things such as handmade carpets, pillows, and other stuff.

Gjirokaster is the birthplace of Enver Hoxha, Albania’s communist leader, who also built the famous prison here. Don’t forget to explore the Cold War Tunnel, through which locals used to transport goods during the Cold War.

In the evening, make your way further south to Ksamil, where you’ll stay overnight.


Sightseeing In Gjirokaster

  • Gjirokaster Castle
  • Cold War Tunnel
  • Otoman Style Houses
  • Zekate House – one of the most beautiful buildings in the town with a museum



This area is already close to the Greek border. You’ll spend the day visiting the largest archaeological area in Albania, Butrint National Park. It used to be a Greek colony and a Roman city. Walk inside, see the historical theatre and its castle. The entire park has beautiful views.

Then you can make your way to Ksamil, the Turkoise Pearl of Albania. It has beautiful beaches; however, they are also pretty crowded. Still, you can enjoy the sea for a while and stay overnight in this small town next to the sea.



I have to say, Zvernec Island was one of my favorite places I saw in Albania. It’s a remote island connected to the mainland only with a tiny wooden bridge. The island hosts the Monastery of St. Mary with a byzantine architecture and a cemetery.

Today, you’ll start driving again north towards Tirana, visiting a few other places on the way. You’ll first drive through the Llogara Pass with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. It’s an experience on its own. Get to Vlore city, from where you’ll only drive 12km to Zvernec Island.

You can also sleep in Vlore and make it to the island the next day in the morning, which is probably even a better option as you’ll avoid many people if you visit it early in the morning (9am enough before visitors start to come). After, make your way slowly towards the next destination, Berat.

day trips from Tirana Zvernec island albania road trip
Zvernec Island, Albania road trip itinerary


7. & 8. DAY: BERAT

Berat is known as the city of thousands of windows. Admire the Ottoman-era houses built on the hill and ascending towards the castle on top. The city has a legend that has a story about two brothers and a girl Osum.

You can learn more about this legend in my article about the top 6 day trips from Tirana. Stroll through its tiny streets, visit the local mosque and the castle, and taste local Raki, fruit brandy.

Spend the night in Berat in one of the traditional houses here. Have a good rest as tomorrow is our last day of the itinerary.


Sightseeing In Berat

  • Berat Castle and the Citadel
  • Lead Mosque
  • National Ethnographic Museum
  • Iconography Museum
  • Bulevardi Republika


9. & 10. DAY: KRUJE

Kruje is the former capital of Albania, which already explains the importance of this city and the reason to visit it during your holidays in Albania. It’s where Skanderbeg, Albanian national hero, defeated the Ottomans and managed to stop them to further expand to Western Europe.

The highlight is the Skanderbeg Museum inside Kruje’s Castle, where you can learn more about the national hero and how he fought against the Ottomans. Then walk down the Old Bazaar, and if you didn’t buy any souvenirs yet, this is also a great place to do so.


Sightseeing In Kruje

  • Kruje Castle
  • Skanderbeg Museum
  • Old Bazaar
  • Pazari i Kruje – some of the most beautiful markets in the Balkan area
trip to Albania Kruje
Kruje – the former capital of Albania: Trip to Albania


On the last of your Albanian journey, drive back to Tirana. If you are a history and culture lover, this is a sample itinerary for you, and you don’t like to waste time on a beach. You come to visit a country to learn more about it and broaden your horizons. This itinerary includes places that will give you a full insight into Albania’s history and culture.

If you want to experience more gastronomy in Albania, I highly recommend you drive north to the Fishte village on your last day. You’ll spend the night in traditional rooms and have a delicious dinner with local specialties in Mrizi I Zanave agro farm. You’ll love this experience. If you scroll down in this article, you can learn more about this agro farm.



5. ITINERARY: Trip To Albania For Gastronomy & Agrotourism Lovers

Some people create memories of different countries thanks to local food and traditions. They say whenever they think of a taste of food they tasted in a particular country, it takes them back to that destination. They basically love to explore the country through food. If you are one of them, this Albania itinerary is for you, so keep reading.

You’ll start your trip to Albania in Tirana, the capital of Albania. From there, you’ll visit several agro farms and wineries and connect with locals. On the way, you can visit some of the beautiful and historical places, of which I’ll also make a note in this itinerary.


Trip To Albania For Gastronomy Lovers

  1. DAY: Agro Tourism Huqi
  2. DAY: Mrizi I Zanave (Fishte Village)
  3. DAY: Kantina Arberi (Wine & Raki)
  4. DAY: Nurrelari Wine Cellars
  5. DAY: Farm Sotira (Eco Farm)


Agro Tourism Huqi

First of all, visit the agrotourism farm in Huqi, close to the coastal city of Dürres. This farm is located close to a small lake and is famous for its detached wooden huts, where you can stay overnight.

Enjoy local Albanian dishes accompanied by a house-made wine. Their specialty is lamb, which is cooked in an exclusive way using the slow-food cooking tradition. It’ll literally melt in your mouth. The restaurant has its own vegetable farm and grape yards.

Spend the night here and enjoy the first impressions of this beautiful land.

Agrotourism in Albania


Mrizi I Zanave: Fishte Village

On the next day, you’ll drive further north to one of the best agrotourism spots in entire Albania. If you feel like sightseeing, I recommend you visit the Cape of Rhodon on the way. You can also spend some time on the beach and enjoy a different site of Albania. Then, continue to the Fishte village, where the farm is located.

Mrizi I Zanave is one of the best agrotourism farms in Albania. They produce various products, including smoked meat, cheese (even wine cheese, which is their specialty), byrek, dried tomatoes in oil, marmalades, pine syrup, homemade wine, and the list just goes on.

The menu is changing depending on the season and follows the slow food tradition. In fact, this place used to serve as a prison during the communist era. The owner has changed it to a beautiful restaurant and a hotel, including a factory with local production.

This place is truly incredible, so if you don’t have time to visit anything else, you have to come at least here. Stay overnight in their rooms set up in traditional style and enjoy a delicious Albanian breakfast the next morning.


Kantina Arberi: Wine & Raki

After tasting some traditional food and homemade products, it’s time to taste local wine and raki in one of the best Albanian wineries. Visit Kantina Arberi, located in the Rresheni village close to Fishte. It started as a small winery for personal use until it expanded to serve wine nationally and internationally.

Katina Arberi is situated only an hour and 10 minutes away from Mrizi I Zanave agro farm. Unfortunately, they don’t provide accommodation here, so I recommend taking a taxi or asking somebody at the Mrizi I Zanave farm to drive you to Kantina Arberi winery. Then you can do the wine tasting, and after, you can get back to Mrizi I Zanave and stay an additional night there.


Nurrelari Wine Cellars

Today, you’ll drive again south to Berat. Before making your way to another winery, you can stop in this city. It’s also named as the city of thousand windows. Enjoy stunning views from its castle and stroll through tiny streets. Then, enjoy wine tasting in the Nurrelari winery.

Nurrelari, located close to the city of thousands window next to the River Osum and Mount Tomorr, has one of the most exclusive wine cellars in Albania. It used to be a communist warehouse in the past.

Nowadays, it is a family-run business. You can enjoy a range of products, including wine, raki, and even olive oil. Get some white and red wine tasting, try raki (local fruit brandy), and try organic olive oil with homemade bread. You’ll love the experience.

Spend the night here and enjoy traditional Albanian breakfast the next morning, included in the room rate.

Hotel Tradita Albania
Hotel Tradita, experiencing Albanian culture, Shkodra Albania


Farm Sotira: Eco Farm

Farm Sotira is located in the southeast of the country, close to Greece. When driving, you’ll pass by Korce city. You can make a stop here and have some lunch or buy local products in the Old Bazaar such as Moravia honey or Raki.

Then dirve to Sotira farm. This is one of the most spectacular rides in Albania. You’ll drive through what I called Albanian Canyon. The road is tiny and curvy, with some traditional villages on the way. Enjoy the stunning views. It’s incredible.

Enjoy untouched nature and organic food in the Sotira Farm, situated in the National Park Germenj-Shelegur. Their specialties include meat cooked in traditional ways, dried meat, fresh chicken and dug eggs, fish casserole, chicken, duck, goose with rice, homemade bread and cheese, and traditional pie.

In addition, its region offers many activities such as horse-riding, camping, hiking, and admiring the Albanian Grand Canyon.

As for the accommodation, you can choose among three options. Do some camping if you want to have some adventure, stay in a bungalow or a traditional cabin.


End Of Your Agro Tourism Itinerary

On the next day, you can visit Permet and its natural thermal baths, Gjirokaster, the stone city of Albania, and the birthplace of Enver Hoxha (former Albanian communist leader). Then drive down south to the Albanian Riviera and enjoy the beaches (described above in this article).

This is a sample itinerary to enjoy Albanian agro farms, taste delicious food, wine, and local products. Feel free to spend even more days at each destination, depending on the time you have available.



More Tips For Albania Travel

Albania offers so many things to do. Pick one of these itineraries according to your interests and enjoy your Albania holidays. If you need more inspiration or have 10 days for your vacation, check out my Albania road trip itinerary. It includes all the country’s highlights from the north down to the south and has a mixture of things.

If you only have a few days in Albania and come to the capital, read my article about the top 6 day trips from Tirana. Enjoy Albania, and let me know in the comments below which itinerary you like the most and which one you’ll pick for your trip to Albania.

For general information about Albania, its most beautiful places, economy and budget you’ll need and food you have to try, check out my Albania travel guide.

I recommend you continue traveling and visit Greece since you’re so close. Check out the best island day trips from Athens, experience authentic Greek culture, taste delicious food, and see some of the best Greek beaches. Or take my Greece road trip itinerary and explore the country’s highlights in 10 days.