My name is Nicoletta (but you can call me Nika). I am the person standing behind Voices of Travel.

I started this travel & language blog for you to join me on adventures worldwide. And to empower you to start living on your terms and do what you’re passionate about.

I believe that traveling and languages give you a new perspective on life and make you a better person. Through my articles and experiences, I want to encourage you to feel the change when you travel. Step up, leave your comfort zone, and live the life you truly want. No matter what people say or what they think.

We are here to enjoy our lives and do what we’re passionate about. Traveling may help you discover your passions. Learning languages can bring you to people who might help you to achieve what you want.

You are right on this blog if you want to go abroad and get a new perspective on life. Maybe you are struggling at school/University/9-5 job, wasting your time and feeling it doesn’t make sense. Or you just experienced some loss in your life, and you need some change. I am with you.

So come along with me, take my travel itineraries, travel abroad, learn languages in a fun way with me, gain a new perspective, and live the life you LOVE.

If you want to get to know me better, read my story by clicking on the link below:

As a tour manager leading travel groups through Europe, I have met many people who told me that traveling had changed their lives.

Thanks to being a tour manager, I not only got the chance to explore many beautiful places. But I also got a lot of travel experience, which enabled me to start this travel blog and write about places and destinations from my experience.

And as a language tutor, I have experienced that languages have opened up many opportunities for young adults. With languages, they have gained a different perspective of the world (including myself).

This is exactly what I would like to bring to you with my work – TRAVEL ITINERARIES & LANGUAGES FOR TRAVEL so that you can find the purpose in your life and live the life you want.

I design travel itineraries for you so you can enjoy your life, for a week, two, or an entire month. Travel to a new country and re-think your life. Or just have a great vacation. Or if you are going on an exchange semester and would like to get to know the country beforehand, get my travel itinerary for it. My travel itineraries will take you to various places and help you get to know the country in depth

To have a better travel experience, I will also teach you how to learn a language for travel with my own method. I truly believe that languages open up more opportunities for you, and travel gets much more enjoyable and easier.

You can also first learn a language with me and then travel to that country with my travel itinerary to practice. 

Are you ready to live the life on your terms?

Let’s get started!

Here are all the places I’ve been to so far. And the list is getting bigger and bigger:

Get my Language Travel Notebook and start learning a language for travel. It will guide you through my method of learning languages. And it will serve you as a notebook for new words and sentences you want to learn.

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