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grindelwald in winter best things to do guide

Visiting Grindelwald is an unforgettable experience, equally in the summer and wintertime. It’s truly one of the most picturesque places you can visit. I made my dream come true and spent one year living and working in Grindelwald.

As I lived in Grindelwald for a year and I was working in a hotel at the front desk, I answered thousands of questions from our guests. So, I’ll share my insider tips with you, too, including winter passes, the best things to do, and other amazing activities Grindelwald offers. It’ll help you plan your visit effectively.

So, let’s get to it.

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How To Get To Grindelwald

You can get to Grindelwald in the wintertime by train, bus, or car. The roads are open, so you can drive. But I highly recommend bringing snow chains if it snows. Otherwise, I drove my car from Interlaken to Grindelwald often during winter and had no issues.

The easiest way is to take a train from Interlaken to Grindelwald. It runs every half an hour; you can admire the beauty of the Swiss winter landscape from the train and have a comfortable journey.

Buses don’t run often or sometimes don’t run due to snow.

So train is overall the best option to get to Grindelwald from Interlaken.

Can You Drive To Grindelwald In The Winter?

Yes, you can drive to Grindelwald in the winter. The road is open all the time. I drove from Interlaken to Grindelwald often during winter and had no problems.

It’s necessary to have snow chains with you. You should put them on if it snows heavily.

How To Get Around Grindelwald

The best way to get around Grindelwald is on foot in winter. Grindelwald is a small town, so even if you arrive by car, park it and leave it in the parking place until the end of your stay. You can walk everywhere.

And if you want to make some excursions, take a train or a cable car. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to get around Grindelwald and the Jungfrau Region.

Which Travel Pass Is Best For Grindelwald In The Winter?

If you want to go skiing in Grindelwald during winter, the best is to get a ski pass. With the ski pass, you can get everywhere within the Jungfrau Region, use cable cars, and even travel on the train from Interlaken to Grindelwald/Lauterbrunnen.

If you’re not skiing or snowboarding and you want to enjoy some winter hikes, sledding, or just spend some time in the mountains, you can get a Hiking & Sledding Pass (for 1 – 7 days) or the Jungfrau Winter Pass (for the entire season).

The difference between these two passes is that the Hiking & Sleding Pass doesn’t include a visit to Jungfraujoch. While the Jungfrau Winter Pass offers unlimited travel to Jungfraujoch.

NOTE: Jungfrau Travel Pass is not valid in the winter. It’s only for the summer season.

grindelwald in winter grindelwald weather

Grindelwald In Winter: Weather & Temperatures Month-By-Month

Here is a breakdown of the weather in Grindelwald during the wintertime. I’ll tell you what temperatures it has each winter month, how much snow it usually gets, and what the weather is like so you can plan your visit more easily.

Grindelwald Winter Temperature

Generally speaking, the winter temperatures in Grindelwald range from 0°C/32°F to -7°C/17°F.

Each winter month is different in Grindelwald, so check each month’s temperatures and weather below.

Grindelwald In December: Weather

The weather in December in Grindelwald is amazing. It usually snows, and the ski season starts in the middle of the month.

Temperatures range between -1°C/30°F and 5°C/41°F. It’s cold, yet snowy, so if you wear winter clothes, it’s not too freezing.

Grindelwald In January: Weather

January is colder than December. The snow settles and falls even more, so you can enjoy more free ride skiing, snowboarding, and winter hiking.

Temperatures in Grindelwald in January range between -1°C/30°F and -4°C/25°F.

Grindelwald In February: Weather

The winter is at its full speed in February, and it’s usually the coldest winter month.

It’s also the most crowded as many people come for ski holidays. Grindelwald still has a lot of snow, so you can enjoy the winter season fully.

Temperatures in February range around -2°C/28°F and -7°C/19°F.

Grindelwald In March: Weather

March brings warm weather to Grindelwald. The snow starts melting in the middle of the month. You can still ski everywhere, but the conditions are worse than in January and February.

Yet, it may still snow towards the end of the month. It varies from season to season.

But in March, you can usually ski in a light sweater or just a T-shirt and enjoy the sun on the slopes and Swiss chalets.

Temperatures in March range between 2°C/35°F and 7°C/44°F.

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grindelwald in winter grindelwald first activities

15 Great Things To Do In Grindelwald In The Wintertime & Map

Let’s jump into the most essential section. Below, I’m giving you ideas on what to do in Grindelwald during winter. As it was my home for a year, I did all the activities and can’t wait to share them with you so you can have an equally great time once you visit.

So here is a list of the 15 great things to do in Grindelwald in the winter:

  1. Go Skiing & Snowboarding
  2. Enjoy Winter Hikes
  3. Visit Jungfraujoch
  4. Sunbathe In Männlichen
  5. Explore Wengen
  6. Eat Fondue In The Gondola
  7. Enjoy Winter Spa
  8. Visit Schilthorn
  9. Experience SnowpenAir
  10. Have Fun Sledding
  11. Enjoy Adventure Activities
  12. Experience Grindelwald Cliff Walk
  13. Face Your Fear On Birg Thrill Walk
  14. Ride Cable Cars, Ski Lifts & Trains
  15. Teach Your Kids Skiing/Snowboarding

1. Go Skiing & Snowboarding

One of the best things to do during the winter in Grindelwald is skiing and snowboarding. Grindelwald is located in the Jungfrau Region, one of Switzerland’s best ski resorts.

It consists of several small ski resorts; the main one that belongs to Grindelwald is Grindelwald First. Männlichen and Eiger Gletscher slopes are also connected to Grindelwald.

You can buy a ski pass and ride on all the cable cars and lifts within the Jungfrau region, including Schilthorn, which is amazing. The train from Interlaken to Grindelwald is also included.

You can buy ski passes on the spot or at your hotel.

My favorite ski slopes in the Jungfrau region are:

🏂 Eiger Gletscher – Grindelwald
🏂 Männlichen – Grindelwald
🏂 Schilthorn – Birg

Switzerland in November Skiing Zermatt Diavolezza
Me skiing in Jungfrau Region – Switzerland
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2. Enjoy Winter Hikes

Are you a nonskier? Don’t worry; Grindelwald and the Jungfrau region offer a lot for you, too. So let the eager skiers enjoy the slopes… and head to the winter wonderland by yourself, enjoying beautiful winter hikes.

Make sure to have good winter shoes and sunglasses. The sun’s reflection in the snow is very strong, and you can barely see without sunglasses. Otherwise, it’s so much fun, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

You can buy the hiking pass at the train stations or at your hotel.

The best winter hikes around Grindelwald are:

❄ Grindelwald First – Bachalp Lake
❄ Kleine Scheidegg – Allmend
❄ Alpiglen – Brandegg – Grindelwald

Männlichen – Kleine Scheidegg
❄ Grütschalp – Mürren

switzerland in winter hiking
Me hiking around Bachalp Lake

3. Visit Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch is one of the best mountain excursions you can make all year round. And it’s equally amazing in the summer as in the wintertime. It’s the best activity (besides winter hiking) to do in Grindelwald during winter.

You can take the Eiger Express gondola, which offers splendid regional views. Then, take the Jungfrau region to the highest train station in Europe – Jungfraujoch.

Enjoy the tunnels, learn about the station’s activity, see breathtaking views of the Aletsch Glacier (the largest glacier in the Swiss Alps), and walk through the ice cave.

It’s a fantastic excursion you can’t miss. You can buy tickets at the train, cable car stations, or at your hotel.

Is Jungfraujoch worth it Jungfrau Pass
Me exploring Jungfraujoch

4. Sunbathe In Männlichen

Männlichen is another great mountain. Take a cable car from Grindelwald Terminal to the top. There is a restaurant, so have a coffee or a good lunch and sunbathe in the sun.

You can hike the Royal Walk if the conditions are suitable and get stunning views of the entire region, the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Jungfraujoch, and Schilthorn on the other side.

grindelwald in winter best things to do winter hiking
My family and I enjoying winter in Grindelwald

5. Explore Wengen

Wengen and Grindelwald are the perfect winter wonderlands you picture when booking your trip to Switzerland. If you have time, make your way to Wengen, too.

The most magical thing about this town is that it’s built on the mountain and you can only reach it by train. So it’s a true paradise.

Take the gondola from Männlichen to Wengen, walk around, and then take the Wengernalp train from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg back to Grindelwald. It’s a stunning journey.

grindelwald in winter kleine scheidegg
Kleine Scheidegg – Jungfrau Region

6. Eat Fondue In The Gondola

Last season, Hotel Belvedere had a great idea of making your stay in Grindelwald even more exciting and cozier. And they’re doing it this winter season, too. Come and eat a traditional Swiss dish – Fondue in what is perhaps the most iconic and coolest spot – in a gondola.

It’s not a moving gondola, just to make it clear. But it’s super cool as you can eat inside, enjoy the winter views, and have a romantic dinner with your significant other or family.

Make a reservation via this online form.

7. Enjoy Winter Spa

Just imagine sitting in a hot whirlpool while the snowflakes fall onto you or watching the stars and snow all around. This is how the spa in Grindelwald during winter feels like.

I recommend booking a hotel that has a spa so you can always use it after your adventurous winter day.

But if your hotel doesn’t have a spa, you can always go to the Grindelwald Sportscenter or Hotel Belvedere and spend a day in their amazing spa.

8. Visit Schilthorn

I always tell everyone and mention it everywhere… and I’ll say it again. Schilthorn must be on your bucket list when visiting the Jungfrau region and Grindelwald. It’s one of the best mountain excursions in the region.

My favorite way to visit is to take the cable car from Grindelwald to Männlichen. Then, the cable car to Wengen and take the Wengernalp train to Lauterbrunnen from there.

After, take a bus n. 141 to Stechelberg and the cable car up to Mürren. Then change to the cable car to Birg and take the last one to Schilthorn.

Experience the James Bond exhibition and eat lunch/drink hot chocolate in a 360° revolving restaurant on the top. The views are truly breathtaking.

You can buy tickets at the cable car station in Stechelberg or Mürren.

switzerland in winter schilthorn
Me visiting Schilthorn in winter – Switzerland

9. Experience SnowpenAir

Do you want to experience a concert high up in the Swiss Alps, with stunning mountain views and Apre Ski? Come to SnowpenAir. It’s the biggest winter music event in Switzerland.

Many musicians come and sing on Männlichen Mountain so that you can have fun and ski in between. This winter season, it’s held on the 23rd and 24th of March 2024. So get your tickets soon.

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Amazing Things To Do In Grindelwald In The Winter With Kids

Let’s continue with a section about the best things to do in Grindelwald during winter. But this time, I have specific activities that you can do as a family with kids. But they’re also great for adults.

10. Have Fun Sledding

Sledding is one of the best winter activities in Switzerland. Not just for kids, it’s for adults, too. Don’t imagine a tiny hill in front of your house. But sledding alongside a ski run. Literally.

Sledding in Switzerland means going down the 2500-meter-high mountain to town.

And Grindelwald is the king of all sledding runs. It has the longest sledding run in the world. You’ll start in Grindelwald First and end up in Faulhorn (my favorite hut in the region). The entire run takes up to 2 hours & 30 minutes. Well, and it’s the best, what can I say?

There is also a night sledding from Alpiglen to Grindelwald. Don’t miss it; sledding with the stars above is incredible.

The best sledding runs in the region are:

Grindelwald First – Faulhorn
Jungfrau Eiger Run
Alpiglen – Grindelwald
Kleine Scheidegg – Allmend

grindelwald in winter sledding
Me sledding and having fun in Switzerland

11. Enjoy Adventure Activities

Grindelwald is one of the best spots to be with your kids in the winter. That’s thanks to the amazing adventure activities on Grindelwald First that also operate in winter.

Fly above the Swiss slopes with views of the glacier and snowy landscape on the First Glider. And slide down on the First Flyer.

The First Glider starts in the Schreckhorn station, so I recommend doing it first. And then you can slide back down from First to Schrekhorn station on the First Flyer.

You can buy tickets at the First cable car station or at your hotel.

12. Experience Grindelwald Cliff Walk

Another great thing you can’t miss on Grindelwald First is walking on the edge of a mountain on the cliff walk. Do you dare go through the suspension bridge above the steep Swiss mountains?

In the end, stand on a glass platform and take a photo as a memory.

The cliff walk is free of charge once you’re in Grindelwald First.

grindelwald in winter grindelwald first cliff walk
My family and I on the Cliff Walk – Grindelwald First

13. Face Your Fear On Birg Thrill Walk

Another amazing, adventurous walk awaits you at the Birg. You can visit it on the way to Schilthorn, as I described above.

Birg not only offers some of the most picturesque views in the Jungfrau region. It has one of the scariest walks in the world. Do you dare walk through?

This one is way scarier than the First Cliff Walk. Go out of your comfort zone and challenge your body. Kids will love it.

The Birg Thrill Walk is free of charge once you make it in a cable car to the Birg station.

grindelwald in winter birg thrill walk
Me on the Birg Thrill Walk

14. Ride Cable Cars, Ski Lifts & Trains

If you’ve run out of ideas for activities, look at all the cable cars and lifts around you. If you have the Winter Hiking & Sledding Pass, you can take all of them. And it’s a great activity. You can travel around the region on various cable cars and trains.

One of the most scenic rides is from Grindelwald via Männlichen down to Wengen. And then take the train from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg and back to Grindelwald. It’s an incredible journey.

You can get the winter hiking passes at any train or cable car station or at your hotel.

switzerland in winter cable cars
Me riding ski lifts in the Jungfrau region

15. Teach Your Kids Skiing/Snowboarding

One of the advantages of skiing in the Jungfrau region is that children between the ages of 6 and 15 can ski for free every Saturday. You can sign up to 3 children.

So, make a nice family vacation and get free ski passes for your kids. That’s a great value for Switzerland.

switzerland in winter skiing
Skiing for free on Saturday with my little brother

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Grindelwald Ski Resort

Grindelwald has a great ski resort. It belongs to the Jungfrau Region, which has various small resorts with hundreds of ski slopes.

The ski resorts that belong to the Jungfrau Region are:

❄ Schilthorn – Mürren
❄ Eiger Gletscher – Kleine Scheidegg
❄ Männlichen
❄Grindelwald First

The ski resort that belongs to Grindelwald is the Grindelwald First. It has a few ski slopes and a beautiful panorama of the Männlichen and Eiger Mountains. There is also a snowpark and a free ride zone.

Overall, the ski areas that lead to Grindelwald are Grindelwald First, Männlichen, and Eiger Gletscher.

INSIDER TIP: If you’re an advanced and medium skier, my favorite slope is from Eiger Gletscher down to Grindelwald. If you’re a beginner skier, go to Männlichen; it has amazing and easy slopes.

grindelwald in winter grindelwald ski resort
Grindelwald Ski Resort – Jungfrau Region

Practical Tips For Visiting Grindelwald In The Winter

I’ve also got further tips to help you plan your visit. See what to pack, where to stay, and information about Christmas markets in Grindelwald.

Is Grindelwald Worth Visiting In Winter?

Yes, Grindelwald is 100% worth visiting in the wintertime. It’s charming and feels like a true winter wonderland.

You can go skiing, snowboarding, and winter hiking. It has the longest sledding run in the world and has so many events to keep you entertained even during winter.

You’ll love winter in Grindelwald, I’m sure.

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What To Pack For Your Visit To Grindelwald In The Winter

It’ll be cold, so bring winter clothes and warm sweaters. Of course, you can rent all the clothes and ski equipment if you want to.

There are many shops in Grindelwald where you can do so or buy new clothes. So that’s not a problem.

Here is a list of things you must have when visiting Grindelwald in the wintertime:

  • winter jacket
  • winter pants
  • warm winter shoes
  • winter hat
  • Thermo clothes
  • sweater
  • sunglasses – the sun’s reflection in the snow hurts your eyes, so make sure to have these
  • sunscreen – the sun is strong in the mountains
  • skiing equipment – skies, snowboard, ski helmet, ski poles
  • snow chains if you have a car

Where To Stay In Grindelwald

Grindelwald is tiny, but choosing the area and hotel for your stay matters a lot. It has incredible hotels. You can enjoy a great spa to warm you up from the winter cold and relax in many of them.

I’ve written a separate article about where to stay in Grindelwald with 9 best hotels, so check it out for detailed information. It’ll also help you to choose your hotel wisely.

Here are my top 3 hotel recommendations for your stay in Grindelwald:

Eiger Lodge Chicbudget-friendly book here
Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotelmid-range hotelbook here
Boutique Hotel Glacier luxury hotelbook here

Best Restaurants & Bars In Grindelwald

If you’re looking for great places to eat in Grindelwald, I recommend the following restaurants. Each has a different cuisine, delicious food, and great staff.

Barry’s – great dishes & Fondue
1910 Gourmet By Hausers – Michelin Star & fine dining restaurant
Pizzeria Da Salvi – Italian restaurant + great pizza
Onkel Tom’s Weinlokal – great pizza
Golden India – Indian cuisine
Avocado Bar
C&M Restaurant – amazing views
Cafe 3692 – my favorite cafe

Christmas In Grindelwald Switzerland

Christmas markets are not the most popular in Grindelwald, but there is a specific day each year when locals come and sell their homemade products and delicious treats.

So check out the information below about the Christmas markets for this year.

Does Grindelwald Have A Christmas Market?

Yes, Grindelwald has Christmas markets, but they’re not permanent. Unlike in other towns and cities, Grindelwald only organizes Christmas markets on a specific day.

This year, it’ll be on Saturday, 2nd of December 2023. It’s on the Eiger+ square, so come and enjoy the Christmasy atmosphere if you’re around.

Does Interlaken Have A Christmas Market?

Usually, there are Christmas markets in Interlaken, but unfortunately, they’ve been canceled for 2023 due to insufficient funding.

Nevertheless, you can go to Wilderswil on the 17th of December 2023, when the Christmas markets are organized there. Or in Mattern bei Interlaken on the 9th of December 2023.

Events In Grindelwald In The Winter

There is always something happening in Grindelwald. And winter is not an exception. That’s one of the reasons why I love this town so much.

Once, I was walking through the town in the summer, and suddenly, I heard cows mowing. I came closer, and thousands of cows lined up on the Eiger square in some kind of parade. Lol…

There are also many events in winter in Grindelwald.

So check my little calendar below with the most interested events and see if anything happens during your stay:

2nd December 2023Advent Christmas Market
3rd December 2023Advent Life Concert
7th December 2023Akim – Life Music In Avocado Bar
27th December 2023Ice Disco In Sportscentre
15th January 202440th World Snow Festival
2nd February 2023Audi Snowboard Series & Swiss Freeski Tour
3rd February 2023Winter Games Bussalp
4th February 2023Velogemel World Championship
8th March 2023Bus Stop Festival
23rd March 2023SnowpenAir


I’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Check my answers below.

Grindelwald Or Wengen In Winter?

If you want to be in a bigger town with more facilities yet still feel like you’re in a winter fairy-tale, Grindelwald is better. Grindelwald is slightly bigger than Wengen, offers more facilities, and is accessible by car. Wengen is a smaller town up in the mountains, and you can only reach it by train.

Grindelwald Or Interlaken In Winter?

Grindelwald is better in winter than Interlaken. You have all the facilities you need in Grindelwald; it’s much nicer and feels more like a winter wonderland. Grindelwald is 100% better to be in winter than Interlaken.

What Is The Best Season To Visit Grindelwald?

The best season to visit Grindelwald is winter and the beginning/end of summer (June and September). In winter, you can enjoy its wonderful skiing slopes and stunning views.

In June and September, you can enjoy hiking with fewer crowds, mountain excursions, adventure activities, and beautiful landscape colors.

Is Grindelwald First Open In Winter?

Yes, Grindelwald First is open in winter. You can take a cable car from Grindelwald to Grindelwald First as a tourist, even if you don’t go skiing.

The cliff walk on Grindelwald First is also open, so you can walk through. You can also take a winter hike to Bachalp Lake.

WRAP-UP: Grindelwald In Winter

This is how Grindelwald really is in winter. It was truly one of the best times of my life living there during the winter time, enjoying all the winter activities and skiing slopes. It has so much to offer; everyone will find the perfect things to do. I’m sure you’ll love it.

If you have any questions or need a customized travel itinerary, contact me at info(at)voicesoftravel.com. I’ll gladly help you.

Happy Winter Travels!

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About the author: Nicoletta is a travel enthusiast and passionate language learner. While traveling, she loves to connect with locals using her language skills to learn about new cultures. Look for her skiing, hiking in the mountains, or exploring new destinations as she designs travel itineraries for her clients.

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