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Where To Stay In Granada Nicaragua: Ultimate Guide

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Table of Contents

Where To Stay In Granada Nicaragua: Best Hotels Overview
Overview Of Facilities & Offers In Selina Granada Hotel
Reasons Why You Should Stay In Selina Granada
Reasons Why You Should Stay In Tribal Hotel
Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotel Plaza Colon
Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hostal Azul
How To Book The Best Hotels In Granada
How Long Should You Stay In Granada Nicaragua?
Best Time To Visit Granada Nicaragua
More Tips For Traveling Central America

If you’re considering visiting Granada in Nicaragua, you’ve chosen a great place to stay. I can assure you that you’ll love the city. It’s an excellent place for digital nomads, adventure seekers, and those who want to relax. With all that comes beautiful facilities, great cafes, co-working spaces, and unique hotels.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the best places where to stay in Granada. I’ve visited each of these hotels and hostels personally in Granada and researched the best places to stay for you. There is one for everybody, whether you’re a digital nomad, a couple, a traveler looking to relax, or a backpacker.

My motto for hotel recommendations is ‘Less is more’. That’s why I’ve selected the top 4 hotels for you.

Ready to explore the best hotels in Granada? Let’s do it.

Where To Stay In Granada Nicaragua: Best Hotels Overview

Before we get to the details, here is a quick overview of the best places where to stay in Granada:


I’ve been to each of these hotels on my own in Granada. When I was in the city, I took my time and researched the best hotels and places to stay for you. These are the top 4 that caught my attention. They’re special in a way, offer excellent services, and are worth staying.

The first hotel is the best for digital nomads and backpackers, the second and third are beautiful luxury boutique hotels, and the third is for travelers on a budget.

Below, I’ll give you details about each, so check it out.

Selina Granada

Selina Granada is hands down the best hotel for digital nomads and adventure seekers. It has beautiful premises, a co-working space, an interesting weekly program, and organized excursions.

What I particularly love about this hotel is its weekly program. Daily yoga classes, fitness classes, a pool party, brunch, free walking tour, welcome drink, DJ session, or a karaoke night… you can enjoy most of these activities free of charge.

With that said, you’ll never get bored in this hotel. If you travel solo, this is the best place to meet new friends in Granada, Nicaragua.

Selina Granada also has you covered as a digital nomad. They have an amazing co-working space. You can use it for a small fee starting at $5 a day. It has beautiful desks that provide privacy, a coffee station, and a couch if you need a break from working, stretch, and change a seat for a while.

Selina Granada has a pool, which you can enjoy daily. There is also a kitchen for you to cook your food. But don’t worry, Granada has great restaurant and cafe to enjoy. If you’re bored, you can read something in their cinema room or the library.

The hotel has a spa room, too. You can enjoy a massage, choco or aroma therapy, and more. Every single one has a different spa program.

In addition to all of this, Selina Granada organizes various excursions around the city for you. One of the things you must visit while staying is Masaya volcano.

where to stay in Granada Nicaragua Selina Granada Hotel
Where to stay in Granada Nicaragua: Selina Granada Hotel

Overview Of Facilities & Offers In Selina Granada Hotel

Let me give you a quick overview of everything Selina Granada offers for you as a nomad and adventurer:

  • Bar
  • Pool
  • Kitchen to use
  • Weekly program
  • Wellness/Spa Room with a daily program
  • Co-working space
  • Private rooms (Standard & Deluxe)
  • Tripple rooms
  • Shared dormitories
  • Family rooms
  • Suite

Reasons Why You Should Stay In Selina Granada

Here are my top reasons why you should book Selina Hotel in Granada. It’s my personal experience with the hotel, and things I felt were wonderful:

  • amazing staff (always at your disposal)
  • great facilities (super clean)
  • perfect location (at the central park)
  • friendly environment (great for socializing)
  • weekly program included
  • great WIFI connection
  • breakfast included


Check out Booking.com to see the different types of rooms available and their prices.

I assure you that Selina Granada Hotel won’t disappoint you as a traveler. It’s a great place to relax, socialize, work, and disconnect in their wellness facilities.

Selina Granada Hotel
Selina Granada Hotel

Tribal Hotel

Tribal Hotel is my top luxury boutique hotel in Granada. It’s particularly suitable for couples and those looking for a relax in the middle of this colonial city. I love the wooden style of this hotel, their Moroccan lanterns and Thai fabrics. A beautiful tropical garden with a pool in the middle will greet you when you enter.

It has been officially rated as the best boutique hotel in all of Nicaragua by the Conde Nast Traveler.

You can relax on their cabana-style beds, read a magazine in their beautiful lounge, or enjoy cocktails and tapas.

Their rooms are hidden between the palms, so you get as much privacy as needed. Each room also has a little terrace. They’re equipped with everything you need for your amazing stay. Many hotels in Nicaragua don’t have air conditioning or hot shower. Tribal Hotel has you covered here, too.

Tribal hotel offers the following services for you:

  • breakfast
  • great WIFI connection
  • rooms with airconditioning
  • safety box
  • laundry services
  • massage
  • airport transfer

Reasons Why You Should Stay In Tribal Hotel

Tribal hotel is for those who want to disconnect and relax while needing a bit of luxury.

These are my top reasons why it’s great to stay at Tribal Hotel:

  • personal approach from staff
  • great location
  • airconditioned rooms 
  • hot water to shower
  • relaxing atmosphere

See Tribal Hotel website for their best deals and room prices.

Tribal hotel is worth staying in if you want a unique design, great atmosphere, relaxation, and luxury services.

where to stay in Granada Nicaragua Hotel Tribal
Where to stay in Granada Nicaragua: Hotel Tribal

Hotel Plaza Colon

Hotel Plaza Colon is another amazing hotel located in Central Park in Granada. It’s a 4* hotel with all amenities you need for your perfect stay.

I loved their stylish rooms with a swimming pool in the middle. It’s very quiet so that you can relax and disconnect. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, which is a big plus in Nicaragua.

Breakfast is included in the room price. You can enjoy International/American style or try local Nicaraguan breakfast (gallo pinto, tortillas, eggs). You can also order a room service.

Hotel Plaza Colon is particularly great for couples, who want to disconnect, and travelers with a bigger budget who want to enjoy a bit of luxury while traveling.

Right next to the hotel is the famous coffee chain Casa de Cafe. So you can enjoy delicious Nicaraguan coffee with stunning views of the cathedral.

Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hotel Plaza Colon

Here are a few reasons why you should stay at Hotel Plaza Colon:

  • clean amenities
  • perfect location
  • stylish rooms
  • breakfast included
  • laundry services
  • luxury

Hotel Plaza Colon is a great place to disconnect while enjoying luxury premises. They can also pick you up from the airport and organize a few excursions for you in the area. Check out Booking.com for the best rates and book your stay.

where to stay in Granada Nicaragua Hotel Plaza Colon
Where to stay in Granada: Nicaragua Hotel Plaza Colon

Hostal Azul

I got to spend one night at Hostal Azul and loved it. This is the best place to stay in Granada for all backpackers on a budget. Their facilities are super clean, the atmosphere is great, the staff is amazing, and it has chilled vibes.

Hostal Azul has dormitories for backpackers and a few double rooms for couples. It also has two bathrooms and a beautiful patio to enjoy hammocks and socialize.

None of the rooms has air conditioning, and the showers only have cold water. But this is usual in Nicaragua. So if you want air conditioning and a hot shower, you’ll have to look for a mid-range or luxury hotel (such as Hotel Plaza Colon).

The only disadvantage of this hostel is that it only has 2 bathrooms with a shower and a toilet. So they get very busy, especially in the morning between 8:30 and 10:00 am when everyone wants to use them. So rather go earlier, or you have to wait quite to use them. Yet, they also have one double room with a private bathroom, if you want to avoid this issue.

Breakfast is included for everyone – you can choose from 2 options, one sweet and the other sour.

They organize activities such as the Masaya volcano tour. They also give you a welcome drink in the evening after your arrival. This is a great chance to connect, chat, and play games with other travelers.

Reasons Why You Should Stay In Hostal Azul

Hostal Azul is a great place to stay in Granada for all backpackers, travelers on a budget, and those who want to socialize.

These are my top reasons why it’s great to stay in Hostal Azul

  • amazing staff
  • welcome drink
  • playing games with others
  • great location
  • breakfast included in the price 
  • hammocks
  • great WIFI connection

So book Hostal Azul via Booking.com and get the best deals.

How To Book The Best Hotels In Granada

Whenever I travel, I always use Booking.com to book my accommodation. It’s very convenient; you can see each place’s photos and book whenever you want. The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours on the phone or email trying to make a reservation.

The more you book through Booking.com, the more advantages you’ll get. For instance, I’ve already reached the Genius 3 level, meaning I get 20% off for almost all the hotels I book. The rooms also come with breakfast included with this level.

Booking.com also handles complains and changes very well. It happened to me many times when I could not arrive on time because my ferry didn’t depart to an island, my flight was canceled, or I simply made a mistake in my booking. You can ask their chat support to change your reservation. It always worked for me without any extra cost.

So I highly recommend Booking.com for the best hotel rates in Granada.

How Long Should You Stay In Granada Nicaragua?

I recommend spending 2 to 4 days in Granada, Nicaragua. It just depends on what you want to do. If you only want to spend some time in the city and relax, 2 days would be enough. In case you want to do a few day trips and excursions from the city, spend 4 days in Granada.

2 days are enough in Granada just to explore the city.

Spend 4 days if you want to make day trips and excursions such as Masaya volcano and market, Laguna Apoyo, Las Isletas, and Mombacho volcano.

Best Time To Visit Granada Nicaragua

The best Time To Visit Granada in Nicaragua is from December until April. It’s officially the dry season in Nicaragua. This country has only 2 seasons: the dry and rainy seasons. The dry season is the best time to visit because it’s barely raining, the temperatures are nice, and it’s very convenient to travel.

Temperatures range between 27°C to 35°C. It can get very hot, so pack accordingly. Always use sunscreen, cover your head, and try to stay inside between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm to enjoy the city without sweating.

The rainy season is from the end of April until November in Nicaragua.

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More Tips For Traveling Central America

Here are my top 3 accommodations for where to stay in Granada, Nicaragua. As I mentioned before, I did the proper research and visited all these three beautiful properties in Granada. I also like to keep my list short yet with quality places to stay in. This way, you don’t have to be looking for accommodation for ages.

If you’re only traveling to Granada from Costa Rica, check out my article on how to get from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has many other beautiful places to see. Ometepe is just around the corner from Granada. So it might be the perfect destination for you after visiting Granada. Check out my article about how to get to Ometepe Island.

Ometepe is a unique island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. It has 2 volcanoes and offers amazing adventure and activities. It’s one of the unique places to visit in Nicaragua, so don’t miss out on it. For inspiration, check out my article about the best things to do on Ometepe Island. Also see my article about where to stay in Ometepe and book your favorite accommodation.

Head to Popoyo if you want to enjoy the Pacific Coast. Check out where to stay in Popoyo to have a beautiful and comfortable stay.

Get my Nicaragua backpacking itinerary for 7 days to get the most out of the country and see its highlights.

If you want to experience city life, go volcano boarding, or work in great coffee shops, check out where to stay in Leon.

Happy travels!