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Where To Stay In Ometepe Nicaragua: Best Hotels

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Where To Stay In Ometepe Nicaragua: Best Hotels

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Table of Contents

Overview Of Where to Stay In Ometepe
1. Totoco Eco-Lodge
2. Xali Beach Hotel
3. El Zopilote
4. Finca Mystica
5. The Cornerhouse B&B
How To Book Your Accommodation In Ometepe
How To Get To Ometepe Island
Best Time to Visit Ometepe Island
Best Things To Do On Ometepe Island
More Tips For Traveling In Nicaragua

Ometepe is a beautiful island in Nicaragua that shouldn’t be missing from anyone’s list. It has a volcanic origin, many beautiful sights, a volcanic lake where you can swim, and relaxing places. It offers plenty of adventure and unique sights.

I took my time visiting Ometepe Island to research the best hotels on the island. I visited each of them, checked the conditions, and spoke to the staff. Thanks to my research, I can tell you which are the best hotels in Ometepe. Below, I’ll give details about where to stay in Ometepe for your perfect stay.

Overview Of Where To Stay In Ometepe

Here are my top 5 hotels and hostels to stay in Ometepe:

  1. Totoco Eco-Lodge
  2. Xali Beach Hotel
  3. El Zopilote
  4. Finca Mystica
  5. The Cornerhouse B&B

The first two hotels are mid-range for those looking for comfort and luxury.

The second two are hostels in the jungle, where you can connect to nature, practice yoga, and relax.

Finally, the last hotel is conveniently located in the main town of Moyogalpa, which is great for those who arrive late afternoon or want to stay close to all facilities, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Now that you know the best places where to stay in Ometepe, let me give you more details about each.


Totoco Eco-Lodge is my top pick for accommodation on Ometepe Island. It’s the ultimate hotel for those who want to relax, enjoy stunning views, be connected to nature, and stay in a quiet environment.

It’s suitable for:

  • couples
  • solo travelers who want to relax
  • travelers who want to enjoy nature

Totoco Eco-Lodge is a mid-range accommodation located near Balgue on Ometepe Island. Despite all its advantages, the only downfall it has is its location. But if you rent a scooter in Moyogalpa, which I highly recommend, it’s easy to get there. It’s more difficult if you take local buses and walk from the bus stop.

It’s a 20-minute from uphill from the main road. But they can also pick you up for a small fee. So overall, it’s easy to get there if you have a scooter.

Totoco Eco-Lodge features small bungalows in the middle of nature. Almost all of them offer stunning views of the Concepcion volcano.

I fell in love with their fantastic swimming pool, too. You can chill in the water, sip a drink, and enjoy the views of Ometepe.

The hotel also has a restaurant to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the spot. Breakfast is included in the room fare.

Wifi is slightly slow, yet it’s quite normal in Nicaragua, especially if you’re surrounded by forest. Nevertheless, it works well if you need to work online.

In addition, you can book a massage or other wellness services, such as manicures and pedicures, on the spot.

Book Totoco Eco-Lodge now to have a perfect stay in Ometepe.

where to stay in Ometepe best hotels Totoco Ecolodge
Where to stay in Ometepe – Best Hotels: Totoco Ecolodge
Totoco Ecolodge Nicaragua
Totoco Ecolodge, Nicaragua

Book Totoco Eco-Lodge


Xali Beach Hotel is my top pick for accommodation in Ometepe, for its perfect location. If you want to stay close to the lake and the most beautiful beach in Ometepe, Xali Beach Hotel is for you.

Unlike Totoco Eco-Lodge, it’s located on the main street and Lake Nicaragua, so you don’t have to walk or drive uphill for a few minutes. It’s easily accessible and close to other attractions.

Xali Beach Hotel is particularly great for:

  • couples
  • individual travelers who want slightly more comfort, want to be close to the towns and beaches
  • small families

It’s a 3-star hotel with everything you need. Wifi works great, they offer breakfast free of charge, and their rooms are clean and quiet, with a safety box.

You can enjoy their hammocks in the garden.

If you want to be further away from the main cities in Ometepe yet still enjoy the convenience of smaller towns, facilities, restaurants, and cafes, Xali Beach Hotel is waiting for you. The best part is the view of the lake from the room.

Enjoy your stay at Xali Beach Hotel and book via Booking.com to get the best price.

Book Xali Beach Hotel


El Zopilote is the unique accommodation in Ometepe. It’s a hostel in the middle of the jungle, near Balgue town. Travelers from all world corners come here to disconnect, practice yoga, do cacao ceremonies, and party with fellow travelers during pizza nights.

El Zopilote is for you if you’re:

  • traveler on a budget
  • traveler who want to socialize, practice yoga, and stay off the grid
  • couple looking for an adventure
  • solo female traveler
  • vegans/vegetarians

Don’t stay in El Zopilote if you’re looking for comfort. It has clean facilities, but you’ll be in the jungle. Their rooms are simple yet clean. However, if you want more comfort, book Totoco Eco-Lodge.

What I love about this hostel are its yoga classes and the entire program. You can practice yoga daily, which is included in the room price. El Zopilote organizes the further program for the clients, such as

It has its permaculture farm so that you can enjoy restaurant meals with fresh ingredients. What is more, they organize pizza night every Tuesday and Saturday. There is also a kitchen if you want to cook your food.

El Zopilote also has free Wifi if you need to work or connect with the rest of the world.

It’s a unique accommodation with less comfort, an interesting program, and a great community.

Book El Zopilote now and enjoy pure jungle with raw nature.

where to stay in Ometepe best hotels El Zopilote
Where to stay in Ometepe – Best Hotels: El Zopilote

Book El Zopilote


I got a recommendation for Finca Mystica from my Czech friend, who is slightly picky about hotels and rooms when she is traveling. So I am sure it’s good quality, clean, and comfortable.

Finca Mystica is located on the hill of the Madera volcano, close to Merida town.

It’s perfect for those who want to relax off the road, in the middle of the forest, in natural buildings, and eat delicious food. You can also practice yoga sometimes. So check with the accommodation before arriving if they organize yoga classes during your stay.

Finca Mystica is mainly suitable for the following travelers:

  • couples who want to disconnect
  • individual travelers
  • solo female travelers
  • travelers on budget
  • small families
  • vegans/vegetarians

They have an on-site restaurant offering delicious food and local drinks from the local garden.

Wifi works well, and there is parking free of charge. You can relax in their hammocks, walk through their garden, and connect to nature.

Breakfast is available at an extra charge, but you can choose between the local Nicaraguan or American-style option.

Finca Mystica has dorms for backpackers, triple rooms for families, and queen and double rooms for couples or those who want more comfort.

Book Finca Mystica


If you want to stay in Moyogalpa and make day trips from this Ometepe hub, there is one hotel I highly recommend. The Cornerhouse B&B is the best hotel to go to if you want a convenient and clean accommodation.

It’s close to the ferry harbor, with all scooter rentals, shops, and restaurants.

I’ve mentioned in my other articles that I recommend staying the first night in Moyogalpa and booking other nights in another accommodation in Ometepe. That way, you can organize yourself first in Moyogalpa after arrival. Especially if you arrive later in the afternoon, stay in Cornerhouse B&B for a night, rent a scooter, and organize your stay in Ometepe.

Cornerhouse B&B is a simple accommodation with a few rooms for up to 3 people. They also have a great restaurant if you’re fed up with local food and need a change. You can enjoy American and international meals, delicious smoothies, and coffee. It’s very unlikely to find this type of food in other parts of Ometepe.

The rooms are clean and perfect for a night or two. Breakfast is included in the room rate, which is perfect.

Cornerhouse B&B offers great one or two-night stay accommodation with delicious food, and great staff.

where to stay in Ometepe best hotels Moyogalpa B&B Cornerhouse
Where to stay in Ometepe – Best Hotels: Moyogalpa B&B Cornerhouse

Book The Cornerhouse B&B

How To Book Your Accommodation In Ometepe

I recommend booking your accommodation in Ometepe via Booking.com. Whenever I travel, I always use Booking.com to reserve my accommodation. It’s quick and convenient, their reviews and descriptions are accurate, and the customer service is perfect.

Even if I make a mistake in my booking, they’re willing to change my dates or help me with other issues. It happened to me recently when I accidentally booked a night more in a hotel in Leon and didn’t realize that I didn’t need that night. So I contacted customer service, and they changed the dates without extra cost.

What I also like are their booking incentives. I’ve recently made it to Genius Level 3, which gives me 20% off for almost all accommodations listed on the platform. I often get breakfast included in the price, too.

The more you book on Booking.com when you travel, the more benefits you’ll get.

So go to Booking.com and reserve your accommodation in Ometepe without any issues.

How To Get To Ometepe Island

Go to my article about how to get to Ometepe Island. I’ve broken down each way with bus routes, prices, and taxi rides. It’ll navigate you to Ometepe from Managua, Granada, Rivas, and San Juan del Sur. So wherever you are, it’ll help you to get to Ometepe the fastest and easiest way.

The article also includes the ferry schedule from San Jorge to Ometepe Island (Moyogalpa) and what you should know. So check it out.

Best Time To Visit Ometepe Island

Generally, the best time to visit Ometepe Island is from December until April. It’s officially the dry season in Nicaragua. Temperatures range between 25°C and 30°C, and it also rains less.

The rainy season is from May until November in Nicaragua. So it’s still all right to visit Ometepe Island this season but be prepared for a lot of rain.

It’s much better to visit Ometepe Island during the dry season, from December to April.

Best Things To Do On Ometepe Island

If you’re planning your trip, check out the best things to do on Ometepe Island. I’ve written a separate article about it, where I go into detail about each activity, costs, and the best ways to get around the island.

It’ll also reveal to you how much a scooter rental costs and the best places in Moyogalpa to rent a kind of transportation for your stay.

More Tips For Traveling In Nicaragua

These are the best places where to stay in Ometepe. I’ve picked them carefully, walked through them, spoken to the staff, and checked their rooms and bathrooms. Some are off-road in nature, some are easily accessible, and some are in the main town if you want to be close to all facilities. So everyone will find the perfect accommodation from this list.

If you plan to visit Ometepe, see how to get to Ometepe with a full guide and all connections from Managua, Granada, and San Juan del Sur.

Check out my article about 11 unique things to do on Ometepe Island to see how you can enjoy the island to the fullest.

If you’re only arriving in Nicaragua, see my article about how to get from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

Another great place I highly recommend you to visit in Nicaragua is Granada. It’s a charming colonial town with beautiful architecture, excellent cafes with interesting concepts, and a lovely atmosphere to hang out with other travelers. Get inspiration on where to stay in Granada if you decide to go.

If you want to experience volcano boarding and visit Leon, read my article about where to stay in Leon.

Have fun in Ometepe and enjoy!