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where to stay in Leon Nicaragua

When I visited Leon in Nicaragua, I took my time to explore the best hotels for you. I checked out most of them, spoke to the staff, and saw their rooms and facilities. Based on that, I’ve selected the best hotels in Leon for you.

Leon is a tiny town, so the only area with hotels is the city center. All the listed hotels are in the center or a few streets away. So I’ve selected the best hotels in this area. Check them out, get further tips for visiting Leon, and have a great stay.

My Top 3 Hotel Picks In Leon


Best overal hotel in Leon for all types of travelers with a swimming pool.

Check Prices & Book Here

Nicaragua itinerary 7 days Leon Cathedral


Best luxury hotel in Leon for extra comfort with a swimming pool, and AC.

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Best hostel for backpackers and budget travelers with a great vibe.

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Where To Stay In Leon Nicaragua: 9 Best Hotels & Map

As I mentioned above, Leon is small, and all the hotels are in the center. So, there is no need to describe areas. I’ve selected the finest hotels and hostels for you. So read about each one below, and choose based on your preferences.

Here is my list of the 9 best hotels and properties in Leon, Nicaragua, for your perfect stay.

1. Hotel Flor De Sarta
2. Hotel El Convento
3. Hotel La Recoleccion
4. Hotel La Perla
5. Al Sole Guesthouse
6. Casa Lula Leon Hostal
7. Casa De Los Berrios
8. Via Via Hostel
9. Hostal El Rio

1. Hotel Flor De Sarta

Hotel Flor de Sarta is my top pick for accommodation in Leon. It’s a great hotel that offers included breakfast and comfortable rooms. It’s the ideal mid-range hotel for those who want comfort but don’t want to overpay

It’s slightly far from the center, but only around 8-minute walk. 

Hotel Flor de Sarta is a colonial-style accommodation with fancier double rooms, junior suites, or deluxe rooms. They also have a family room.

Wifi works great if you need to work. And they can also organize an airport shuttle for you.

Temperatures in Leon can get very high, so you can also cool off in their swimming pool, which is a big plus of this property.

Overall, it’s beautiful, and you can surely have a perfect stay in Leon if you decide to book it.

Book your stay at Hotel Flor de Sarta here.

where to stay in Leon Nicaragua Hotel Flor de Sarta
Hotel Flor de Sarta

2. Hotel El Convento

Hotel El Convento is one of the unique accommodations in Leon with a touch of luxury. As the name suggests, this property will make you feel like you’re staying in a convent. It’s great for those who want luxury and comfort and want to be in the middle of the city.

It’s only 2 blocks away, and you can admire the Cathedral of Leon.

What I love about Hotel El Convento is its courtyard and garden, which makes you feel like you’re in royal times. In addition, it has a small swimming pool and a gym, and breakfast is included.

Book your stay at Hotel El Convento here.

3. Hotel La Recolección

Hotel La Recolección is located in the city center, closest to the Cathedral of Leon. It’s a very clean property with spacious rooms and comfortable beds.

The staff is friendly and can help you organize excursions around Leon. American breakfast is included in the room rate.

Besides, you can enjoy a small fitness center on-site and a little garden patio to relax or hide from the heat wave in the afternoon.

They can also organize an airport shuttle for you upon request.

Book your stay at Hotel La Recolección here.

Nicaragua itinerary 7 days Leon Cathedral
Me visiting Leon Cathedral & Sunset Views

4. Hotel La Perla

Hotel La Perla is one of the most stylish and beautiful properties in Leon. It has a Neoclassical and colonial style and almost feels like entering a chateau. Everything is clean, and the staff is super friendly and ready to help you with activities during your stay.

Breakfast is included in the room rate, and you can try the traditional Nicaragua version (Gallo Pinto), too.

Rooms are spacious with a TV, a private bathroom, and comfortable beds.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and an on-site restaurant, where you can enjoy various meals, international and local. They’re willing to arrange a room service for you, too.

Book your stay at Hotel La Perla here.

5. Al Sole Guesthouse

Staying at Al Sole Guesthouse feels like a real jungle. It’s one of the most beautiful guesthouses I’ve seen in Nicaragua.

The rooms are simple yet beautifully decorated with traditional colors and blankets. They’re directed towards the inner courtyard, which is like a small jungle with trees and plants and hammocks. There is also a swimming pool you can use.

Breakfast is included in the room rate, and you can enjoy it in the inner courtyard.

Everything is super clean, and the staff is amazing. The only disadvantage is that it’s further away from the city center than other properties, but it’s worth the walk. It’s a hidden gem in Leon.

Book your stay at Al Sole Guesthouse here.

6. Casa Lula Leon Hostal

This property is located in the city center, right next to the cathedral. Yet, it’s a quiet oasis where you can relax and connect with locals.

Everything is super clean, and the staff is amazing and helpful. There is a kitchen so that you can prepare your meals during your stay.

Staying at this hostel feels like home. I love the garden patio with palm trees and hammocks, in which you can have a nap at any time. There is a common seating area where you can enjoy time with other travelers. And you can even play a billiard.

The hostel is happy to arrange to do your laundry, too, which is a plus.

Book your stay at Casa Lula Leon here.

7. Casa De Los Berrios

Casa De Los Berrios is owned and managed by a local lady, Marixa, who goes out and beyond everything to make your stay comfortable and feel at home. She is amazing and always willing to organize a shuttle, an excursion, or an activity.

The rooms are organized in a square shape building with an entrance from the small garden patio, in which you can relax. Everything is super clean, and the rooms are spacious.

Breakfast is tasty, and you’ll even get free water all the time.

Book your stay at Casa De Los Berrios here.

8. Via Via Hostel

Via Via Hostel is my top pick for all travelers and backpackers who want to socialize and have fun in Leon. It’s located in the city center, close to the cathedral.

This hostel has double rooms for couples and dorms for budget travelers and backpackers.

It has a big restaurant with delicious food, not only local but also International and European food. There is a space with chairs on the patio for everyone to share, socialize, and chat, which I love about this place. It’s also the spot where you can sign up for the volcano boarding (which you can’t miss when you’re in Leon).

Rooms are separated from the busy restaurant by a little garden. It also has a kitchen where you can cook your food.

Via Via Hostel also has a nightclub for everyone who wants to party. But don’t worry; it doesn’t make too much noise if you need to sleep.

Book your stay at Via Via Hostel here.

where to stay in Leon Nicaragua Via Via Hostel
Via Via Hostel

9. Hostal El Rio

Hostal El Rio is a beautiful house run by a family with guys and their mum doing their best to satisfy their guests. Everyone is super friendly, and they also let you stay longer until night if you have a night bus connection, and it feels like you are at home.

The best thing about Hostal El Rio is that their dorm rooms only have one bunk bed each. So, if you’re on a budget and have to book a dorm room yet still enjoy privacy and quietness, there is a high chance that you’ll be alone.

Their double rooms are great and spacious, one with a private bathroom and the other with a shared bathroom. All the rooms are clean and simple, and the bed is comfortable. Breakfast is included, too. Every morning, you can come to the dining area and order 3 types of breakfast.

The only disadvantage of this hostel is that it’s quite far from the city center, but still only a 15-minute walk.

Hostal El Rio is the perfect place to stay because it’s super clean, feels like home, and is affordable for everything it offers.

Book your stay at Hostal El Rio here.

Where to stay in Leon Nicaragua Hostal El Rio
Hostal El Rio

Practical Tips For Visiting Leon Nicaragua

I also have some further tips for your stay in Leon. See what the best time to visit is, how many days you should spend there, the best things to do, where to eat and drink, and read about the safety in Leon.

How To Get To Leon Nicaragua

The best way to get to Leon is from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. You can rent a car, take a chicken bus, or a minivan.

Getting To Leon By Bus

Taking a chicken bus is fairly easy. They leave from the Mercado Israel Lewites Terminal every hour or so. So just go to the market and take one of the buses. It’s a big chaos, but you’ll manage.

If you want to take a minivan, which is slightly faster than the chicken bus, you’ll have to go to Parada de la UCA in Managua and take one from there.

The entire bus journey from Managua to Leon takes approx. 2 hours and costs around 80 cordobas. If you’re traveling from Granada, you’ll have to change buses in Managua anyway.

Getting To Leon By Car

You can also rent a car in Managua and get to Leon by yourself. It’s a great option because you can make some day trips around Leon and be flexible with your car.

This part of Nicaragua is a great idea to explore by car, so go ahead and rent one if you like. The roads are also well-developed there.

Rent a car for your trip to Leon here.

How Many Days Should You Spend In Leon Granada?

I recommend staying 3 to 4 days in Leon. The city is relatively small, so only 1 day is enough to explore it. But reserve a couple of days (2 or 3 days are perfect) to enjoy the surroundings of Leon and go on day trips and various excursions. The top excursions are volcano boarding, a rum factory visit, or a coffee farm.

Leon is my favorite city in Nicaragua because of its endless activities and the places you can explore. So take your time and enjoy it to the fullest.

Best Time To Visit Leon

The best time to visit Leon in Nicaragua is from December until late March. These months are the best season; the weather is hot but perfect for your activities. The temperatures range around 40°C/104°F, so pack a lot of sunscreen and a hat. Try to stay off direct sunshine at lunchtime.

From June until about October, it’s the rainy season, and it’s not the best time to visit Nicaragua. While you’ll enjoy colder months, it’s less enjoyable than in December or February.

Best Things To Do In Leon Nicaragua

Leon is one of the most exciting cities you can visit in Nicaragua. While it’s a small town and there are not so many activities, it’ll capture you with stunning buildings, a great atmosphere, and locals. It also has some of the best day trips and tours you can do.

So here are the best things you can do in Leon and around:

Visit Cathedral de Leon
Learn about the history in the Revolution Museum
✅ Enjoy locals cafes
(e.g. Pan & Paz)
✅ Watch sunset
from the Cathedral de Leon
See beautiful colnial churches
✅ Go volcano boarding
✅ Visit coffee farm
Taste local Flor de Caña Ron on a tour (Chichigalpa)
Visit Somoto Canyon

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Nicaragua backpacking itinerary 7 days volcano boarding
Me volcano boarding

Best Places To Eat In Leon

Leon has several great places to eat delicious food. But what I loved the most about the city was its coffee culture. I fell in love with local cafes and confectioneries.

I recommend eating at the following restaurants:

  • ViaVia – International & European food
  • Coco Calala – vegetarian restaurant
  • Beers & Pallets – hamburgers & beer
  • Comedor Lucia – Nicaraguan food
  • Sua León Cocina Mediterránea – Mediterranean food

Best Bakeries & Juices In Leon

If you’re a coffee and smoothie lover as much as I am, you’ll enjoy the local cafes, too. These are my top places to enjoy the best Nicaraguan coffee and juices. The coffee shops have beautiful setups and are also suitable for working remotely:

  • Pan & Paz – French Bakery
  • Mañana Mañana Cafe
  • Casa del Cafe
  • Jugoso

Beaches Near Leon Nicaragua

If you want to enjoy some beach life, you can drive 20 minutes from Leon and spend a night or two on the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Coast.

The best beach near Leon is Las Peñitas Beach. There is also a small town with shops and hotels where you can stay.

I especially loved the long beach walks on the Las Peñitas beach and the stunning sunset.

Las Penitas Beach Leon
Las Penitas Beach Leon

Is Leon In Nicaragua Safe?

Yes, Leon is the safest city in Nicaragua. So there is nothing to be worried about. Leon feels super safe, the locals are very friendly and helpful, and you don’t have to worry about pickpockets.

Just for extra safety, it’s not recommended to walk around the city after midnight.

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To help you visualize what you can expect from your stay in Leon, I’ve also answered some of the frequently asked questions. Check them out below.

What Is León Nicaragua Known For?

Leon is a colonial city in Nicaragua mainly known for its beautiful white Cathedral and the Museum of the Revolution, in which you can learn about the history and revolution that shaped the city.

It also got famous thanks to the active volcano Cerro Negro, where you can go volcano boarding. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can experience it.

Is León Nicaragua Worth Visiting?

Yes, Leon is 100% worth visiting. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Nicaragua and also the safest place to stay. Besides, it offers amazing excursions such as volcano boarding, visiting a coffee farm, taking a tour of Nicaragua Ron company, or learning about the country’s history.

Which Is Better, León Or Granada?

It might be my personal preference, but I must say Granada is better. It’s mainly because the city itself has a lot more to offer, has nicer hotels, cafes, and restaurants, and overall has a nicer vibe than Leon. It’s also cleaner.

However, Leon is still beautiful to visit; it’s just different and raw. A big plus are the day trips and excursions from Leon.

WRAP-UP: Where To Stay In Leon Nicaragua

These are the best hotels and hostels in Leon, Nicaragua, for your stay. I’m sure you’ll love this cute colonial town. Don’t miss the sunset from the cathedral, and the volcano boarding must also be on your bucket list. It’s an unforgettable experience.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Stay In Leon!

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