Turkey itinerary 10 days

The Ideal Turkey Itinerary For 10 Days

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The Ideal Turkey Itinerary For 10 Days

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Welcome to one of the world’s most diverse, vast, yet stunning countries. Turkey is going to surprise you a lot. If you’ve never been sure about this destination, people tell you it’s dangerous, etc. I want to change your mind. It’s a safe country full of surprises, history, culture, and beautiful beaches. This Turkey itinerary for 10 days will convince you, too.

If you consider Turkey a beach paradise, where you just go to a resort and spend your holiday there, it’s time to explore more.

This ideal Turkey itinerary for 10 days will guide you through the most beautiful beaches, natural wonders, historical sites, and incredible valleys.

Then, you’ll end up in one of the wealthiest and most controversial cities, Istanbul, exploring its bazaars and stunning mosques. Are you ready for this journey? Grab this Turkey itinerary for 10 days and see it all.



Turkey Itinerary For 10 Days

  1. Day: Kaş
  2. Day: Kaş & Beaches
  3. Day: Kaş ⇒ Pamukkale
  4. Day: Pamukkale ⇒ Denizli
  5. Day: Trip To Ephesus ⇒ Göreme (Cappadocia)
  6. Day: Göreme (Cappadocia)
  7. Day: Cappadocia
  8. Day: Istanbul
  9. Day: Istanbul
  10. Day: Istanbul



Europe Travel Checklist

Before you set off for your Turkish adventure, there are a couple of things you’ll need to manage. Here are the top essentials for you to think of before traveling to Europe/Turkey:

  • travel insurance
  • car rental/train pass/tickets
  • book a flight
  • passport
  • visa
  • accommodation


Travel Insurance For Europe

Choosing travel insurance can be doubting. So I’ve done extensive research for you on the best travel insurance for Europe. Check out my article for a comparison of the best 3 travel insurance companies, so you can choose for yourself.

Get The Best Travel Insurance For Europe


Car Rental

You’ll need to decide whether you want to do this itinerary as a road trip and rent a car in Turkey, or travel by train. If you want to rent a car, check out Rental Cars company for the best deals.

For private transfers, check out Get Transfers. They offer reliable transfer services within Europe. Especially if you travel in a small group, it can be a good deal to book with them.

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Book A Flight

Another thing you’ll need to do is to book a flight ticket.

Use flight aggregators to check the top flight deals. They gather information and all flight tickets from airlines around the world and select the best deals for you. Among the best are Skyscanner, Hopper, Kayak, and Priceline.

After you see the results in their search engines, I recommend going to the website of the particular airline they showed you. Check on the airline site for how much they offer for the same flight ticket.

If the price is more or less the same, book directly with the airline (simply because it’s easier to communicate with them if issues happen during your journey). If a flight aggregator has a much cheaper ticket, book with them.


Passport & Visa

Check the expiration date of your passport. Most airlines don’t even take you on board if your passport expires in 6 months. Avoid issues with boarding and on the road. Make sure your passport won’t expire in the next 8 months. Think about how long you’ll travel as you still have to come back home with the passport.

Lastly, check if you need visa to Turkey. One of the best site for visa pre-check is iVisa. They also inform you about other necessary documents you might need to travel to Turkey.



When you go through this Turkey itinerary, you’ll get accommodation tips from me in each place/city. So just scroll down and find the best hotel deals and beautiful accommodation spots in each day.



How To Get Around In Turkey

Turkey is a huge country, and you’ll spend some time traveling between destinations on this itinerary. So I highly recommend you pack light. The best is to pack a backpack, so you don’t have trouble carrying a suitcase all around.

You’ll also fly as it’s much quicker and more comfortable to get to Cappadoccia.

You can also take a night bus, but it takes almost 10 hours, so just bear that in mind. Buses in Turkey are very comfortable and well-equipped, so that shouldn’t be an issue. It just takes a long to get from one place to another, so flights are a great option here.

And sometimes you pay the same price for the flight as you would for a bus. So check both options and decide for yourself.

In this Turkey itinerary, I’ll also give you many transportation options.


Flights In Turkey

Turkey is well-connected by air. So I usually recommend booking flights if you want to get, e.g., from Istanbul to Cappadocia, or Cappadocia to Antalya. Even though most flights are only from Istanbul, you’ll have a stopover; it’s still worth flying. It’ll save you a lot of time on your itinerary.


Buses In Turkey

There are two different bus transportations. One is local buses for short distances. It’s a story for an extra article about how these buses work. But basically, they don’t have a timetable. Even if you ask locals, they barely know.

So the only way is to go to the local bus station and ask when approximately the buses run the next day. It’s an adventure on its own. Yet it might get a bit frustrating.

So if you don’t like to be stressed about these buses (e.g., getting from Kas to Pamukkale on day 3 of this Turkey itinerary), I’ll also recommend a private transportation company you can book for stress-free travel.

Alternatively, there are long-distance buses, which are perfect. Turkey has a great transportation system between bigger cities and long distances. Night buses run regularly. It’s also easy to book them. They are comfortable, with big seats and a lot of space. These buses also stop several times on the way, so you get to buy food/go to the toilet. You can book them online or through local travel agencies in Turkey.

How to get around Turkey buses
Getting around Turkey by local buses without schedule




Let’s get to our Turkey itinerary for 10 days without further words and preparations.

I recommend you fly to Antalya, the southern part of Turkey. It’s one of the biggest cities there with great international connections. We’ll start our journey by visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Once you arrive in Antalya, take a bus or a private car to Kaş. That’s where we’ll start our Turkey itinerary.


Private Car From Antalya Airport To Kas

You can book a private car transfer from the airport in Antalya that’ll take you directly to your hotel in Kas. Check out Gettransfer.com for the best deals, stress-free travel, and great transfer service.


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Where to stay in Kaş: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation






Turkey Itinerary – 1. DAY:  KAS

Kaş is a perfect place for a beach vacation, as well as for an exploration of interesting places. So for the next two days, you can choose what you feel like doing. Either stick to the most beautiful beaches in Turkey or go and explore some natural wonders and historical sites.

Don’t expect a big city. Kaş is a small fishing village, yet perfect to experience the hospitality of locals and the friendliness of Turkish people.

It’s up to you what you want to do for the next two days. I recommend one day exploring the surroundings and the second day having a beach day. Also, take the time to taste Turkish cuisine and enjoy the local atmosphere.


Things To Explore Around Kaş

  • Blue Grotto on the Kastelorizo Greek Island
  • Lycian Rock Tombs
  • Antiphellos Ancient City
  • Kaş Bazaar


Blue Grotto

Explore the sea cave, Blue Grotto, located on the Greek island of Kastelorizo, just 20 minutes by boat from Kas. The water inside is incredibly blue. It’s also a nice boat trip for those who want to spend more time on the sea.

Kastelorizo Island is also famous for its Red Castle and endangered Monk Seals.

You can book this day trip visiting the island, including the Blue Grotto below:




Lycian Rock Tombs

Lycian Rock Tombs is an ancient site situated just above Kaş. The city itself is believed to be founded by the Lycians. And you’ll get to explore many sites they built alongside the southern coast of Turkey. These tombs are carved into the giant rock and belong to one of the country’s most unique landmarks.


Antiphellos Ancient City

Staying in Kaş, you can explore the Hellenistic amphitheater. The best time to see it is just before sunset. Take your time to climb through the 50 or more seat rows until you get to the top. You can get some of the best views of the sunset. Maybe there is a special event, so check it out and participate.


Kaş Bazaar

It’s almost impossible to get bored of Turkish bazaars. Even though you get to see them in every city/town, each is different. The atmosphere will capture you straight from the beginning. Sometimes it’s even hard to get out with so many offers and products.

So go, chat with locals, and don’t forget to bargain. It’s an experience on its own.

Turkey itinerary 10 days Kas
Kas center: Turkey itinerary 10 days


Other than that, enjoy cafes and many restaurants in the town. Get some meze, seafood, local specialties, and kebab, and try some baklava. There is also a very good falafel restaurant, called Kaş Gurme Falafel Restaurant.

So enjoy and get the first impressions of Turkey for your journey.


Optional Activities Around Kas

There are many more things you can do around Kas. For example, you can book a private boat and sail throughout the day, visiting some of the most beautiful bays.

In between, you’ll be snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, or sunbathing. Lunch is included on board with drinks for the day. So if you’re traveling with a group of friends, you can share the boat and explore Kas and its surroundings from the sea.

Another alternative for adventurous souls is canyoning and visiting beautiful gorges around. You’ll be transported on a jeep and visit one of the longest gorges in Turkey. After, you’ll have lunch and drive the jeep to Patara beach.





Turkey Itinerary – 2. DAY: KAS – BEAUTIFUL BEACHES

For the second day, I highly recommend you check out some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and the entire world. So relax, get in the stunning coastline views, and have fun.


Best Beaches Around Kas

Kaş and its surroundings have the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. So one thing you should also do is just to explore a few of them. Enjoy the crystal-clear blue water and sand, and relax for a while. Below, I am listing for you some of the best beaches you shouldn’t miss:

  • Kaputaş Beach – the most beautiful beach in Turkey, so much worth visiting
  • Kaş Public Beach – beautiful and close to Kaş
  • Seyrek Cakil – small pebble beach to escape the crowds
  • Patara Beach – beautiful sand beach, make sure to leave before sunset, that’s when turtles take over


Kaputaş Beach

As for the beaches, Kaputaş is really the most picturesque. However, it’s small and filled with people during the day.

So I recommend going there earlier in the morning between 8 to 9am. That way, you can secure the best spot and enjoy it almost to yourself before everybody else comes. After around 1pm, you can go back to Kaş (that’s when the beach gets very crowded).

You can then spend the afternoon on the Kaş public beach or the Seyrek Cakil beach.

Kaputas beach Turkey itinerary 10 days
Kaputas Beach: Turkey itinerary 10 days


Patara Beach

Patara beach is stunning, but be sure to check the following two things before going there: the weather conditions and time spent traveling.

When I visited it, it was so windy, impossible to stay there. The sand was just blowing around everywhere. It’s an 18 km long beach, so the waves get big, too.

It’s also the furthest from Kaş. The bus schedule isn’t fix, so you can spend a while getting there when you take a local bus. If you arrange a transfer, then it’s fine. And the ride itself to the beach alongside the coastline is breathtaking.

It’s still very beautiful, so it’s worth seeing if you feel like walking on a long beach, soaking up the atmosphere.

Patara beach is also unique as it’s still natural and raw. It’s so, thanks to the loggerhead turtles, who come every evening and lay their eggs in the sand. These turtles are endangered species, and the entire beach is a protected area. Thanks to it, no further development is allowed on it.

Turkey itinerary 10 days Patara Beach
Patara Beach: Turkey itinerary 10 days


Transfer To Patara Beach From Kas

If you want to get to Patara and don’t want to wait for local buses for ages, you can get a private car.

Check out Gettransfer.com, which provides great transfers all over the world. It’ll save you time and get to see more/spend more time on the beaches around Kas.


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So for the first 2 days of your Turkey itinerary, choose some of the above beaches and spots to visit. Enjoy the sea and get the most out of Kaş town. On the next day, we’ll set off to explore the mainland of Turkey.



Turkey Itinerary – 3. DAY: KAS – DENIZLI – PAMUKKALE

Good morning to Kaş. I hope you relaxed enough on the beach yesterday. Today, we have a long travel day ahead of us.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this Turkey itinerary, you can either choose to travel by local buses or get a private car.

One thing to remember is that local buses don’t have an exact timetable. And it takes much longer to get to Pamukkale for you. Still, it’s possible, I did it, and it was fine. It just took me the entire day to get from Kaş to Pamukkale. You’ll have to first take a bus from Kaş to Denizli. The bus stops in Fethiye for about an hour. Then, from Denizli, you’ll take a bus directly to Pamukkale.

If you want to avoid long bus drives, get a private car. Book a car below for your desired day. It’ll save you time, and you’ll be more flexible.


Private Car Transfer In Turkey

You can make part of the journey with a local bus, and the other part with a private car.

For instance, locating the bus to Pamukkale is sometimes challenging once you’re at Denizli bus station. So you can take a local bus from Kas through Fethyie to Denizli (but it’ll take the entire day). And from Denizli, book a private car to Pamukkale.

Or you can just take a bus to Fethiye and take a private car directly to Pamukkale to speed up the journey.


Banner 6



In the evening, you’ll get to Pamukkale. Check in to your accommodation and have a good rest.

Head to the town for some Turkey dinner. Tomorrow, you’ll get to explore one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world.


Where to stay in Pamukkale: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation






Welcome to Pamukkale, a small Turkish town offering an unforgettable experience. It’s the place of the vast travertine pools created by the mineral water falling down the hill. This water coming from the local hot springs contains calcium. Over the night, it stays on the ground, and without direct sunshine, it deposits on the hill. This is how these travertine pools have been made.

Today, you’ll get to walk through the pools and explore the entire area, including an archaeological site and the hot springs on the top of the hill.

Pamukkale, like many other touristic places, is worth exploring in the morning. So I highly recommend entering the pools right after opening. This way, you’ll have it entirely for yourself and can take the best photos without people.


I highly recommend entering the pools right after opening. This way, you’ll have it entirely for yourself and can take the best photos without people.


The only disadvantage of being there early in the morning is that the pool water is pretty cold. So you’ll have to walk barefoot through the entire complex before reaching the hot springs on the top. At first, it’s pretty uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it. So don’t worry. Just wanted to prepare you for it.

You can book entrance tickets directly on the spot.

Pamukkale Turkey
Walking through the Pamukkale travertine pools, Turkey


Things To See In Pamukkale

  • Travertine Pools Complex
  • Cleopatra’s Hot Springs
  • Hierapolis City
  • Hierapolis Theatre


Cleopatra’s Hot Springs

Once you go through the complex of the travertine pools and get to the top of the hill, you can explore further.

There are Cleopatra’s hot springs. You can enjoy these for an additional fee. However, I really don’t recommend it. I don’t think it’s worth it. They get very crowded and are super touristy.


Hierapolis City + Theatre

Instead, I suggest going up to the Hierapolis Theatre. The views from this theatre are incredible. You’ll get to see the mainland of Turkey, and Hierapolis city with its ruins around just add up to this special atmosphere. It was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who invited VIP guests to this theatre to watch performances. So now you’ll get those VIP views of the Turkish countryside, which is absolutely spectacular.

Also, visit the Hierapolis museum within this small city. It used to serve as Roman baths in the past. Nowadays, you can admire some antique art and cultural heritage from those times.

Hierapolis City Theatre Pamukkale
Hierapolis City Theatre, Pamukkale


You can spend an unlimited amount of time in the complex. So get the most of it before going back down to Pamukkale center. I recommend buying some bread in a local bakery in Pamukkale in the morning. Then you can have a nice picnic on the top, overlooking the travertine pools.


Pack your bags again in the late afternoon/evening and return to Denizli. From there, we’ll start traveling to Cappadocia, our next destination on this Turkey itinerary for 10 days.

You can either take an overnight bus to (Nevsehir/Goreme) Cappadocia or fly.


How To Get To Cappadocia

You have two options for getting to Cappadocia from Denizli. Either book a flight (with a stopover in Istanbul) or take an overnight bus. Flying takes less than the overnight bus. However, the overnight bus gets you there directly, whereas booking a flight means changing several times.


Fly To Cappadocia

There are some flights from Denizli to Nevsehir at night, around 3am. This is perfect because you’ll spend more time in Pamukkale and get to Cappadocia on day 5 of our Turkey itinerary early in the morning. So you’ll have the entire day to start exploring Cappadocia.

Note that you’ll have a stopover in Istanbul. There is no direct flight to Cappadocia from Denizli. However, it’s still quicker than taking an overnight bus.

In Cappadocia, there are several towns where you can stay overnight. I recommend Göreme. You’ll only get to fly to the biggest city, Nevsehir. So after, you’ll still have to take a bus or private car to Göreme, the center of Cappadocia.


Take An Overnight Bus To Cappadocia

Taking an overnight bus also has its own advantages. You’ll get transport directly from Denizli to Göreme, without having to stop over or change. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that it takes the entire night, over 8 hours, to get to Capaddocia by bus.

Nevertheless, Turkish buses are very comfortable, with a lot of space and big seats. They also stop on the way at various times, where you can use the toilet and buy food/drinks. So the journey is fine altogether. You’ll get to Göreme around 7am, which is earlier than when you take the plane.

Another amazing thing about taking an overnight bus is that you might see the hot air balloons right on your first morning while entering Cappadocia, which is stunning.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons Turkey itinerary 10 days
Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons: Turkey itinerary 10 days


So choose whatever suits you better to get to Cappadocia. Then refresh at your accommodation, and get out there exploring other incredible Turkish landmarks.


Where to stay in Göreme (Cappadocia): My TOP TIPS for Accommodation

One of the experiences you have to get in Cappadocia is to stay in a traditional cave hotel. So here you have a few of the best cave hotels in Göreme for your perfect experience:







Welcome to Cappadocia, the land full of adventures, stunning views, ancient villages, beautiful hikes, and delicious food.

We’ll explore the entire area throughout the next three days. I’ll suggest many things you can do in Cappadocia. So it’s up to you how you use the time up. One thing you shouldn’t skip, though, is the early morning hot air balloon ride.


Hot Air Baloon Flight In Cappadocia

Book the hot air balloon flight for your first morning in Göreme. It heavily depends on the weather conditions if the balloons take off or not. So just in case, you can’t fly the first morning because of circumstances, you’ll still have the chance on your second or third morning in Cappadocia.


Best Hot Air Balloon Flights In Cappadocia

I recommend the following two hot air balloon flights. They have a great price; usually, it costs way over 200$ pp. However, if you book online through these links, it’s cheaper.

One of them has the transfer from and to your hotel, flight, breakfast, and glass of champagne included.

The other one includes everything mentioned above. Additionally, insurance and a commentary about the region from the licensed pilot.

So choose whichever you prefer and book your Cappadocia hot air balloon. In case of cancellation due to bad weather, they’ll reschedule for the following morning. So book it on your first morning in Cappadocia.






Best Things To Do In Göreme

For your first day in Cappadocia, I recommend staying in Göreme. You’ll probably be tired from the journey. So just explore the town, check in to your hotel, get some rest, and get the first impressions of this incredible place.

Here is a list of things you can do in Göreme today:

  • Göreme Open-Air Museum
  • Jeep Ride
  • Horse Riding
  • Göreme shopping
  • Sunset View Point
  • Dinner at the Topdeck Cave Restaurant


You can book all the above attractions on the spot. It’s easier and gives you more flexibility for your visit. No need to book anything online in advance.

Göreme & Fairy Chimneys: Cappadocia, Turkey
Göreme & Fairy Chimneys: Cappadocia, Turkey


The first thing you can do is to walk from the center to the Open-Air Museum. You’ll get to explore the unique churches cut into the fairy chimney rocks, with beautiful fresco paintings and other Byzantine art of Cappadocia. Learn how people lived here and how they created these dwellings.

On the way back to the center of Göreme is a jeep station. So get a jeep and drive through this incredible landscape of Cappadocia.

Then enjoy Göreme in its own beauty, visit its shops, and walk through the tiny streets.

In the evening, I suggest going up to the sunset viewpoint. You can walk through the top and get some of the best views of the fairy chimney rocks, Göreme, and its surroundings. It’s truly stunning.


Best Restaurant In Göreme

After, have a delicious dinner in the Topdeck Cave Restaurant. They have great food, and the atmosphere is very special. You’ll sit on the floor and its cushions, eating like a local. It’s an authentic experience, and the staff is so friendly.

You’ll have to make a reservation in advance.

Topdeck Restaurant Goreme Cappadocia
Topdeck Restaurant: Göreme, Cappadocia



Turkey Itinerary – 6. DAY: CAPPADOCIA & ITS VALLEYS

To properly soak up the atmosphere of Cappadocia, you have to dive deeper, way beyond Göreme. So today, take the day to explore some of the most magical valleys.

But before in the morning, enjoy the famous hot air balloon ride, the one activity on every person’s bucket list in Cappadocia. I know, it sounds very touristy, but believe me, it’s a fantastic experience.

Cappadocia Hot Air Baloon Göreme Turkey
Cappadocia Hot Air Baloon: Göreme, Turkey


The Most Stunning Valleys In Cappadocia

The most beautiful valleys you can explore are:

  • Love Valley
  • Rose Valley
  • Pigeon Valley

You can choose to explore one or two of them today. Enjoy the hike and the unique atmosphere of these places. Take a bottle of water and some food with you.


Love Valley

Love valley offers one of the best hiking experiences in Cappadocia. It has been named so because of its penis-shaped rocks, which were created from eroded volcanic ash. There are some photo spots on the way, specific for the Love valley, so don’t forget to stop for the best pictures.

It’s an easy walk, yet one of the most magical. You’ll be surrounded by the fairy chimneys, walking on the lush floor, it’s a lovely experience.

Cappadocia Love Valley Turkey itinerary 10 days
Fairy Chimneys & Love Valley, Cappadocia


Rose Valley

Similarly, you can hike through the Rose valley. The name reflects the amazing colours in the valley during the sunset. You’ll pass by small villages with locals offering you their fruits or something they’ve produced. It’s also specific for its rock-carved churches.

The Rose Valley is situated behind the small town of Urgup.


Pigeon Valley

This valley is well-known thanks to its man-made pigeon houses carved into the soft volcanic rock. Pigeons were very important in the past within Cappadocia as they were used as a barren soil fertilizer and food.


Visit Uchisar Castle In The Evening

In the evening, if you still have time, head to Uchisar. It’s another town, only a 10-minute bus ride from Göreme, well-known for its castle. You’ll pay a small fee and can get up to the top. This castle is unlike anything I’ve seen before in my life.

It’s all those carved rocks built on top of each other, with holes and arts inside. And the view from the top is just breathtaking. So it’s another great place to watch the sunset and the town of Göreme with the colors.

Uchisar Castle Cappadocia
Uchisar Castle: Cappadocia



Turkey Itinerary – 7. DAY: CAPPADOCIA

Good morning to Göreme again. Today is our last day in Cappadocia. So let’s get the most out of it.

The whole region has so much to offer when it comes to historical and cultural places. If you want to see most of it within one day, the best way to do so is to book one of the organized tours. There are 3 main tours that you can choose from. By doing so, you’ll get the see the highlights of Cappadocia.

So today, you can choose one of these tours and explore the rest of the towns.

  • Blue Tour
  • Red Tour
  • Green Tour


Blue Tour

The Blue tour is great if you want to kill two birds with one stone and visit most of the valleys. You’ll first hike along the Red and Rose valley before going to the Cavusin Cave Village. See the castle and troglodyte dwellings, learn how people live, and have lunch with locals.

After, you’ll explore the Underground City. Then you’ll still get to see the Pigeon Valley with amazing views and cave homes and visit the Uchisar Castle.



Book Blue Tour


Red Tour

Firstly, you’ll visit the so-called Imagination Valley, officially named the Devrent Valley. Then explore the process of formation of the fairy chimneys in the Monks Valley. After, you’ll spend some time alongside the Red River in the pottery center and watch the potters. Göreme Open Air Museum is also included in the Red tour. You’ll end the day visiting the Uchisar Castle with stunning views.



Book Red Tour


Green Tour

Besides getting the best views of the Göreme valley at the beginning of this tour, you’ll first visit the underground city of Derinkuyu, its churches, and wineries. It even includes an entire missionary school with study rooms.

After, you’ll see the beautiful Ilhara Valley with rock-carved churches before driving to Belisirma village for lunch. In the end, you’ll get to see the Selime Monastery, which played its role in the Star Wars.



Book Green Tour


Some places you saw on day 6 are included in these tours. Yet it’s still worth going on one as you get to see a lot within one day. So check them out and plan your stay in Cappadocia accordingly.

You can do the first one of these tours on day 6, and then on the next day, choose the place you liked the most and revisit it, or go on a proper hike through one of the valleys.

Similarly, you can just do two tours, one day each, while staying in Cappadocia.

In the evening, enjoy the atmosphere in Göreme, go for a walk to one of the viewing points, and have a delicious dinner.


Overnight Transfer To Istanbul

After, you’ll start traveling to Istanbul. You have two options again. Either taking the overnight bus or flying.

The overnight bus will take around 10 hours to get to Istanbul. But again, the buses are comfortable and spacious. Most of them will also pick you up directly in Göreme, which is nice.

Flying takes much less, but you’ll have to get to Nevsehir to catch a flight. It has direct flights to Istanbul.

So choose one option and make your way to Istanbul. Tomorrow, we’ll start exploring this incredible city.


Where to stay in Istanbul: My TOP TIPS for Accommodation






Turkey Itinerary – 8. DAY: CAPPADOCIA ⇒ ISTANBUL

Welcome to Istanbul, one of Europe’s most beautiful and unique cities.

Istanbul is the only city in the world standing on 2 different continents – Europe and Asia. It has been shaped by various empires and cultures throughout history. The city has the highest number of mosques, amazing rooftop terraces for food and drinks, and a special atmosphere like no other city.

You can follow my Istanbul itinerary for 3 days for the next three days.

I’ll briefly introduce you to each day and how you can design your visit to Istanbul to make the most of it.

Always refer to my Istanbul itinerary for detailed information.

Istanbul itinerary 3 days


Istanbul Walking Tour

On your first day, I recommend doing a walking tour to see the highlights of the Old Town. I’ve designed this walking tour, so check out my Istanbul itinerary for 3 days, day n. 1.




In the evening, head to the Seven Hills Rooftop Terrace for the best views of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. After, enjoy some drinks and rest well after your long journey from Cappadocia.



Turkey Itinerary – 9. DAY: ISTANBUL

Turkish bazaars are an experience on their own. That’s why I’ve dedicated our second day in Istanbul to visit the city’s bazaars.

But first of all, I want to give you a quick overview and a lesson on how to bargain. This way, you’ll have a great experience in the bazaars. So check out my Istanbul itinerary for 3 days, day n. 2.

It’ll reveal a reasonable price for Turkish delight, how to find out what a good price is for goods, and how to bargain.


Overview Of Day 2 In Istanbul

  • Grand Bazaar
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Eminönü Bazaar Streets
  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Bosphorus Cruise


We’ll look into the best bazaars you should visit in Istanbul. I’ve also given you some interesting facts about the Grand Bazaar and a tip for a guided tour.

Later, I recommend visiting the Suleymaniye Mosque as one of the most beautiful. You’ll learn much about Islam and Muslims and their beliefs.

You’ll end the day doing a Bosphorus Cruise.

Spice Bazaar Istanbul Turkey itinerary 10 days
Spice Bazaar in Istanbul: Turkey itinerary 10 days



Turkey Itinerary – 10. DAY: ISTANBUL

On our last day in Istanbul, you’ll get to see the Asian side of the city.

Firstly, take a boat from Eminönü to Üsküdar (Asian side). You’ll visit the local markets there and have some more Turkish tea.

After, walk alongside the seaside promenade towards the Maiden’s Tower. Then you’ll see Istanbul from the top of Emaar Skyview Point on the 48th floor. It’s the newest attraction in the city. Finally, you’ll walk on the glass terrace and take some cool photos.

I suggest spending the rest of the day however you want. You can still do a food tour in Istanbul. Or go for a traditional Turkish Hammam (bath). Or simply spend it revisiting the places you’ve liked the most during your stay here.


Overview Of Day 3 In Istanbul

  • Boat To The Asian Side (Eminönü to Üsküdar)
  • Asian Side Markets
  • Seaside Promenade To Maiden’s Tower
  • Emaar Skyview


Optional Acitivities In Istanbul

  • Food Tour Of Istanbul
  • Turkish Hammam Experience


These are my tips for you to have the best time in Istanbul. So again, refer to the Istanbul itinerary for each day, book activities to skip the lines for attractions, do some guided tours to learn more about the history, and have fun. It also contains the best places to eat and dishes you must try in Istanbul.

Istanbul itinerary 3 days
Istanbul itinerary 3 days



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This is my Turkey itinerary for 10 days that I’ve designed for you from my experience traveling in Turkey. You’ll get to see the highlights and do various activities. I hope you’ll love the country as much as I do.

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There are so many things to do around. If you need more inspiration, check out my travel itineraries and choose one to travel to your favorite European country.




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