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most beautiful places in Albania

The Land of Eagles, Albania, offers a variety of activities and things to do. It has so many beautiful places. Whether you’re a history and culture lover or like gastronomy and food and traditions of the country, you’ll find something for yourself.

I explored Albania for almost 2 weeks and visited all the places listed below. I was amazed by its beauty daily from the north to the central part and the south. It’s such a breathtaking country.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the 21 most beautiful places in Albania I highly recommend you visit, so you can have an equally amazing experience.

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List Of The 21 Most Beautiful Places In Albania & Map

Here is a quick list of all the stunning places I recommend you visit in Albania with a map. Save it and reference it once you travel to get to these places.

  1. Gjirokaster
  2. Ksamil
  3. Theth
  4. Lake Komani
  5. Zvernec Island
  6. Berat
  7. Kruje
  8. Albanian Canyon
  9. Dhermi & Himare
  10. Elbasan
  11. Valbona
  12. Shkodra
  13. Lake Shkodra
  14. Mrizi I Zanave Agro Farm
  15. Tirana
  16. Cape Of Rodon
  17. Sarande
  18. Butrint National Park
  19. Permet
  20. Korce
  21. Llogara Pass
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1. Gjirokaster

The beautiful stone city with houses from the Ottoman era is a great spot to visit, even as a day trip from Saranda. Gjirokaster makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. It’s my favorite city in Albania.

Stroll through its tiny streets with shops selling traditional and hand-made things such as carpets, pillows, mugs, and others. After, walk up to the castle and enjoy stunning views of the valley and the city from above.

Gjirokaster most beautiful places in Albania to visit
Gjirokaster Castle
Me exploring Gjirokaster Castle

2. Ksamil

Ksamil is, for some, the best place in Albania for holiday and the most popular beach paradise. It’s also known as the Turquoise Pearl of Albania. It has crystal-clear beaches, and many people come here for the summer holidays.

However, it gets very crowded in the summer (July and August). So, if you want to escape the crowds, check out these amazing beaches on the Albanian Riviera:

πŸ– Buneci Beach
πŸ– Lukova Beach
πŸ– Plazhi I Shpelles
πŸ– KrorΓ«za Beach

best things to do in Albania Ksamil beaches Albanian Riviera
Ksamil & It Beaches

3. Theth

Theth is one of the most popular places in the Albanian Alps. If you want to disconnect and spend some time in nature, getting to know traditional Albanian villages and experiencing the peaceful lifestyle of locals, it’s the best to be.

You can stay in one of the traditional huts and enjoy delicious local food. Have a traditional Albanian breakfast with local bread, homemade fig marmalade, and butter in the morning. From Theth, you can make daily excursions to the Grunas Waterfall or the Blue Eye.

Theth Church most beautiful places in Albania to visit
Theth Church
Albanian Alps Theth nature mountains river
Theth – Albanian Alps

4. Lake Komani

Lake Komani is one of the most visited places in Northern Albania. If you don’t have time to visit the Albanian Alps, you can at least make it to this lake and cross it on the ferry, which will take you to the famous Valbona Valley

For a moment, you might think you came to New Zealand and its fjords as the limestone mountains fall directly to the crystal-clear lake.

The ferry only leaves once a day from each place (Koman and Fierze). For the departure times, please refer to the Komani Lake website.

Lake Komani most beautiful places in Albania to visit

5. Zvernec Island

Zvernec Island is one of the highlights of Albania. This tiny island is located in the Narta lagoon and is only connected to the mainland with a small bridge. When you cross it, you’ll see the Byzantine Monastery of St. Mary with its cemetery.

Zvernec Island is also a perfect day trip from Tirana. You can visit it together with the city of Vlore and its stunning beaches.

I highly recommend renting a bike in Vlore and riding to the island. It’s an unforgettable experience. You might even spot some pelicans on the way.

Zvernec Island most beautiful places in Albania to visit
Zvernec Island

6. Berat

Berat is also known as the city of thousands of windows. The legend describes two brothers, Tomorr and Shpirag, who fell in love with a local girl named Osum. However, the brothers didn’t know about each other’s love for Osum.

When Tomorr discovers that his brother is also meeting her, he asks him to stop it. But Shpirag refused to do so.

Therefore, a fight between the two brothers started, during which both of them died. When Osum heard the news, she cried so long that her tears were turned into a river.

The two mountains between which Berat is built are named after the two brothers, and the River Osum flows through the city.

Stroll through its tiny streets, enjoy its peaceful atmosphere, and chat with locals.

Berat: Albania

7. Kruje

Kruje is the former capital of Albania, which already says a lot about its importance. It’s also where Skanderbeg, an Albanian national hero, fought against the Ottomans, stopping them from spreading further to central and western Europe.

Learn more about its history inside the museum in Kruje Castle. Walk through Kruje’s Old Bazaar with traditional things. It’s a great place to buy some souvenirs.

Stay in one of the traditional hotels and enjoy Albanian culture.

Kruje best day trips from Tirana

8. Albanian Canyon

I’m not sure this place is officially named this way. Still, after seeing it, I refer to the valley as Albanian Canyon. It’s one of the most spectacular places in Albania, stretching between Korce and Permet.

There are only a few villages on the way and other than that, you’ll only enjoy the stunning views of the river passing through the valley and the mountains arising from it.

So stop on the way and take photos. It’s truly incredible.

Albanian Canyon countryside road trip

9. Dhermi & Himare

Dhermi and Himare have some of Albania’s most popular beaches and beach resorts. If you’re only looking for a beach holiday and relaxation in an all-inclusive resort, visit one of these places.

These are the most beautiful beaches in the area:

πŸ– Pepperon the Beach – Dhermi – quite popular
πŸ– Dhermiu Beach – near Dhermi, remote one
πŸ– Gjipe Beach
πŸ– Palasa Beach

Dhermi Albania
Dhermi Beach – Albania

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10. Elbasan

Elbasan is one of the biggest cities in Albania. But I want to draw your attention to spots around it. You can visit the Funari Lake (Liqenet e Funarit) with its beautiful nature, or make it to the Holta’s Canyon.

This place is especially fitted for adventurous souls who want to experience adrenaline in its gorge, small waterfalls, and crystal-clear waters.

Elbasan most beautiful places in Albania to visit

11. Valbona

Valbona town is another beloved spot in the Albanian Alps with its famous Valbona hike. You can start this hike in Shkodra, and it’ll take around 2 to 3 days to complete.

On the first day, you’ll cross the spectacular Lake Komani on a ferry before reaching Valbona. The next day, you’ll cross the Valbona Pass before descending to Theth.

It’s the best 2-day hike in the Albanian Alps and the perfect adventure for everyone who loves trekking in the wilderness.

hiking in Albanian Alps most beautiful places in Albania to visit
Me hiking in the Albanian Alps
Valbona most beautiful places in Albania to visit
Albanian Alps

12. Shkodra

Shkodra is one of the most important cities in Northern Albania. It’s also the departure point to the Albanian Alps.

What you can’t miss in this city is the Rozafa Castle, which has a unique legend about the Rozafa woman who sacrificed her life for the castle.

In the evening, go to the old town of Shkodra, see the local mosque, and enjoy its atmosphere.

I highly recommend staying overnight in Hotel Tradita, which has a beautiful garden and rooms built in a traditional style. You’ll also experience a traditional Albanian dinner with live music in the background.

Rozafa Castle most beautiful places in Albania to visit
My friend and I exploring Rozafa Castle
Shkodra most beautiful places in Albania to visit

13. Lake Shkodra

When you’re visiting Shkodra, make some time to check out the nearby lake.

Lake Shkodra creates a natural border between Albania and Montenegro. It’s another great place to relax and disconnect in nature. Besides, many people skip it, so it’s less crowded.

You can spend a great day on the shores of the lake, relax, go kayaking, or rent a bike and ride around for a while. Would you make it to the Montenegrin border on the bike?

You can also join this boat excursion on Lake Shkodra with a local guide to learn about its surroundings and history.

14. Mrizi i Zanave Agro Farm

Finally, I have something special for all the foodies, gastronomy, and agrotourism lovers.

Mrizi I Zanave is one of the best agro farms not only in Albania, but the entire Balkan peninsula. You should spend at least 1 night in its traditional rooms and see the cellars, where they prepare homemade products such as cheese, raki, wine, dried tomatoes, and smoked meat.

They produce almost everything you could imagine, and the food is incredibly delicious.

Albania Hotel Tradita Shkodra
Me enjoying dinner at the Hotel Tradita

15. Tirana

The capital of Albania, Tirana, offers you a great insight into the country’s history. It’s the perfect spot to start your Albanian itinerary. You’ll learn about the former communist regime, which affected Albania in various ways inside the Bunk’ Art.

Tirana also has great nightlife. Go to the Blloku district and enjoy an Albanian dinner with the first tasting of Raki (Albanian fruit brandy).

Tirana Bunk'Art bunkers and underground tunnels
Me exploring the Bunk’Art tunnels in Tirana
Tirana Albania
Tirana – Albania

16. Cape of Rodon

Only a few kilometers from Tirana stands the famous Cape of Rodon with its castle and the Church of St. Anthony. This strip of land extending into the Adriatic Sea is truly spectacular.

You can walk through, visit its castle, and enjoy the beautiful virgin beaches in summer. The castle was built in the 1400s for a quick stop to avoid Ottoman invaders. Enjoy its stunning views and make a trip full of history, culture, and beach.

I recommend visiting some of these beaches around:

πŸ– Rera E Bardhe
πŸ– Lalez Beach
πŸ– Plazhi I Hamallaj

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17. Saranda

Saranda is Albania’s second most visited city, mainly thanks to its great international connections. You can take a ferry daily between Saranda and Corfu Island in Greece.

You can visit the Lekursi Castle on the hill behind the city, where you’ll get the city’s best views and see the sea. Then just walk on the seaside promenade, enjoy the weather, and have a nice Greek Iced Cappucino.

Spend a day on one of these beaches around Sarande on the Albanian Riviera:

πŸ– Buneci Beach
πŸ– Lukova Beach
πŸ– Plazhi I Shpelles
πŸ– KrorΓ«za Beach

Saranda albania road trip itinerary
Me exploring Saranda with a Greek iced

18. Butrint National Park

Butrint National Park hosts the largest archaeological site in the country. You can get there easily from Saranda or Ksamil, even by taking a local bus.

Explore the ancient theatre with its castle and the stunning views of the park with the sea. Can you spot Corfu Island from its castle?

Another thing that draws my attention at the park’s entrance is the unique wooden log on which locals transport vehicles – don’t miss out on it. It’s super funny.

Butrint National Park, Albania road trip itinerary

19. Permet

Permet is famous for its natural thermal baths, 8 km/5 miles from the town. Locals say that each pot has different benefits for the human body. So, come and experience it yourself.

You can walk on the Katiu Bridge and take great photos of the baths.

The Permet town is a traditional Albanian place where time stops momentarily. See how locals live, chat with them, and enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle. It’s also nicknamed the ‘City of Roses,’ thanks to the beautiful rose flowers that decorate its streets. It has a charm.

Albania road trip itinerary 10 days Permet
Permet & its thermal baths

20. Korce

Korce is also named the cultural capital of Albania. No wonder it has this unique vibe to meet and see locals enjoying evenings in the Old Bazaar with live music.

Visit the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral, walk through the Old Bazaar, and get traditional products such as Raki, Morava Honey, or Gliko.

Visit CafΓ©-Musem Komiteti to taste different types of Raki or go for a beer tasting in the local brewery.

best things to do in Albania Korce

21. Llogara Pass

If you love road-tripping and stunning views, like me, you can’t miss driving through the famous Llogara Pass. Imagine driving from the inland, surrounded by mountains and trees, and all of a sudden, you come to the point where the breathtaking Adriatic Sea spreads out in front of you.

This is how driving through the Llogara Pass feels like. It’s one of the best things to do in Albania. Enjoy the curvy roads with the best views of the entire Albanian Riviera. The scenery is like in a movie; you must drive through on your road trip.

Albania road trip itinerary 10 days Llogara Pass
Llogara Pass

Most Beautiful Places In Albania In A Nutshell

Albania offers many beautiful spots that it might be tricky to choose the perfect fit for. So here is a short summary of the places I recommend visiting based on the type of traveler you are:

πŸ‘‰ FOR CULTURE & HISTORY LOVERS: Korce, Kruje, Gjirokaster, & Permet

πŸ‘‰ FOR HISTORY LOVERS: Tirana, Kruje, Gjirokaster, Shkodra & Berat

πŸ‘‰ FOR NATURE LOVERS: Albanian Alps, Elbasan Surroundings & Llogara Pass

πŸ‘‰ FOR BEACH LOVERS: Dhermi, Himare, Saranda, Ksamil & Albanian Riviera

πŸ‘‰ FOR RELAX & QUIETNESS LOVERS: Permet, Theth, Cape of Rodon & Valbona

BONUS: Albania Road Trip Itinerary

If you want to combine all these beautiful places into an itinerary and don’t know how to plan it all, follow my road trip itinerary that I’ve designed from my experience traveling to Albania.

It includes most of the places I’ve mentioned in this list. You can be sure to experience the highlights of Albania.

Get it for free by clicking on the image below and sharing it with your friends for your perfect Albanian road trip.


I’ve also answered some of the frequently asked questions. Check my answers below:

What Is The Prettiest Place In Albania?

Theth and the Albanian Riviera are the prettiest places in Albania. Theth is for those who love nature, hiking, and mountains. Albania Riviera is the prettiest place for all sea and beach lovers.

What Is The Most Beautiful Town In Albania?

Gjirokaster is the most beautiful town in Albania. It’s located up on a hill overlooking the Albanian countryside. Its cute streets full of traditional things and souvenirs make it a special place.

Which Is The Most Visited Place In Albania?

Sarande is the most visited place in Albania. It’s because there are daily ferries from Corfu Island, which many people take to experience Albania and its Riviera at least for a couple of hours from Greece.

WRAP-UP: Best Places To Visit In Albania

These are the most beautiful spots I suggest you visit in Albania. The country surprised me in every single corner, and I’m already planning my trip back. Hope this list inspired you to visit Albania on your next holiday. You can combine it with a visit to Greece and the Corfu Island.

If you have any questions or need help planning your trip, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you. Or check out my favorite travel resources and plan by yourself.

Happy Travels!

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