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How To Choose The Best Area & Hotel In Ometepe
Best Areas To Stay In Ometepe & Map
Best Hotels & Hostels In Ometepe & Map
Practical Tips For Visiting Ometepe
More Tips For Nicaragua Travel

Ometepe is a beautiful island in Nicaragua that shouldn’t be missing from anyone’s list. It has a volcanic origin, many beautiful sights, a lake where you can swim, and relaxing places. It offers plenty of adventure and unique sights.

I took my time visiting Ometepe Island to research the best hotels on the island. I visited most of them, checked the conditions, and spoke to the staff. Below, I’ll give details about where to stay in Ometepe for your perfect stay.

Top 3 Properties To Stay In Ometepe


Best hotel overall for all times of travelers.

Check Prices & Book Here


Luxury hotel with AC, swimming pool, close to the main town Moyogalpa.

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Best budget-friendly hostel with activities, yoga classes, and a weekly program.

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How To Choose The Best Area & Hotel In Ometepe

Ometepe is a big jungle island, and it’s essential to choose the area of your stay. Then, look for hotels and hostels within the area.

Most towns and villages are only accessible on a scooter or an ATV. There is a bus running, but it’s not very reliable, and it doesn’t run very often. With that said, choosing the area of your stay is the first thing you must do when booking your hotel/hostel in Ometepe.

Further, you must ask yourself what you expect from your stay in Ometepe. Do you prefer to be in the main town and make day trips to get close to all the facilities? Or do you prefer to be somewhere remote in the jungle to enjoy some YOU time and relax?

Factors To Consider When Booking Your Stay In Ometepe

All these factors will help you decide where to stay in Ometepe. So before choosing your property, let me give you the main factors and questions you should consider before booking your stay:

✅ Do you prefer to be in the main town with many facilities?
✅ Do you prefer to be in a remote place to relax and disconnect?
✅ Are you willing to rent a scooter or an ATV and explore the islands alone?
✅ Do you want to explore the island during your stay or just stay at the hotel and relax?
✅ Do you prefer to be in a smaller town with a few facilities in nature?
✅ Do you only want to relax and stay at the property during your stay (don’t mind being in a completely remote area)?

Ask yourself these questions first. It’ll help you decide which is the best for your stay in Ometepe. After, you can scroll down and look for the best hotels and hostels within that area.

Best Areas To Stay In Ometepe & Map

Here is an overview of the best areas to stay in Ometepe. Some are super remote, where you can perfectly relax. Some are in the main town or around, so you’ll have access to all the facilities. And some have a great location close to a beach.

Here is a list of the best areas to stay in Ometepe with a map:

📍 Moyogalpa

Moyogalpa is the main town in Ometepe that has all the facilities, shops, restaurants, and a rental place. It’s the best for those who want to be in the city, where they’ll have access to everything. It even has an ATM if you need.

It’s also great for those who don’t want to rent a scooter or an ATV and prefer making some organized excursions with local companies.

The Cornerhouse B&B
Hospedaje Soma Ometepe
El Peregrino

📍 Punta Jesus Maria

Punta Jesus Maria is a great place to stay if you want to be in nature yet be close to the main town. You’ll enjoy some beautiful hotels and a beach. It’s also close to the Charco Verde Natural Reserve.

So you can combine your stay with relaxing, beach time, and activities such as zip-lining. It’s easy to take a bus from Moyogalpa to Punta Jesus Maria (or a local tuk-tuk), so you don’t even have to rent a scooter.

There is no ATM around Punta Jesus Maria.

Hotel Victoria
Hostal Nathaly

📍 Merida

Merida is a remote town perfect for couples and those who don’t mind being disconnected and want to relax in nature. There are few facilities, yet a few restaurants and a shop are enough for your stay.

You’ll have to rent a scooter or ATV to get around and get to your accommodation. It’s also a great place if you want to enjoy beach time.

There is no ATM in Merida.

The Jungle
Hotel La Omaja
Finca Mystica

📍 Balgue

Balgue and the area around Balgue is, I think, the best place to stay in Ometepe. It’s for all the adventurous souls looking to enjoy a combination of nature, a tiny town with a few restaurants, spend some time in nature, and explore the island on their own.

It has some of the best accommodation options, from luxury to mid-range, and a hostel (El Zopilote) where you can enjoy various activities such as yoga and pizza nights.

There are no ATMs around Balgue.

Totoco Eco-Project
Ananda Guesthouse
El Zopilote

📍 Santa Cruz & Santo Domingo

Santa Cruz & Santo Domingo – these areas are close to each other and share some of the best beaches on the island (Playa Santo Domingo and Playa Santa Cruz).

It’s for those who want to stay in beautiful hotels with restaurants, so they don’t have to take care of anything. Besides, you can spend time on the beach or explore the area. Ojo del Agua is also close. You’ll need a scooter/ATV to get there.

There is no ATM around this area.

Xali Beach Hotel
Hotel San Juan Ometepe

📍 Altagracia

You can also stay in Altagracia, the second biggest town on the island. It has a great vibe, nice restaurants, and a Centro PUMA, where you can learn about coffee production and experience a miracle fruit, which is a lot of fun.

Yet, I found that this area has a few hotels and hostels. And if there are, they’re not in the best condition. So I recommend avoiding this area for your stay. But take your time to explore it for a couple of hours.

Best Hotels & Hostels In Ometepe & Map

Now that you know which areas and places are the best to stay in Ometepe let’s see which hotels and hostels are the best. Below, I’ve got a list of 13 properties. So first, choose the area, then choose your hotel.

If your purpose is to stay in a nice hotel and don’t mind the area so much… or perhaps the most important thing is to have an AC in your room? Most properties don’t have an AC. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Here is a list of the 13 best hotels and hostels in Ometepe with a map:

1. Totoco Eco-Project
2. Xali Beach Hotel
3. El Zopilote
4. Ananda Guesthouse
5. Finca Mystica
6. Hotel San Juan Ometepe
7. The Jungle
8. Hotel La Omaja
9. Hotel Victoria
10. Hostal Nathaly

11. The Cornerhouse B&B
12. Hospedaje Soma Ometepe
13. El Peregrino

1. Totoco Eco-Project

Totoco Eco-Project is my top pick for accommodation on Ometepe Island. It’s the ultimate hotel for those who want to relax, enjoy stunning views, be connected to nature, and stay in a quiet environment.

Totoco Eco-Lodge is a mid-range accommodation near Balgue. Despite all its advantages, the only downfall it has is its location. You’ll have to rent a scooter in Moyogalpa to get there.

The hotel features small bungalows in the middle of nature. Almost all of them offer stunning views of the Concepcion volcano. I fell in love with their fantastic swimming pool, too. You can chill in the water, sip a drink, and enjoy the views of Ometepe.

The hotel also has a restaurant to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the spot. Breakfast is included in the room fare.

In addition, you can book a massage or other wellness services, such as manicures and pedicures, on the spot.

Check prices & book your stay at Totoco Eco-Project here.

where to stay in Ometepe best hotels Totoco Ecolodge
Totoco Eco-Project – Ometepe

2. Xali Beach Hotel

Xali Beach Hotel is my top pick for accommodation if you want to be close to a beach in Santo Domingo. It’s easily accessible and close to other attractions.

This 3-star hotel has everything you need. Wifi works great, they offer breakfast free of charge, and their rooms are clean and quiet, with a safety box.

You can enjoy their hammocks in the garden.

If you want to be further away from the main cities in Ometepe yet still enjoy the convenience of smaller towns, facilities, restaurants, and cafes, Xali Beach Hotel is waiting for you. The best part is the view of the lake from the room.

Check prices & book your stay at Xali Beach Hotel here.

Totoco Ecolodge Nicaragua
Totoco Eco-Project, Ometepe

3. El Zopilote

El Zopilote is the most unique accommodation in Ometepe. It’s a hostel in the middle of the jungle, near Balgue town. Travelers from all world corners come here to disconnect, practice yoga, do cacao ceremonies, and party with fellow travelers during pizza nights.

Don’t stay in El Zopilote if you’re looking for comfort. It has clean facilities, but you’ll be in the jungle. Their rooms are simple yet clean.

What I love about this hostel are its yoga classes and the entire program. You can practice yoga daily, which is included in the room price (and many more activities).

It has its permaculture farm so that you can enjoy restaurant meals with fresh ingredients. What is more, they organize pizza night every Tuesday and Saturday. There is also a kitchen if you want to cook your food.

Check prices & book your stay at El Zopilote here.

where to stay in Ometepe best hotels El Zopilote
El Zopilote

4. Ananda Guesthouse

If you are independent, want to stay in a beautiful and clean property with a kitchen, and explore the area on your terms, Ananda Guesthouse is for you.

This property is one of the most beautiful and clean on the island. It has 5 spacious rooms. There is a terrace from which you can enjoy stunning views of Concepcion volcano… and the best part – chill on the hammocks.

The guesthouse has a kitchen so that you can prepare your meals at any time.
It’s a 10-minute drive from Balgue, and you can rent a scooter at the house.

The owner is friendly and will organize further activities for you upon request.

Check prices & book your stay at Ananda Guest House here.

5. Finca Mystica

Finca Mystica is located on the hill of the Madera volcano, close to Merida town.

It’s perfect for those who want to relax off the roadin the middle of the forest, in natural buildings, and eat delicious food. You can also practice yoga sometimes. So check with the accommodation before arriving if they organize yoga classes during your stay.

They have an on-site restaurant offering delicious food and local drinks from the local garden.

Wifi works well, and there is parking free of charge. You can relax in their hammocks, walk through their garden, and connect to nature.

Breakfast is available at an extra charge, but you can choose between the local Nicaraguan or American-style option.

Check prices & book your stay at Finca Mystica here.

Charco Verde Natural Reserve Nicaragua
Charco Verde Natural Reserve – Nicaragua

6. Hotel San Juan Ometepe

Hotel San Juan Ometepe is a lovely 3* hotel with a private beach area and an on-site restaurant. You can say it’s close to Altagracia (kind of) and Santo Domingo. It’s perfect if you want to have some luxury, stay in a remote place, and be close to many attractions on the island (Ojo de Agua, Altagracia).

It has beautiful and clean rooms with air-conditioning and TV. The hotel has an on-site restaurant and a bar. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

The staff is super friendly and can organize activities such as hiking, fishing, and cycling.

Check prices & book your stay at Hotel San Juan Ometepe here.

7. The Jungle

The Jungle is a real jungle. So it’s for you if you want to enjoy the unique nature of Ometepe and be treated like a kind. The Jungle has a beautiful, cute rooms with nice and clean rooms. Some have a terrace, and some have a balcony, so you can watch the beautiful sunsets from the property.

A restaurant is on-site so that you can get meals throughout the day. Locals also serve breakfast.

This is the perfect place to disconnect and have everything you need.

Check prices & book your stay at The Jungle here.

best things to do on ometepe island Nicaragua Ojo de Agua
Ojo de Agua

8. Hotel La Omaja

If you want to enjoy a bit more luxury with a pool, book your stay at Hotel La Omaja. It’s a nice hotel in Merida that offers spacious rooms with TV and air-conditioning, an on-site restaurant, and a swimming pool with stunning views.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. Don’t miss enjoying cocktails in the outdoor pool.
The staff is super friendly. They can organize various activities for you, such as horse riding, hiking, or cycling tours.

You can also rent a bike at the property.

Check prices & book your stay at Hotel La Omaja here.

9. Hotel Victoria

If you want to enjoy a bit more luxury and be in nature close to the beach and the main town of Moyogalpa, book your stay at Hotel Victoria.

This 4* hotel has spacious and clean rooms with an on-site restaurant. They also offer room service. Breakfast is included in the price (for Geniuses on Booking.com).

Rooms have TV and air-conditioning, which you can’t find in most of the hotels on the island. They’ll even do laundry for you.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, and the views of Concepcion volcano are amazing. Punta Jesus Maria is a 20-minute walk from the hotel or a 3-minute ride by car or bike.

Check prices & book your stay at Hotel Victoria here.

best things to do on ometepe island Nicaragua Punta Jesus Maria
Me visiting Punta Jesus Maria

10. Hostal Nathaly

Hostal Nathaly is a great budget accommodation for all travelers who want to connect with locals and have fun yet relax during their stay.

It’s owned by a local family, and everyone is super nice. You can maybe convince the owner to give you a tour of the island on his tuk-tuk. And believe me, riding a tuk-tuk on this island is sooo much fun. It was one of my favorite experiences.

The hostel has nice and clean rooms, and the family serves breakfast. There is a beautiful garden with a swimming pool, so you can relax.

Check prices & book your stay at Hostal Nathaly here.

11. The Cornerhouse B&B

If you want to stay in Moyogalpa and make day trips from this Ometepe hub, there is one hotel I highly recommend. The Cornerhouse B&B is the best hotel to visit if you want a convenient and clean accommodation in the center.

It has a few rooms for up to 3 people. They also have a great restaurant if you’re fed up with local food and need a change. You can enjoy American and international meals, delicious smoothies, and coffee. It’s very unlikely to find this type of food in other parts of Ometepe.

The rooms are clean and perfect for a night or two. Breakfast is included in the room rate, which is perfect.

Check prices & book your stay at The Cornerhouse B&B here.

where to stay in Ometepe best hotels Moyogalpa B&B Cornerhouse
Moyogalpa – B&B Cornerhouse

12. Hospedaje Soma Ometepe

Hospedaje Soma is the perfect place for those who want to be close to Moyogalpa, yet not in the very center, to enjoy some remoteness and tranquility. This guesthouse is on the outskirts, so you’ll have everything close, but you will enjoy a stay in nature.

The property has a beautiful garden with a swimming pool. The staff is super friendly and willing to help you. You can easily walk to the ferry port from the accommodation.

There is an on-site restaurant, and you can also get breakfast upon request.

Check prices & book your stay at Hospedaje Soma Ometepe here.

13. El Peregrino

El Peregrino is a great guesthouse, mainly thanks to its wonderful owners. Jose and Maria will greet you with a warm smile and open heart right at the beginning. They also change sheets every day for you. So you’ll be treated the best.

Rooms are clean and spacious, with comfortable beds. Some rooms have a view of the stunning Concepcion volcano.

This property has the most facilities. You can enjoy an on-site restaurant, and they also offer breakfast. Besides, there is a kitchen and a barbecue to prepare your meals. A supermarket is also close by.

You can rent a bike at the property to explore the area, which is a big plus, too.

Check prices & book your stay at El Peregrino here.

Nicaragua itinerary 7 days Moyogalpa Ometepe Island
Moyogalpa – Ometepe Island

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Practical Tips For Visiting Ometepe Island

To help you organize your stay even more in detail and understand the island, I’ve got some more tips for you. See how to get to Ometepe, the best time to visit, and best things to do.

How Many Days Do You Need In Isla Ometepe?

I suggest spending 3 to 5 days on Ometepe Island. 3 days is the minimum during which you can explore the island, do the best activities, and relax. If you want to enjoy the island to the fullest, spend 5 days to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

How To Get To Ometepe Island

Go to my article about how to get to Ometepe Island. I’ve broken down each way with bus routes, prices, and taxi rides. It’ll navigate you to Ometepe from Managua, Granada, Rivas, and San Juan del Sur. So wherever you are, it’ll help you to get to Ometepe the fastest and easiest way.

The article also includes the ferry schedule from San Jorge to Ometepe Island (Moyogalpa) and what you should know. So check it out.

Best Time To Visit Ometepe Island

Generally, the best time to visit Ometepe Island is from December until April. It’s officially the dry season in Nicaragua. Temperatures range between 25°C/77°F and 30°C/86°F, and it also rains less.

The rainy season is from May until November in Nicaragua. So it’s still all right to visit Ometepe Island this season, but be prepared for a lot of rain.

It’s much better to visit Ometepe Island during the dry season, from December to April.

What To Do In Ometepe

If you’re planning your trip, check out the best things to do on Ometepe Island. I’ve written a separate article about it, where I go into detail about each activity, costs, and the best ways to get around the island.

It’ll also reveal to you how much a scooter rental costs and the best places in Moyogalpa to rent a kind of transportation for your stay.

Best Places To Eat In Ometepe

Here are my favorite restaurants and places to eat in Ometepe that I’ve tried. They all have delicious international food, and you can also try local specialties.


  • Soda Los Antojitos
  • Cocina de Mami
  • The Cornerhouse
  • La Toscana


  • Kaikaia
  • Comedor Isabel
  • El Zopilote

FAQs: Where To Stay In Ometepe

To help you understand Ometepe Island even more, I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Check them below:

Is Ometepe Worth Visiting?

Yes, Ometepe is 100% worth visiting. It’s one of the most unique places I’ve visited. The jungle, nature, and the people, everything is amazing. Whether you want to relax or spend time in nature, it’s the perfect place in Nicaragua.

What Is The Best Town In Ometepe?

The best town in Ometepe is Moyogalpa for all the facilities it offers. It has many restaurants, shops, businesses, and ATMs, everything you need for your stay.

The most beautiful town is Altagracia, with a cute little park and CENTRO PUMA, where you can learn more about coffee and experience the miracle fruit.

Can You Swim At Ometepe?

Yes, you can swim in the lake in Ometepe. I recommend staying close to the shore as locals say sharks are further into the lake.

Do People Live On Ometepe?

Yes, there are around 30’000 permanent residents that live in Ometepe. The life goes fully on. Families are running their businesses, and there is a regular school, so you’ll see children attending. It also has a hospital in Moyogalpa, the main town.

WRAP-UP: Where To Stay In Ometepe

These are the best areas and hotels to stay at on Ometepe Island. This is a specific destination that requires some extra planning to make your stay enjoyable. This article will help you to organize everything and find the perfect hotel for your stay in a great area.

Ometepe is also one of the most unique destinations I’ve ever visited. I’m sure you’ll love it, too.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info@voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Stay In Ometepe!

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