My name is Nicoletta (but you can call me Nika). I am the person standing behind Voices of Travel.

I started this travel & language business for you to have better life experiences. And to empower you to start living on your terms and doing what you’re passionate about.

I’ll help plan your trip, whether it’s your first time visiting a country, you want to enjoy a romantic honeymoon, or get a first-hand experience by yourself as if you were on a guided group tour.

Traveling and languages give you a new perspective on life. Through my articles and experiences, I want to encourage you to feel the excitement when you travel. Step up, leave your comfort zone, and learn more about yourself and the world around you.

We are here to enjoy our lives and do what we’re passionate about. Traveling may help you discover your passions. Learning languages can bring you to people who might help you to achieve what you want.

So come along with me, take my travel itineraries, have great experiences, learn languages in a fun way with me, and live the life you LOVE.

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My Experiences As A Tour Manager, Travel Planner & World Traveler

my experience as a tour manager travel planner and world traveler

My travel and language journey started at the age of 17, when I went for a study semester to New Zealand and left Slovakia (my home country).

Since then, I’ve lived in Austria for 3 years (during my University studies in Salzburg), in the Czech Republic, Prague, for 1 year (teaching languages online), in Spain for 2 years (organizing travel itineraries for the US tour operator), and in Switzerland for 3 years (working and traveling).

So far, I’ve learned 4 foreign languages on my own: English, German, Spanish, and French (my native language is Slovak).

My Tour Manager Experience

Thanks to my work as a tour manager, leading travel groups through different countries, I’ve explored hundreds of beautiful places and gained a lot of travel experience. It enabled me to start this travel itinerary planning business and write about places and destinations from my experience.

My Travel Planning Experience

Besides, I worked as a tour operator and organized travel itineraries for groups to SwitzerlandSpainItalyPortugalAustria, and many more countries. It was the time when I discovered my passion for travel planning and itineraries, which I now do for you on request.

Personal Travel Experiences

And what do I mostly do in my free time?

Pack my stuff and travel. I always plan new adventures and journeys worldwide, explore the countries in depth on my own, and then write about them + create travel itineraries for you, so you can explore them, too.

Or I practice my language skills with locals.

Throughout my travel adventures, I have met many people who told me that traveling had changed their lives. And I believe it can change yours, too.

My Experience Learning Languages & Tutoring

my experience as a language learning

Growing up in a small Slovakian town, I always knew there was something more for us in life. So, I started digging deeper and understood that only knowing my native language (Slovak) wasn’t going to get me far in life.

That’s why I started learning foreign languages. First was English in high school and then during the exchange semester in New Zealand. Besides, I started learning German because I knew I wanted to move on and study abroad (in a German-speaking country) after high school.

Soon, my effort and language learning paid off when I got accepted to the university program in Salzburg, Austria. I studied Tourism and Management in English, and I navigated my daily life speaking German.

Besides, I started learning French and Spanish.

Then, I signed up for a study abroad semester in Barcelona to practice my Spanish. I perfected my Spanish skills, which again paid off when I moved to Barcelona after my University studies and started working for the US tour operator.

I’ve understood the power of foreign languages and how far they can get you in life. So, I started teaching languages online to transfer my passion for languages and language-learning methods to others.

As a language tutor, I have experienced that languages have opened up many opportunities for people. With languages, you can gain a different perspective of the world (as I did).

Travel Itineraries & Languages For Travel

voices of travel - travel itineraries & languages for travel

That’s exactly what I want to bring to you with my work – TRAVEL ITINERARIES & LANGUAGES FOR TRAVEL – so that you can live the life you want and have wonderful experiences.

I design travel itineraries for first-timers, honeymooners, and adventurous souls who want to enjoy the countries in-depth and get the best experiences while visiting new places (as if you were with a guide).

I also help those who want to travel abroad for the first time to get a new perspective on the world. Or just to have a great vacation for a few weeks.

To have a better travel experience, I’ll also teach you how to learn a language for travel. I truly believe that languages open up more opportunities for you, and travel gets much more enjoyable and easier.

Are you ready to live on your terms and enjoy your travels?

Let’s get started!

Here are all the places I’ve been to so far. And the list is getting bigger and bigger:

voices of travel learning languages

Join me on a language-learning journey.

Follow my method to learn a language for travel in 7 basic steps.

Use these language resources to make your learning fun, and you’ll look forward to it.

Then, travel and practice your language skills with locals. It’s SUCH AN ENRICHING EXPERIENCE:

Languages I’ve learned so far:

language learning voices of travel

Get my Language Travel Notebook and start learning a language for travel. It’ll guide you through my method of learning languages. And it’ll serve you as a notebook for new words and sentences you want to learn.

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