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Romantic France… what shall I say – another of my favorite European countries. But why? It’s because of its diversity.

I love how you start your road trip in the giant city of Paris, make a day trip to learn about Champagne production and taste some samples, and then drive down to enjoy the breathtaking French Alps and the highest European mountain – Mt. Blanc.

Only after a few hours of driving will you reach the stunning French Riviera with some of the best beaches, delicious food, and beautiful Provence with its lavender fields.

It has so much to offer. I’ve visited France many times as I’ve been guiding US travel groups from Paris to the French Riviera as a tour manager.

Besides, I’ve explored a lot of the country by myself and keep reporting the best places to visit to you in my articles.

Below, I share my travel experience and tips for France with you:

South of France Itinerary 14 days

Epic South Of France Itinerary: 10 – 14 Days With Tips

First, take this itinerary and explore all of southern France and its highlights.

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French Riviera

I’ve visited the French Riviera over 5 times. First, we took a trip with my girlfriends to explore the coastline.

Afterward, I returned a few times while guiding my US travel groups through Nice, Cannes, Monaco, and small towns.

And some of you know how much I love learning languages for travel. Well, French has been at the top of my list to learn. So, one day, I decided to take a French course. And what better place to learn French than on the French Riviera, right?

I spent 14 days in Antibes learning French. I lived in a local family, and they also shared a lot about the Riviera and Provence. Whenever I had free time, I explored the entire Riviera and Provence.

So, I’ll share all my tips for visiting below:

France Travel Essentials

As France is so diverse, you can easily spend up to 2 months exploring the entire country. It might be tricky to create an itinerary if you don’t know where to start.

Did I mention France is the most visited country in the world? I believe it’s because of its diversity and thousands of things to do.

So, I’ve picked all of France’s highlights and hidden gems based on my experience traveling through the country. You can learn about all the places I recommend visiting in this section.

France & Other Countries

I know many of you want to take the chance since you’re in Europe and visiting multiple countries. It’s the best thing you can do.

I recommend designing your itinerary to see many countries around France. You can start in Paris, visit the French Riviera and south of France, and continue to Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

So here are more tips for helping you get from France to other countries: