Yes, that’s the truth. With languages, you become more open to the world. You’ll get the chance to immerse more into a country’s culture when traveling… with languages, you become more understanding and empathetic, and your travel experience gets much more exciting. So I invite you to learn a language for travel with me.

I have spent the past 10 years traveling, living abroad, and learning foreign languages. I lived in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic for over 2 years each. Thanks to all these experiences, failures, and successes, I’ve developed my language learning method.

It’s specifically designed for travelers wanting to learn languages to enjoy their experience abroad and connect with locals. So, if you have been thinking of learning languages for travel, but it hasn’t worked for you, stay with me. You can finally do this!

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I have spent the past 10 years traveling, studying and living abroad, and learning languages. So far, I have learned EnglishGermanSpanish, a little French, and Chinese (my mother tongue is Slovakian).

Now I’m about to learn Italian to travel and stay in Italy for a while.

Learn more about my language learning journey and how languages help me navigate life and get exciting opportunities. You can do the same :).

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