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Switzerland in November best places to visit and things to do

Switzerland is a beautiful country in the middle of Europe with breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. It’s a fairy tale all year round that every traveler should see at least once in a lifetime. Yet, some months offer more in Switzerland than at other times of the year. If you can’t decide whether it’s worth visiting Switzerland in November, I’ll answer all your questions and doubts in this article.

I spent 3 years living in this beautiful country and experienced every season. So, get my insider tips for your visit to get the most out of it.

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Should You Visit Switzerland In November?

Yes, you should visit Switzerland in late fall if you can’t go any other time. November is not the best month to travel to Switzerland because the weather can be rainy and cold, and many tourism activities aren’t in operation. Yet, if you know where to go and what to do in November in Switzerland, you’ll still have a great time.

The weather in November is usually gloomy and temperatures range between 10°C/50°F and 3°C/37°F.

Advantages & Drawbacks Of Visiting Switzerland In Late Fall

There are pros and cons when visiting Switzerland at the beginning of the winter season. So, I’ve summed up everything in the table below for you. It’ll help you decide whether November is the right time for you to visit the country.


😍 Less crowds
😍 Cheaper accommodation
😍 Autumn vibes & colors (beginning of November)

😍 Skiing options (end of November)
Discounted skiing tickets


😪 Rainy
😪 Some facilities closed due to maintanence
😪 Gloomy weather

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Switzerland In November: Weather

Weather in November in Switzerland varies, depending on the year and time of the month you visit. At the beginning of November, it’s warmer (around 10°C/50°F), and the autumn is still there. So you’ll enjoy the last moments of a beautiful autumn landscape full of colors.

It gets cold at the end of November, and the temperatures drop to around 3°C/37°F. It usually starts snowing, and you can already ski in some resorts.

Does It Snow In November In Switzerland?

Yes, it snows in November in Switzerland. It usually starts snowing at the end of November. Also, many ski resorts start operating at the time, so you can enjoy an early skiing season. That’s one reason why visiting Switzerland at this time of the year is nice.

Snowing in Switzerland in November
Me living in Flims in November, Switzerland

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Best Places To Visit In November In Switzerland

I honestly think Switzerland is nice to visit any time during the year. Yet, some places will be more beautiful than others. So, if you can’t decide where to go and what to visit, here are the best places to visit in November in Switzerland.

📍 Lucerne
📍 Interlaken
📍 Flims/Laax
📍 Lugano
📍 Bern
📍 Montreux
📍 Zermatt
📍 Swiss Mountains

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27 Things To Do In November In Switzerland

To get the most from your visit, I’ve put together a list of the top experiences and activities you can do in November in Switzerland. It’s my personal Swiss November bucket list, so if you choose to do any of them, you can surely have a great time. It’ll help you plan your trip more in detail, and you can choose where to stay based on what you decide to do. So here you have it.

Here is a quick list of the best things to do in November in Switzerland:

  1. Visit Glacier 3000°
  2. Experience Schilthorn
  3. Go Skiing In Zermatt
  4. Explore Diavolezza
  5. Enjoy Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
  6. Sleep In The Highest Hotel In The Swiss Alps
  7. Go On A Road Trip
  8. Enjoy Lucerne
  9. Visit Jungfraujoch
  10. Take The Steepest Train In The World
  11. Explore Mt. Titlis
  12. Go Hiking On Mt. Rigi
  13. Stroll Through St. Gallen
  14. Hop On A Panoramic Train
  15. Take A Boat On A Swiss Lake
  16. Taste Swiss Cheese In A Cheese Factory
  17. Visit Gruyère Medieval Town
  18. Explore Europe’s Largest Waterfall
  19. Visit Lugano
  20. Treat Yourself In A Spa
  21. Visit Bern

1. Visit Glacier 3000°

You can’t go wrong with visiting Glacier 3000°. It’s a nice destination to visit all year round. It’s one of the best mountain excursions in Switzerland that offers beautiful views and an experience in an ice cave.

Besides, you can already go skiing at the beginning of November. So whatever you feel like doing, Glacier 3000° has always something to make you feel happy.

Book tickets to Glacier 3000 here. It includes a round trip for all cable cars and activities.

best mountains in Switzerland to visit Glacier 3000
Glacier 3000°

2. Experience Schilthorn

Schilthorn is by far one of my favorite mountains in Switzerland. It’s breathtaking views of the 3 mountain panorama (Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger), thrill walk, James Bond experience, and the cable car ride… everything is just incredible from the start to the end. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness the incredible cloud inversion. It feels like flying above the mountains.

Get discounted tickets to Schilthorn here. It includes a round-trip cable car ride from Stechelberg to Schilthorn.

Switzerland Travel Voices of Travel

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3. Go Skiing In Zermatt

Zermatt, one of the top destinations in Switzerland, is an amazing place to visit all year round. The views of Matterhorn and the charm of this car-free village will never disappoint.

If you come in November, you can still enjoy hiking at the beginning of the month. And towards the end, you can already enjoy its great skiing slopes.

Besides other activities, I recommend hiking the 5 Lakes trail. It’s my favorite hike in Zermatt, with beautiful views of Matterhorn.

➡ Get the latest update about skiing season in Zermatt by clicking this link.

Switzerland in November Skiing Zermatt Diavolezza
Me skiing in Switzerland

4. Explore Diavolezza

If your legs are itching and you can’t wait for the skiing season, come to Diavolezza. Skiing in November here is guaranteed. The season already starts at the end of October, and especially those who love free riding will enjoy its slopes.

Even if you dislike skiing, hop off the famous Bernina Express panoramic train, take a cable car to Diavolezza, and enjoy stunning glacier views.

➡ Enjoy the ride on the Bernina Express and Diavolezza on this excursion. Click here to learn more and book your tickets.

best mountains in Switzerland to visit Diavolezza

5. Enjoy Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Coming back to Zermatt, make the most popular excursion to the Glacier Paradise. You can take cable cars to the top and enjoy walking around. Your end destination will be Klein Matterhorn, which is the highest cable car station in Europe. This is the closest you’ll ever get to Matterhorn if you’re not going on an expedition.

Book round-trip tickets to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise by clicking this link.

Switzerland in November Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Zermatt
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6. Sleep In The Highest Hotel In The Swiss Alps

Staying in Zermatt, I highly recommend staying a night or two at the 3100 Kulm Hotel Gornergrat, at 3100 meters above sea level. You can take the beautiful Gornergrat railway to the top and enjoy pure nature at this altitude. Watch the sunset and incredible stars at night, or wake up for the sunrise. This place is heaven.

Book a stay at the Kulm Hotel Gornergrat and get the best deals by clicking this link.

Switzerland in November Gornergrat Kulm Hotel Zermatt
Gornergrat Kulm Hotel Zermatt

7. Go On A Road Trip

Road tripping through Switzerland should also be on every traveler’s list in November. Even though it might be raining, you can still enjoy the ride. Check the road status before planning, as some mountain roads might be already closed for winter. But still, if you want to make a new road trip, I recommend driving via the Grimsel Pass, Furka Pass, San Bernardino Pass, or the Julier Pass.

Switzerland in November roadtripping
Me roadtripping through Switzerland

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8. Enjoy Lucerne

Lucerne is hands down the most beautiful Swiss city. The iconic Chapel Bridge from the 14th century, the medieval city center, and the snowy mountains in the background bring so much charm to the place. If you want to visit a Swiss city, don’t make it to Zurich. Visit Lucerne instead. It’s also a great gateway to the Swiss mountains, such as Mt. Pilatus and Mt. Titlis.

Switzerland itinerary 8 days by train Lucerne Chapel Bridge
Lucerne Chapel Bridge

9. Visit Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe, attracts visitors all year round. It’s another amazing mountain excursion you can make in November. It’s one of the best times to visit as it’ll be almost empty (when compared to summertime).

You’ll see the largest glacier in the Alps (Aletsch Glacier), walk through an ice cave, enjoy the panorama of Bernese Oberland and its mountains, and the best thing… you’ll have it almost entirely to yourself.

Book round-trip tickets to Jungfraujoch by clicking this link. It includes the entire excursion from Grindelwald.

Glacier Plateau
Jungfraujoch – Glacier Plateau

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10. Take The Steepest Train In The World

Are you into trains? If so, you’ll fall in love with the excursion to Mt. Pilatus. Starting in Vierwaldstättersee, make the famous Golden Round Trip, where you’ll enjoy a beautiful boat ride on Lake Lucerne, the steepest incline railway to the top, amazing views, and many activities. Mt. Pilatus is one of the best day trips from Lucerne.

Get the best deals for Golden Round Trip, including the steepest incline railway by clicking this link. It’s an entire excursion from Lucerne.

Mt. Pilatus steepest cogwheel train
Mt. Pilatus – steepest cogwheel train

11. Explore Mt. Titlis

Choose another day trip from Lucerne, Mt. Titlis, if you fancy a bit more thrill. Starting in Engelberg village, you’ll take three cable cars to the top of the mountain. The last one is the world’s first revolving cable car with 360° views of the region. On the top, you’ll get to walk through the highest suspension bridge in Europe and enjoy an ice cave. It’s another perfect mountain you can visit in November in Switzerland.

Get round-trip tickets to Mt. Titlis here. Or book a half-day excursion from Lucerne to Mt. Titlis and skip the planning process.

Glacier 3000° - suspension bridge
Glacier 3000° – suspension bridge

12. Go Hiking On Mt. Rigi

Unlike the super high mountains like Mt. Titlis, Glacier 3000°, or Schilthorn, Mt. Rigi belongs to the less visited. But one of the advantages is that it’s free to visit with the Swiss Travel Pass. It still offers spectacular views of the lakes around Lucerne and amazing hiking trails. So it’s a great ‘free’ alternative to the big brothers around (Mt. Titlis and Mt. Pilatus).

If it snows, you can also go skiing or enjoy sledging from the mountain, which is a lot of fun.

Lear more about the Swiss Travel Pass here and get a free ride to Mt. Rigi.

Switzerland in November Mt. Rigi
Swiss Lake views

13. Stroll Through St. Gallen

Do you fancy a city gateway? Visit St. Gallen. It has beautiful architecture, a lot of culture, and many nice spots to hang out with friends. St. Gallen is a university town with a young vibe. Don’t miss its famous landmark – St. Gallen Abbey, with a beautiful library.

Switzerland in November St. Gallen Abbey
St. Gallen Abbey

14. Hop On A Panoramic Train

Panoramic trains in Switzerland are one of the top things you must do when visiting the country. It’s another activity with which you can’t go wrong, even if the weather is bad.

Imagine sitting on a beautiful train and watching the Swiss beauty from a comfortable chair while enjoying a glass of wine and food. I’d take it. If you decide to hop on a panoramic train, I recommend the Glacier Express or the Bernina Express.

Landwasser Viaduct Glacier Express Switzerland itinerary 8 days
Landwasser Viaduct: Glacier Express

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15. Take A Boat On A Swiss Lake

Taking a boat on any Swiss Lake is one of Switzerland’s best experiences. If you have a travel card such as the Swiss Travel Pass, Jungfrau Travel Pass, or the Saver Day Pass, you can take any boat and enjoy the ride ‘for free’ unlimitedly.

If you want to do a boat excursion, I highly recommend taking a boat on Lake Brienz, Lake Vierwaldstättersee, or Lake Lac (Lake Geneva).

Switzerland itinerary 8 days boat ride Lake Brienz
Me on the boat ride at Lake Brienz

16. Taste Swiss Cheese In A Cheese Factory

I’m a huge cheese lover. And I chose to spend 14 days on a Swiss farm with a local family making cheese. Since that time, I’ve been obsessed with their cheese. So you have to try it, too. Visit La Maison du Gruyère, one of the best cheese factories in Switzerland. See how they make cheese and taste some samples.

Learn more about cheese excursion in Gruyère.

how Swiss cheese is made fresh Swiss cheese
Fresh Swiss cheese

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17. Visit Gruyère Medieval Town

After visiting the cheese factory, don’t leave soon. Walk to the medieval town of Gruyères and enjoy the atmosphere of this place. It’s extraordinary. Visit the castle and learn about its history. After, have a nice Swiss Fondue in one of the restaurants.

I recommend Chalet de Gruyères Restaurant. They have delicious fondue and other Swiss dishes you can try.

Visit to Gruyère town is free of charge.

Switzerland in November Gruyeres medeival town
Gruyeres Medeival Town

18. Explore Europe’s Largest Waterfall

Switzerland also hosts Europe’s largest waterfall, Rhine Falls. Visiting them is one of the best things you can do in November. Do one of the boat trips to get closer to the waterfalls and walk around the area. It’s a great day trip from Zurich or Basel.

Book this boat tour around Rhine Falls or this excursion from Zurich to visit the largest waterfall in Europe.

Rhine Falls Schaffhausen
Rhine Falls – Schaffhausen

19. Visit Lugano

Lugano will always have a special Mediterranean vibe as if you were on a beach vacation. Being close to Italy, it has a different vibe than the rest of Switzerland. Go to a supermarket and get delicious fresh products such as mozzarella, prosciutto, gelato, or a nice Aperol Spritz on the main square.

Switzerland itinerary 8 days by train Lugano

20. Treat Yourself In A Spa

Enjoy a bit of luxury and a spa with good food in one of the best spa resorts in Switzerland. If the weather is gloomy and it’s the middle season when hiking season is over and the skiing one hasn’t started yet, treat yourself. I recommend the Chedi Andermatt, Therme Valls, Bogn Engiadina Scuol, or Park Hotel Vitznau.

Book Chedi Andermatt and enjoy its spa here.
Get tickets to the Bogn Engiadina Spa in Scuol here.
Book Park Hotel Vitznau with its spa here.

21. Visit Bern

I always feel sad when I hear travelers visiting Zurich and talking about it all the time. And barely anyone mentions Bern. You know, Bern is Switzerland’s capital and deserves more recognition not only because of its status. It’s also a very beautiful city. So visit one of the museums, stroll through the old town, and enjoy its atmosphere.


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Best Places To Go Skiing In November In Switzerland

The skiing season in Switzerland officially starts in December. But some resorts open their slopes at the end of November. The good news is it’s the pre-season so tickets might be cheaper, and you’ll have the slopes for yourself as it’s way less crowded than during the peak season. So, if you want to go skiing, these are the best places to go skiing in November.

I’ve ordered it from the ski resorts that open from the earliest to the latest, so it’s easier for you to navigate. Be aware that only a few slopes will be open on the first days of the season. The entire ski resorts start operating in full mid-December.

📍 Mt. Titlis: Skiing season starts 7th October 2023 (Glacier T-Bar & Ice Flyer will be open)

📍 Diavolezza Skiing season starts 21st October 2023.

📍 Flims/Laax: The Glacier slope opens on 28th October 2023.

📍 Zermatt: Some slopes open on 1st November, except Sunegga/Rothorn and Gornergrat.

📍 Saas Fee: Early skiing season starts 3rd November 2023, but throughout the month, slopes are open only on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays.

📍 Glacier 3000: Skiing season starts 4th November 2023.

📍 Andermatt: Slopes open 18th November on Gemsstock.

📍 St. Moritz: Skiing seasons starts 25th November 2023.

Skiing in Switzerland ski resorts
Me skiing in Laax – Switzerland

Best Swiss Mountains To Visit In November

The mountains in Switzerland are worth visiting all year round. And I honestly think that a visit to the country can’t be complete without experiencing at least one of the mountain excursions. So here you have the list of the best Swiss mountains you can visit in November.

NOTE: Some cable cars will be in maintenance, and the entire mountain will be closed. Check the maintenance dates and plan your visit accordingly.

📍 Schilthorn: Closed for maintenance from 11th November until 8th December of 2023, so visit at the beginning of November.

📍 Jungfraujoch: Open 365 days a year.

📍 Mt. Titlis: Rotair will be closed for maintenance from 6th untill 17th November 2023.

📍 Mt. Pilatus: Closed for maintenance from 26th October until 10th November 2023.

📍 Mt. Rigi: The Vitznau-Rigi Kaltbad – Rigi Kulm cable car operates until 20th November 2023.

📍 Glacier 3000°: Open in November 2023.

Celebrations In November In Switzerland

If you want to experience Swiss culture and enjoy some local traditions, be part of one of the festivals and celebrations organized in November. It’s a great way to get to know the country better, speak to locals, and make Swiss friends.

So here you have the best celebrations in November you can participate in.

1st – 4th NovemberZurich Oktoberfest
3rd & 24th NovemberCheesemaker’s Train
4th NovemberCheese Festival Rapperswill
5th NovemberGemgeneve Geneva
5th NovemberSwiss International Holiday Exhibition Lugano
5th NovemberExpo 50 Plus Zurich
11th NovemberMartin’s Market in Porrentruy
18th – 19th NovemberTruffle Market In Murten/Morat

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Practical Tips For Visiting Switzerland In Late Fall

Here are some practical tips for visiting this beautiful country in Central Europe in November. Check them out below. It includes a small packing list and a list of places and best hotels where you should stay.

What To Wear In November In Switzerland

November brings colder weather to Switzerland. Warmer autumn temperatures drop, and the winter starts. At the beginning of November, it’s slightly warmer, still around 10°C/50°F. While you don’t need a thick winter jacket, I recommend bringing warm clothes such as hiking pants, long trousers, jumpers, and a rainy jacket.

At the end of November, it gets colder (to around 3°C/37°F) and might start snowing. So I recommend bringing a skiing jacket at this time.

It also depends on the activities you decide to do. If you visit any of the Swiss mountains, definitely bring a winter jacket.

Depending on when you visit Switzerland, these are the things you must pack if you travel in November:

  • thick jacket
  • jumper/sweater
  • warm hiking pants
  • gloves
  • warm/hiking shoes
  • winter head
  • sunglasses

Get my packing list for your Swiss trip by clicking the image below:

Where To Stay In November In Switzerland

If you want to visit any of the places I mentioned above or do activities, these are the places I recommend you to stay. Check out the best hotel deals by clicking on the links below.


Stay in Lucerne if you want to excursion to Mt. Titlis, Mt. Pilatus, or Mt. Rigi, enjoy a boat ride on a Swiss Lake, and take a panoramic train GoldenPass Express.
Book one of the best hotels in Lucerne below:

🔅 Backpackers Luzernbudget-friendlybook here
🔅 Hotel Des Alpesmid-range hotelbook here
🔅 Mandarin Oriental Palace Luzernluxury hotelbook here


Book your stay in Grindelwald to enjoy the Jungfrau region with the Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn excursion, beautiful waterfall valley, and Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Lakes, and go hiking.
These are my top hotel recommendations for Grindelwald:

🔅 Hotel Alpenblickbudget-friendly book here
🔅 Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotelmid-range hotelbook here
🔅 Aspen Alpine Lifestyle Hotel luxury hotelbook here


Stay in Zurich if you want to visit the city, and make a day trip to Rhine Falls or the St. Gallen Abbey.
I recommend the following hotels in Zurich:

🔅 easyHotel Zurich Limmatplatzbudget-friendlybook here
🔅 H + Hotel Zurichmid-range hotelbook here
🔅 Hotel City Zurich Design & Lifestyleluxury hotelbook here


Book a hotel in Bern to visit Glacier 3000 and Gruyère town with its cheese factory.
These are the best hotels in Bern:

🔅 Los Lorentes Hotelbudget-friendlybook here
🔅 Stay Kooook Bern Citymid-range hotelbook here
🔅 Romantik Hotel Landhausluxury hotel book here


Stay in Zermatt if you want to go skiing in November, hike, enjoy an excursion to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, or stay in the highest hotel in the Swiss Alps.
Book one of the best hotels in Zermatt below:

🔅 Matterhorn Innbudget-friendly book here
🔅 Swiss Alpine Hotel Allalin mid-range hotelbook here
🔅 Matthiol Boutique Hotelluxury hotelbook here


To help you decide when to visit Switzerland, I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions. This way, you’ll know what to expect. So keep reading.

Is It A Good Time To Visit Switzerland In November?

Yes, November is a good time for Switzerland. But if you can visit the country another time, I recommend choosing other months, such as June or September.

Switzerland is beautiful all year round, simply because it’s Switzerland. But November can bring rainy weather; it’s quite gloomy towards the end, and some facilities are closed due to the middle season and maintenance. While it shouldn’t put you off visiting Switzerland, if you can, choose another month for a better experience.

Is Switzerland Still Green In November?

No, unfortunately, Switzerland is not green in November anymore. At the beginning of the month, you can still experience beautiful autumn when the leaves fall off the trees with various colors. Towards the middle and end of November, everything is grey and rainy, and it usually starts snowing.

Switzerland is the greenest and most beautiful in June.

Is Zurich Worth Visiting In November?

Yes, Zurich is worth visiting all year round. It’s a city, so everything is open, and you can enjoy it fully. It also doesn’t matter if the weather is rainy or not (kind of). Because if it rains in a city, it’s less disappointing than if it rains on a mountain and nature excursion.

Is Zermatt Worth Visiting In November?

Yes, Zermatt is worth visiting in November. You can enjoy its stunning hiking trails, and at the end of November, you can already go skiing, which is amazing. Zermatt is an incredible destination to visit all year round in Switzerland.

Is Switzerland Too Cold In November?

It’s not too cold in November in Switzerland. Well, it depends, what’s too cold for you. But it gets much colder during winter, like December, January, and February.

Temperatures in November range between 8 °C (47 °F) in a day to 2 °C (35 °F) at night, which is still not too cold for Switzerland. But I highly recommend bringing a jacket, good socks, shoes, and warm clothes.

Which Month Is Best To Visit Switzerland?

The best month to visit Switzerland is June. Nature is breathtaking, from lush green meadows to mowing cows, crystal clear rivers and lakes, massive waterfalls from the melding glaciers, birds singing, and mountain tops still covered in snow… Switzerland in June is a fairy-tale you should experience once in a lifetime.

WRAP-UP: Switzerland In November: Best Things To Do & See

This is November in Switzerland. If you know where to go and what to do, it can also be a great time to visit this amazing country. My main advice is to check the weather forecast before your visit, as bad weather in Switzerland can significantly worsen your trip.

If you have any questions or want a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you. Have a great time and enjoy Switzerland fully.

Happy Travels!

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