Czech Republic itinerary 10 days

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Roadtripping Czech Republic
How To Get To Prague
Overview Of The Czech Republic Itinerary For 10 Days
Europe Travel Checklist
Beertime Pub In The Evening
Where To Stay In Prague: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation
Sightseeing In Prague
Evening Cruise On Vltava River
Where To Stay In Jěstěd: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation
Sightseeing In Liberec
Where To Stay In Bohemian Switzerland: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation
Where To Stay In Karlovy Vary: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation
Where To Stay In Český Krumlov: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation
Sightseeing In Český Krumlov
Wooden Raft River Cruise
More Tips For European Travel

Welcome to the country full of mysterious castles, rich history, and most importantly, cheap and best beer ever. Let’s explore the Czech Republic together. This Czech Republic itinerary for 10 days will take you through the country’s highlights. You’ll explore one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, interesting castles, bathe in a thermal spa, hike in the Bohemian Paradise, and most of all, drink delicious beer. That’s what the Czech Republic is all about.

Are you ready to check off another European country from your travel bucket list? Then, let’s head to the Czech Republic.

Roadtripping Czech Republic

This itinerary is designed as a road trip through the Czech Republic. In any case, it’s also possible to do it by taking local trains and buses. But bear in mind that it might take longer than 10 days. Renting a car in Prague for the entire itinerary will make your life a lot easier.

If you need help with train or buses connection, write me a message. I lived in the country for over 2 years and traveled to many places.

How To Get To Prague

For now, if you need to get to Prague, where our Czech Republic itinerary for 10 days starts, I highly recommend booking Regiojet. They have both bus and train connections from other major European cities. It’s a Czech company, so they’ll definitely take you to Prague. And their service is just amazing.

Oterhwise, you can book a private transfer from other European cities via Get Transfer.

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Overview Of The Czech Republic Itinerary For 10 Days

  1. Prague
  2. Prague
  3. Kutná Hora
  4. Liberec
  5. Bohemian Switzerland National Park
  6. Bohemian Switzerland National Park
  7. Carlsbad
  8. Carlsbad & Loket
  9. Český Krumlov
  10. Karlštejn & Prague

Europe Travel Checklist

Before you set off for your Czech adventure, there are a couple of things you’ll need to manage. Here are the top essentials for you to think of before traveling to Europe/Czech Republic:

  • travel insurance
  • car rental/train pass/tickets
  • book a flight
  • passport
  • visa
  • accommodation

Travel Insurance For Europe

Choosing travel insurance can be doubting. So I’ve done extensive research for you on the best travel insurance for Europe. Check out my article for a comparison of the best 3 travel insurance companies, so you can choose for yourself.

Get The Best Travel Insurance For Europe

Car Rental/Train Pass

You’ll need to decide whether you want to do this itinerary as a road trip and rent a car in Czech Republic, or travel by train. If you want to rent a car, check out Rental Cars company for the best deals.

For private transfers, check out Get Transfers. They offer reliable transfer services within Europe. Especially if you travel in a small group, it can be a good deal to book with them.

In case you decide to make this itinerary by train, I suggest getting an Interrail or Eurail Pass. Both enable you to travel for a certain number of days within a month or two throughout Europe. You can select the number of days and countries, and it gets much cheaper than buying a simple ticket.

If you decide to buy single tickets, check Trainline company. I always use them to search for and buy train tickets as they can reduce your fares significantly.

*Note that it’s much easier to do this itinerary with a car. Simply because you won’t get by train everywhere.

Book A Flight

Another thing you’ll need to do is to book a flight ticket.

Use flight aggregators to check the top flight deals. They gather information and all flight tickets from airlines around the world and select the best deals for you. Among the best are Skyscanner, Hopper, Kayak, and Priceline.

After you see the results in their search engines, I recommend going to the website of the particular airline they showed you. Check on the airline site for how much they offer for the same flight ticket.

If the price is more or less the same, book directly with the airline (simply because it’s easier to communicate with them if issues happen during your journey). If a flight aggregator has a much cheaper ticket, book with them.

Passport & Visa

Check the expiration date of your passport. Most airlines don’t even take you on board if your passport expires in 6 months. Avoid issues with boarding and on the road. Make sure your passport won’t expire in the next 8 months. Think about how long you’ll travel as you still have to come back home with the passport.

Lastly, check if you need visa to Czech Republic. One of the best site for visa pre-check is iVisa. They also inform you about other necessary documents you might need to travel to Czech Republic.


When you go through this Czech road trip itinerary, you’ll get accommodation tips from me in each place/city. So just scroll down and find the best hotel deals and beautiful accommodation spots in each day.

Czech Republic Itinerary – 0. DAY: ARRIVE IN PRAGUE

We’ll start our Czech Republic itinerary for 10 days in the capital, Prague. I mean, honestly, this city belongs to the top 5 most beautiful European cities for sure. I am not exaggerating. Whether it’s for its historical importance, stunning buildings, famous Charles Bridge, interesting stories, or cheap food and beer, you’ll fall in love.

For today, take your time to arrive and check in to your accommodation. As I mentioned above, wherever you’re traveling from, check out Regiojet company for great bus and train connections to Prague.

If you’re not tired, head to the city for some great beer in the old town. Or walk on the Charles Bridge and up to the Prague Castle for stunning views of the city.

Beertime Pub In The Evening

I recommend ‘Beertime Pub’ near Andel metro station for some beer tasting. They have various local types of beer and great food. So it would be a perfect start to your itinerary. 

Where to stay in Prague: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation




Czech Republic Itinerary – 1. DAY: PRAGUE

Good morning to Prague. I hope you slept well, because today, we have a lot to see and do. So let’s start off with our Czech Republic itinerary exploring the capital.

If I were to list all the interesting facts about Prague, it would be simply endless. So I’ve decided to narrow it down to the top facts, which will give you a broad picture of the city’s importance.

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Interesting Facts About Prague

You’ve heard it right. You’re going to drink a lot of beer here. Prague is where locals drink the most beer per capita in the world.

Prague’s castle is believed to be the third-largest one in the world. Nowadays, it serves administrative purposes, and it’s also the residency of the President of the Czech Republic.

Prague’s narrowest street is less than 50cm wide. It even has a traffic light.

When building the Charles Bridge, egg yolks were incorporated into the construction to hold the structure well together.

You’ll need to try a pork knuckle, as it’s the local delicacy.

Interestingly enough, Hitler didn’t target the Jewish Quarter in Prague. It was perhaps the only Jewish place in Europe that he didn’t want to destroy. Many say that his intention was to retire there.

One thing you can’t miss is the graffiti wall, which has been dedicated to John Lennon.

Prague also hosts the largest club in Central EuropeKarlovy Lázně club for nightlife lovers. Besides crazy dancing, you’ll enjoy delicious local beer and food at night.

Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days Prague
Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days: Prague

Sightseeing in Prague

? Prague Castle ?

? St. Vitus Cathedral ?

? Golden Line ?

? Skinny Line ?

? John Lenon Wall ?

? Charles Bridge ?

? Old Town Square ?

? Astronomical Clock ?

We’ll start our Prague walking tour at Prague Castle with stunning views of the city.

? Prague Castle ?

Take a tram to Malostranské Námestí (Malostranské Square). From there, walk up to the castle. See the guards standing in front of it before entering the inner courtyard. Changing of the guards takes place at 12pm, so you can come back later to see it.

Take some time to walk around the castle. One of the highlights here is definitely St. Vitus Cathedral. Admire its stained glass windows and enjoy the special atmosphere inside. It’s open to the public.

Prague Castle Guided Tour

If you want, you can join a guided tour and learn more in depth about Prague Castle and the famous St. Vitus Cathedral. This walking tour includes Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica with its dragon, and Golden Line. Admission tickets are also in the price.


? Golden Line ?

Continue walking until you reach Golden Street (Golden Line). This mysterious street used to be home to goldsmiths back in the 17th century. Legend also says that alchymists living in the houses tried to prepare the elixir of youth or even make the philosopher stone. A real story from the 20th century states that they found one alchymist dead inside one house holding a golden stone… so check it out.

? Skinny Line ?

Once you’re done exploring the castle area, head back down and see the Franz Kafka museum. Then, check out the famous Peeing Man Statue before walking further. After, try to walk through the Skinny Line, the narrowest street in Prague. Let’s see if you can squeeze in. And pay attention to the traffic light.

? John Lennon Wall ?

Finish at the John Lenon Wall before making your way to the famous Charles Bridge. The wall was mainly used for protests when Communists took over the city in 1948. People express their anger and disagreement with this regime on the wall. When John Lennon died in 1980, they got even angrier and painted his faces onto the wall.

? Charles Bridge ?

Charles Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in Europe. Enjoy its unique atmosphere and get nice views of the castle. While walking through, you’ll spot 300 statues on both sides. These are important saints and patrons from history. You can even get a portrait of yourself right on the bridge as a nice souvenir.

The first brick was laid on the bridge back in the 12th century. However, most of it was destroyed due to huge floods. Charles IV. reconstructed it in the 15th century to what it looks like today. He incorporated yolk eggs into its structure to hold better together.

The bridge even survived many important battles in the past. Luckily, it has been well-preserved thanks to Charles IV. idea, and it’s what makes it stand until now.

? Old Town Square & Astronomical Clock ?

Take your time and then make your way towards the Old Town. Pay attention to the Astronomical Clock in the middle. Every hour, you can watch a small performance of 12 apostles marching around, with a skeleton starting it all off.

Enjoy the atmosphere of Old Town Square. Get a traditional cake called ‘Trdelnik.’ Drink some beer and have a late lunch after the morning walking tour.

Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days Prague main square
Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days: Prague main square

This is the end of our walking tour in Prague for today. Tomorrow, we’ll continue seeing other highlights of the city.

Beer Tour In Prague

I highly recommend doing a beer tour around Prague. You’ll be sitting on a small carriage and paddling while drinking beer. It looks a bit dangerous but is so much fun. See Prague’s sights from a different perspective while enjoying cold local beer.


I’ve designed a more comprehensive self-guided walking tour in Prague. So if you want to see more in the city, get tips for museums, and more details about the history of each monument, check it out.

Czech Republic Itinerary – 2. DAY: PRAGUE

Let’s continue our walking tour today, visiting other important landmarks in Prague. We will see a hotspot from World War II, a dancing house, and enjoy the city for the rest of the time here.

Breakfast At Antonínovo Pekařství

Before exploring, I highly recommend you go to the Karlín quarter. There is a really nice bakery called ‘Antonínovo pekařství’ with fresh Czech products. You can sit down, have a nice cup of coffee, and try some traditional Czech pastry or bread. They are seriously delicious.

Nearest Metro Stop: Křižíkova (Yellow Metro Line B)

Sightseeing in Prague

? Jewish Quarter ?

? St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral ?

? Dancing House ?

? St. Wenceslas Square ?

? Jewish Quarter ?

In the morning, head to the Jewish Quarter. Most of it was destroyed during the bombing during World War II. Also, many Jews were deported to the concentration camps, and the area of the city was abandoned.

Nowadays, you can visit Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, which has many items from the Second World War and pictures the event of the Jewish deportation.

? St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral ?

As you might have heard, the Czech Republic and Slovakia suffered greatly during World War II. It was also occupied by Nazi Germany. Everything was under control; SS police checked cafes, bars, and all public places and controlled people.

Back then, two brave agents from the Czech Republic and Slovakia can from abroad back to the Czech Republic with a huge mission. They had to assassinate a police officer and the right-hand of Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich. 

Heydrich was also the main figure of the Holocaust. He was regularly commuting to Prague from Germany for some meetings.

Now, I invite you to explore St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral, the hub for these happenings.

Nearest Metro Stop: Karlovo náměstí (Yellow Metro Line B)

Operation Anthropoid

The two young guys, Jozef Gabčík and Jan Gubiš, went on a mission to assassinate Heydrich, known as Operation AnthropoidAll over Prague, families fought against Nazis, hiding and helping these trained agents. Jan and Jozef stayed with one family, preparing for the big day. They strategically thought through every step and spied on Heydrich when he was commuting to Prague.

St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral Operation Anthropoid
St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral: Operation Anthropoid

Until the day, 27 May 1942 around 10:30, when they assassinated him on the streets of Prague, near the tram stop V HolešovičkáchBut that was when it just started. A month-long execution of locals started, and Nazis were trying to find out who assassinated him. They even announced that a person who could detect the assassinators would get a financial reward.

St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral & Operation Anthropoid

Jan and Jozef were at that time, hiding in St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral in the middle of the city. Unfortunately, somebody revealed this secret to the Nazis as he wanted to win the money. So, on 18 June 1942, the Nazis came to the church, and the guys inside had to face a gun battle. It took more than 4 hours, trying to defend themselves from Nazi troops shooting. Eventually, they were either shot or committed suicide inside the church to avoid harsh punishment.

This event significantly contributed to the Second World War and its end. Nowadays, you can go inside the Cathedral, see the bombing on its wall, visit the crypt, and learn more about this event.

Before going there, I highly recommend you watch the movie Operation Anthropoid. It’ll take you back in time, and you’ll imagine it a lot better.

All right, back to happier news. Now, you’ve learned a lot about the history of Prague and its important landmarks. We’ll continue to the Dancing House.

? Dancing House ?

Dancing House because of very popular thanks to its structure. Locals also name this House a Drunk House. The place where the House stands today was also a target for bombing during Nazi times in Prague. Until the Velvet Revolution in 1989, it was pretty much empty. The first President of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel, decided to build the House.

It has 7 stories with a restaurant on the top and a viewing platform. So you can just admire it from outside or make your way up to the restaurant for a coffee.

It’s also a hotel, so you can spend a night or two there.

Dancing House Czech Republic
Dancing House Czech Republic

?St. Wenceslas Square ?

After, walk alongside the Vltava River and enjoy stunning views of Prague. Then turn left toward the National Theatre and continue walking until you reach St. Wenceslas Square, where we’ll end our tour.

St. Wenceslas used to be the King of Bohemian Kingdom and is the Patron of the Czech Republic. That’s why one of the most important squares in Prague has also been named after him. You can see his statue and visit the National Museum. It also hosts many shops and cafes, or popular hotels. In the past, the square was the place for trading, nowadays it is the main place for gatherings of locals and visitors.

In the afternoon, you can make your way back to Old Town Square. On the way, visit Havel market with local goods, Rotating Head of Franz Kafka, or stop in the beer museum.

What I also highly recommend is to go for hot chocolate at Choco Cafe ‘U Červené Židle.’

Evening Cruise On Vltava River

In the evening, enjoy the cruise and see the landmarks of Prague from the open deck of a boat. You’ll learn more about each of them with a commentary in 8 languages. So buy some drinks before, hop on the cruise, and see Prague from a different perspective.


Have a good rest as tomorrow, we set off for our real Czech Republic road trip itinerary for 10 days. So don’t forget to rent a car for the road-tripping.

Prague has also some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. If you want to learn more about the, check out my article about European Christmas by train.

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Czech Republic Itinerary – 3. DAY: PRAGUE ⇒ KUTNÁ HORA ⇒ JEŠTĚD

Let’s hit the road. Today, we’ll be driving east to Kutná Hora with other important landmarks. You’ll also explore the skull church before making your way up to Liberec.

Distance Prague ⇒ Kutná Hora: 1 hour by car (82 km)

Kutná Hora

The city became famous thanks to its silver mines established here in the Middle Ages. It was the richest and most important town back in the times. You’ll spot impressive Saint Barbara’s Church when coming to the town. Saint Barbara is the patron of miners and silver, which were the city’s main attractions.

After, visit the Museum of Coin Mining inside the Italian Church of the town.

Sedlec Ossuary

But the reason I brought you here is the Sedlec Ossuary, also called Church of Bones. This church is something you have probably never seen before. It’s located just in the outskirts of Kutná Hora.

Sedlec Ossuary is a Roman Catholic Chapel completely decorated with bones and human skulls. I know what you might think… it’s kind of weird. But still, it attracts more than 300000 visitors each year. It’s in the suburb of Kutná Hora, under the Cemetery Church of All Saints.

In the past, an abbot was sent to the Holy Land by the King Ottakar II of Bohemia. He returned with peace of earth from Golgotha, an important religious site, and spread it around the Sedlec Ossuary.

Since then, it has become a very popular burial place. The Chapel is a symbol of the exhumation of the skeletons and stacking bones.

Kutna Hora Sedlec
Kutna Hora: Sedlec

In the afternoon, drive up towards Liberec. Tonight, I recommend you stay on Ještěd. It’s a hill near Liberec, hosting a space building. It’s a television tower with a restaurant and a hotel.

Distance Kutná Hora ⇒ Ještěd: 1 hour & 40 minutes by car (122 km)

Stay inside the space building overnight. Tomorrow, wake up for a beautiful sunrise.

Where to stay in Ještěd: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation


Czech Republic Itinerary – 4. DAY: LIBEREC

Good morning to Ještěd. I hope you got to enjoy a sunrise in the morning with stunning views. Take your time, have breakfast, then pack your bags, and drive down to Liberec city.

Distance Ještěd ⇒ Liberec: 22 minutes by car (13 km)

Today, we’ll explore Liberec city. Then, we’ll make our way to Bohemian Switzerland.

Liberec is a rather smaller city, so we won’t spend much time here. But it’s one of the most beautiful Czech cities. That’s why I’ve brought you here.

It has nice attractions, a charming center, and interesting things to do.

Sightseeing in Liberec

? Town Hall ?

? Edvard Benes Square ?

? Museum of North Bohemia ?

? IQlandia ?

Start in the center of Edvard Benes Square with a beautiful Town Hall. It was designed by a Viennese architect, reminding us of the Austro-Hungarian times.

Liberec became mainly famous for its textile manufacture. Museum of North Bohemia will show you displays of weaving workshops. You can see traditional jewelry, clocks, glassware, furniture, and woodcarving.

Alternatively, you can visit the science center IQlandia. You’ll be able to see Czech Republic’s first humanoid robot or participate in space training. Also, check out the local Planetarium.

After, I suggest you continue driving to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. This will be one of the highlights of our Czech Republic itinerary for 10 days. So it’s better to arrive there today and check in to your accommodation. That way, you’ll have full 2 days to explore this stunning area.

For this itinerary, I’ve made a reference point for our hikes in Bohemian Switzerland, town Hřensko. But you can drive directly to your hotel. Choose your accommodation and prepare for your hikes for tomorrow.

Distance Liberec ⇒ Hřensko: 1 hour & 7 minutes by car (71 km)

Where to stay in Bohemian Switzerland: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation




Welcome to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. This park is part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the western Czech Republic.

The other park side is already in Germany, known as Saxone Switzerland. That’s why it has two faces. The Czech Bohemian part is foresty with sandstone cliffs, whereas Saxony Switzerland is rockier with canyons.

During this itinerary, we’ll explore the Bohemian parts of the park with sandstone cliffs and also check out the other Saxony part.

Without further words, let’s dive into exploring one of the most beautiful parts of Central Europe.

Pravčická Brána (Pravčická Gate)

I hope you slept well because today, we’re going to see the largest sandstone arch in Europe, Pravčická Gate. It’s the location where the Narnia movie was shot. So just imagine Aslan walking on the top of the arch, and it’ll take you to the real Narnia.

We’ll do one of the popular hikes to Pravčická Brána.

First, take a boat to Edmund’s Gorge. After, you’ll do a 6-km long hike following the famous Gabriela’s trail until you reach the top of Pravčická Gate with stunning views.

The Falcon’s Nest chateau is next to it, which is a restaurant. Have some lunch and after, see its photo gallery.

Have a rest in the evening. Tomorrow, we’ll continue exploring the part. You’ll get to choose one of the most beautiful excursions.


Today, you can choose what to do in Bohemian Switzerland. I’ve several options for you here, so go for one that interests you the most.

Bastei Bridge

One of the most iconic bridges in Europe, Bastei Bridge, is actually already in Germany. Type into GPS ‘01847 Lohmen’ address. There are two parking lots. One is at the Basteistrasse just behind the local petrol station. From there, you’ll walk 3.5km or take a shuttle bus towards the bridge.

Alternatively, you can stop at the parking lot, which is already close to Bastei Bridge.

Parking fees:

  • Up to 3 hours: 3 EUR
  • More than 3 hours: 5.50 EUR

Once you reach the bridge, there is a restaurant with a viewing platform to enjoy those spectacular views of Elbe valley and surrounding rock formations.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park
Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Elbe River

Elbe River offers an amazing 27-km trail. You can bike alongside the River Elbe, enjoy the scenery, and stop at some beautiful places on the way. After, you can take a train back to where you started.

Alternatively, you can take a canoe or go rafting on the river. If you’re interested in rafting, you can do an organized rafting tour through Bohemian Switzerland, seeing the highlights.

Kamnitz Gorge

The third option for today is the beautiful Kamnitz Gorge. Firstly, you’ll have to drive to Rainwiese, where a parking lot is located. Stop the car, and you can do a small hike alongside the gorge. You’ll first reach Edmund Gorge, followed by Wild Gorge. After, you can hop on a boat that will take you through the gorge.

It’s only opened from April to October every year.

This is Bohemian Switzerland National Park with all its highlights. Enjoy your time here, and do your favorite activities. There are restaurants and kiosks on the way, but I recommend you pack some lunch with you for the hikes. You can even do a small picnic if you like.

Get the most of this stunning national park. Tomorrow, we’ll continue our Czech Republic itinerary, hitting the road again.


Today, we’ll drive further west to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) city. It’s all about thermal baths and cute colorful houses. If you’re visiting in summer, you can be part of their famous Film festival. Participants were able to enjoy the personal visit of Johnny Depp, including me :D, back in summer 2021.

The city has welcomed famous personalities such as Beethoven, Chopin, Karl Marx, and Goethe for centuries.

Distance Hřensko ⇒ Karlovy Vary: 2 hours & 10 minutes by car (157 km)

Colonnades Tour

The main attraction is its hot springs, coming from the nearby Teplá River. One of the first things you should do is buy a cute small jar from a local store/shop and start a Colonnades tour. You’ll be hunting all 13 springs throughout the city, also called ‘Colonnades.’ Taste the water from each spring and compare which one you like the most.

The main colonnades are the Mill Colonnades, which hosts 5 springs and features impressive columns. Other famous ones are Market Colonnades, Hot Springs Colonnades, or Castle Colonnades.

On the way, admire the city’s beautiful architecture and its houses.

Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic road trip itinerary 10 days: Karlovy Vary

Diana Lookout Tower

In the afternoon, you can check out the Diana Lookout Tower. You can either take a funicular or walk up the hill, which takes about 30-minute. Besides the tower, where you’ll get amazing views of Carlsbad and its surroundings, you can visit the Butterfly House.

Besides that, take some time to relax and reflect on your itinerary. Then, enjoy a valuable time in the thermal spa and have a nice rest of the afternoon/evening.

I’ve included Karlovy Vary on the list of the 8 most beautiful towns in Czech Republic. Check out what the other towns are and perhaps you can include them into your itinerary, too.

Where to stay in Karlovy Vary: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation




Czech Republic Itinerary – 8. DAY: KARLOVY VARY ⇒ LOKET ⇒ ČESKÝ KRUMLOV

Good morning to Karlovy Vary. Pack your bags again, and we’ll make our way down south to another charming Czech town. But before, let’s make a stop and see one of the most spectacular Czech castles.

Distance Karlovy Vary ⇒ Loket: 14 minutes by car (14 km)


Loket is a village located 17 kilometers from Karlovy Vary. It’s one of the fairy-tale towns in the Czech Republic, with an impressive castle built on the top of the local hill, surrounded by the Ohre River.

Loket Castle has a versatile history. First of all, it was a royal town bringing many benefits to its inhabitants, such as not paying the taxes. After, it became a temporary residence of the Luxembourg Royal family. Finally, it served as a prison between the 18th and 20th centuries and became popular thanks to the local porcelain factory.

Take a tour of the castle and learn about its history. You’ll also visit the torture chamber, porcelain, and weapon exhibition. You can buy tickets on the spot.

If you’re visiting it in July, don’t miss out on the famous Opera Festival. Czech National Opera has concerts in the outside amphitheater.


Have a good lunch in Loket right below the castle, in the town center. Once you’re satisfied, head back to the car and drive to our destination for today, Český Krumlov.

Distance Loket ⇒ Český Krumlov: 3 hours 30 minutes by car (237 km)

Check-in to your accommodation in the evening, and head to the old town for some delicious beer.

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Where to stay in Český Krumlov: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation




Czech Republic Itinerary – 9. DAY: ČESKÝ KRUMLOV

Hello to Český Krumlov. Today, we’ll explore one of the most visited Czech cities, right after Prague. Český Krumlov has a lot of German influence. Royal families such as Rosenberg and Schwarzenberg lived in the local castle.

In the afternoon, you’ll get to experience a traditional Czech beer spa.

Sightseeing in Český Krumlov

? Český Krumlov Castle ?

? Caslte Tower ?

? Wooden Raft River Cruise ?

? Old Town ?

The main attraction of the place is Český Krumlov castle. Walk on its Cloak Bridge, see some temporary exhibition, and walk up to the castle tower for stunning views of the city and its surroundings.

Another highlight of the castle is its gardens, so don’t miss them.

One thing you have to try when visiting is the Old Bohemian Gingerbread. The shop is also called with the same name, and you can also taste other local products such as fruit brandy and jams.

After, enjoy the special atmosphere of the old town with its charming buildings.

? Wooden Raft River Cruise ?

Walk alongside River Vltava before you hop on the wooden raft for a small river cruise. It’s one of the unique activities you can do in the city.

most beautiful towns in czech republic Cesky Krumlov
Most beautiful towns in Czech Republic: Cesky Krumlov

Traditional Beer Spa

Being in Czech Republic and not going to a beer spa would be a mistake. It’s something you can’t miss on your itinerary. Svachovka resort offers one of the best experiences for beer spas in the country. So treat yourself to a nice beer time, soaking into the mixture of brewer’s yeast, water, and hops, inside a hot wooden tube.

You’ll only have to drive 10-minute from the city to the nearby Svachovka resort. They have an on-site brewery, and the experience inside their spa is just amazing.

Czech Republic Itinerary – 10. DAY: ČESKÝ KRUMLOV ⇒ KARLŠTEJN ⇒ PRAGUE

This marks almost the end of our Czech Republic itinerary for 10 days. But don’t worry, it’s not the very end yet. You’ll visit another beautiful castle, one of the most beautiful ones in the country, before driving back to Prague.

If you want, you can spend more time in Český Krumlov before hitting the road again.

Before getting back to Prague, I highly recommend you stop to see one of the most interesting castles in the Czech Republic, Karlštejn.

Distance Český Krumlov ⇒ Karlštejn: 2 hours 10 minutes by car (165 km)

Karlštejn Castle

Karlštejn used to be the residence of many important historical personalities. One of them was, of course, Emperor Charles IV. He hid many precious tools inside the castle. Since then, it has attracted many people interested in finding those objects.

The castle kept some of the most important tools from Czech history. One was the Czech Crown of Saint Wenceslas, a patron of the Czech Republic. And the others were crown jewels from the Holy Roman Empire.

One of the mysteries and secrets this castle holds is how they gained water supply. Even though the well is almost 80m deep, it never reached its water level. That’s why they looked for other ways to get water. But nobody knows how they got the water eventually. Whenever somebody tried to reveal that secret was killed or imprisoned.

If you are wondering why this castle looks well-preserved… it’s simply because no enemies manage to invade and destroy it.

In 2012, even a secret pathway was found inside the castle, which locals believe has been there since the 1880s.

Karlstejn Castle
Karlstejn Castle

In the afternoon, head back to Prague, where we’ll end our Czech Republic itinerary.

Distance Karlštejn ⇒ Prague: 43 minutes by car (33 km)

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