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Albania is one of the top 3 most beautiful countries in Europe on my personal travel list.

I love exploring new countries that not many people know about. And that was the story with Albania, too. Many people told me it was dangerous and warned me not to go there.

But I had a feeling… it was a good feeling, and it triggered me to set off on a big adventure to explore the country. So, I booked my tickets and traveled to Albania as a solo female traveler.

It took no longer than 3 days to realize how amazing Albania is. I fell in love with its culture and the diversity of its landscape. I spent almost 14 days traveling through all of Albania, seeing the Albanian Riviera with its stunning beaches, exploring all major cities, experiencing the culture, eating delicious food, and hiking in the breathtaking Albanian Alps.

And I want you to experience all the highlights this country offers. So get inspiration and start planning your trip with the help of my articles below:

Albania road trip itinerary 10 days

Epic Albania Road Trip Itinerary: 1 – 2 Weeks In Albania

Get my Albania road trip itinerary for 7 – 14 days to explore the country’s highlights. Get all the tips for planning your trip.

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Albania Travel Essentials

When putting an Albanian itinerary together, you must include a few places. The trip wouldn’t be complete if you skipped the Albanian Riviera, beautiful Gjirokaster, or the Albanian Alps, at least…

Get my tips for visiting the most beautiful places and the best things to do in Albania, so you don’t skip any.

Learn how to get around the country, get driving tips, how to negotiate with taxi drivers, and how the entire travel system in Albania works – because it’s a lot different from other European countries.

Eventually, read about safety in Albania and my insights into this topic:

Tirana – Albanian Capital City

Tirana is unlike any other European city. I had no idea what to expect before visiting… and I left with mixed emotions – in a good way.

While it’s not the prettiest city to see, it’s worth exploring, at least for a day. Tirana will give you a great introduction to Albania’s history and its harsh communist regime.

One of the highlights is visiting the Bunk’Art and its underground tunnels.

Tirana is all about experiences, and I recommend spending 1 or 2 days in the city before starting your road trip adventure. If you don’t have much time and want to see at least a few places in Albania, check out these day trips from Tirana.

Albanian Alps

I’m a huge nature and mountain lover… the Dolomites and the Swiss mountains will always have a place in my heart as they’re truly the most beautiful peaks in Europe.

But then I came to Albania and explored the Alps there… which equally touched my heart.

The Albanian Alps are so different from any other mountain ranges in Europe. The remoteness and simplicity you’ll experience are truly amazing. It’s something you can’t miss when visiting Albania.

Albania & Other Countries

If you’re looking for more travel inspiration and can’t decide what to visit, see my article about Albania compared to other countries.

Start planning your travels.