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where to stay in Popoyo Nicaragua

Popoyo is a small village and area on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It’s one of the perfect spots for relaxation and vacation in Nicaragua if you’re not looking for the crystal-clear water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean. Popoyo is also one of the best surfing spots in the world.

For you to have the best relaxation, I took my time and walked around the area in search of the best hotels in Popoyo. This article will reveal where to stay in Popoyo and how to enjoy the place to the fullest.

So let’s get into it.

Top 3 Properties To Stay In Popoyo


Best overall hotel in Popoyo Nicaragua for all types of travelers.

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Best apartments for families and group of friends at the beach.

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Where To Stay In Popoyo: List Of The Best Properties

I took my time when visiting this place to look around and find the best hotels in Popoyo for you. After familiarizing myself with the area and seeing many hotels, bugalows, and B&Bs, I have picked the top 7 for you.

So here are my top accommodation tips for Popoyo:

1. Casitas Pacific
2. Casa La Aventura
3. El Pez Surf Hotel
4. Escondite Pacifico
5. Amahula Beach House
6. Mola Mola Surf Popoyo
7. Two Ten Surf Home

1. Casitas Pacific

Casitas Pacific is my top-pick hotel and the best place to stay in Popoyo.

It has a natural style, friendly staff, a fantastic terrace, great food, and clean, simple rooms. Moreover, it’s located directly on the beach with beautiful ocean views. You can also watch the sunset directly from the terrace or your room’s upper floor and enjoy a local drink.

Casitas Pacific offers simple yet beautiful rooms. They’re located in casitas (small houses), with one room on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower (hot water, which is a plus in Nicaragua). Palm trees surround the casitas, so it feels like you’re in nature.

 You can enjoy breakfast (included in the room rate), lunch, and dinner on the terrace, and the food is delicious. They’ll gladly organize a massage, surfing lesson, or a horse riding session for you.

Book your stay at Casitas Pacific here.

Casitas Pacific Nicaragua
Casitas Pacific Nicaragua

2. Casa La Aventura

Casa La Aventura is an eco-friendly guesthouse just 200 meters from the beach. It has a rustic style, and it’s almost entirely made from bamboo and wood.

This place is for those who love to be connected to nature and go camping but still enjoy a bit of luxury. It’s run by Jonathan and Cristiano, who are ready to help you with whatever you need during your stay.

Casa La Aventura features double rooms, a room designed in a 1980 Dodge van, and camping and glamping tents. They only have 6 rooms, so hurry up and book one before they’re all sold out. There is a common socializing area, a kitchen to cook your food, BBQ facilities, and a garden. They also have an outdoor shower, which I particularly love.

Casa La Aventura doesn’t offer breakfast or any other meal. Yet they can give you fresh eggsbread, and yogurt, which the locals deliver daily. 

The staff can organize acroyoga, salsa, horse riding, and surfing lessons for you.

Book your stay at Casa La Aventura here.

where to stay in Popoyo Nicaragua Casitas Pacific
Casitas Pacific

3. El Pez Surf Hotel

If you want to enjoy a bit more luxury with air-conditioned rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and even a fitness center, El Pez Surf Hotel is the right place for you.

It’s one of the few hotels that offer many facilities, mainly a swimming pool, fitness center, and rooms with air-conditioning.

It’s a stylish hotel that also offers breakfast at the room rate. The staff is friendly and happy to organize different activities for your stay, including surfing lessons.

The hotel has an on-site restaurant where you can get lunch and dinner, a big advantage in Popoyo.

Book your stay at El Pez Surf Hotel here.

4. Escondite Pacifico

Escodite Pacifico is my top pick for a low-budget hostel in Popoyo. They offer double rooms as well as dorms for backpackers. Stay in Escondite Pacifico if you want to socialize a bit yet still have some time for yourself.

It features double rooms for couples and dorms for solo travelers or backpackers. Their facilities are clean and offer everything you need to stay in Popoyo. It also has a terrace on the beach so you can watch the sunset and enjoy your meals/drinks.

Escondite Pacifico is run by young volunteers, who fill this accommodation with young vibes and positive energy. They sometimes organize yoga sessions, boat trips, pizza nights, and can sign you up for surf classes and horse riding sessions.

They don’t offer any meals throughout the day, but there is a kitchen, so you can prepare your own food.

Book your stay at Escondite Pacifico here.

Escondite Pacifico Nicaragua
Escondite Pacifico Nicaragua

5. Amahula Beach Hotel

Amahula Beach House is the perfect place for eager surfers wanting to wake up in the morning and jump straight to the ocean with their surf. In addition, it’s great for a group of friends or families wanting to spend some time in Popoyo.

The property has an outdoor swimming pool, and it’s right at the beach. So you can go for a long beach walk and cool off in the pool right after.

The rooms are stylish, with a TV and all the equipment. There is also a kitchen with all the appliances and a barbecue.

The apartments are super spacious and quiet, so you can enjoy some YOU time.

Book your stay at Amahula Beach Hotel here.

where to stay in popoyo nicaragua beach
Me at the Popoyo Beach

6. Mola Mola Surf Popoyo

Mola Mola Surf Popoyo is great for those who want to relax in nature, be disconnected for a while, and go surfing.

It’s located close to the beach, and Rafael is exceptionally friendly and ready to help you. The Wi-Fi works perfectly, which is a struggle in Popoyo. Breakfast is also included, and many rooms have a balcony, so you can enjoy your morning there.

There is also a restaurant on site that will prepare Spanish, local, and international dishes for you. This is great because there is only 1 overpriced supermarket. It’s nice when you can get a prepared meal after your surfing day for the same (or even lower) price as if you were going grocery shopping.

Book your stay at Mola Mola Surf Popoyo here.

where to stay in Popoyo Nicaragua Escondite Pacifico

7. TwoTen Popoyo

Stay in TwoTen Popoyo if you want to enjoy a beautiful wooden bungalow close to the beach. It feels like a jungle walking around these guest houses.

Rooms are cozy, with a couch and comfortable rooms. There is also a kitchen so you can prepare your own meals.

The staff is friendly and will clean your room every day. They’ll also gladly organize finishing and snorkeling excursions. The property offers an airport shuttle upon request.

It’s a great place to disconnect and relax in nature.

Book your stay at TwoTen Popoyo here.

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Practical Tips For Visiting Popoyo Nicaragua

To help you prepare for your stay in Popoyo better, I’ve got some more tips for your visit. See what the best time to come is, how to get there, ATM situation, and what to expect.

How To Get To Popoyo

Popoyo is one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Even if you’re not a surfer, it’s a great spot to relax and enjoy the ocean. Popoyo is still less known, so it’s not crowded at all. You’ll find your quiet place if you want to spend some time with yourself or your loved ones.

It’s situated in the southwest of Nicaragua, on the Pacific Coast.

  • Managua To Popoyo: 103 kilometers/64 miles
  • Rivas to Popoyo: 47 kilometers/30 miles
  • San Juan del Sur to Popoyo: 75 kilometers/47 miles

You can reach it by taking a local bus from Rivas to Salinas. Get off at the bridge near the German Bakery (before Salinas), and take a taxi to your accommodation.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Rivas to Popoyo, which costs around $25 per ride (2 people). If more people share a taxi, taxi drivers usually take advantage of it and charge each person around $15.

PRO TIP: If you’re traveling alone and want to take a taxi, find fellow travelers before. Then, ask a taxi to drive you and negotiate the price per ride. This way, it’ll be cheaper. However, if the taxi driver finds individual travelers and puts them into one taxi, he charges more per person.

PRO TIP: If traveling by bus, ask your accommodation in Popoyo to pick you up from the bridge.

PRO TIP: If you’re on a budget and want to take the bus, don’t travel on Sunday. There is no bus on Sunday to Popoyo/Salinas.

What To Expect From Popoyo

As I mentioned, Popoyo is one of the best surfing destinations in the world. So if you’re a surfer, don’t hesitate anymore. Popoyo is the perfect spot for you to enjoy the waves and relax.

If you’re not a surfer and are eager to try, it’s also a great place for you. It has spots for first-timers to see whether surfing is the thing for them.

If you’re not a surfer (like me) and don’t even want to try, Popoyo has its charm for you, too. It’s a great place to relax, do long beach walks, watch big ocean waves, and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the beach or your hotel room.

PRO TIP: Popoyo is NOT for you if you want a vacation in crystal-clear waters (like the Caribbean) and white-sand beaches. It’s on the Pacific coast, meaning the beach is long, with grey sand, the waves are huge, and access to the ocean can be challenging.

Popoyo is for those who enjoy surfing or want to learn it, love walking on the big long beaches, enjoy the sunset, and relax.

Facilities In Popoyo

The village has few facilities. It has only one small supermarket, surf school, shop, hostels, and hotels. It’s a quiet place for those looking for relaxation, surfing, and chill vibes.

You can go to San Juan del Sur if you need more facilities and a vibrant city. However, I didn’t like the place so much. The biggest disappointment of the place is its beach in San Juan del Sur: it’s crowded, smelly, and dirty. So San Juan del Sur is to enjoy its nice cafes and restaurants and socialize with others. But not for nature, neither for relax nor the beach.

Are There ATMs In Popoyo?

Thanks you asked. Unfortunately NO, there are no ATMs in Popoyo, so plan accordingly. Bring the amount of cash you’ll need for your stay in Popoyo. Some places, such as the local supermarket, restaurants, and hotels, accept credit cards. However, they often charge a 5% extra fee for a transaction.

So the best way is to carry cash to Popoto to avoid extra charges and issues.

Best Time To Visit Popoyo

The weather stays pretty consistent throughout the entire year in Popoyo. The temperature range between 26°C/78°F and 32°C/90°F.

For the surfers, the best time to visit Popoyo is from April to October, when the waves are more sizable and consistent. There is also a lot less wind during that time. In Nicaragua, April to October is considered the rainy season. Yet, it’s less windy, and the waves are better for surfers.

November to April is usually the best time to visit Nicaragua, as it’s the dry season. So if you’re not a surfer, the best time to visit Popoyo is from November until April.

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WRAP-UP: Where To Stay In Popoyo Nicaragua

These are my top picks for places to stay in Popoyo, Nicaragua. So choose the one that feels the most home for you and book.

You’ll love the long beach walkssunset experience, and chilled vibes in these accommodations.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Stay In Popoyo!

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