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how to watch tv shows in different languages

How To Watch TV Shows In Different Languages: Quick Access

This article about how to watch TV shows in different languages may contain affiliate/compensated links. For full information, please see my disclaimer here.

Watching movies and TV shows in foreign languages significantly improves our language skills. It’s fun, engaging, and motivates us to actually learn a language. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many options for watching TV shows online. But I have a great solution for you now.

This article will tell you where and how to watch TV shows in different languages, including movies in various genres. It’s a one-stop platform that enables you to do so and is designed to make you learn a language. I’ll also give you suggestions on how you can learn languages while watching these shows. So let’s get round to it.



How To Watch TV Shows In Different Languages?

You can watch TV shows and movies in different languages on the Lingopie app and learn languages on the way.

When I discovered this app a few months ago, I was absolutely shocked (in a positive sense). Finally, something I had been looking for so long has arrived. And you’re going to love it.

Lingopie is a language app and platform offering TW shows and movies in different languages. It offers instant access to hundreds of shows and movies. You can choose which language you want to learn and each TV show will be played in your foreign language.

In addition, Lingopie automatically makes you learn new words from the movie and gives you a script with each sentence from the show or movie. It’s suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced language learners.

So you don’t have to be struggling to find information on how to watch TV shows in different languages anymore. Lingopie has it all in one place for you. Just register, and you can start watching.

This article will explain everything about Lingopie, how it works, how to benefit from it, how you can learn languages with it, and whether it’s worth it.



How Does Lingopie Work?

Lingopie makes learning languages by watching TV shows and movies more purposeful. It motivates you to learn new words and sentences while watching your favorite TV show. The best part of it is that you might not even realize you’re actually learning a language. The words will automatically come to your head because you’re watching something you like and are interested in.

You can choose from their database of TV shows and movies in 6 different languages. Just choose a language you want to learn, and all TV shows will be displayed in the language of your choice.


English Subtitles & Flashcards

When you choose a TV show or a movie, there are English subtitles on the screen. Whenever there is a word they suggest you learn in the foreign language, it pops up above the subtitles. You can listen to its pronunciation and save it to your flashcards when you click on the word.


Work With Script & Voice Recognition

There is a script on the right-hand side of your screen with each sentence from the TV shows written in your foreign language. You can watch the TV show and see which sentence the characters are saying. Then, if you click on a sentence, you can listen to its pronunciation over and over again. After, you can even record yourself saying the sentence out loud. The system will record you and give you feedback on how well you did in terms of pronunciation. It’s absolutely amazing.


Netflix For Language Learning

Lingopie is basically like Netflix with the extra features designed to learn foreign languages. You can choose how long you would like to learn a language per day. Then just choose your favorite TV show or movie and start watching.

Whenever you want to learn a new word, just save it to your flashcards so that you can come back to it and memorize the word.


Which Languages Can You Learn with Lingopie?

At the moment, you can learn the following languages with Lingopie:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese



How To Watch TV Shows And Learn Different Languages?

I recommend you learn languages by watching TV shows in different languages as follows:

Let’s say you’ll dedicate 15 minutes every day to watch something. First of all, only watch 15 minutes from your favorite TV show or a movie. Don’t look up words or add anything to your flashcards. Just listen to the pronunciation and try to catch the meaning of the story.

After 15 minutes, stop the show and work on it. Start watching the same section again. Stop it after each sentence. Read the sentence out loud and make sure you understand the meaning. Whenever there is a new word you like to learn, just save it to your flashcards.

Use their voice recognition and record yourself saying each sentence out loud. Make sure you can pronounce it right. Once you’re finished with the sentence and understand its meaning, head to another one. Again, play the show and do the same with each sentence.


You can make up your own plan. You can, for example, stop the show after 5 sentences and then work on these 5 sentences. The point here is to learn new vocabulary and make sure you understand the sentences in the foreign language.

Once you go through all sentences, play once again the same section from the start. Just listen to it and see if you understand it better now. Play it so many times until you feel comfortable with it.


This is how I recommend you learn languages by watching TV shows and movies on Lingopie. Stick to your plan and watch a small section from the show or movie every single day.

Once you’re done watching for the day, head over to the flashcards section and review all new words you want to remember. Then you can choose some strategies on how to learn the vocabulary in my separate article.



What Kind Of TV shows & Movies Does Lingopie Offer?

Lingopie offers you different movie genres and TV shows in your chosen foreign language. For example, you can watch the following genres:

  • beginner friendly shows & movies
  • romantic
  • historical
  • comedy
  • short stories
  • travel & food
  • best TV shows from the country of your foreign language
  • suspense
  • tearful shows
  • soap operas
  • telenovelas
  • mystery
  • around the world
  • crazy shows
  • thriller
  • family & kids
  • drama


Lingopie Flashcards

Whenever you save a word you want to learn while watching your show or movie, it’ll be automatically saved into the flashcard section. You can access it anytime. Each word/flashcard will be saved until the respective movie it comes from.

You can listen to the pronunciation of each word and go through all words you want to remember. Whenever you have learned a word, click on the ‘I know’ button, and it’ll be transferred to the ‘Mastered Flashcards’ section.



TV Lexicon – LingoPie Video Dictionary

Another great feature I love is the Lingopie video dictionary. It’s one of my favorite features as it makes you learn words in a context. Go to the section ‘TV Lexicon’ and just type any word and click on search. Lingopie then gives you a list of all moves and TV shows from their database where this word is mentioned.

This will make you understand the word in a different context and remember it better. You’ll also be more confident in using the word when speaking and know different meanings of the word. This is amazing.



How Much Does Lingopie Cost?

Lingopie works based on monthly subscriptions. It offers 3 plans.

You can either pay each month as you go with the first plan.

With the second plan, you’ll be charged annually, and the monthly subscription will get so much cheaper.

The third plan is suitable if you want to share your account with 3 other members. This way, it’ll get cheaper for each of you. All of the plans include the features I described above.

The only difference is when you’ll be using the app or the number of people using the account.



Lingopie offers you a one-stop solution on how to watch TV shows in different languages. Check it out now with a 7-day free trial and see how you like it. I absolutely love this app. It has made my Italian learning a lot more fun and easier. I now have more motivation to stick to my Italian learning goals than I ever had with other languages I’ve learned.

Try Lingopie



Second Option To Watch TV Shows In Different Languages

In case the foreign language you want to learn isn’t covered by Lingopie, don’t worry. I have another solution for you.

If that’s the case, I recommend you get yourself a VPN. VPN stands for a virtual private network. It mainly serves to protect your data online. Especially when you’re using public networks at the airport or in McDonald’sMcDonald’s and Starbucks, your information isn’t private. The VPN secures all your information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and all relevant information, so that nobody can steal it.

But why am I telling you this, and how is it connected to language learning?


Change Location & Watch TV Shows In Another Country

Right, I know. Another great feature that a VPN offers is location independence.

You can just choose a location and watch TV shows and movies from different countries that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

So let’s say you are learning Chinese and want to watch some Chinese TV series or shows. However, you’re located in the USA or Denmark, and you don’t have access to these Chinese shows abroad. VPN is the solution.

Just choose the country from which your TV shows are, in this case China. You’ll have access to them immediately.


I Use VPN To Watch TV Shows From Different Countries

It’s an amazing feature I use all the time. Whenever I travel and want to watch movies that I can’t access abroad, I just change the location and have full access to it. This way, I can watch my Slovakian series any time I want and wherever I am.

So just get a VPN and look for online platforms offering TV shows and movies from the country where your foreign language is spoken.


Surfshark VPN

I recommend Surfshark VPN. I’ve been using them for a few months now, and they are one of the best VPN providers on the internet now. You can also get significant discounts at the moment up to 84%, so check it out.

They’re generally the cheapest and most secure VPN providers on the market. In addition, Surfshark offers access for unlimited devices with only one account, which no other VPN has. They also have 24/7 customer service and a double authentification.


Get Surfshark VPN



These are the top 2 ways on how to watch TV shows in different languages. Even though they’re not free of charge, they’re definitely worth the small investment. Watching TV shows and movies in different languages will significantly boost your language skills.



More Inspiration For Language Learning

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Get the best language learning method for adults I’ve developed and learn languages according to it. 

Also, I am giving you other language resources, so check them out. You’ll get the best foreign language books and language magazines to improve your reading skills. Also, get the best language learning podcasts to keep listening to the languages in topics you love. 

Let me know in the comments below which TV shows you have chosen and how you like Lingopie.

If you’re interested in learning German, check out the best way to learn German vocabulary.

I wish you a happy learning. And don’t forget to have fun.




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