My travel itineraries are designed for all adventurous souls who want to experience every bit of a country and get to know it more in-depth. You’ll explore cities with exciting history, immerse yourself in the culture of the places, see beautiful natural spots, and get the chance to practice a language (if you want to).

Before putting together these travel itineraries, I travel to the places on my own and explore everything for you. Then I design a travel itinerary from this experience.

I know that our everyday life is too busy and planning a trip just takes too much time. But you want to escape right now without overthinking and planning. My travel itineraries will save you time. Get them and hit the road without wasting time searching for what to visit in the country, or where to stay.

I design many of these itineraries as road trips, but you can also travel by train/bus.

Get inspiration, pack your bags, and explore the world independently with my travel itineraries.